[3.0] Crit EK Nova Inquisitor - Clear Speed Oriented / MF Viable

#Still working on colors 'n stuff to make it look better, but everything you need to know is inside.


Hi, I'm Shhaz.
I have been playing PoE since Warbands league, It's my first build guide and I'm open for any kind of feedback from you guys.
Big shoutout to Dsfarblarwaggle who inspired me to try this build, you can find his youtube channel under this link: Dsfarblarwaggle channel
So let's begin, huh?


Table of Content:

1. Build introduction and basic stats
2. Passive Tree, Bandits, Ascendancy and Pantheons
3. Gearing
4. Gem links and Jewels
5. Useful gameplay information
6. Gameplay Videos

1. Build introduction and basic stats

Before we Seriously start, this build is designed to Speed Clear maps, if you are looking for End Game boss killer, gotta look somewhere else :<

So, what's EK Nova and how this works?
We are using Ethereal Knives with

That makes our EK shoot projectiles in nova around our character.
While clearing projectiles cover whole screen.

Build's Pros & Cons:

+ Super fast clear speed
+ Very cheap to start
+ Good legaue starter
+ Rare T15 clears viable
+ Up to 64% IIQ + Bisco's
+ Fun to play
+ Can be played as NON-MF with a lot more defences

- Not very good boss killer
- Reflect may be problem without flasks
- High IIQ gear may be expenisve
- Vaal Pact :<

+-? 4k hp mathil build
Numbers and Gearing section for explanation

Some Numbers, I heard you like those :)

Hideout Unbuffed DPS:

Hideout Auras + Flasks:

Average Mapping DPS:

Sneaky part!
Your HP Pool Depends on how much you want to sacrifice for more IIQ.
I'm using full MF setup running at 4.3K HP and I'm perfectly good with it.
You can reach up to 6K HP to feel really safe, but hey, we want moneyzzz right? :)
If you wonder I'm dying only to my own mistakes, like standing in volatiles :<

2. Passive Tree, Bandits, Ascendancy and Pantheons

PoB Pastebin:

Desired End Game Tree:

Leveling Section:

Useful leveling uniques:

Leveling trees for self caster (freeze pulse/firestorm/glacial cascade - this one is super fun)

Leveling trees for spell totems( eg. Spell Totem - Firestorm Easiest way to level up Templar )

Preferable option here is to help Alira, yet if you are not going full MF and can cap resists killing all is fine

Ascendancy and Pantheons:
Instruments of Virtue -> Righteus Providence -> Inevitable Judgement -> Augury of Penitence
As for patheons:
Minor - Soul of Yugul fits us best, reduced reflected damage might save you many times
Major - Brine King or Lunaris / Personal preference

3. Gearing



You want rare helmet with good Life + Res
"Increased EK Damage" enchant is sweet addon on it / only if u can afford it, not needed at all
Helmet I'm using:

Fancy option here is The Gull
Gull idea thanks to MA MEN Empyrian

Body armour:

Basically we need 6L 3G3B body with some life/res
I bought this one for about 40c

Budget option here is Tabula Rasa -
It has perfect colors for our build :)

Want more DPS? Go for +1 Tabula, I heard you can buy them for 12c now[jk]

Main Hand:

Best we can get is Rare dagger with high base crit and increased spell damage/crit chance for spells/crit chance. If not afordable just go for brightbeak, works good enough and gives us some resists

Off Hand:

Rare Shield to boost up HP and resists / increased Spell Damage, increased Physical Damage here is sweet DPS boost


Safe option here is pair of Fingerless gloves with good amount of HP and resist, but if you are here for some moneyz we go with

Don't look at corrupted CoC, Just needed pair with max IIQ roll :)


Safe 'n cheap - Belt of the Deceiver - Good damage boost, decent hp and res
Even safer - Rare belt (Preferably Rustic Sash for Inc Phys) with High HP roll and res
Moneyz? Perandus Blazon of course [+1 endurance charges helps a little]


Doesn't matter what you choose here, for T11+ we need "#% of Damage leeched as Life and Mana if you've killed recently" - This enchant here, is total game changer, I had mana problems without it, sometimes Warlord's Mark didn't proc and had to port out of map to stay alive, with this one you are always good to go. [Just my thoughts]

Anyway, best option here is pair of Kaom's Roots, especially if you go with Tabula Rasa body armour.

