[3.1] Thunder Sucker 5000 - Inpulsa's Full Lightning Conversion Vacuum Explosion Cyclone Inquisitor

The Thunder Sucker 5000 - Full Lightning Conversion Vacuum Explosion Cyclone Inquisitor

Build Overview:

Ever cut through butter with a hot knife?
How about with a giant mace heated up with lightning explosions?
That’s exactly what it feels like to map with this build.
This build utilizers some somewhat obscure uniques in order to vacuum mobs together in an explosive orgy of MTX and gore.

Build Accomplishments:

Currently level 93
All maps to T16
Uber Lab
Regular Atziri(haven’t tried uber yet, but I suck at doing Uber Atiziri anyways)
Shaper and his Guardians
Red Elder and his Guardians
Still don't have a relevant helmet enchant

First and foremost, this is a mapping build. While it has the numbers to do everything in the game, it is still uses cyclone, meaning you are still in melee range. This automatically puts you at a huge disadvantage when attempting to kill end-game bosses. That being said, if you’ve grasped the mechanics of boss fights(like Mathil does with his 4k HP builds that clear everything), this build can kill all bosses. I personally am not very good with boss killing using cyclone, so I end up with a death or two every boss fight.

Pros and Cons:

+ Melt all monsters like they are butter, including Abyss rares with any map mod that makes them tougher
+ Very fast mapper
+ Good combo of hipster items and meta skills working together
+ Great boss DPS thanks to Inquisitor Ascendancy
+ Items are relatively cheap to start, yet has plenty of expensive items it can get
+ Health on almost all your items, so HP pool can hit 6k without a Kaom's Heart or Belly of the Beast
+ No Vaal Pact(except if you're rich)
+ Gearing for a crit maces build is cheap relative to the others(except maybe Staves)

- Doesn’t move as fast as raider’s with 7+ frenzy charges
- Doesn’t hit the whole map like Tornado Shot/Kinetic Blast/Ethereal Knives builds
- Running out of mana is very bad for your health
- You’re still melee, so bosses are challenging regardless of DPS

Build Mechanics:

The combo of Lion’s Roar and Emperor’s Grasp makes it so your cyclone draws everything you hit towards you. Inpulsa’s then will cause all shocked enemies that die to explode for 10% of their maximum health, which is nice when you’re bringing all the mobs together. Brain Rattler + Physical to Lightning Gem gives us 100% lightning conversion, in combination with Inquisitor’s Ascendancy Inevitable Judgement, ensures that pretty much everything is going to be shocked 100% of the time. Add in a splash of Herald of Ash, this causes everything to explode simultaneously and satisfyingly, including all the hard to kill Abyss monsters that pop up.

Defensively, we use a CWDT/Immortal Call/Inc Duration combo with Enduring Cry to help with some burst. Shocked enemies have their movespeed/cast speed reduced thanks to Brain Rattler. Additional, Lion’s Roar and our Basalt flask provide even more physical mitigation. Cyclone has built in stun immunity.

One of the best parts about this build is the on-demand reverse knockback. While it is obvious this helps synergize with our chestpiece, another benefit of this combo is that you can use it to help reposition mobs/certain bosses that are in bad spots. Any boss that isn’t immune to knockback that be moved. A perfect example of this are the Atziri trio. Additionally, many bosses for some reason stop attacking/casting when they are being knocked back.


Required* Microtransactions:

Vagabond Weapon Effect
Blue or Dark Cyclone Effect
Extra Gore
Gore Herald
Pitch Black Bandana
Bleeding Eyes
Abyss Armour Gloves/Body/Boots
Abyss Wings
Ebony Footprints

Required Uniques:

Brain Rattler
Emperor’s Grasp
Lion’s Roar
Inpulsa’s Broken Heart

Recommended Uniques:

Starkonja’s Head

Luxury Items:

Atziri’s Acuities

The Taming

Abyssus w/ Cyclone Damage
Two 6-Link Brain Rattlers(explanation in Future Plans section)

Rare Item Stat Priority:

Resists to Cap
Maximum Life
Flat Accuracy until at least 90% chance to hit
Crit Chance
Crit Multi
Flat Physical


Look for
Maximum life
Crit multi
Attack speed(since we don’t get much in the tree)
Physical Damage/Area Damage/etc. (not lightning damage as it won’t benefit your auras)

For abyssal sockets, look for Life, Flat Physical Damage, and crit multi. I don’t use many of these because flat damage only scales so well with big 2-handers. I like the normal jewel mods better, but gotta put something in my belt!

