[2.6] The Warchief - [Berserker] Ancestral Warchief - over 2m dps - Uber Farmer (Videos) Shaper Down

Here comes The Warchief

List of Changes:


06.11.17 added a hybrid version in case if hybrid will be thing in 3.0


03.01.17 added a T11 Shaped Strand run to check the clear speed
02.26.17 added an Shield comparison at the beginning of the Guide
02.26.17 added an version with the "Tukohama's Fortress" Shield


12.26.16 added an Uber Lab Runner at the alternative versions section

minimal dmg nerf:

Ancestral Warchief now does 10% less damage at all levels.

interesting totem buff:

Increased most totem damage, totem additional physical damage reduction and totem attack and cast speed skills in the passive tree by 20-25%. This doesn't apply to the Totemic Mastery notable passive.

not sure if this is a buff or nerf:

Fixed behaviour with the center of the slam being significantly further away than the totem's melee range. The skill now has +10 melee range at all levels, and the slam will always be centered at melee range away from the totem.

so overall its fine. this build should work very well for 2.5 too ;)


11.26.16 added some screenshots from mapping with the Headhunter in the DPS section
09.06.16 added videos from the new atlas bosses
08.31.16 changed the Alternative Version section for better overwiev
08.31.16 modified some texts especially for the voidheart wich has a legacy version now


08.30.16 added a list of usefull enchantments after the "gear" section
08.30.16 added the "Death's Door" boots to the "alternative version" and changed 4 points in the tree for that new setup
08.29.16 changed "unwavering Stance" (it isnt realy needed) to "Sovereignty" (better aura sustain) in all trees
08.23.16 added a Defense Version of this Build
08.23.16 added a T15 Core Map Video
08.10.16 added a Leveling Guide at the end of this Guide
07.15.16 added a "best dmg Setup" wich you can find at the DPS section
07.14.16 added an Atziri and Uber Atziri video with 4L and non legacy items
07.14.16 added an Uber Atziri video with non legacy items
07.11.16 added a nearly deathless Uber Atziri
07.05.16 added a Deathless Avatar of Thunder video
07.02.16 added some t15 map videos
07.02.16 added an Alternative Version of this build
07.01.16 added a Death and Taxes run with a friend wich use the same Build
07.01.16 added a fast 3min Atziri run with a friend wich use the same Build
07.01.16 switched the Abyssus Gem Setup because the old didnt worked
07.01.16 Added a full Uber Lab run Video


This Build uses the Facebreaker Gloves - you get all the info you need here:
How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!

We play with only 2 Ancestral Warchief Totems

After many testings i prefer the Alternativ Version Ulab Runner with the Tukohama's Fortress of this build wich you can find in the Alternative Gear section


Great old Ones Ward:
max dps ~600k x2 Totems = 1,2m
27% Block
12% Spellblock
higher defense from auras (so you take less dmg without flask and charges)

Tukohama's Fortress:
max dps ~500k x3 Totems = 1,5m
little more life (~20 flat)
24% Block
better aoe with 3 totems

Wich ist better?
overall i would say the Tukohama's Fortress is better because you can reach the same defense (90% physical reduction fullbuffed) and have more dps (~300k) and cover more area (wich is a good thing because of the 2.6 aoe nerfs) and you have no mana problems (e.g. no enlighten needed etc) ;)

Check also my new Build for all of you who have a bit more currency :D
[2.4] The Starlord - New Era of Trololol Warchief Totems - All Mods All Maps - Stupidly OP


First of all i have to say that nearly ALL your question will be answerd in this Guide IF you read it carefully!

Q: Why is my DMG so low compared to yours?
A: Check ur rings and amulet for high flat phys dmg. Just a few add phys dmg gives us a HUGE dmg boost.

Q: My rings and amulet are realy good but my dmg still sucks!
A: Have u checked ur weapon slot ? Because with Facebreakers we play UNARMED ;)

Q: Can i use Bringer of Rain because i dont like Abyssus?
A: Sure you can, if u prefer it. But you will not reach the same dmg with it ;)

Q: Why you Choose Berserker over all other Classes like Chieftain etc?
A: Because Beserker gives us the most DMG and also a realy nice "heal warcry"-mechanic.

Q: Why u choose Belly of the Beast?
A: Because it gives us the most life from a 6L Chest (~700+)

Q: I have all ur items but i still get oneshotted from enemys like Minotaur etc!
A: This is no facetank trololol Build. You need good movement skills (shield charge helps).

