[3.0] AhPackt MoM Dark Pact♦VIDEO BUILD GUIDE UP♦10K+ eHP♦No Vaal Pact ♦High Regen♦Uber Lab/Shaper



☑ Extremely Tanky
☑ High-Speed Mapping
☑ No Vaal Pact
☑ No Kaoms Heart
☑ Reflect Immune
☑ Great Uber Lab Farmer
☑ Satisfying Shaper Farmer
☑ MoM
☑ 10k+ eHP
☑ High Life/Mana Regen
☑ High Life/Mana Leech
☑ You won't die in maps if you accidentally don't hit an enemy :D



This build guide was made in standard. But you can definitely do league-based/cheaper iterations and still achieve great damage.

My Builds List:
WavesDontDie - That Doomfletch Life - Customizable Tornado Shot/Lightning Arrow/Ice Shot/Shrapnel Shot/Barrage Pathfinder 100% Ready for 3.1 - Video Guide ONLINE!

AhfackNoPants - Pants On Fire! - Low Life Righteous Fire Scorching Ray Guardian 100% Ready for 3.1 - All OK! 3.0 Video Guide ONLINE! (3.1 Video Guide work in progress)

Ahfack - Crimson Cyclone - 100% Pure Physical Cyclone Slayer
100% Ready for 3.1! Video Guide ONLINE!

Ahfackme - AhPackt - MoM 10k eHP+ Dark Pact High Regen Berserker (Under Construction)

Please DO NOT MSG ME IN GAME OR PM ON FORUMS WITH QUESTIONS. Post here so everyone can read it! Thanks :)


What's the point m8?

The point was to create the safest Dark Pact caster that can roll through endgame, including uber lab. A GG, tanky, MoM, reflect immune caster that can farm all bosses and do all maps in 3.0 with a safe, yet satisfying playstyle.

Ya, but how?

We Scale Life, Mana, Regen, X-Y damage, and use Critical Strikes defensively. We utilize a few build-enabling uniques in order to bring it all together and scale more damage on jewels.

Oi! Why don't you just pick Vaal Pact/Zerker like everyone else?

Yes, Bersker/Vaal Pact is insanely strong, but it will most likely be nerfed in 3.1 or soon after. Also, Vaal Pact makes Uber Lab, Chimera, and many other aspects of the game much harder than they should be. I believe Vaal Pact is great for ranged builds (such as That Doomfletch Life), but any build that forces you to be close to your enemy (especially dark pact which takes from your health every cast), makes closing the gap a bit too risky at times.

Get on with it already! I'm about to fall asleep, play PUBG, or beat it to some weird internet stuff...




GG/Endgame Gear Overview Click-->


General Mapping:

Gear Detail Click-->


Carcass Jack is great for us. A bit of life, some res, but most importantly AoE and it's easy to colour for us since we use either 4B or 5B. A +1 gems one is BiS for us, making Empower worth using and putting our x-y damage through the roof. Belly of the Beast would pretty tanky for us, but getting 5B or 4B with the desired colours can be a pain. It's less damage/AoE anyway, but would be more life.


Apep's Rage is great for this build. As previously mentioned, we concentrate on x-y damage over spammy/spell echo-type builds. Around ~75 flat chaos damage, ~30% cast speed, and the possibility of getting a Culling Strike implicit corruption is amazing for us. On the face of it, 40% increased mana cost of skills might look like a bad thing, but this actually enables us to get 14% More spell damage and 13% increased cast speed from level 8 Arcane Surge linked to flame dash. We're MoM runnin no auras, so we always have plenty of mana.


This shield is my GG Legacy Archon Shield, but not required. Any Archon Kite Shield with as much Spell damage, life, and resistances is BiS for us since our build uses a lot of uniques. Because of this, resistances have to get fixed on the few rares we do wedar, which can prove difficult if we try to get our hands on chaos damage/cast speed as damage suffixes on other gear. A cast speed suffix is also handy for a dps boost if you can afford it resistance-wise, but it should be looked at as a luxury and not a necessity. Once you are using many uniques (Deceiver/Atziri/Carcass Jack), Resistances on a shield is top priority.


