[3.0 reworked] Captain WARLORD's ~10k HP CWC Tank League Starter

3.0 Patch Notes for this build:
  • Reworked the passive tree. You can find the new Path of Building code here. Now has slightly overall less Life, but more damage. This change should have no greater impact on defense. I made this decision to battle the buff to boss HP.
  • Now uses Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics. I made this decision to combat the problematic new enemies that spam a lot of spells and fast attacks that have been introduced with the "Fall of Oriath" expansion. This will allow you now to block and dodge attacks and spells, which should overall increase survivability to make up for lower Life.
  • The +40 Life from Oak are no longer available. Instead, it now uses +2 passive points granted by Eramir.
  • Added Path of Building code for 3.0 patch. The only update required was the change to the passive tree.
  • Reworked several sections of this guide. Please read them in case there's some info you'd like to know.
  • Removed the alternate versions. I might add new ones at a later time.
  • Updated levelling guide. Please take note that this will have to wait a bit longer, as I'm currently very busy not only with other builds, but also real life stuff I have to take care of. I appreciate your patience and apologize if it gives you any trouble. Feel free to drop any questions and I will answer them as soon as I can or maybe someone else might answer in my stead.

Please take note that any further changes will have to wait until next week, as I'm currently quite busy.

If you are looking for a cheap tank and league starter build, then this is for you.

I started this character back in Breach league and it helped me survive a lot of tough encounters such as Breachlords and Guardians. This build has successfully carried players through Legacy league and is praised by many for its effectiveness and its potential as a league starter and easy-to-play go-to build. It was crafted for beginners to help them battle endgame. This is why this build has a lot of Life but low damage in return. It's a tradeoff that many are willing to take regardless.

I've killed all four Guardians, several Breachlords, Abaxoth and many more tough encounters without any issues. It was made to survive - and survive it will. Please take note that boss HP (pretty much everything except Guardians/Shaper and Co.) has been buffed across the board and it will now take you longer to kill them. Regardless, this should not pose a problem.

This build is not a Shaper-killer. If you want a budget boss killer, check out my Molten Strike build instead.

Proof of Twinned Maps Challenge completed (solo, back in Breach league)

Feedback from last league :)

This build is insane, even on early stages. I can't believe I've finished cruel lab (which is lvl 55) on level 52 (went inside @ lvl 50). I consider myself as a noob.

Just take a look:

So , i started playing this build two or three days ago and i would like to share my experience so far. I am lvl 68 ssf sc , recently swapped to normal sc and as a first impression i have to mention that this build is smooth ! Leveling process was a cakewalk and from lvl 40 that i got my ascendancy i only see improvement in dps and defenses. Currently having 3k armor without the flasks and 5,2k hp. My dps is nothing fancy , but nothing to be ignored ! Close to 1k dps only on scorching ray +the flammability , the wise oak bismuth and anger aura . So the dps for how tanky i am is more than enough !
Today i did merc lab at lvl 68 (obviously) and i can say ,as a noob player, i never faced izaro so easily before ! Facetanked till he reach 0 hp , and i didnt even use half of my hp flasks. All i am saying this build is a cakewalk! It's bulky and suprisingly strong as for damage !
One more thing i tried with this build is tanking mobs in ridiculous situations just to see if i can survive. Suprisingly enough i survived more than i anticipated .Merc Dominus' Touch of god....Didn't even hit the 1st time , as for the second just dropped my 50% hp which i got instantly from leech. Voll's heavy attack? I had three volatiles exploding on my face + a breach open and beyond mobs incoming ! Still i could sustain most of these with ease.
Although i would recommend this build for ssf, hc players , or both, i wouldn't recommend it for a "day 1 starting player". i think that getting a marauder mixed with int , and searching for blue sockets on str armour can confuse a new player and make him even waste some currency.
Overall this build is op so far, and i can't wait to do some mapping tomorrow and start searching for higher hp based items ! I need to try uberlab as well. Also i should say...why do you guys need to read a review about this build...It's a marauder who reks stuff with a giant fire beam while casting a meteor shower . Plz give me my fps back.

