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3.5 Update: No changes. Can incorporate vaal double strike for more single target dps.

3.3 Update: No changes

3.2 Update: Overall, this is a really nice buff. Physical Reflect immunity, 5% inc AoE, and 30% Inc Attack Damage. We cannot be stunned while cycloning anyway, so the stun immunity they moved doesn't really affect us. Great buffs! On Ascendancy, go for Brutal Fervour, then Bane of Legends.

☑ Extremely Fast Melee Build
☑ Very Tanky
☑ No Vinktar Flask
☑ No Atziri Flask
☑ No Taste of Hate Flask
☑ No Sin's Rebirth Flask
☑ Great Uber Lab Farmer
☑ Satisfying Shaper Farmer
☑ Use Sword or Axe
☑ Classic ARPG Cyclone/Whirlwind play-style
☑ Great for chaining maps and doing all bosses
☑ No Gem Swap needed for boss fights

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Ahfacku - Captain Americlast - Scion Spectral Shield Throw - Elemental Conversion Slayer/Raider or Assassin or Deadeye 100% Ready for 3.2! Video Guide PENDING!

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A couple map runs per request
Arothar wrote:
Cool build. LOoks very interesting. Im currently doing ffoDs physical cyclone, almost identical to this, except you focus purely on phys+bleed.

Im not at all sure this is tankier in anyway vs bosses, i loose like 1k life with this build compared to. Im not sure if the single target with this build is better, it looks like it, but what about map clear speed?

You should throw a video up, with a map clear of gorge, shaped atoll or guardian just to show clearspeed :)

I wanna try this out, but not sure if its at all worth it, especially if map clear is a lot slower than the other build. No herald of ash :/

Yeah Herald of Ash is very nice for clearing. That overkill mannnn! I've used it since the gem came out. But you can't be 100% pure phys with it so gotta go blasphemy/curses instad :)

Here's an 88sec gorge run per your request:

Crimson Cyclone - 88sec Gorge Run

Here's a casual 1min 49sec one where I pick stuff up and have like 40% pack size:

Crimson Cyclone - 1min 49sec Casual Gorge (pack size + picking stuff up)

The thing about this build is wherever you lack, you can make up for it. If you don't feel tanky enough use high level enfeeble blasphemy, this automatically makes your enemies do around 30% less damage to you, essentially making their "6l" a "5l" in player lingo, and essentially giving us 30% more EHP if the enemy is cursed appropriately. Plus, it fucks their crit/accuracy which if we die it's generally from a one-shot so it's the best defensive curse. You can wear the doedre ring and grab a couple +30int nodes on tree to accomdate enfeeble/vulnerability. Punishment is really just when you're extremely tanky already and it won't always be up since it activates when an enemy hits you with a melee attack, but it's still a cool curse to use for us since we're pure phys.

Anyway, hope this helps. Enjoy!


Please DO NOT MSG ME IN GAME OR PM ON FORUMS WITH QUESTIONS. Post here so everyone can read it! Thanks :)



This build guide was made in standard with GG gear at endgame, but you can definitely do league-based/cheaper iterations and still achieve great damage.

This is not a "Path of Building-Warrior" type build. PoB doesn't calculate the damage correctly on this build at all. I have been playing Cyclone for almost 5 years in this great game, and I can assure you this is the most satisfying, smoothest, tankiest 2H cyclone build I've ever played.


What's the point m8?

A GG, Tanky, 2H RT Pure Physical Cyclone build that can do all content while not using any elemental damage at all. We can use either Axes or Swords. Trees for both listed in thread.

Ya, but how?

We scale flat phys and life wherever we can. With the help of Disfavour/Hate Splitter, we achieve 100% Bleed-on-Hit and scale attack speed and PURE PHYSICAL damage wherever we can.

Get on with it already! I'm about to fall asleep, play PUBG, or beat it to some weird internet stuff...




GG/Endgame Gear Overview Click-->

Gear Detail Click-->

This is not breaking news to anyone, but Disfavour/Hate Splitter are arguably the best Cyclone Weapons that have ever existed. The new version of Hate Splitter sits at an impressive 720pdps, +2 Range, and 35% Bleed Chance. This is indisputably the best 2H Bleed weapon in the game. The new 35% chance to bleed, saves you an extra point on your tree by bloodletting, allowing you to gain 25% Increased Bleeding damage. Starforge is also a really good option. 100 flat life, and cheaper than disfavour - this weapon is preferred by many to Disfavour. You take your pick! Trees for both are linked in this thread.

Devoto's is just a great all around helm. Giving us a healthy amount of move and attack speed, it makes Cyclone so smooth. It also gives us the Dex we need for items/gems.