Setup 1 – General Mapping/Current Gear Setup

Setup 2 – High-End Boss Killing

Replace Emperor’s Grasp with Atziri’s Acuities

Setup 3 – Glass Cannon

Replace Starkonja’s Head with Abyssus with Cyclone Damage
Replace Emperor’s Grasp with Tombfist with a murderous gem socketed(for dat intimidate buff)
Replace Basalt Flask with Atiziri’s Promise



4-L Ancestral Warchief + Physical To Lightning + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Melee Physical Damage
2-L Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call
Currently don't need a second 6-Link setup, so I just used the gem slots for more utility. Warchief adds a bunch of damage, and you can bring mobs to your totem in a pinch.


6-L Cyclone + Melee Physical Damage + Increased Critical Strikes + Physical To Lightning + Elemental Damage to Attacks + Increased Area of Effect

Replace with Concentrated Effect for bosses if necessary


4-L Hatred + Herald of Ash + Blood Rage + Ice Golem

Using blood rage with no physical damage? That's ok, the 25% attack speed and 3 frenzy charges are enough of a reason to. You have plenty of leech/regen to offset the regen.


4-L Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Enduring Cry

Nothing special here.


4-L Orb of Storms + Curse on Hit + Assassin’s Mark + Power Charge on Critical

Curse on hit setup for power charges / assassin's mark. I don't bother with using this all the time; usually just for abyss holes and bosses.


Inquisitor; nodes arranged in order of recommended acquisition from normal to Uber Lab

Righteous Providence - Lots of crit chance/multi here, and buffs the effect of your shocks
Inevitable Judgement - Ignoring resists helps us get big enough crits to shock high hp monsters/bosses
Instruments of Virtue - Attack speed/Attack damage. This can be procced through casting Blood Rage, Ice Golem, or Orb of Storms.
Augury of Penitence - You'll be close enough to everything you're fighting that this is on all the time.

Passive Skill Trees:

Level 40
(coming soon)

Level 68
(coming soon)

Level 90

Level 100
(coming soon)

Tooltip DPS

In Hideout, Hatred/Herald of Ash only, with Increaased AoE

In Hideout, all buffs/potions, no charges, with Conc Effect

Things tooltip DPS does not account for:
Ignore Elemental Resistances on crit
Elemental Penetration on non-crits
Corpse explosions
Crit chance being lucky
Assassin's Mark


Major: Soul of Solaris if you feel squishy, Soul of Lunaris if you want more movespeed
Minor: Now that reflect is a thing of the past, Soul of Shakari helps deal with poison/chaos damage a bit.


Help Alira. The resists help a ton due to the number of uniques we use. Crit multi you can never get enough off. The mana regen is all we get, and helps a ton when you've run out of mana.

Path of Building:


Map Mods:

Absolutely not:
Elemental Reflect
Can’t Leech Life/Mana

Can do, but annoying:
No Regen - Running out of mana is a death sentence for this build. If you swap your health pot to a hybrid one, and removed Herald of Ash, it's doable.
Minus Max - Probability of one-shot goes up. Make sure you've got a hefty health pool before doing this, as there's no vaal pact to save you here.
Monsters have a chance to Avoid Elemental Status ailments - This isn't a big deal until you get into T15+, you'll notice a fairly big drop in your kill speed for high-health packs suck as Abyss rares, aka they aren't butter anymore. More like margerine.

Map Bosses

Minotaur: Fairly straightforward. You should be able to dodge his melee attacks by cyclone through him. Do not stay in the falling rocks without Acuities or Vaal pact, it'll become too hard to sustain.

Hydra: Probably the easiest fight out of the 4 guardians IMO. All his attacks are easy to dodge by cycloning through him. Just keep an eye out for the turrets. I did the not-get-hit-by-turret challenge with this build.

Chimera: The boss itself is easy(smoke phase is always a bit of RNG though), the add phase gets really tricky. How easy/hard this gets depends on your ability to get into melee range without getting blown up. I never leap-slammed directly onto them; I run in a circular formation and look for an opening(for instance, when they begin an attack animation). The exception to this is right at the spawn when they leave the gate; you should be able to take out one pack before they begin attacking. Mob re-positioning is important, as to not get blown up by several attacks at once.