I'm using Goldwyrm's tho - highest IIQ boost in our setup


Bisco, don't even try anything else unless you have to, we are in Bisco's meta bois.
My precious:


If you decide to go with Kaom's Roots you will need one Unset Ring to socket your golem gem.
Something like this worked for me very well

Moneyz? Yeah, lets get the job done with those sweeties:


Taste of Hate is very good here if you can afford one, I'm using this setup tho. Works well for me.

4. Gem links and Jewels


Our Main Weapon EK in this order:

EK - Phys to Lightning - Spell Echo - Faster Proj - Pierce - Inc Crit Strikes

Auras setup:

Hatred - Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit - Warlord's Mark/Projectile Weakness
Go with Projectile Weakness if you have "#% of Damage leeched as Life and Mana if you've killed recently" enchant on boots and feel like it's enough


Shield Charge/Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Cast When Damage Taken (Lvl 1) - Immortal Call (Lvl 1) - Warlord's Mark (Lvl 5)

And here's the magic:

Vaal Haste - Inc Duration - Immortal Call (Lvl 20) - Arcane Surge (Lvl 9)
Quick explanation: Self casting High Level Immortal Call with Inc Duration linked activates our Arcane Surge to boost our damage. Situational, but usefull.

Not using Kaom's Roots and have some free sockets?

I'm using High Level CwDT - Summon Lightning Golem - I'm just lazy.

Using Kaom's Root's and Unset Ring?

Socket your golem in Unset Ring and self cast it :<

Here comes fun power of the build, glorious Jewels:

1. Ring of Blades, as it's Mandatory for our build to work [ We socket it just on the left from Vaal Pact ]
2. Intuitive Leap for some juicy charges - Worth every money [ Socketed Right here / Overcharged nodes ]
3. Best Jewel there is, yea, we are talking about Inspired Learing, our mini HH powering us for even faster clears [ Socketed right of the Nullification node]
4. Rare jewels - useful mods:
- Inc Max Hp
- Spell Damage
- Ataack speed (for our movement skill)
- Resistances, if still uncapped
- Crit Chance / Multi ? only if you feel like you need any

5. Useful gameplay info


Try using your Immortal Call - Arcane Surge setup as often as possible, as it gives us pretty nice damage boost.
Look out for Proxy Shields, those are dangerous, as we can't leech through them, try using your movement skill to get inside it.
If you are getting problems with bosses, feel free to just port out and refill. Swapping Faster Proj for Slower Proj is huge help too. Well, you can always just skip boss. [ Time is money, they say]
Do not chase single little white mobs while speed clearing, they are not worth it.
Be careful with Inspired Learining as "Shorud Walker" mod is not the best one, I always wait it out on higher tier maps.
Alch n go?

6. Gameplay Videos

Thanks for reading everyone!
I hope you found some useful info in here, again I'm open for any feedback from you.
And remember
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#Update 01.09.2017
Added Quick Leveling Section with trees
Added T10 Shaped Mesa run video
Fixed minor typos
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Kill alira => help alira.

Minor typo. Cool guide!
Thanks for noticing!
Will fix that as I get back from work.
Well leveling section is very important, any ideas?
Easiest way to level is using firestorm/totems with Ancestral Bond and some totem nodes, respecing when you are ready to use EK. I will add detailed leveling section when i find some free time.
I got a tabula and two lifesprigs as well as some -mana cost rings (Elreon rings). That was pretty easy to level with EK. I'm 56 after my first night leveling so it's decent.
Why brightbeak? EK doesn't consider weapon crit and we aren't using cyclone. Just for whirling blades speed?
Considering half of our damage is phys it is still pretty good dps boost, Attack Speed, yes, helps with WB and on top of that resistances. All of that for 2c? Of course if you got better budget solution please share it, I'd be happy to include it in guide if it's reasonable .
I just threw these together from some daggers, pretty cheap. If you get good ones, profit, but good for starting imo.

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