Legacy Kaom's is obviously the best for 2H RT builds but is quite costly now. Non-Leg is great as well. Fire dmg roll doesn't matter. If you're using a regular kaoms, then a nice corrupt could be useful like cannot be knocked back, or %chance to avoid being shocked/frozen/ignited, or +1 max res being BiS.

Insanity gloves with Dual Res, High life roll, and dual leech is great for this build. We put our leap slam in our gloves in order to achieve the fastest 2H Leap Slam in the entire game. Haemophilia and Tombfist are also good options (especially with vuln-on-hit). However, I believe a good dual leech glove will benefit us now more than ever. I would prioritize leech prefixes over a hybrid life roll. We need to bring as much leech to the table as we can. An abyss jewel placed in tombfist with the blind mod is really nice as well. Great against bosses like Minotaur etc...

Boots with Life, Move, and tri-res or dual+chaos-res are BiS for this build. You want to be overcapped on your resistances to compensate for elemental weakness and even Elemental Equilibrium if possible. If you choose to go with an enchant, use the shock/freeze/ignite if you haven't crit recently one.

The Retch + Slayer is OP. We never stop leeching, so we never stop dealing damage. Retch damage is considered "Reflected Damage" so our brutality gem does not effect it. Considering we get flask effect duration as well, life, some phys dmg, and even a bit of move speed - this belt is great for us. We even gain a healthy amount of damage, functionality, and smoothness from this belt. If you prefer a Rare belt instaed to be more tanky, I recommend a belt like my Glyph Snare Rustic Sash, Loath Tether Stygian Vise. Belt of the deceiver is another good budget option. The new Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise with dual jewels to fill in your flat phys/res/life is also a good option and has no level requirement.

Steel Rings with life, flat phys, int, and dual/chaos res are what you want. We have to get Int from somewhere, and getting 100+int on 2 rings is the best place for this. Doedre's ring is a good budget way of achieving 2 curses if you wanted to try that.

Daresso's Salute has always been the best Amulet for Cyclone. +2 range on one item is insane! There are only so many ways to scale weapon range. With GGG nerfing AoE in this game, Melee Weapon range is by far the best way to scale our Cyclone's Area. +1 curse is BiS so you can run Punishment, but a corrupt Attack speed one is good as well. Carnage heart is a good choice as well, however I prefer daresso.

Budget Build recommendations

While leveling a Kaom's primacy is great, Hezmana's is better (since we don't need the culling from Kaom's), and Sinveicta's is another REALLY good choice. Rampage is really fun and makes leveling a bit more enjoyable. Between a Disfavour and a Hezmana should be a 400ish rare axe you could multimod and craft bleed/+2 range to. Kitava's Feast is also a good option before you get a disfavour, but suffers single target damage.

Devoto's are already pretty cheap, but you can use a rare helmet to fill in any stat/life/res gaps you might have while leveling. I highly recommend Devoto's for endgame. Blood Rage Attack Speed is best enchantment, but Cyclone IAS/damage, Vuln curse effect, or enfeeble curse effect are also really good.

An unlinked belly is fine, but if you can't afford that any good chest with high life roll can get you by (Ignore gems in rare chest, that's on my hardcore guy).

Any dual res/life glove is great. You can craft 12ias or another res to fill it in for you until you can get your insanity gloves. Insanity gloves are a MUST for endgame though since they help immensely with clear speed and dodging things like shaper's slam. Vuln-on-hit gloves are a great for leveling or before you can maintain running blasphemy. You can also use vuln-on-hit gloves and use cwdt-immortal call-increased duration. Haemophilia it's also a good option but I prefer insanity greatly.

Any good move speed dual res/life boots is good. Base doesn't really matter. Two-Toned are BiS for us since there's not really a good enchant that would be active at all times for us. For mapping, this enchant is fine, for bosses the freeze/shock/ignite one is pretty good as well.

If a cheaper/regular/corrupted Daresso's is out of your price range, then just get a solid amulet that helps fill in the gaps, but also has flat phys and life on it. Carnage heart also really good.

Any rings that have flat phys/life/strength/leech/stat you might need are great until you get your steel rings

Belt of the deceiver is another great cheap option

If you need further, even more budget/low level advice, please visit the review section located HERE


Lion's Roar has the highest damage output out of all of the flasks. It is great for Guardians/Shaper since they cannot be knocked back, but on regular bosses/mobs, just be aware the knockback can move your enemies around and potentially out of the AW Totem area.

A sulphur flask of warding is a great option for us. 40% increased melee and bleed damage without knockback is really smooth during maps. 6% life regen while on consecrated ground is nice during boss, essence, or breach encounters. And of course, being immune to curses is GG for us 2H'ers.