Only played a bit, super easy levelling build. Your guide is nice, just got fire pen and and i have had a blast. Was going really slow playing in a party of four/five for a couple hours. My friends died to breaches, invasion crazy ass bosses and traps and all kinds of garbage. I play at work and i only died when i had to go take calls or do rounds.
Looking forward to the next few levels, it hasnt even picked up yet haha. Thanks for all the levelling info

I'am now level 42 SSF and deathless midway through act 1 cruel.
Very easy start even within SSF confines.
And up until now completly HC viable u can facetank everything.
Only thing you absolutly need is a bleeding potion. Was the only time i came close to dying when i had a lot of corrupting stacks on me.
Thx again for this great build. Will give further impressions when i reach mapping.

Hey, it's me again.

I'm at level 70 now, this build is insane. The damage is somehow very high for little investment into damage on the passive tree. I get berserker is a thing but god damn, this is good.

It's also really tanky, obviously, given the investment into nearly every life node in the tree.

It's seriously a perfect build for noobs and league starters alike. Great job man, you've outdone yourself.

Hey man, using this guide to start the legacy league and really linking it!

I'm at Level 84 right now and have no problems with all content. When I map with my friend he often dies because he plays a glasscannon, but I rarely ever drop below 25 % life. I even facetanked merciless Izaro slam buffed with charges and lived with 112 HP :D

I still need to get the uberlab but this is already really great. I can recommend this build to anyone who wants to play a really safe and fun build. Looking forward to get some more gear and uberlab to faceroll the next content and hopefully my first shaper kill. Going to look into the changes to the tree you did this evening.

Thanks again, really good guide my friend!

Nice build! I'm following the guide and just hit 68 in SC Legacy. Sitting at about 5k hp with belly and rumis. CwDT setups are being leveled, have them at about 9-10-11-12 right now. Forced to run my CwC in a 4l gloves because belly is tough to color. Damage is a little low (using a bad low level scepter atm for shield charge) but this character is exceptionally tanky!

Need to find a vaal lightning trap and a decent unset ring for it. Having no problems clearing a screen full of white mobs at a time and charging to the next. Most rares / rogue exiles are not a threat and just take a few seconds to take down. Got some pretty bad gear too =) Thanks for the helm suggestion, I'm really liking it so far.

A little update on my progress with your great build.

I startet mapping i think lvl 71. Now lvl 87. I havent found any great items. Not one single item where you just say, yeeeees niiice :). Not even a item i could use on another character. Im amazed my rng is so freakin bad. Check UNCLEBEARFUR in my profile and see the crap items.

And dont get me startet on maps. I have found 2 tier 10 maps and 1 tier 11. And uber trials i have only found 3 so far. Beginning to think SSF is maybe just not for me. Cant be that unlucky.

Damn im close to be HULK mad.

Sorry i just had to let it out. HULK smash ;)

But anyhoo. Your build is the best starter build i have tried. So easy to clear maps and just facetank bosses. Thanks for a awesomeness build :))

small wall of text
so a small story.... as usual my league starter sucked big time because I could not really get my hands on currency or drops to improve on, and when I made 10c which I thought I could put into an upgrade, that upgrade went up in price by 25c. pretty frustrating, so I started something else. my second character was fun as fuck, also pretty cheap to gear, however he ended up ripping like twice a map due to a random ele reflect mob rare which was 3 screens away, so I had no time to react to... after all I couldn't really get past lvl 79 as the XP as DRs started to become noticeable as that random map rip from reflect did cost me more XP than I made before.

so I looked again for a build, found this one and started it - currently level 67.

while I have to say that as of now I still failed to color my belly (currently stuck at 3r2b as the 5L, so I am actually using one of the 4L setups in there and run a 3b1r for the main spell in my boots for now) and even for the other slots coloring is a rather pain in the ass as well (3b1r in armor/es pieces and 2b2r in pure armor pieces), it still is fun as fuck. Actually pretty easy to gear. head gloves boots were all 70-80 hp pieces with one or two resists for level 55-60ish and <1c each, 2 sceptres were just alched and went with it, the belly was 70c yeah but it's a) the endgame slot and b) just too much HP to pass on. so basically that was all the currency I had at the time, the rest was dirt cheap. with what I accumulated since then I financed my jewelry with, sitting comfortably at 6k hp already (and still soooo much life nodes to go), feeling tanky as hell. will tackle merc lab soon to see how that'll go. as I'm quite happy with my current gear in general (especially for the cost), my next upgrades will be 2 doryani's. let's hope this doesn't take forever though...

