Howdy folks, welcome to my first PoE build guide!


So in the 3.0 beta I was very interested in testing out a Life-based EK nova character, I started out as a pathfinder, which is maybe better depending on your budget, and unique flask changes in 3.0 but without the access to items that really make pathfinder shine like Vinktars, I decided to make a tree for Elementalist, Raider, Assassin, and Inquisitor. Elementalist seems comparable in damage, but a lot clunkier, Raider, and Assassin just didn't impress me with their numbers, so I landed on inquisitor which I feel could be a very strong league starter for 3.0, especially with threshold jewels confirmed to be able to be purchased from a vendor!

Raw Numbers

Here's my tree any my PoB import and the numbers you might be interested in.


PoB Pastebin (level 100 tree)

  • 173% life at lv 90
  • 415k DPS*
  • 31% block
  • 1% generic damage leached as life
  • Vaal Pact (this is not a number but I still put it here)
  • 25 Life gained on kill (not that anyone actually cares)
  • .... so basically probably not super hardcore viable, at least unmodified, but I'm a softcore player anyways :P

* Using a Singularity. I recommend swapping EK to BV for bosses, which is ~700k DPS@20stacks, but you have to swap EK for BV and a blue support for Efficacy, since we have no duration on tree. I recommend pre-stacking, then swapping spell echo for Efficacy if you really need to go full tryhard

T6 map clear (beta)
I'd feel like it's not a real guide without footage! It's not the best demonstration of the build, but you can see how it functions at least.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast clearing
  • Works well on a budget
  • unaffected by AoE nerfs
  • SSF viable in 3.0 with tree adjustments
  • playing with party members with auras will quadruple your damage
  • We get full benefit of every Inquisitor ascendancy. You're almost always going to have Augury of Pertinence on whatever's attacking you for the effective +2 max all res, since you're using a nova skill that fires from your characters location.


  • Need to swap gems for bosses
  • Bosses are minorly sketchy, depending on total life pool
  • Relies on using a different skill for leveling
  • In min-maxed situations Inquisitor is almost always worse than other ascendancy's damage-wise since you can't take enemies into negative resistance
  • Not shaper/guardian viable without major tweaking
  • Even though we don't use warlords for leech, we can't leech off hexproof targets

Recommended uniques

  • Hrimsorrow/burn - Allow us to get 100% ele conversion as opposed to 90, and saves us about 5 points on tree, Upgraded or not doesn't really matter they have no useful stats either way apart from the conversion
  • Thirst for Horrors - super underutilized item that allows us to run an offensive curse (proj weakness) instead of Warlords. Should cost about 1c for a perfectly rolled one, unless Reddit/Streamers catch on ;)
  • Ring of Blades - the QoL you gain is well worth the jewel socket
  • Atziri's Promise - more damage and leech, what's not to like
  • Brinerot Whalers - while by no means necessary to the build, they're definitely worth mentioning, and considering using if you can get enough life elsewhere to be comfortable using them
  • Belly of the Beast - It's up to you whether the extra life is worth the 780 chrome average cost of getting 4B1R1G. It's probably better than a well rolled rare, but less than it used to be with hybrid life rolls in 3.0


you really have a lot of options. I recommend getting your hands on a Singularity around the time you start mapping, Get the highest cast speed roll you can. BiS would be a rare void scepter with tons of added flat to spells, crit chance multi and cast speed


I highly recommend leveling as Blade Vortex,assuming there are no changes to it in the 3.0 patch notes, just use a 4link BV-controlled destruciton-added fire-increased/concentrated effect, I plan to take the skill effect duration between witch and Templar pretty early on and respeccing out of it. I don't recommend going EK until ~82 points because thats when you can get the jewel socket that can support Ring of Blades, whatever level that end up being but honestly I probably will stay Blade Vortex until I start mapping.

Here are some leveling trees if you want.



How does the build play

Honestly to me it feels like vaal spark but more active. You just shield charge between packs, right click once, and shield charge to the next pack. The only thing I'm not sure of is how many targets we'll want to be aiming to pierce. Right now I'm looking at 3 base + whatever Proj weakness will give.
Killing bosses doesn't feel the best, I don't know how guardian/shaper viable this is (probably not very) but you should be able to do regular atziri and uber lab on your own no problem. Overall I think this is one of the many good choices for a fast map clearing league starter in 3.0

Gem Links

Ethereal Knives

Ethereal Knives - Spell Echo - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Physical to Lightning - Added Fire Damage
4 Link: Ethereal Knives - Spell Echo - Physical to Lightning - Elemental Focus
5 Link: + Controlled Destruction
6 Link: + Added Fire Damage

Honorable mention: Increased Critical Damage (about on par with Added Fire damage, maybe more depending on weapon and shield)

Blasphemy - Projectile Weakness/Warlords Mark

Blade Vortex
Blade Vortex - Curse on Hit - Arcane Surge - Assassins Mark
If you're a baller, you can corrupt Assassins Mark on gloves, and run Increased Duration instead

Movement Skills
Shield charge/Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Quality Culling Strike

Other stuff worth running
Blood Rage - Increased Duration - Vaal Lightning trap - Vaal Haste
Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call
Flame Dash if you're using Shield Charge

This leaves you with 1-2 open sockets to do whatever you like with.


1 Health Pot 1 Quicksilver of Adrenaline 1 Silver 1 Basalt and a Atziri's Promise
if you have the currency Replace the Basalt with a Taste of hate, and the Silver with a added spells Vinktar

Things worth trying maybe

  • Depending on your budget it might be worth running a well rolled rare shield over mouth of horrors, and running Warlords instead. It's worth noting though that level 20 Proj weakness gives us about 48k dps and while you can get more than that on a rare shield It's not gonna be cheap.
  • Convince your friend to play a summoner build with a Victario's chest. It'll like triple your damage

Special Thanks
  • Shoutouts to Viperesque, and NeverSink for helping me with advice and feedback
  • Shoutouts to my boy Tzig for helping me "optimize" the gear and tree
  • Shoutouts to my guild Abionix for being cool dudes
  • Shoutouts to the PoE Reddit Discord for existing and allowing me to pester people like NeverSink and Viperesque for advice ;)

If you have any questions/comments/criticism please ask/post them in this thread, rather than PMing me in game :^)
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how come ur picture is a marauder but ur build is templar..
Hey, this build seems pretty cool and fun to play. I just have one question. Can i do endgame content with this build ? By endgame i mean like t14+ and maybe some bosses. Im new to this game so sorry if this question is dumb.
looks very solid as an starter option, but what would be the "mayor tweaks" you would go for endgame viability?, gems? gear? or is it a hard variation like LL or something? Looking forward to see an expansion of this, good guide
How do you deal with mana when u dont use Warlords mark in your shield?
the passive trees seem to have broken with the release of the 3.0 passive web.
Opeles wrote:
How do you deal with mana when u dont use Warlords mark in your shield?

bump to this question
ninox1998 wrote:
Opeles wrote:
How do you deal with mana when u dont use Warlords mark in your shield?

bump to this question

Sorry for the late reply. Boot enchant mostly. I think realistically I'd run boot enchant, and a lv1 CWDT+Warlords for cursing bosses.
Will this build work with other characters?

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