I like using 2 quicksilvers for mapping. One with freeze/chill immunity. While mapping, we usually have onslaught, so we don't really need a silver flask. For Shaper/Guardians or bosses with no adds you can use a Silver flask or just a Kiara's flask. Rumi's is also a good defensive option to add another small layer of defense if you don't want to use 2 Quicksilvers and don't feel like you need Kiara's. Writhing Jar is also a good flask if you choose to go Vaal Pact or run Uber Lab a lot.

I love panicked divine life flasks. Based on when you use them, you can use them as both instant recovery or gradual recovery. I choose divine because divine recovers more life instantly than Eternal. Once you get used to recognizing when you're on low life, these can be a life-saver.

If you are using an abyss jewel with blind-on-hit, combine that with Enfeeble/Jade life flask for maximum evade. This is very handy against bosses like Minotaur. Be sure NOT to pick the Iron Reflexes keystone if you choose to use this method.

Jewels/Abyss Jewels

Life% on all jewels, followed my Attack speed, Physical damage, Area Damage, and Melee Damage. Chaos res/other res you might need are also nice for jewels sinc we're 2h, use kaoms, use devoto's, use Retch, have Int on rings, and use insanity gloves.

If you feel like going with new Abyss jewels, you want to prioritize in this order:
Flat phys with axes
Flat phys
Attack speed
Movement Speed
Life Regen (If not using Vaal Pact)




^This will be your endgame 6L. I replace "dmg on full life" with fortify for minotaur and maps with rippy mods.

Will be your main 4L

For your 5th and 6th Link, you can use: (in order of most damage)

Damage on Full Life (High burst damage) -> Chance to Bleed -> Faster Attacks (consistent damage) -> Fortify (some damage, lots of tanky - Fortify is great against harder map mods or Minotaur)

Gloves/Movement Skill

Putting Leap Slam in Insanity Gloves is essential in helping our clear speed. With 2H builds leap slam speed = clear speed. We put fortify and Endurance Charge on Melee Stun as supports to achieve more tankiness. If you would like to give up endurance charges in order to infinitely sustain leap slam, put Blood Magic support gem in Endurance Charge on Melee Stun's spot.

Commandment of Fury is the best enchant for us. It fires 10 copies of our weapon across the screen with 100% pierce chance. At 75-85%+ bleed on hit (without chance to bleed gem), all of our hits (including projectiles) can make the entire screen bleed at no extra cost. Vulnerability-on-hit gloves are also great, especially if you are using Haemophilia or Tombfist.


Vulnerability should be our main curse, Enfeeble (or punishment for more damage) as your second if you have a +1 curse amulet/doedre ring for mapping. For guardians/bosses/shaper, I highly recommend using Enfeeble as your primary curse.

I roll dual curse with a +1 Daresso's salute, but you can just as easily use blood rage if you feel like you're tanky enough. Doedre's ring is another cheap way of achieving 2curses.

A +1 curse rare amulet or +1 curse Carnage Heart is also a really good option to get you by.

Boots/AW Totem

AW is great for supplemental damage and boosting our Cyclone damage. Melee physical being an obvious support, along with Concentrated Effect. Ruthless works great with Crimson Dance, stacking extremely powerful bleeds on top of each other. You can just as easily swap out Con Effect for AoE if you wanted to, but I prefer Con since it does the most damage.

If you only play solo, you can put Brutality in Melee Phys's spot, as it is slightly more damage. I choose to run Melee Phys in case I'm running maps with people so my AW Totem can benefit from auras that might be in the party, like Hatred.



Ascendancy Points
Endless Hunger -> Brutal Fervour -> Headsman -> Bane of Legends

Our damage is pretty good while leveling using the main 3-4 supports and blasph/vuln, so I'd recommend going for the leech first. It's going to be very important to do Uber lab as soon as you feel comfortable in order to get that 20% Cull. Until you complete Uber Lab, you could still achieve culling strike by putting culling strike support gem in your leap slam. Leaping on bosses once they get to low life is pretty handy (used to do that with my champion. 20q culling support also adds attack speed to your leap.

Leveling + Endgame Passive Trees

These are just rough guidelines, trees can be altered to ensure you are comfortable with the gear you have collected. You want to maintain a good balance of damage and survivability. That depends greatly on how much life you gear has and how much flat phys your gear has as well. You can ditch some leech on tree if you have leech on rings/gloves while leveling. You can also drop a Life node and pick Iron Reflexes. I do that sometimes. If you use blind-on-hit Abyss jewels + Jade flask, be sure NOT to pick Iron Reflexes.