Q: Do you prefer Voidheart ring or good phys ring?
A: I prefer the phys ring because it can roll additional res and life and you doing more than enough dmg for all content in poe.

Q: Is "melee damage on full life" really the best 6th gem?
A: Yes imo it is. It has got a huge MORE multiplier and if played right you are full life 99% of the time.

Q: What would you change for HC?
A: Switch Abyssus for Bringer of Rain or another high flat phys Helm. (if you play safe you can also survive easy with Abyssus and to be honest, you will use a logout macro anyway :P)

...to be continued

If you have any questions about your Gear, please be sure to unhide your character tab:

Table of Contents
1. Videos
2. Pro & Contra
3. Ascendancy
4. Skilltree
5. Bandits
6. Damage per seccond
-> 6.1 Legacy FB
-> 6.2 Non Legacy FB
-> 6.3 Non Legacy FB + 4L
-> 6.4 Best Dmg Setup
7. Gear
-> 7.1 Overview Gear
-> 7.2 Detailed Gear
-> 7.3 Alternative Versions
--> 7.3.1 Legacy Voidheart
--> 7.3.2 Death Door
--> 7.3.3 Defense
--> 7.3.4 Ulab Runner
--> 7.3.5 Bringer of Rain
--> 7.3.6 Hybrid
8. Usefull Enchantments
-> 8.1 Helmet
-> 8.2 Boots
-> 8.3 Gloves
9. Leveling Guide
-> 9.1 Gem Setup and first steps
-> 9.2 Way trough the Tree
10. My other Builds



First try Chimera

First Try Minotaur

First try and Deathless Hydra

the record from the Phoenix kill doesnt work... will upload as soon as i got a new map

First try The Shaper



Here is a short 4min Atziri run



Here is a fast 3min Atziri run with a friend wich use the same Build



Nearly deathless Uber Atziri, got a stupid oneshot because i stopped moving at Atziri



Here is an Uber Atziri video with non legacy item, so u can maybe plan for new leagues or if u dont have enough currency for legacy ones. Its a bit slower, but still good.



Here are an Atziri and Uber Atziri video with non legacy items and only a 4L

Normal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjdEUmLPuzg
Uber: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4hTUq67wcs


Here is a full Uber Labyrinth run with Argus, there are some minor lags in the beginning of the video and you can hear a friend, because i forgot to mute me in teamspeak ;)



Here is a Death and Taxes run with a friend wich use the same Build



Deathless Avatar of Thunder. What did i wrong ? He need so long to split up :/




Here is a T15 Core in wich i used the "Defense Version" of my Build wich ucan find in the "Gear" section



Deatheless T15 Twinned Abyss Map using the "Alternative Version" of this build, wich you can find at the end of this thread




Deatheless T14 Plaza Tri Curse Map using the "Alternative Version" of this build, wich you can find at the end of this thread




A deatheless Twinned Shrine Map using the "Alternative Version" of this build, wich you can find at the end of this thread




A fast deatheless Twinned Dominus run using the "Alternative Version" of this build, wich you can find at the end of this thread



Deatheless T15 Colosseum map using the "Alternative Version" of this build, wich you can find at the end of this thread



The Vinktar Square map with one stupid death at the boss fight :/


All Stats at lvl 93


Much Fun, u can nearly oneshot all Bosses (if they dont oneshot you :D)
Two Totems
High survivability without Flasks
5,5k HP
325 Life/s (719 Life/s with Enduring Cry)
Always full Mana and a nice Heal with "War Bringer" (Recover 25% of Life and Mana when you use a Warcry)
18k Armor -> Rumis: 30k Armor (With High Armor Rare)
11k Armor -> Rumis: 24k Armor (with Great Old One)
46% Block -> Rumis: 73% Block, 14% Spell Block (23% Spell Block with Great Old One)
16% Spell Dodge (With Vaal Grace 35% dodge to attack, 51% dodge to spells)
48% Movement speed trough Berserker
Arctic Armor
can do all map mods (at "reflect" the totems will kill themself after few hits)


High Costs to master -> more than a few ex :D

We take the Berserker Class for most DMG

First we go to War Bringer because this will be our main heal skill
Than we go to Aspect of Carnage for pure DMG
And with the last 2 Points from the Uber Lab we take Rite of Ruin for free 25% attack speed (25% increased Attack Speed if you haven't Killed Recently) - because our totems kill, not we

we DONT take Pain reaver because the totems dont leech life for us


Oak, Oak, Passiv

Damage Per Seccond

All Screenshots are taken with one active Totem because it buffs itself with:
(8-18)% more Melee Damage while Totem is Active