A rare armour-based helmet with tons of Life and Res is what you want. Throw a 44 Mana craft on there if you have an open prefix. As mentioned previously, we utilize a lot of uniques, therefore making life and res on the few rares we actually wear very important. The Dark Pact Damage enchant is best for us, but you could also use DP cast speed, flame dash cooldown, or enfeeble curse effect.


Atziri's Acuity is a build-enabling unique for us. Since we don't utilize vaal pact, the critical strikes we do achieve immediately fills our life and mana up to full since our x-y damage is so high. They are not needed for leveling/doing normal maps, but they are definitely needed for any endgame content like guardians/shaper or facetanking. Commandment of Light enchant is great for us since it casts Consecrated ground. CG Gives us 6% Life regen which is very helpful when standing our ground against bosses.


Kaom's Roots gives us stun immunity, freeze/chill immunity, temporal chains immunity, and a great amount of life. The 2% Life/Mana Regen enchant is the best enchant for us, followed by the 120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently. If you do not like wearing Kaom's Roots while leveling, you could pick Rite of Ruin on ascendancy and wear rare boots, however I really prefer Roots.


Belt of the Deceiver is the best choice for us because there are very few ways to boost our damage from a belt. Intimidate is a debuff that causes our enemies to take 10% increased damage. It also has life, strength (for more life), some useful all-res, and 30% Reduced extra damage from critical strikes. The reduced crit damage taken is really good in combination with enfeeble for us considering the only way we really die is one-shots. The Flow Untethered with an AoE corruption is pretty nice as well. Providing us with an increase to our cast speed, life recovery rate, and giving a nice speedy buff for our entire party is also a good option if you feel tanky enough already.


A Chaos Damage, Essence of Envy-crafted Life amulet is what you want. Let the other affixes fill in any stats, resistances, mana, or critical strike chance holes you might have in your build. If you have a free prefix, a 20% Armour roll is useful as well.


Chaos Damage, Essence of Envy-crafted Coral Rings are BiS for us here. Life and mana should be the main priorities on your prefixes, followed by a 20% Armour craft. For your suffixes, Cast Speed, Dex, or any other resistances you might need are what you want here. We need 96 Dex in order to equip carcass jack, and we really don't get any dex from the tree. This makes 55dex on one ring GG, while the other one should fill in your resistances.

For General Mapping:

Brightbeak, some okay regular insanity gloves to get you by, and your offhand shield should have life and help cover the res needed to stay capped. A free spot for a dex craft to help you equip 20/20 faster attacks/culling or 8cast speed is great, and of course some spell damage!

For mapping with harder bosses, I actually prefer to not use insanity gloves, that way shield charge is in your weapon off hand and flame dash is in your main hand weapon. This allows you to use the same button for both flame dash and shield charge based on when you swap hands. With insanity gloves it can start being very clunky if you swap back and forth. But if you're just running easy maps like Gorges or are with a party insanity gloves are great.

Budget Build recommendations

For your weapon, a regular Apep's Rage, breath of the council, or any 1h weapon with spell damage/cast speed is useful. You want your main hand to give as many damage sources as possible. Apep's is best for us for that flat x-y chaos damage to spells, high cast speed, and enabling Level 8 Arcane Surge.

For your shield, a rathpith globe is really good if you can cover your res elsewhere while leveling (if you're using rare boots/belt/jewels/etc...), however a rare shield with good life / res / spell damage rolls is ideal. 100+life, cast speed, or even spell crit are luxuries that come with a higher price. Focus on filling out your life/damage/res requirements first.

(Ignore gems/colours, these are for illustrative purposes only)
Chest could be any 5l-6l rare armour with good life/res rolls that's easy to colour until you get the carcass jack. I got this 6L one in Legacy League Hardcore for 50c. Cherrubim's is pretty good too. Really good life/chaos damage, but it would be pretty challenging to get 4b/5b unless you can find one already coloured.