Finished Level 100 Tree: www.poeurl.com/bG53 - this will be your main guideline

Older recommended leveling trees:

44pts Passive Tree
51pts Passive Tree
62pts Passive Tree
77pts Passive Tree
86pts Passive Tree
96pts Passive Tree
106pts Passive Tree
116pts Passive Tree

Tree Notes:

At higher levels, be sure to get Warrior's Blood (1.8% Life regen) if you do not pick vaal pact, right underneath heart of the warrior 10% life node)

Starforge Trees
Starforge Trees

These trees are just guidelines, and you can adjust them to your liking.

Also, if you are playing Hardcore, I would highly suggest you use fortify and take the Rampart cluster above Crimson Dance.

Starforge Tree, no vaal pact: http://poeurl.com/bJUG

Starforge Tree, with vaal pact: http://poeurl.com/bJUK

Bandit Choice


Path of Building Export

Pantheon Powers:


Soul of Arakaali. This is a very important defensive pantheon for us. There are all sorts of DoT's in this game that will boost our leech after we stop taking the DoT damage. If you are using blood rage and have a lvl 1 cwdt + immortal call setup in your boots, this will be kicking in everytime the immortal call goes off. A lot of people like using this method to both protect from porcupines and to proc "Arachnoxia" basically 100% of the time. Give it a shot if you feel like you can fit that in somewhere in the build! Taking 2 supports out of the Ancestral Warchief totem in boots is a great spot for this.


Soul of Gruthkul and Garukhan are both good for us, just depends what you'd like. For bossing or a more defensive approach, you can pick Gruthkul. For a mapping, speedy approach, you can pick Garukhan to get 6% inc move during maps.

Phys Dmg Reduction Stats:
Without Iron Reflexes (Pantheon + 3 End Charges):

With Iron Reflexes (Pantheon + 3 End Charges:

Offensive Stats:

w/ Hate Splitter:
In Hideout no buffs

In Map Fully buffed with flasks + Totem + Frenzies


Uber Atziri Tips & Tricks!

[3.0] Ahfack Crimson Cyclone - Uber Atziri (only 1 legit death)

Using Vulnerability + Enfeeble, and swapped out the quicksilvers after Trio for 2 ruby flasks with charge recovery to offset the less charges we get from retch.

(I recommend using two Perpetual Ruby Flasks of Adrenaline. These were just the ones I had to use)

If you cannot do dual curse, run purity of fire for the max fire res. Flameblast is by far the hardest thing to dodge in the entire fight, stormcall (lightning) should be a lot easier for us to dodge than flameblast.

Here's a video of how to kill Uber Trio Deathless:

[3.0] Ahfack Crimson Cyclone - How to Defeat Uber Trio Deathless

1. Kill the thorn bitch first, pushing her away from the others with your lion's roar flask
2. Kill cycloner last
3. On cycloner, bait him in the middle with your AW totem. When he goes in to attack it, attack him from the back.

If you do this correctly, you can do the entire fight quickly and without being hit a single time.


Ahfack's (a)FAQ

Work in Progress!

Can you put a leveling guide up?
CyberMike13 wrote:

1. If you can, could you put a leveling guide because leveling a strong build without a direct path can be annoying?

1. There are 9 trees up in the "Trees + Ascendancy + Bandit Choice etc..." section, including 44pt, 51pt, 62pt, 77pt, 86pt, 96pt, 106pt, 116pt, and even a 123pt one. Read the "budget build recommendations" part where it shows you what to use while leveling

What about early leveling?
Travesty9090 wrote:

In addition to the move speed and haste aura suggestions you've already gotten which are both good, roll a Quicksilver with added movespeed.

As far as uniques, you're in luck. There are very cheap options to twink out the leveling experience on this build.

Throw Reaper's Pursuit in there at 33 too. It's also 1c or less and can actually fairly easily carry through to Terminus Est

Pick up The Blood Reaper for your next level, then grab Terminus Est for when you hit 51(it's a sword, that's fine, just wait on axe nodes on the tree). That'll carry you very nicely until the budget endgame options in this guide.

Also, grab a pair of Shavronne's Pace boots. They'll give you 35% move speed most of the time and the int is a nice bonus.

All of those uniques should cost you less than 1c each and will vastly smooth out your leveling experience.

Also a general tip if you're new to cyclone, click in short distances. The animation lock of long cyclone's can suck, it feels much smoother and more maneuverable if you're going short distances.

What Should I use for a 4L, 5L, and 6L?
Ahfack wrote:
nefadbr wrote:
I'm a bit confused, what gems should we use in 3.1 with 4L, 5L and 6L?