Take the dmg x3 because we have 2 Totems and +50% with "Vaal Lighting Trap" through shock

with "Vaal Haste", "Atziri's Promise" and "Taste of Hate"


Amd here with non legacy Facebreaker with 790%


And here is the dmg with a 4 Link and 790% Facebreaker

And here is the best dmg Setup with with "Vaal Haste", "Atziri's Promise", "Lion's Roar" "Taste of Hate", "Concentrated Effect" and with "added fire Dmg" compared to "less Duration"


Normal Mapping with Headhunter (most powerfull mapping)



DPS (with increased aoe)

Here comes the GEAR



Abyssus, it givs us the most adds # - # physical dmg to attacks ingame
Gems: Increased Duration, Vaal Grace, Vaal Haste and Enduring Cry

I took this rare for a while for better defense (~ +6k Armor), but switched to the "Great Old One" for more more dmg
Gems: CWDT, enfeeble, Flame Golem

Warchief Setup in the Belly of the Beast, it give me around ~ 700 life
Gem priority: Ancestral Warchief, -> Melee Damage, -> Melee Damage on Full Life, -> Increased Aoe (Concentrated Effect), -> Added Fire Damage, -> Faster Attacks

Facebreaker, should be clear - if you can, get some with Curse on hit, Temporal Chains or Elemental Weakness should be the best options.
Gems: CWDT, Immortal Call, Increased Duration and Vaal Lightning Trap (+50% Dmg for easy boss kill)

I think Headhunter is a good option for faster mapping but atm i play with Legacy Meginord

Atziri's Steps for Spell Dodge, Life and high armour (because iron reflexes: evasion -> armour)
Gems: Herald of Ash, Arctic Armour, Hatred

--> to run 3 Auras you need these Skill Tree Notes:

Rings and Amulet with adds # - # Phys and all Res, because its the only way for us to cap our Res (my are not BiS, they should have a high liferoll too)


one for Bleeding, Rumis for more Block, Taste of Hate and Atziri's for more Damage and a Quicksilver Flasks for high Movementspeed (alternative u can swap the quicksilver for a Sin's Rebirth wich gives additional huge dps and some defense because "Creates a Smoke Cloud on Use")

Try to get Phys dmg while holding Shield, Phys dmg, Melee dmg/AOE dmg, and if ur lucky increased dmg

Unique Jewels:
15% AOE should be clear, and the Armour jewel we put in the Slot under "Faith and Steel"



I switched out one of the rings to Legacy Voidheart for 100% bleeding and poison

this helps alot for ranged bosses who ran away from us. now they die to dots if they kill our totems and try to hide. Its also a nice bonus for all tough bosses with high hp ;)


i also switched my "Atziri Steps" for the "Death's Door" to get better res, bleed immune and +1 endurance charge. in case of the "50% increased Elemental Status Ailment Duration on You" i switched my bleeding flask (wich i dont need anymore) to a freeze flask

because i loose a lot of life from my "Atziri Steps" i changed 4 points in my tree. i removed the "retaliation" points near "iron reflexes" and the little note behind "Solidity" under "diamond skin" and spent these points into life. i loose ~50k dps but go up to 5,5k life again

Reckless Defense

Here is the Defense Version i used for the T15 Core.
First i refund 3 Points in the Tree and removed "Sovereignty" wich i spend into an additional jewel slot.

Than i switched out all Jewels for 5x "Reckless Defense"

and used "Purity of Ice" instead of "Hatred" for better defense against his tentacles (wich i would realy only use for T15 Core)
with that setup i got a nice defense boost and the dmg is still nice too




Without Hatred



Without Hatred



Ulab Runner with Great Old One's Ward

For this Runner i tried to get way more defense, mobility and dont loose too much dps. so here is it. as u can see i use two-stone rings. thats only because i dont have good steel rings with tri res.

to run hatred and grace with a "good" mana pool u need enlighten lvl 4

~ 6k life
~ 13k armor (with grace)
51% physical reduction (83% with 8 end charges - 89% with Sin's Rebirth - 90% with basalt flask)
~600k+ dps each totem (fullbuffed with flasks)
high mobility with shield charge


for the tree i went for life and end charges. at lvl 92 i have 8. u can get up to 9 at higher lvl and another jewel slot




oak, oak, oak



Fullbuffed with all flasks, vaal haste etc



fullsize images: http://imgur.com/a/7vuUa

Unbuffed with Grace

full end charges

full buffed with basalt flasks

Full buffed with Sin's Rebirth flask

Ulab Runner with Tukohama's Fortress

For this Version of the Ulab Runner i use the "Tukohama's Fortress" wich gives us one additional Totem with the cost of Blood Magic. This means we use no aura (we could with an "essence worm" ring but this would decrease our dmg and defense alot).

