[3.4] Marauder Builds List

Fixed, thanks!
Would like to make my entry to the list as well with my first build :)

Ascendancy: Chieftain
Skill: Fireball Spelltotem
Unique Item: Sire of Shards
Can run: HC-viable, Atziri, Uberlab, T15+
Extra info: Blood Magic

[2.4][SC/HC-viable][T15+] Tukohama's Ascendant [Chieftain] Sire of Shards Fireball Totems

Keep up the great work, really digging the new artstyle.
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My "2.4 Dual Striker UBER ATZIRI DEFEATED, GUARDIANS DEFEATED, Atziri Leech Tank 125k DPS" has deathlessly defeated all of the guardians. I emailed you but you haven't responded in couple days. My thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1533986

If you would, please note on the Marauders list the my build is "Bersk U-Atz U-Lab Guardians SC HC viable" and shortly it'll need to say Shaper too :D

Dual Striker Leech Tank, creator since 11/2014
Hey, the same as friend from previous post. I pm'ed you with my build but I will write that here:

It already was shown by GGG as recommend build for new players in this thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1662904. I made few changes since it and now it's almost ready for 2.4. This is thread to my build:

The most important informations:
- HC viable
- Atz, U-Lab, Guardians, Shaper
- Budget Build (under 1ex)
- Detailed Guide

If you have any question feel free to ask
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Hi m8,

would like to see my newest build in ur list. it uses the "Cleave" gem, but u should be able to use the skill gem of ur choice as long as has 100% phys dmg (no elemental conversion) and can be used with a 2Hand Sword. as far as i tested u can do atziri and ulab (should be able to do guardians too, but dont have videos atm to proof that)

if u need more information pls let me know ;)

[2.4] This is a Buff -> Cleave -> Trivialize the game with underrated Skills - [Ulab/Atziri] /Videos
My Builds & Hideouts: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2083383
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Well done, I like your approach with all the tags like ULab-viable or Atzire-viable very much. But I miss the most important information for me: Is this a Hardcore or Softcore build?
Just saw that my buildguide is still listed under 2.3. even tho it's updated for 2.4.
Can you please update it? :)

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I think that's fairly accurate. :')
Thank you very much for the compilation.

It helps a lot to the newbies like me.
thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1533986
Dual Striker Atziri Leech Tank

Hey Bockris, would you update my build to being Shaper viable? My dual striker has killed him!

Thanks man!
Dual Striker Leech Tank, creator since 11/2014

if you wouldnt mind adding that <3


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