4L will be the same no matter what: Cyclone - Brutality - Maim - Melee Phys

5L: In order of most damage: Damage on Full Life -> Chance to Bleed -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify

6L: Depending on your last choice: Damage on Full Life -> Chance to Bleed -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify

How you sustain mana? Mana leech gem?
ruth1ess wrote:
What about the mana leech to sustain? Gloves?

Right now im using a mana leech gem to sustain

.4% on tree .4% on gloves

This is all you need

What about Witchfire Brew Flask? What about Vaal Pact?
VAAL PACT IS OPTIONAL. I'm playing this at endgame, and not using it. However, use your best judgement. If you'd like to use Vaal Pact, just regret away the 3 leech nodes shown in the picture and pick VP. Do what feels best for you and your playstyle.

No more Witchfire Brew flask. We can either use another defensive flask of your choosing or a Sulphur Flask.

What gems should I quality first?
Rocky0rocky wrote:
Opinion of Belt of the deveiver in 3.1?

Edit: Also wondering about the order of Quality gems for cyclone. thanks in advance

Belt of deceiver is fine for leveling, however retch/a good rustic with res/life would be better for us in the long run.

For your 5L qualitying gems i'd go in this order:

Cyclone you should quality first (aoe)

brutality, maim 2nd (10% phys)

melee phys (10% melee)

then chance to bleed (10% bleed)

What Golem should I use if I want one?
ThisisFreak wrote:
why no golem?

Can use lightning golem if you want

Would Atziri's Promise Flask be beneficial at all?
GrimDeathX wrote:
Loves the build, been playing it in Harbinger League past few days and it is just absolutely amazing. But quick question on flasks, would Atziri's Promise Flask be beneficial at all?

No. Because of brutality we're unable to do any chaos damage

What is a cheap way to get intelligence for enfeeble/blasphemy?
GiveDiretide wrote:
Ahfack, what should you suggest:
1) 54 intelligence with Daresso's Salute (+0 intelligence from items or jewels) and run with
-level 1 Blasphemy Support
-level 5 Concentrated Effect Support
-level 12 Punishment + high level Vulnerability curse
2) 109 intelligence with Carnage Heart and run with (no intelligence on other items/jewels)
-level 19 Blasphemy Support
-level 19 Concentrated Effect Support
-level 20 Punishment + high level Vulnerability curse
-level 9 Enfeeble + high level Vulnerability curse (for tankiness)
3) invest into intelligence worth it? (105 needed)

See what works best for you. Punishment is really just the icing on the cake for damage. As a stop-gap for intelligence (if you feel like using enfeeble/high level blasphemy) I highly recommend using brute force solution as a temporary solution. This way you can just swap jewel out if you want to use it, and you'll be able to. Best of all, it's cheap!

If you place the jewel by Golem's Blood on the tree, it will give you 96 int.

What Gear Should I upgrade first?
Killhard wrote:
Hey need a bit of help here to look ath my gear whats best next upgrade insanity gloves , retched belt ,devoto helm , ?

i use rare helm for life and otherwise my es is to low resist .

6.5 k life now if upgrade to kaom's same problem low resist .

maybe retched belt i dunno so any decent tips welcome


What to run if I don't have +1 Curse?
Kickowsky wrote:
Hey, if i do not own amulet with 1 additional curse i shouldnt use vulnerability and punishment+blasphemy? Could you please explain it to me, im new to this game and i dont realy understand how those curses works. Do they work if they are casted as auras or i should switch one of them for blood rage? Thanks for answering

Just drop punishment. Blaspemy/vuln is great for more damage. Use enfeeble in vuln's place if you want more tankiness

Is it worth running the warlord's reach jewel?
Is it worth running the warlords reach jewel (ie 1 extra melee range)

Early on before you get good 4mod jewels, sure

Should we still use Maim support gem with new vulnerability?
Molydeus wrote:
Thanks for the guide, it looks great!

I have one question I was hoping someone could answer. The new Vulnerability gem grants maim on hit (20%, https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Vulnerability). Do we still need to use the maim gem once we get vuln set up? I think that's new, though I am not sure.

Thanks again!

Great question! Yes, very much so. Innately, all Maim is is:

Maim is a debuff that applies 30% reduced movement speed on the affected target for 4 seconds.

