2h Mace Molten Strike Zerker | Master of Bonking | Mid Budget

Hello, welcome to my first build guide. Hope you enjoy!

This is my 2h mace molten striker zerker. Yes I know there are many other guides for the molten strike skill, but most of those are for the Brutus Lead Sprinkler version, of which this is not. And there are unfortunately few guides for a two-handed (2h) version, of which this is.

Now, for the guide!

NOTE: NO UNIQUE GEARING IS REQUIRED, some are highly suggested, and will be noted.

Current Character for this build: ShittyMoltenBalls, Softcore Abyss

+Silly Damage on mid-tier gear in my opinion
+Nice survivability once you start leeching and hit about 5k life
+Budget, currently around 100c for my gear not including leveling items. I expect the total end game cost being higher for 6 links and considerably better gear
+Prefered Weapon Base has a 6l div card for an easy 6l

-2h Mace means you don't have block from a staf or shield
-Not Brutus lead sprinker, which probably would end up with higher end game dps

Weapon of Choice: 2h Mace

Coronal Maul is my base of choice, the increased AoE is nice, though if you wanted to you could use
a different base you are welcome to.

Unique Weapons:
A Marohi Erqui is a nice unique that I used before acquiring my current mace.

A Kongor's Undying Rage, though I have not tested one yet and would most likely cause some passive tree changes.

Other endgame uniques:

Devoto's Devotion: A very nice unique, though it can be expensive as it is a chase unique for many builds. This one is on one of my other characters.

Starkonja's Head: Also a decent headpiece, but I would not recommend it for the current version of the build, since this isn't a crit build, more on that later. If you opt for the Kongor version of the build, which would pick up crit chance nodes you are more than welcome to use this, but like Devoto's it is a chase unique for many builds, and as such is expensive.

Belly of the Beast: Probably the best in slot unique for body armor for any life build, it can be expensive to get a 5l or 6l on it, as well as getting a high rolled one is expensive as well, I did not have the currency for this, I got a rare chest instead.

Kaom's Roots: If you don't mind losing your sockets in your boots, this is a good way to get a lot of flat life and save 2-6 passive points for not pathing to Unwavering Stance.

Belt of the Deceiver: Nice belt. Used it until I got a high life resistance belt.

Dying Sun: Can say I have never owned one before. Huge DPS boost with +2 projectiles and increased area of effect. Expensive as heck.

Wise Oak: A great flask for elemental builds. I do no thave one yet but i am planning on it being something I pick up soon

Leveling: Pretty much the standard leveling uniques.

Goldwrym: Best in slot head for leveling, if you don't have one for leveling, I highly suggest picking one up.

Wanderlust: Nice, like goldwyrm. Not required, but makes life easier. Freeze immunity.

Tabula Rasa: If you have yet to head about our lord and savior, the tabula, you are probably new to the game or have been living under a rock. One of the best items to use for both leveling and for mapping if you a) can't afford a 5l or 6l rare or unique chest, b) don't need the stats of a chest piece, c) don't care enough to use a different piece of gear.

Current Uniques:

Wildfire: All but required. Any % is fine. Will make your life much better. I snagged 15% fire damage ones for 5c each.

Atziri's Promise: Very nice unique, provides leech and chaos damage. Very few enemies other than high tier bosses have resistance to chaos damage. I highly suggest picking one up, it will fit almost any build. Picked mine up for a couple chaos for a nicely rolled one.

Current Gear:

Very nice mace I picked up for 25c, 5 socketed and 4 linked myself. 1.79 attacks per second and 560 DPS if I have killed recently, which is pretty much all the time except in hideout. Higher DPS maces can be found, they are just expensive as heck for one with the rolls I wanted.

Very nice chest i picked up for 60c, probably the most expensive piece of gear on my character currently. Bought it 5l. Gem links below.

Life, Res, Armour. Pretty standard life helmet. Enchant for this would be +X molten strike projectiles for large damage boosts.

Life, Res. Mana leech isn't needed due to ascendency (more on that later). A better pair of gloves would be higher life, decent res, added flat physical and/or fire damage.

Life, Res, EDwA (elemental damage with attacks, also affectionately still known as WEDU by much of the community and ItsYogi). Better life, better EDwA (t1 goes up to 50% now), maybe move speed would be the upgrades for this slot.

Life, Res, Stats, Movespeed, Stats. As mentioned earlier, a pair of Kaom's Roots here can be used if you can lose the res and move speed for not needing to take unwavering stance on tree.

Res, Stats, Life. Best in slot base would be marble rings for the increased elemental damage. Upgrades would be better life and flat damage, stats and res if you need it.

Life, Stats, Fire damage. Not sure which base would be best here. An upgrade would be a better fire damage roll, better life, and flat damage, and stats.


Life flask, whatever roll you want.

Phys mitigation, Freeze removal

Duration and increased armour = 6.2 seconds of ~+50% physical mitgation.

As mentioned earlier, great flask.

Increased damage. Swap out for whatever flask you want. Stibnite could be nice for the cloud, but inc evasion doesn't do much since with unwavering stance you don't evade.

Current Passive Tree: lvl 73

Gem Links

Main Link:
Molten Strike-Ancestral Call (Clearing)-EDwA-Elemental Focus-Fire Pen (5l)-Conc Effect (6l)
Multistrike (Bossing)

Movement: 2h Mace so only one option
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Cast When Damage Taken Setup:
CWdT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Blood Rage

Hatred and Herald of Ash and Summon Flame Golem. Damage

Ancestral Warchief. I haven't tested this yet but ancestral protector may work better for
killing bosses since melee damage doesn't apply to the projectiles of molten
strike but attack speed produces more. Also, a 4l version would increase
its DPS for supplementary damage.

Enduring Cry. Endurance charge generation, I am really bad about hitting my button for it.

Path of Building

Level 100 Obscene Gear Memes

Current Character as of 12/20/2017


First Atziri Run on this Character

Take Away, replace curse immune flask with ignite immune flask. Don't face tank like a max block gladiator.

More Soon TM

Map Mods

Ele equilibrium does fine, this build runs hatred and does enough damage to not care.

Ele Weak capped with current gear

Phys reduction and reflect does little since the majority of our damage is fire

Ele-Reflect i have not tried and don't plan on trying since we do 6k fire damage and 3k cold on average

Those are the only major mods i can think of, if anyone has questions about specific mods feel free to ask.
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Hello this is my build for farming tier 4 maps! Yeah, very interesting. Come back when it can kill shaper or at least clear T15/

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