Kaom's Roots are already budget. 1alch+ for them

Same with the Belt of Deceiver - very cheap, 1alch+

Jewelery/helm - Any rares that help fill the res/stats holes you need, with plenty of life rolls on them, and mana if possible. Chaos Damage from Essence of Envy is ideal, but not necessary while leveling.


A panicked Hybrid flask is very useful if you take a heavy hit that brings you down to low life. If a hit took you down low life, it more than likely took you down to low mana as well. This will give you instant recovery of both mana and life in a pinch.

We use our diamond flasks defensively, to help kick in more crit for instant leech when fighting bosses/breaches etc... I've found carrying two to be very useful during boss fights. Or you could replace one with a Silver flask for mapping.

Atziri flask is pretty useful to kick in some extra leech for us. Roll doesn't matter, all that matters is the 2% chaos damage leeched. If you feel you don't need to use this flask, use an overflowing chalice or a magic sulphur flask. Silver flask is also pretty handy if you want to use it.

Quicksilvers to keep up with the rest of the party, and we only use flame dash as our mobility skill since we use a wand in our main hand.




For Min-Maxed version:

I use High level Empower in my +1 Carcass jack. While leveling, Spell Echo is nice, but it makes your life go down much quicker, so use your best judgement there.

For leveling/non min-maxed version with acuities if you feel like you're not leeching/crit'ing enough:

I swap AoE for con effect for most bosses or map mods with enemies have +chaos res.

If you are using a 5L, take out AoE/Con - AoE/Con should be your 6th link


This is a spot for some defensive utility. Of course the usual immortal call/increased duration combined with enfeeble being a great curse for us. Enfeeble also benefits from increased duration support.


This is a great, free way of sustaining power charges to up our crit with 0 investment. Blade vortex would also work, but requires higher dex in order to use, and only hits enemies close by. Firestorm will cast on an enemy almost all the way across the screen, and will continue to hit them as they move around and continue to strike you. It also leeches a small amount for us, which can add to our life/mana pool consistently.

Main Hand

Since we use a wand as our main weapon, flame dash will be our movement skill for dodging big hits. We link it with faster casting for obvious reasons, and arcane surge level 8 in order to get 14% More Spell Damage and 13% increased cast speed for our Dark Pact. This doesn't work with lightning warp because less duration/swift affliction that we would support LW with makes our Arcane Surge last less than 1 second. We are bound to flame dash because of this, but it is definitely worth it.


Our wither totem for single target/bosses. It's also really handy to set out before you pop breaches or essences. I like the Arcane Wither MTX. The light blue is really easy to see in maps and helps to guide where to attack when there's a lot going on in the map or you're sleepy :).


Jewels are VERY important for this build. Because we're MoM and don't use any auras, a Clear Mind jewel is BiS for us. Uup to 60% Spell damage and 30% Mana Regen is GG. Later on, try to get a well rolled one with the "Cannot Be Silenced" corruption for endgame mapping.

Rare jewels should have either all damage mods or life + damage mods. The damage mods should be prioritized as such:

Spell damage while holding a shield
Chaos Damage
Cast speed while holding a shield
Spell damage
Area Damage
Cast speed



Ascendancy Points
1. Pain Reaver
2. Cloaked in Savagery
3. Crave the Slaughter
4. Aspect of Carnage

Leveling + Endgame Passive Trees

You will go MoM, start filling out the backbone of the build and getting a good life pool. From there, start doing live searches for at least 3-mod damage mod jewels as they will be important for scaling your damage. Every jewel socket is considerably more damage for us. Get a well rolled Clear Mind first, then go from there. (Refer to jewel section above)

46 points - http://poeurl.com/bBqu
51 points - http://poeurl.com/bBqt
62 points - http://poeurl.com/bBqs
68 points - http://poeurl.com/bBqr
76 points - http://poeurl.com/bBqq
82 points - http://poeurl.com/bBqp
91 points - http://poeurl.com/bBqo
101 points - http://poeurl.com/bBqn
108 points - http://poeurl.com/bBqm
118 points - Level 95 Tree - www.poeurl.com/bBhr
123 points - Level 100 Tree - http://poeurl.com/bBqw

Bandit Choice
Kill them All - Jewel sockets are incredibly important for this build, so every passive point is very important.