However, the Maim Gem does the following:

Supported Attacks have 30% chance to Maim on Hit
Enemies Maimed by Supported Skills take (10-14)% increased Physical Damage
Supported Skills deal (15-30)% more Physical Damage

And Vulnerability does the following:

Cursed enemies take (30-39)% increased Physical Damage
Cursed Enemies have 20% chance to Bleed when Hit by Attacks
Cursed Enemies have 20% chance to be Maimed for 4 seconds when Hit by Attacks
Cursed enemies take 30% increased Physical Damage from Damage over time
+(0-10) to radius

So essentially, we're getting 50% chance to maim on hit, which just reduced the enemy's movement speed by 30%, then our support gem and curse are doing the rest of the legwork.

How does Retch damage help us? I thought we can't deal chaos damage
GrimDeathX wrote:
Thx for getting back to me Ahfack, but now my follow-up question is on how does the "200% of Life Leech applies to Enemies as Chaos Damage" from The Retch, Rustic Sash benefit the build?

Retch damage is treated as reflected damage, so our brutality gem doesn't negate the chaos damage it deals. Retch damage cannot be scaled in any way other than what we leech. Because we're slayer, we never stop leeching, therefore, we never stop dealing damage to our enemy.

What skill should I use until level 28?

what skill should I use until I get to level 28 for cyclone?

Anything like cleave, static strike, molten strike would work

What should I run If I can't go dual curse? Do we go blood magic?
what should i do if i cannot afford a extra curse amulet, should i go blood magic?

No we don't run bm. Could use doedri ring. If single curse can run vuln/grace/blood rage or enfeeble/haste/blood rage

Isn't Crimson Dance less damge? Is it necessary?
Adrokath wrote:
mind explaining why taking Crimson dance doesn't it lower our bleed damage?

Crimson dance is more damage on bosses. This build was designed to do all content like bosses etc. We do enough damage on maps/clearing trash where the bleed isn't a big deal. Bleed helps on bosses a lot, especially when you have to do things like leap away from shaper slam. While you're leaping away you're still doing damage to him.

Watch this gif:

When I leap away, shaper is not close to 20% cull range, but while I'm leaping away the bleed is still putting in work. By the time I get back to him, he's in cull range.

Does Damage on Full Life work with Blood Rage?
Korize wrote:
Execuda wrote:
Can someone explain to me cause i might be stupid, so can we use blood rage gem? I thought since it degens our health that means damage on full life and Daresso don't work? Also would appreciate tips on what to change in my character, since i suck at the game haven't tried nor shaper nor guardians yet. Oh and Happy Holidays everyone! :)

wondering the same thing actually.. I've looked through a lot of pages and havent found a answer yet.

It works since 2.6, even though it doesn't display full life - very strange, but it does work! Will add to FAQ


Stay Tuned! More to come...

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3.0 to 3.1 Changelog
Please be patient and do NOT message me in game with questions. Post here so everyone can read!


3.1 Tree -> http://poeurl.com/bEwV

Tentatively, it's pretty much the same, with 3 extra leech nodes to help compensate. I've gotten rid of Hatchet Master's 4 points, allocated 3 points for leech, build reand the last point for the extra life/phys dmg duelist start node. If you prefer raw life, you could finish out the "Scion Life Wheel" area instead by Path of Warrior.

Definitely Soul of Arakaali. I would advise against using blood rage until we get a bit more comfortable with how everything acts together in 3.1.

I'm also thinking it's in our best interest to take the 3 remaining leech nodes we have on the tree. These will help substantially.

Life leech on gloves/rings are also very important when available.


A good dual leech glove will benefit us now more than ever. I would prioritize them over a hybrid life roll. We need to bring as much leech to the table as we can.

Carnage Heart would be a great choice for leveling, but lacks the range/resists that Daresso has. I still think Daresso is the best for this build once you're established, but Carnage heart will always be extremely useful in 3.1 for filling in a bit of the gaps you might have in your leech.

RIP Ruthless lol oh well

We have a number of options:

For tanky with a bit of damage boost: Fortify

For the most burst damage: Damage on Full Life - I think this is still a fine option considering Ruthless operated every 3 "Sequence" of hits, which was about 9 hits for us. So before we were every 9th hit was strong af. Now every hit when we're at full life will be strong af. It's technically 13% more damage than Ruthless was also.

For most consistent damage when you don't care about Range: Con Effect (Can use AoE during maps)

Consistent damage boost (however not as good as the other options): Faster Attacks

What do I prefer? I think I prefer the colours to stay the same RRRRRG. Using Fortify or Damage on Full life - very versatile and opens a lot of options.

If you end up putting Fortify in, obviously you can take out fortify of your 4l Leap in your gloves, and put in blood magic for infinite leap, 20%q Culling for extra speed boost, or something else if you'd like.

