[2.5]Ancestral Warchief MinMax Deluxe! 1.3mil+ DPS, 8100 life (or more), no legacy gear!

To preface this build, I take a lot of ideas from guggelhupf's build and am only here to present my version, with a ton more life and perhaps even a bit more damage. Check out his build, it's very in-depth.

This is my third character of the League, and I wouldn't do it as a starting toon either. Things like high roll Facebreakers, Abyssus, Steel Rings, Great Old One's etc are difficult to get at the start of the league and without at least 1-2 ex to work with. However, once you have that, this build really shines and is honestly pretty enjoyable.

Defense (Hideout, Auras, No ECs)


All multiplied x2 due to two totems.
Inc AOE, Hideout, Auras

Inc AOE, Hideout, Auras+Flasks

Conc, Hideout, Auras

Conc, Hideout, Auras+Flasks

MAX DPS: Conc, Dried Lake, Auras+Flasks, Rallying Cry, Vaal Haste

This is what I usually have for boss fights.


T15 Abyss Run

Boss at 2:12

T14 Volcano Run

Boss at video end.


Bandit: Oak-Oak-Passive

About this Build
This build is strong. Very strong. One can achieve over 1 million DPS with no weapon, no unique 6L, and have over 8000 life to boot. It's because Warchief Totem has a MORE damage multiplier, even though we can get two totems for it. Which means that at the end of the day this has twice the DPS of any other melee skill, and we don't even need to worry about reflect or targeting!

For the Ascendancy, I went for Aspect of Carnage First, then War Bringer, then Rite of Ruin, but it's probably ultimately for the best if you choose War Bringer as your first point. Don't underestimate that heal/mana buff. With ~8k HP, I get INSTANT 2000 life every two seconds. No charges, no BS. I'm considering dropping one of my life flasks for a Sulfur flask of Heat just because I never need it.

ESC Gear
My gear is min/maxed except for having more res to ditch res on passive tree (too lazy but I'll likely buy a GG belt in Standard now that ESC is over). I added up all my build value, it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-35 ex in league. In standard I could probably sell it all for 50 or more due to increased value of jewelry. Hard to tell because some is self crafted and divined, and some were bought at really cheap prices. For example, my chest is 100% self craft, I spent about an exalt rolling essences until I got the res+life+strength. The armor was a very lucky exalt.

I recommend a well-rolled rare 6L Astral Plate. These can be obtained relatively easily and cheaply through the Celestial Justicar divination cards. I then rolled tier 6 life essences on it until I got high strength and res. Do NOT go with a Belly of the Beast, we take so much life on the passive tree that I actually get LESS life with one on. If you want to go supertank, you could run Warchief in a 4L and use a Kaom's for 10-11k HP, but that's a serious damage cut.

Facebreaker! Get as high a roll as you can. Don't worry about curse on hit or anything, we don't dual curse and we already run a Blasphemy. If you're in Standard and have money, legacy is of course best.

Abyssus gives an ENORMOUS amount of DPS. If you can find and afford one, get a nice enchant on it. IMO Warchief AOE is the best, but if you really wanna push your tooltip you could look for a damage implicit. For high-physical bosses (like Uber Izaro) I swap it out for a high life/armor helmet.

If you are playing Hardcore or like to run lots of Uber Labs, Abyssus probably isn't an option. In that case, go for Bringer of Rain and don't use a body armor. It's less DPS and you'll have a harder time capping res, but necessary in those scenarios. NOTE THAT YOU SHOULD ONLY USE IT FOR THOSE PURPOSES. If you're just an average poor softcore player who can't afford Abyssus, save up more before doing this build.

Get ready to spend big. You want life and t1 physical on your steel rings. That's a lot more than you think. If you're ready to drop multiple ex each, get some like mine, with Strength on them. Mine combined are worth at least 6 ex in the league. Now that they've rolled over to Standard and essences are rarer, they're probably at least 20 combined value. For amulet, Amber is the best base (unless you need attributes). Go for as much life as possible on it, and make sure to get t1 physical too. I somehow managed to get my current rolls in only 3 divines, and it's about as much life as one can get on an amulet for less than 50 ex.

