[3.2.2] The Bald Indigon destroyer. Over 2 milion dps on everything!

This is my first perfect all-rounder build. Yes its a bald Templar build, but it blast everything and clear fast.

Quad totems casting glacial cascade that hits 2 times = A LOT OF DAMAGE


A perfect all-rounder build. Utilizing Indigon helmet to boosts his damage to the skies and takes out every enemy with ease, while keeping fast clearspeed and good survivability due to Mind over matter and ascendancy points. Effective 7200 HP pool

Main Idea
Have a huge mana pool to ramp up the damage using Indigon helm. Since it gives 60% inc spell damage per 200 mana spend we can spend over 4k mana for a totem cast! Which equals to 1200 increased spell damage. And that damage stays for 4 seconds, which means we can spend 4k mana again and get that spell damage to 2000% for a couple of seconds. And all 4 totems will cast at least once or twice during that high dps boost.
So currently the char is sitting at nearly 6.3k mana and 3.1k/s mana regeneration ( the screenshot below is missing a couple of jewels on the tree.... ) when hit, which means we can sustain over 6k mana spend for Indigon in a span of 2 seconds which translates to 1800%inc spell damage for 2 whole seconds.

Path of building pastebin link




+ Can do every content in the game
+ Really decent clear speed
+ Can do uber lab. Super safe and fast.
+ Can do uber atziri
+ Can do shaper and guardians deathless.
+ Can do uber elder.
+ Great survivability. Effective 7200 HP pool
I don't have a video, but only a screenshot:


- You will need around 8ex to set it up ( the 6link is around 5 and good indigon roll is around 1ex. The rest is on gear )
- A little tricky to use but you will get the hang of it.



92lvl Passives

Ascendancy Points:

Bandits: Kill All.


Level with selfcast glacial cascade until you get your first lab and switch to totems.


Focus on mana and mana regeneration. All damage comes from Indigon.


Effective 7200 life because of 50% mind over matter and a good regen from totems.
3 endurance charges + chaos golem ( and chaos golem enchant ) = 5 endurance charges or 20% physical mitigation plus a taste of hate makes you immortal against phys mobs in maps. Endgame bosses can and will shot you. Dodge there....





Void batteries can be replaced for good wands or shaper scepters.
Indigon is a must get a good roll.
Mana and mana regen on second ring is a must.
Get life whenever possible. Remember, every life you get, gets doubled due to mana taken before life.
WATCHERS EYE JEWEL WITH INCREASED MANA RECOVERY IS INSANE! Buy if you can! It should be around 2ex for a good roll.


Main DPS Setup

Quad Totems and glacial cascade. Glacial cascade hits a target 2 times.

Aura Setup

Hatred in essence worm and clarity 1 for watcher's eye.

Chaos golem or earth for life regen. I am using chaos, because of my helm enchant.


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Lol that is the best build ever.
Although I had completely forgotten that Void Batteries had a mana roll, I am slightly sceptical of the choice to use 2x void batteries over a claw/dagger + shield combo. both a dagger and a shield would yield more mana and mana regen than your wands (at first I was looking for the Aylardex) as well as provide a strong defense.

I was just wondering why you opted for the void batteries other than easier triggering of elemental overload through orb of storms.
Because they are cheap af this league and I was wearing the Aylardex for a long time. Which proved great combo.

Currently I am using 2 shaper scepters with decent phys added to ele rolls, they boost the dps by about 1.5x times.
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After 2months of creating characters and the next day deleting them, buying headhunters and shits i didnt found any good build until today... this is the most awesome,safe,dps and everything build i ever saw, this is my first commentary in any forum and its because this shit is AWEEEEEEESOME,killed hydra,minotaur and all that shits for first time in my life for less than 15secounds without even use potions...just click 2-3 times the mouse and gg all down, 3k mana regen, afk in uber lab just no comments! INCREDIBLE!!


Ahh one thing, if the creator reads this please can you check my character and tell me if i have something wrong or if u can recommend me something better i still have 40ex left.
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My apologies for not updating the templar guide listings earlier. I have some critique for you.

I don't include names with claims to damage numbers, etc. So I've truncated your build title. PM me if you want it changed.

7200 eHP is not possible with a base of 4k~ life. I understand your rationale, but MoM can only ever soak the sum of all increases to MoM % effectiveness in a single hit before life. Therefore, in your particular setup, 4k / 50% = 2k, 2 + 4 = 6, maximum single hit ehp is 6k. You will die to a hit of 6k (+/- 900 es) or greater, not 7,200. I've seen a lot of Indigon builds now, it's a solid piece of equipment, and you definitely have a reasonable tank setup here with it... but that is just an incorrect number.

overall no major complaints, but I don't like false claims. If you think I'm wrong that's ok, show me your math so that others can also see it. Some things hit harder than 6k in a single hit, and you stated that you could 'do all content, safe and easy', which is quite potentially not true.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
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7200 eHP is achievable and that's what the op has.
Your calculations seems to be correct assuming 30% MoM effectiveness, if I understood.
This build has 50%, not 30. (Mom 30% + cloak of defiance 10% + Hiero 10%)
This means that for k damage taken, k/2 is taken as life and k/2 as mana.
If you have more unreserved mana than health (which is always the case here), you basically double your health to get eHP. Op engame setup has 4k life, that's 8k eHP.
What is actually a "good" Indigon roll? You mention many times to get a "good" roll but what's the most important rolls? There's a range of 1ex-10ex ones on the market so it matters a lot.
very interesting build! which pantheon did you choose?

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