VAAL PACT IS OPTIONAL. I'm playing this at endgame, and not using it. However, use your best judgement. If you'd like to use Vaal Pact, just regret away the 3 leech nodes shown in the picture and pick VP. Do what feels best for you and your playstyle.

No more Witchfire Brew flask. We can either use another defensive flask of your choosing or a Sulphur Flask.

4L will be the same no matter what: Cyclone - Brutality - Maim - Melee Phys

5L: In order of most damage: Damage on Full Life -> Chance to Bleed -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify

6L: Depending on your last choice: Damage on Full Life -> Chance to Bleed -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify

Build Reviews:
Abyss League: Shaper Down, Guardians on Farm, Uber-Lab on farm since day 2, awful gear :)
Shaper down (not deathless because I'm bad with melee builds fighting Shaper), Guardians on farm, Uber-Lab on farm since day 2 of the League. Mapping like a champ, didn't do any Shaped Vault yet because I did not sextant-block my atlas yet, but Shaped Shores are a breeze, leveled 92 to 93 in a couple of hours. Elder & Elder guardians down deathless in all tiers.

My gear is awful :) 1c jewels, 5c rares, but I have all uniques - got those VERY early in the league (day 3 i think) because they were so much cheaper back then, and patched the rest of the gear. BUT, this thing works :) If anyone want to check the char out, it CycloningToHundred_.

Next up is getting to 95 (cos' 95 is the new 100...) and upgrading rares on the way, and for that I'm more than open for suggestions :)

Anyways, this is a super-cool build, I think I will ckeck out Ahfack's LLRF Guardian next.

Abyss League: Red Map Elder, shaper, uber atziri all clear
VladDOP1 wrote:
Just cleared red map elder, shaper, uber atziri.

Harbinger League: Best Build. 36/40 in league first time in 1k hours Shaper Down!
Notanoob332 wrote:
Thank you Ahfack! amazing build , prob the best i played so far.
just reached 36/40 challanges (for the first time in my 1k hours of poe) all beacuse of this build!

everything from the get-go was a breeze, bosses die quickly , and even killed shaper for the first time :D

my items:

level 92: total 6.6k HP , 100K tooltip DPS in h/o (with totem next to me)
total cost: around 1100-1300 chaos.

Harbinger League: First time killing shaper ever, second time deathless!
Ebiru_ wrote:
Thanks for this wonderful build, I managed my first shaper kill with it and my first deathless on the second try.

Here is my gear at the moment:

Harbinger League: 48 Year old woman, shaper down, no steel rings/retch
wolfygirl wrote:
Hey :)

I really love this build, i manage to kill Shaper today even tho im missing some off the good stuff. Still not bad for a 48 year old woman :D #feelsawesome

Harbinger League: First time I've done all 4 Guardians/Shaper - Most Fun I've had all league
Honking wrote:
Well, been playing this build for the last week or so and I'm glad I picked it. It's the first melee build I've done all league, and the most fun I've had.

Also, it's the first build I've ever done all 4 Guardians and Shaper on! I'm pretty chuffed, it was way easier than I expected, and I'd wager a lot of that is the build itself putting in work. Ty Ahfack, you did good work.

My gear:

I didn't like running a Doedre's ring so I swapped out Punishment for Haste, and I dropped my links on the AW setup in favor of running CWDT + IC, as I was really not enjoying Porcupine packs. It helped out a lot though

Harbinger League: Shaper Down, been waiting all league to do endgame with a build like this
chongg420 wrote:
Sick guide man finally got shaper down with this one!!! Been wanting a build all league to do endgame... Hella glad i picked this one

This is what im rollin with at lvl 91:

Harbinger League: Level 89, Shaper Down! Not hard at all
Arothar wrote:

Deathless shaper done :-)

Lvl 89, 5.8k hp, 76k cyclone damage in hideout. Wasnt very hard at all.

Here you go :-) Incase ppl think "fuck thats expensive gear, ill never get that", its true. The retch is not at all needed for shaper. So thats easily 15ex cheaper right there -_-


Harbinger League: First time ever tried shaper, what a breeze! So much fun!
robin_nerf wrote:
First time ever I tried Shaper, what a breeze, so much fun :)
What a build ahfack !


Harbinger League: Shaper down without any issues!
wiieshuu wrote:
Shaper down without any issues death's only occur when you screw up.

Harbinger League: Shaper Down! Never attempted shaper before this build!
Anyways, Ahfack, Shaper down!
Not deathless unfortunately but that was purely because of my mechanics. I have never even attempted him before this build.


WW Barb lover, leveled this char to farm uber lab, super smooth!
Un_kn0wn wrote:
I started leveling that build 2 days ago to make an uber lab farmer which is faster than my current one without loosing to much safety. Currently with all flasks up i get to 180% MS which is more than enouth for me.

