Guggelhupf's Build and Hideout List

Builds with detailed Guide

[3.13] The Warchief | [Facebreaker] Ancestral Warchief | Uber Boss Farmer | Beginner -> Expert

[3.13] guggelhupf's Ultimate Carrion Golem | Insane Damage and Survivability | Crafting Guide Inside

Outdated Builds

[3.10] Ultimate Cursebot | 180% Curse Effect | 5x Blasphemy & 10x Aura | Skitterbots & Aspect | CI

[3.10] The Saviour | To Perforate or To Be Perforated | 48m DPS without Awakened Gems

[3.10] Herald of Purity Summoner | 36/40 | Deathless Sirus lvl 8 | By far my strongest Build

[3.9] My new best Friend | CarryOn Golemancer [SC/HC]

[3.7] The Unarmed King [Facebreaker] | All Content with YOUR prefered UNARMED Skill Gem (Marauder)

[3.7] The Unarmed Queen [Facebreaker] | All Content with YOUR prefered UNARMED Skill Gem (Scion)

[3.7] Tectonic Slam [Facebreaker Edition] | Hit the ground to destroy you enemys

[3.7] The Masochist | Herald of Purity Summoner | A nice Boss Killer and decent Mapper | Videos

[3.6/WIP] Storm to the Limit - Lightning Strike | All content viable

[3.6/WIP] Ultimate Aurabot | 11 Aura + 1 Curse + 7 Vaal Aura | 29er Wrath/Anger + 202% Aura Effect

[3.6] The Ice King - Facebreaker Ice Crash - shatter Bosses in secconds

[3.6/WIP] The Starlord - New Era of Trololol Warchief Totems - All Mods All Maps - Stupidly OP

[3.3] just another Discharge Build - Speedfarmer - who need HH when u can have 2x inspired learning

[3.0] The Frost Warchief - Freeze all Bosses up to T15

[3.0] The Permafreezer - Sunder / Moltenstrike - Facetank all Bosses up to T16

[2.4] This is a Buff -> Cleave -> Trivialize the game with underrated Skills - [Ulab/Atziri] /Videos

[2.4] The Facetank (Berserker) Facebreaker Ice Crash 900k dps / 65/75 Block RD

[2.3] "The Astropath" - Chaos Vortex [Berserker] - Grand Spectrum - T15 - Atziri - U-Izaro /Videos

Builds without detailed Guide

What is Path of Building
Path of Building is a great offline build planner for Path of Exile. Just download the latest version and dont forget to hit the update button for the newest version. After that you can import the Link i posted:

I highly recommend to use the fork from LocalIdentity. You can easy switch to his PoB by editing a single line. All the infos you need are found HERE

Lvl 31 Herald of Purity | 8 Sentinel - 4m dps each

RF Juggernaut

Mirror Service

#1 Supporter Swords | Woe Skewer & Ghoul Song

~b/o 10 mirror

~b/o 10 mirror

IGN: Face_is_da_Place

Fee: 10ex

These swords offers all you want for your Aurabot. No Mana costs for movement Speed means you can free up some gems in your other items. Aspect of the Spider offers up to 15% more dmg with 5% increased Damage taken per stage and 30% reduced Movement Speed. And finally 2% increased dmg per aura wich scales with aura effect OR additional attack speed for e.g. faster shield charges. In Addition i crafted Blind on Hit wich helps when you move into a group of enemys or use a curse on hit setup with something like Ball Lightning.

Imho there are no other interesting options for the Prefix. But if you want i can craft another Prefix of your choice.


1.) You trade me the Mirror and say wich colours and Prefix you want. I recommend

a) 2R+1G for Shield Charge/Leap Slam + Fortify + Faster Attacks
b) 2R+1B for Shield Charge/Leap Slam + Fortify + Flame Dash
c) 2G+1R for Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify
d) 1R+1G+1B for Whirling Blades + Fortify + Flame Dash

2.) After that i show you the Mirror and the Sword with your colours/Prefix and ask for confirmation
3.) Than when i got your confirmation i use the Mirror on the Sword
4.) I trade you the Mirrored Sword and you pay me the fee

It would be nice if you leave some Feedback after the Service in this thread <3

Breachstone Runs
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Hideout Community Discord:
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