[2.3] Mjölner Juggernaut with Temporal Chains - Uber Atziri (deathless) farm - T15 facetank - Core

Note: As soon as 2.4 is up i will refresh this build. Check Post #3 for comment on this build

Hi guys.

First of all I am not here to reinvent the wheel.
I wanted to share my concept to safely farm Uber Atziri with a Mjölner/Discharge Build (Juggernaut).
Sadly, because of Voll' Devotion amulet, this build isn't beginner nor budget friendly. It is beginner friendly if you, for some reason, are lucky and blessed by RnGsus to get a Voll' Devotion dropped. The Build-Mechanics are not complicated.

The key to safety is:

- Temporal Chains (with high effectiveness)
- Purity of Fire
- Purity of Lightning
- Kingsguard

The key to damage is:

- Mjölner+ Voll's Devotion+Romira's...

So far I did almost 60 Uber Atziri runs and most of them deathless. Could level up almost 2 Levels with it (from mid 89-91) just by farming Uber Atziri.
This build is of course capable of doing any map up to T15 (including Core and Uber Izaro). The only content I'm not sure about is maybe Twinned Core, because I don't have so many Armour as other Mjölnerbuilds.

I won't give introductions into Mjölner/Discharge builds, I think enough people did this before me.


You should do the ascendancies all together so you gather all three important nodes before switching to Mjölner:
Undenieable, Unflinching, Unrelenting. The 4th Node is for me Unbreakable. Why?
By dropping the commonly used "Unwavering Stance" I gain a bit of Evasion "back", which synergizes with my Stibnite Flask. Also I gain an additional Passive Skill Point so i can take another %Life node.

Please note that for this build you need minimum of Level 70, or with Devoto's 72! So until then you don't need any of these ascendancies anyway. I leveled with Mines+Firestorm, was OK. I bet there are better ways but I'm not so experienced in leveling up many toons fast. I usually play 1-2 chars a league.


Normal: Kill all.
Cruel: Kill all.
Merciless: +1 Endurance Charge.


In my build you have only two options (or three without Devoto's) in picking rare items. This is really bad in terms of life gain, stats and resists. You have to find a clever combination to serve all your needs.
The "most problematic" point is in getting enough Intelligence for the Repentance Gloves (306!). Jewels do fix this problem. The second problematic point is getting enough Cold Resistence. A good combination of Belt and Ring is also enough to fix this problem.


You can pick any Helmet which has %Temporal Chains Effect Enchantment! I do prefer Devoto's because of the attack speed (=way more Damage, explosions). Chaos Res and a lot of Dex is a nice side effect for us, because we don't need to spec Dex in tree!
Before I had this Devoto's I used a rare helmet with 20% TC Effect and a lot of life and res. This was enough to destroy Atziri, 30% TC Devoto's is just luxury.
Temporal Chains (Q23>LvL21)-Enhance (as high as possible)-Blasphemy (Q23>Lvl21)-Enlighten lvl 3
This is your bread and butter in terms of survivability.


No discussion here. Kingsguard provides insane Life regen with 2x Discharges from Mjölner.

Blood Magic-Molten Strike-GMP-Faster Attacks-Multistrike
If you get your Hands on a 6L Kingsguard you can put Fortify in it. But totally not needed. It makes the facetanking more relaxed because you don't have to use Shield Charge to sustain Fortify buff.

Weapon / Off Hand

Saffel's is a better allrounder than Rise of the Phoenix.
The reasons why you can die at Uber Atziri is because of the Lightning Damage (stacked red or yellow Storm Calls).


Mjölner: Discharge-Discharge-Fire Penetration (best for bosses as they have high resistances).
For mapping you can use a B-B-B Mjölner (for Discharge-Discharge-Item Rarity). That's totally enough to beat any map content up to T15.

Saffel's: CWDT-Immortal Call-Increased Duration. This provides us with 5 seconds Phys-Dmg Immunity, which is greeeeeeat. Please note that my CWDT is not too high so we don't have to suffer almost-lethal damage to get it triggered.


Maybe you could pick rare gloves but the Spell Damage you get via Iron Will is too good imo. Also the life pool and resistances are totally sufficient so why not get some Damage?


Shield Charge-Faster Attacks-Blood Magic-Fortify
You use Shield Charge for the insane clearing speed. Also as an additional movement skill to fast travel or sustain Fortify buff if you lack the 6L Kingsguard.


With Death's Door we get Bleed Immunity (nice for Uber Trio or sudden Corrupting Blood monsters); +1 Endurance Charge; Res+Strength. You can also use Rare Boots with Life, Res but bleed immunity is really nice to have and the +1 Charge also. You can acquire a +1 Endurance Charge via belt, but nice belts with life and good res AND +1 EC are very expensive. But probably not much more expensive than Death's Door ^^ The upside is really the bleed immunity.


Purity of Fire-Purity of Lightning
To get a maximum Fire Resistance of 85% and Lightning Resitence of 84%. This is absolutely enough for Uber Atziri. I also tried Double Curse Enfeeble+Temporal Chains but Purity of Lightning is better than Enfeeble. Why? Enfeeble's effect get's reduced by curse resistency of Uber Atziri. So it's not as effective as we would like. Enfeeble is nicer for overall mapping but we don't need help for mapping, we need to tank Uber Atziri! Mapping is cake.