The build plays super smooth and very fast. For leveling to 75-83 i just spamed normal Atziri and got to 250-300 mil exp per hour solo with 80k tooltip dps (without flasks).

My gear isn't that great I only invested like 40 ex and took the rest from my stash.


For that little investment and still room to improove i got myself now a pretty save uber farmer which is also pretty fast. Exactly what i wanted!

Also i'm a WW Barb lover ;D

Thx Ahfack for once again a great build! <3

Harbinger League: Uber Atziri DOWN! Deathless Chayula. Shredding through EVERYTHING!
chongg420 wrote:
Just an update! UBBER ATZIRI DOWN!!! Also a deathless Chayula with a couple decent breach ring swaps for chaos res! Thx again for the build ahfack!!! been shredding thru everything the game has to offer finally a build tht i can do it all man!!! really enjoying this one for sure

heres my current gear: (95k tooltip in h/o)

Harbinger League: Only played 3 days and guardians down!
Storhemsken wrote:

And really a big thank you for this build, only played it for 3-4 days but it feels rock solid. Already downed Phoenix/Minotaur and Hydra. Just tried Chimera once but rolled some crazy damage rolls and insta died at the last add pack.

Looking forward taking this build to Shaper!

Harbinger League: All Guardians corrupted and down! Level 85 to level 90 in 5 hours
Storhemsken wrote:

Hello again, made some more progress with the build! All guardians corrupted and Shaper down. Next goal Uber aziri and chayula!

Once again i cant help but rly thank you for the build its super smooth, went from lvl 86 to 90 in 5-6 hours and decided it was time for shaper.

A perfect build this late on a season when you wanna sink some currency in to a build.

The build is engaging and fun to play, it maps fast and depending on curse (for me only one) bosses dies from fast to super fast. Normally play with enfeeble and might switch when i get higher leech rate.

Soon done with the build, new boots 30% movement speed is next prio, and then i will try get some chaos resistant going.

Super hyped for my new rings!


Harbinger League: I've Cylcloned for a long time - Most Satisfying so far!
Emperor12345 wrote:
I have been trying different different cyclone builds for a long time and this build is the most satisfying one so far. Thanks to Ahfack.

Corrupted Guardians and Shaper DOWN! Used old gear I had laying around in standard
diggeDinga wrote:
Corrupted Guardians and Shaper down!
Well my first try ended with no portals, but it is done
This was my first time ever trying Shaper and the guardiens. Havent played since the introduction of the atlas. Had an lvl 85 duelist( Bor and Soultaker lying around) But wanted to try a Cycloner since ever. (Well, i played COC-cyclone before i left)

2nd try vs Guardiens and Shaper went much smoother, but still not deathless. Biggest Problem i see with cyclone is that u can't cancel the animation. Big QoL improvement would be if GGG would make cyclone a channeled skill. If I Die (very rare with this build) it's because i fucked up the cyclone and couldnt leap away.

Great build nevertheless. Thank you very much Ah Fack!

Harbinger League: Shaper down for first time ever! Starforge drop
nNymphus wrote:
So today i tried Shaper for the first time ever with this Build and killed him, unfortunitly died a couple of times until the last Portal (mainly because i aint know the next attack's of him).

And im Glad playing this Build because Mapping is Hella fun while spinning and laying on your chair aswell as Bossing because of the 20% Cull + Insane Life leech.
Trying to improve my Gear and as soon as i get some better stuff i'll try Uber atzululu.

10 Day Mayhem: Perfect build for taking out the overwhelming numbers of mobs!
Nogonoma wrote:
I played your build in the Mayhem Season and just wanted to say "thank you". Had a really fun experience and it was so perfect for the overwhelming numbers of mobs!
Keep going. :)

✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ IGN: Ahfack
#1 DMG Steel Ring & Elder Amulets!
✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦Div Card: Harmony of Souls✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦
Last edited by Ahfack on Dec 27, 2017, 10:55:46 PM
✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ IGN: Ahfack
#1 DMG Steel Ring & Elder Amulets!
✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦Div Card: Harmony of Souls✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦



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cant go wrong with following a build coming from ahfack
Looks sick! Will have to try this out at some point :P
nice build :3
Decent items?: /view-thread/2260543
Okey stream?:twitch.tv/Meatheone
Feel free to ask me questions ingame @Princess_Mea!
PM support if you encounter any bugs or need help!
Build looks amazing as always! Cant wait to try it out yewwwwww
This guy only does great things, so with no doubt this guide is another creation of greatness.

mvp ahfack the man

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