Pantheon Powers:

Major: Soul of Lunaris
Minor: Soul of Tukohama

Major: Soul of Solaris
Minor: Soul of Tukohama


Ahfack's (a)FAQ

Work in Progress!

Leveling a Marauder caster early on can be tough, what would you recommend leveling with?
Fummon wrote:
Which weapons do you recommend to use during leveling? should I start using DP at level 28 or only then?

I'm going to be 100% honest with you, leveling a berserker caster can be tough in league with a fresh start if you don't have some useful stuff laying around. If you want to go full-on budget, I would recommend just going 2H sunder until you have enough points/levels/jewels/gear you can use and conform to the first, second, or third tree I've posted here.

Doomshamimo's starter Sunder build works pretty well with our tree with minimal passives needing to be reformed/regretted to go full-on caster mode. He takes a lot of the same paths we do, only going left to RT and some damage nodes that can all be reformed/regretted later on after you've gathered some gear/jewels you can use (be sure to save all your refund points from missions! Don't waste them if you're on a budget :)). I think there's good synergy there along with minimal investment as you can really get pretty far with even just blue items. He's got some videos explaining the leveling process on his page check it out!

Would Saffel's Frame be a good budget shield option?
I would not recommend saffel's, because that would make us weak to attacks. I would recommend a well rolled rathpith instead once you're able to equip it - however we REALLY need res on shield. Moderately rolled spell damage shields with life should be affordable. Remember, if you're not running acuities yet you definitely don't need crit on a shield - res is the best thing for us. Also, if you're not using acuities yet, then you could cover res on gloves as well - another good option for leveling would be some nice vorici-crafted gloves with 40% increased life leech rate. Or even a vorici/essence ammy with leech on it as well before you get acuities.

What do I need in order to run Uber Lab?
It really all depends on what gear you have acquired. Jewels are really important for this build, as well as getting at least the gear listed under "Budget build recommendations". I would recommend at least a 5L and a good-sized life pool before doing Uber lab.

Would you use the new vaal pact since it's pretty close and increases our leech rate?
I do not think vaal pact will ever be used with this build because we WANT regen no matter what. We don't want to not be able to regen, or uber lab and other aspects of the game will be extremely RIPpy.

Is this build a good currency farmer in standard?
Mutasyon wrote:
Great build man. I have 90 exalts to use on a single build would you recommend this build. I want to play a currency farmer mainly. And I will be playing in standard.Any tips?

This build is a great all around build, but I honestly don't view it as a currency farmer. In standard, you have the option of using IIQ gem, legacy Windripper, and other legacy IIQ items. If you want to solely generate currency then you want to get IIQ as high as possible because more IIQ means more items in general, which means more orbs/cards.

Stay Tuned! More to come...

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🎆🎆 NEW #1 LLRF Helm -> 30% MORE|25CON|25BURN|-12fire|352es
🎆🎆 #1 Phys/Impale Leg 70% Multi Amulet + #1 Phys Rings!
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Awesome stuff like usual! Keep up the sick builds and gears ;)
wow i just checked forums after a long while and another 700.000 view build is about to start. and i'm just at first page.

what a privilege.

you should also have mentioned that even with 6l chaos fart this build can obliterate any life build less than 1 second in pvp, so its good for leo farming too
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10/10, would dp with ahfack :P
solid guide as always ahfack :D always a pleasure reading your stuff. gl getting that +1 non-leg carcass jack!
definently a bad build, definently shouldnt try it.Not tanky at all, cant rape all content and im 100% sure that its not the first one dp build using mom as defence mechanism since no other auras can realy offer as much.
Definently wont try and definently wont coment nice build.

P.S. definantly kappa
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Oh my yet another build i have to try out. My currency tab is already crying :P
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It's nice to know that no matter what class I roll. There will be a solid ahfack build to go with it.

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