We actually have a few options for belt. Depending on the rest of your gear, Meginord's may be the best option (it definitely is for DPS). However, even with 10% to max life, I lose hundreds of life if I swap out the leather belt I'm currently using. I also keep a Rustic Sash as an in-between. All of the belts here are like 1-5c, because there wasn't any reason for me to spend any more.

Remember all that life and physical we were getting literally everywhere else? You're still gonna need some res. A lot of res, actually. And boots are by far the best place to stack it. Chances are, you'll end up with a two-toned basetype. Be sure to get life (of course) and movement speed on them. My pair was a steal at 2 ex, with t1 life and high strength.

Great Old One's. Get good rolls. End of story.

I run three damage flasks: Atziri's, Lion's Roar, and Taste of Hate. You should look to acquire them in that order. I'm considering dropping my freeze immune life flask for a sulfur or silver flask, to get a bit more damage.


Gems aren't too hard to configure, and many are flexible. Here are the necessities:

Warchief Totem - Melee Physical Damage on Full Life - Melee Physical Damage - Added Fire Damage - Inc AOE/Conc - Faster Attacks. (4r1b1g)

Blasphemy - Temp Chains (1b1g)
Hatred (1g)

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify (2r1g)

Rallying Cry (1r)
Enduring Cry (1r)

Immortal Call - Cast when Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste

And that's about it! Choose what you want beyond those. I also prefer to keep one blue socket open for Inc AOE/Conc Effect swap.

Tips and Advice

First, don't do this build without multiple ex to invest with. At a bare, bare minimum you need enough currency for an Abyssus, a Great Old One's, and Steel Rings with t1 physical on them.

Use your warcries, constantly! Your mana regen depends on it, they give huge bonuses, and you heal really fast with them. Defensively, this character is better than CI simply because of these warcry heals.

Flat physical is WAY more important than you think. It is your number one priority when buying jewelry. You NEED steel rings with t1 physical, that isn't a question or a suggestion. If you can't afford it, don't play this build. It ends up making hundreds of thousands of DPS difference.

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why not use Tukohama's Fortress instead of ur current shield? 40% inc totem dmg plus an additional totem? I would think thats far better than added phys dmg
herreppe wrote:
why not use Tukohama's Fortress instead of ur current shield? 40% inc totem dmg plus an additional totem? I would think thats far better than added phys dmg

It's an option, but league-specific. Just like legacy FB's are an option.

40% inc damage is nothing even close to the flat you get from Great Old One's. The extra totem is good of course, but QoL decreases somewhat. Keep in mind that damage is not maxed with my setup (I would have Meginord's on and a few other changes) but this is designed to be a mix of defense/offense to reach for the stars.

If you're playing Breach, that shield is an option tho.
Ahh ok i see ur points, yeah i was thinking about Meginord's but damn i need better res on my other gears for that to fit in. Thanks for gettin back to me I appreciate that.
Added two videos in high tier maps.
May I ask why you don't use a weapon, is it just for show or does the build actually require to be weaponless?
Keybordtrner wrote:
May I ask why you don't use a weapon, is it just for show or does the build actually require to be weaponless?

Facebreaker, the central item of this build, allows for the highest flat physical numbers in the game with enough investment. But you have to be unarmed, which is why flat phys is stacked across this character's gear.
Thank you for your guide! love it! is it possible to play as Ascendancy Chieftain too?
Have nice XMas Days!
CaptainKaj wrote:
Thank you for your guide! love it! is it possible to play as Ascendancy Chieftain too?
Have nice XMas Days!

Possible? Sure. Recommended? Definitely not.

Berserker, firstly, gives a lot of damage from that 40% more node. But that's not the top reason why we take it.

The most important part is being able to instantly regain 25% of your life every 2 seconds, with infinite uses. The same function also makes any kind of mana management obsolete. Casting those warcries is a HUGE buff, not to mention the big DPS increase from Rallying Cry that now lasts 20 seconds. So, while Chieftan is possible, it's much more comfortable to play as a Berserker. When you have 8k life like me, keep in mind that's 2000 instant life regained (not counting unduring cry's regen).

Great Old One's. Get good rolls. End of story.

Good one, Desu
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