Next 2 links go for either
Vaal Lightning Trap-Increased Duration (for double Uber Vaal Bosses and Uber Atziri's split phase)
CWDT-Lightning Golem (for better clearing speed and Uber Trio)


What else?
And another rare Ring to compensate lack of Stats, Resistences. Extra bonus is life.

Also you will need this Jewel in the very west Jewel slot to get a high load of Intelligence


The last rare item. Get Stats, Resistances and life.


Switch out Topaz flask for Stibnite flask between dead Double Vaal and dead Uber trio (just like Vaal Lightning Trap-Inc Duration -> CWDT-Lightning Golem (see Boots section)

When to boost Damage via Silver Flask/Atziri's Promise?
- When you jump to the second Vaal Boss
- Permanently while Uber Trio, especially at first approach on A'alai
- For each of the three Split Phases (when you put your Vaal Lightning Trap)


How to win?
The key to success is a highly effective Temporal Chain Curse (and of course damage, but Mjölner doesn't lack this).
With my current gems (check Gear / Helmet section) I get 52% base slow on TC. This get's multiplied with effectiveness which is 60% for me.
- 30% Helmet
- 10% Blasphemy Q20
- 20% Passive Tree

Since Uber Atziri has -60% curse resistance the slow is 52% on her!
Regular mobs are slowed to 75% (maximum; 52%*1,6=83,2%). So overcapping the TC effectiveness is only for Uber Atziri farming. Getting luxury gems like lvl 4 Enhance is therefore totally not needed for any mapping up to T15.

Mini Guide for Uber Atziri, Alluring Abyss:

1. Get yourself geared with Topaz Flask, Vaal Lightning Trap. Check Gear / Flasks & Boots section for details. Switch to Stibnite/CWDT+Lightning Golem as stated above.

2. Clear the map. Please be careful with strongboxes (ice nova, detonate dead). Also be careful with Hexproof monsters.

3. Double Vaal Boss: Put on each spawning point a Vaal Lightning Trap. First approach the bottom Vaal Boss (stage the spawn times, like in the Video), as soon as the second Boss appears rush to him and kill. In the meantime the first Vaal Boss also appread and you should be able to kill them almost simultanously.

4. Clear the map.

5. Uber Trio: First rush to A'alai. Kill her. Don't be scared of her ultra-high-dmg physical damage, you have Immortal Call up.
Then kill the fire guy (Y'ara'az). While fighting him make sure you don't stand on A'alai's dying spot (dot dmg) and make sure not to accidently kill the bleed guy (Q'ura).
When only Q'ura is alive find a nice spot behind a pillar and let him come. Blast him to death while having Stibnite's buff always activated so you don't loose HP. Remember that you have bleed immunity. Everything is good.

If A'alai or Y'ara'az are your final bosses you WILL DIE!

6. Clear the map.

7. Facetank Atziri, when she casts a (normal) Flameblast activate Ruby Flask. When she casts red Storm Calls use Topaz. When you stand in 3+ stacked red Storm Calls better make it safe and dodge. Dodge always yellow Storm Calls and Double Flameblasts.

The only interessting phase is the split phase.
You deal much more Damage on the Spear/Fire-Caster Atziri. Ofc dont get close to the mirror one. Put a Vaal Lightning Trap on the Atziri of your desire at the split phase and destroy her. I find it important that you slow all three Atziris (with TC). The Lightning-Dmg Atziri can really hurt so you better slow her and finish the split phase. I would rather attack Lightning-Atziri and slow her instead of attacking the others and not-slow the Lightning-Atziri. It's just more safe.

8. Congratulations, you beat Uber Atziri deathless.

Is uber atziri farming worth it?
Runs: 58
6 Gloves, 12 Axes, Masks and Splendours... Sometimes you can sell a splendour for 1 exa+ if it has 600 ES+.
Total profit (in Prophecy SC):
~95 exa


Deathless Uber Atziri

T15 First Core (ever)

So bad pathing there.. the sun did shine on my monitor :) It's not deathless but I think i made major-noob mistakes. I only knew that I should evade the ground slam. I bet you guys can manage it much better (and deathless)

T14 Palace

Uber Labyrinth

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so you payed 200+ exalts to gain 95ish?..
hi, im not the leveling-guy. and it was definetly not 200exa ^^
i got all this high level/quality gems from vaaling myself or from good deals. mjölner was 1 exa on prophecy and 6L kingsguard 8 exa? sure the volls with 20 exa; but thats it.

i looked into 2.4, alched a colosseum map (T15) and ran through it, zero problems, damage is flawed (setup: Controlled Destruction-Fire Pen-Discharge) but i finished the map in few minutes, facetanked every attack from daresso.
for uber atziri... the damage is really soo bad (it tooks me very long for vaal double, vaal trio took long too, everything still easy tankable). then I didn't really tried hard on regular atziri. the Temporal Chains nerf vs. her is really hard. in the end I didn't beat her (but i did so low damage, that i aborted when i had 2 portals left).

So something must be changed, can't bother to make a fix for the damage - maybe you look into https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1606509 Guide for the current 2.4 changes, i think this guy has more in-depth vision than me.
Build Strong and consistent.
Is This setup updated at all for 2.4?
no, not worth it

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