3 Totems (we can reach more aoe)
a bit more life
no mana problems

no aura

over 6k life
79% physical reduction with 9 end charges - 90% with Sin's Rebirth
~500k+ dps each totem (fullbuffed with flasks)
high mobility with shield charge
over 900 life/s (with enduring cry)


for the tree i went for life and end charges. at lvl 92 i have 8. u can get up to 9 at higher lvl and another jewel slot





oak, oak, oak


Fullsize Images

DPS unbufffed with Increased AOE

DPS unbufffed with Conc Effect

Fullbuffed in map DPS with Increased AOE

Fullbuffed in map DPS with Conc Effect


With 9 Endurance Charges

With 9 Endurance Charges and Flasks up

Bringer of Rain

For the Bringer of Rain version check out corosou Build. He has done a great job on this ;)

[2.6] - "Rainchief" - Bringer of Rain A. Warchief - ~5.5Million DPS, 6K life, 16k AR, 58% BLK


as i think hybrid will be a thing in 3.0 here is my version for it ;)

before u ask: berserker = better offence / Chieftain = better defense (as usualy)

Stats at lvl 92:
5k life
5k es
850 es reg/s
~1000 es recharge
"life heal" trough warcry ascendancy note
17k armor -> 58% pys reduction -> 78% with 5 endurance charges


I tried to get as much es and life as possible. the presence of chayula does a great job here, turning around 1k life into 2k es. because i use the geofri's armor the only "life heal" we have is trough the war bringer ascendancy note. my jewels give me around 600 life/es

try to get 4R1B1G at the chest for standard setup -> ancestral warchief -> melee phys -> melee phys on full life -> added fire -> faster attacks -> increased area / conc effect




passive, passive, oak (u can also choose oak, oak, oak OR oak, kraitin, oak. its up to u)


Fullsize Images

106k hideout dps with increased aoe
264k fullbuffed dps with increased aoe

148k hideout dps with conc effect
342k fullbuffed dps with conc effect

not included the FB enchantments (ele weakness), double totem (dmg x2) and vaal lightning trap (dmg x1.5) -> this should be around 900k dps with increased aoe and 1,4m dps with conc effect

Usefull Enchantments

For DMG:
40% increased Ancestral Warchief Totem Damage
150% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Flame Golems
Ancestral Warchief Totem grants 30% increased Melee Damage while Active
40% increased Herald of Ash Damage
For Defense:
36% increased Arctic Armour Buff Effect
30% increased Enfeeble Curse Effect
For Others:
15% reduced Hatred Mana Reservation
12% increased Ancestral Warchief Totem Radius


For DMG:
10% chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite if you haven't Crit Recently (think this is Best in Slot)
Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
For Defense:
Regenerate 2.0% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently
8% chance to Dodge Spell Damage if you've taken Spell Damage Recently
10% Chance to Dodge if you've taken a Critical Strike Recently
For Others:
10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently


For Defense:
Cast Commandment of Reflection when Hit (because the clone takes some dmg for you)

Leveling Guide

First of all a little Gem Setup:
Take "Facebreakers" asap ;) (if you have the money buy legacy)

Normal up to 800%
Legacy up to 1000%

Use the "Tabula Rasa" and link the following gems for max damage output:

At lvl 1 take Infernal Blow.
At lvl 8 take Melee Splash and Added Fire Damage.
At lvl 18 take Faster Attacks and Melee Physical Damage
At lvl 28 take Ancestral Warchief instead of Infernal Blow and take away Melee Splash
At lvl 38 take increased Area of Effect

Addional Gems:
At lvl 8 take Additional Accuracy until u get the "Resolute Technique"
At lvl 10 take Shield Charge for Movement
At lvl 18 take Melee Damage on Full Life and Concentrated Effect

I prefer these Items for Lvling ;)

And here the way trough the Tree:

First of all we go to "Resolute Technique"