Phoenix: This is the hardest boss out of the 4 guardians for sure. Once there are enough phoenixes spawned it becomes difficult to manage adds, dodge all the damage, and do damage to the boss. The best I have done against this boss is one death, the most is 4 deaths. Doable, but not ideal. If you've got more experience with cyclone builds then it may be not as bad, but IMO melee suffers a lot in general on bosses unless you're DPS is insane. One day!

Shaper: To be honest, how easy or hard this fight is depends on how well you know the fight. I am very comfortable with the mechanics of the fight, so I found Shaper himself quite easy. HOWEVER, the second void boss can become quite difficult to predict, and I have died a couple times to him. Be careful about his frostball barrage attack, and be careful not to get too close if you're cycloning behind him during his wind-up slam animation; it has clipped me once. Won't forget it.

Uber Atziri: I'm in general not good at the fight, so don't have too much to add in terms of the build versus this boss. Re-positioning is very useful against the trio, however.

Elder Guardians and Elder: Having done two full-sets of red Guardians/Elder with only one death across all of it. Their HP is not very high so it becomes quite easy to burst them down. Just be aware of the one-shot mechanics of these fights. The elder portal phase is beyond a joke with this build, as demonstrated in the video.

T15 Sunken City - Basic Gameplay

Deathless Red Elder Fight

Future Testing:

Eventually when I can afford to, I want to try a heavy-strike set up that uses ruthless and all the hard hitting gems so that I can set up shocks on everything, including Shaper. Chances are, if I can land a huge shock on him, I should be able to stunlock him afterwards with the damage bonuses that shock give. This requires me to get a second Brain Rattler that is 6-linked, among many other gem adjustments. So something in the far future to do. Probably on standard where I have lots of currency.

I made this build about four days ago, so there’s still a lot more testing/experimenting to be done. Hope you guys enjoy this build as much as I do.

PS: This was my first build guide, so I'll be updating it over time to make it look prettier and answer more questions.



Added boss section
Added Tooltip DPS
Added Red Elder Fight Video
Added Sweet Gif
Added basic gameplay video
Finished first guide
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Hey, this build looks really cool!

Did you think about any other ascendancy's? I was messing around in POB and like the idea of Juggernaut - obviously much less damage but seems tankier on paper. Also with the endurance charges you can use abyssus much more safely.

Did you notice any issues with inquisitor for survivability ?
Last edited by allstopsbro on Jan 14, 2018, 5:43:51 PM
I was debating between Juggernaut and Inquisitor for about a day. Here's the conclusions I've come up with:

Juggernaut is much more tankier, and could most likely wear an Abyssus more comfortably than Inquisitor. However, DPS would be a problem in harder maps/bosses, since we have no elemental penetration. This would make shocking higher health targets much more difficult. DPS for Juggernaut with an Abyssus equipped on PoB vs Shaper is approximately 200k less than Inquisitor with a Starkonja's Equipped. But Juggernaut is definitely a much safer route, albeit it is less damage. Wouldn't mind trying a Jugg version of this build though!
I have tried this build but idk i might do something wrong. I got only 30k dps with cyclone 4k hp.
I have problems with mana and i keep dying

can you help me? i find this build interesting but i suck at understanding builds
Just started my version of the build, I use staff for crits and I prefer the nodes,
then go Winter Spirit for cold convserion

Quite like the guide, thanks very much

Maylay68 wrote:
I have tried this build but idk i might do something wrong. I got only 30k dps with cyclone 4k hp.
I have problems with mana and i keep dying

can you help me? i find this build interesting but i suck at understanding builds

I would recommend replacing flat lightning damage with flat phys on your one ring, and add flat phys to your amulet. Also, replace Inc AoE with Elemental Damage with Attacks in your 5-L set up, but make getting a 6L a priority. Could you link your tree and flasks?
Summerhood wrote:
Just started my version of the build, I use staff for crits and I prefer the nodes,
then go Winter Spirit for cold convserion

Quite like the guide, thanks very much

Glad you enjoy it! You have some pretty wicked gear. My reason for not using staves is that you don't have full elemental conversion easily, but with your level of gear it doesn't matter too much!
Was thinking about making a lightning cyclone and I stumbled upon your build. Except for the ascendancy and the gloves which are really neat touch to the build we were pretty much on the same page.

So my question is: do you think this could work as a scion ascendant w slayer/inquistor? I'm really interested in this combination for a scion.

Great build btw
I think it can work with numerous ascendancies. They just all have different benefits; I just have a thing for melee inquisitors.

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