Than we go to up to Amplify for better AOE

After that we go down to Iron Reflexes and take the "Totem Mastery", "Berserking" and "jewel Slots" on that way

Than we take the "Cloth and Chain" note for more armour/evasion and all rse -> the shield notes "Retaliation" and "Testudo"

After that we go to the "Armour Mastery" and "Diamond Skin" near the marauder start

Now we go up to "Faith and Steel" where we place that jewel in:


Finally we take the "Ancestrak Bond"

and at least we take the last 2 jewel slots, the life notes "Purity if Flesh" and "Sovereignty" for better aura sustain

You may ask why i take the "Ancestral Bond" so late. Its because the Totem does so much dmg, that u dont rly need it until you come into the late endgame ;)

And you can clear the Maps for lvling way faster with e.g. Shield Charge in ur 6L Setup until u pick "Ancestral Bond". After that, only ur Totems can do dmg and e.g. Shield Charge will be useless ;) (For Bosses i would still prefer to kill them with the Totem ;))

But its ofc up to you, feel free to take it earlier if you want ;)

My other Builds
[2.2]Facebreaker Ice Crash - Berserker - /1403319
[2.4]Ancestral Warchief over 2m dps - Berserker - /1694250
[2.4]Chaos Vortex - Berserker - /1714809
[2.4]Most OP Ancestral Warchief Build - All Maps All Mods - Starforge - /1729700
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[2.2]Facebreaker Ice Crash - Berserker - /1403319
[2.4]Ancestral Warchief over 2m dps - Berserker - /1694250
[2.4]Chaos Vortex - Berserker - /1714809
[2.4]Most OP Ancestral Warchief Build - All Maps All Mods - Starforge - /1729700
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Hi pls update your tree.Thx
Looks really interesting!
Mind taking screenshots with non legacy facebreakers as well so people playing prophecy can see the full dmg. potential there? :)

Cheers, Zahkriisos!
Trying to satisfy the whole PoE community is like telling a nymphomaniac to only have sex once in a week.

I think that's fairly accurate. :')
The Tree works fine, u just need to click 3 times (or CTRL+A) because the spoiler hide the rest of the line. but i will add it from another site to see it better ;)

And i added Screenshots with non legacy ones ;)
[2.2]Facebreaker Ice Crash - Berserker - /1403319
[2.4]Ancestral Warchief over 2m dps - Berserker - /1694250
[2.4]Chaos Vortex - Berserker - /1714809
[2.4]Most OP Ancestral Warchief Build - All Maps All Mods - Starforge - /1729700
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Completed 29 Challengesguggelhupf wrote:
The Tree works fine, u just need to click 3 times (or CTRL+A) because the spoiler hide the rest of the line. but i will add it from another site to see it better ;)

And i added Screenshots with non legacy ones ;)

damn thats still a ton of dmg, with non legacy facebreakers, thx for posting! :)
Trying to satisfy the whole PoE community is like telling a nymphomaniac to only have sex once in a week.

I think that's fairly accurate. :')
added a short 4 min Atziri Run video
[2.2]Facebreaker Ice Crash - Berserker - /1403319
[2.4]Ancestral Warchief over 2m dps - Berserker - /1694250
[2.4]Chaos Vortex - Berserker - /1714809
[2.4]Most OP Ancestral Warchief Build - All Maps All Mods - Starforge - /1729700
added a full Uber Lab run Video with Argus
[2.2]Facebreaker Ice Crash - Berserker - /1403319
[2.4]Ancestral Warchief over 2m dps - Berserker - /1694250
[2.4]Chaos Vortex - Berserker - /1714809
[2.4]Most OP Ancestral Warchief Build - All Maps All Mods - Starforge - /1729700
As much as I appreciate both of your vids (which are great!) why this annoying song?! f1TFoUD

Just my opinion tho... ZjqIOjt
Trying to satisfy the whole PoE community is like telling a nymphomaniac to only have sex once in a week.

I think that's fairly accurate. :')
because in germany there is a GEMA company wich block most of all videos with random music in it, so i had to take a song, where im sure it will not be blocked :D for the next videos i try to find another song :D

atm i try to make a new video. uber atziri with a friend who plays the same build ^^
[2.2]Facebreaker Ice Crash - Berserker - /1403319
[2.4]Ancestral Warchief over 2m dps - Berserker - /1694250
[2.4]Chaos Vortex - Berserker - /1714809
[2.4]Most OP Ancestral Warchief Build - All Maps All Mods - Starforge - /1729700
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