damage is not the greatest of all time, but it's far from low. and as long as nothing is oneshotting me, I'm back at full in a split second anyways thanks to cloaked in savagery. it's ridiculous. :)

currently trying to level up my cwdt setups and holy crap that is one big pain in the ass to keep track on which to level and which not to at the moment. but if it kills stuff, it's worth it. just started maps and as long as I don't overdo it like park in a 50% more density esh breach lightning thing nothing really can kill me. traps in lab are fucking stupid, always remember to run two or three life flasks in lab instead of the usual one otherwise. and don't farm it with this character. it's good enough to do it once or twice maybe yourself, you definitely don't need a carry, but it won't ever be a lab farmer. that's the burden of reg chars and not leech chars.

other than that I can just say: holy crap this should've been my league starter. as soon as I had the SC-CWC-FS-FPen setup going it was just a blast. as soon as I had the leech node (shortly after the CWC setup) mana issues were gone (which were bonkers before, especially before CWC). and as soon as I got cloaked in savagery, survivability became completely nuts. although traps suck big time, I love the feeling of having once again a tanky as hell character which can facetank izaro and is not CI. looking definitely forward to tackle endgame with it.

This build has been very good to me, compared to my first build as a Shadow evasion. As a returning player, this guide was perfect and it left room for exploration, as I didn't exactly know how to use the CWDT gems. I still made a lot of mistakes using this build, cause I refused to follow your guide till the last word :P however, my mistakes taught me a lot about the game and I thank you for that.
As for the build it's very well balanced, I thought the hp would hinder the damage but I was very wrong. Currently I am at act 4 cruel, and it's performing gorgeously, and it's viable with many different skill sets.
I still need to work on balancing my gems, but afterall this build was very educative and very rewarding :)
Thank you very much for this guide/build!

Build is awesome.
Managed to do Cruel and Merc Izaro today at level 66.. Merc Izaro I had to be a little careful, but overall pretty easy. Never got really scared :D
Gear is supoptimal (still using wonderlust shoes). Clearing Beach maps right now and its really fun with good clear speed! Unbelievable how good this build is :D
Gonna farma little for better gear, especially a 30% mov speed boots with life and armour :D

Alternate versions

Random Abaxoth spawn



Fail Compilation

Tier 15

This was the starting version. I did not have Stun immunity back then and I died on purpose to show some of the weaknesses of the build. It now plays smoother.


Important: This is especially for anyone attempting this in HC. This is the correct kill order:
Titty Bitch -> Cyclone Guy -> Dual Striker
If you do mess this up, you might end up dying to DoT and/or the spikes from the sky. Just make sure you absolutely kill the Titty Bitch first. She must not survive!

Uber Lab

Tier 16

Carry Anti-Bleed and Anti-Poison flask or you will die!

Core traits:
  • 271% maximum Life without jewels*, 306% with jewels
  • Stun immunity
  • 5 Jewel sockets
  • Elemental Overload
  • Vaal Pact
  • Acrobatics
  • Phase Acrobatics
  • Some Block chance

At level 100 with 5 Jewel sockets allocated. I know. Just saying.

Do you have a 3.0 Path of Building code for this?

How can I proc a Savage Hit manually to deal with hard situations such as Essence mobs?


This works as long as your Chaos resistance is not above -40%. It works to this value because of the increased damage you take as a Berserker.

Is it worth using Kaom's and a staff?

No. You want the extra sockets as they are your defense and offense. As a tank,
you don't have a lot of damage already, so anything that helps kill stuff is worth your time. The HP vs damage tradeoff with Kaom's is not worth it. This build is starving for sockets.

Why do I deal less damage than you?

Most likely you haven't picked up the Uber Lab passives for Aspect of Carnage yet. Which makes a big difference. On top of that, your gems are probably not levelled enough or you are missing gear that I have and you don't.

Can you kill Shaper with this?

Theoretically, yes. Practically, no. It's a tank and, unlike RF, not based on high Life regen. The time it will take you to kill him is not worth the stress and difficulty you will have to endure.
Most likely what will happen is that the room will be filled up to the rim with Vortexes and you will have no place to be safe.

Is this build SSF viable?

Yes. This build was originally crafted as SSF.

As per request, here you can find the gem setups written down:


  • Scorching Ray (20/20)
  • Cast While Channeling (20/20)
  • Firestorm (20/20)
  • Fire Penetration (20/20)
  • Iron Will (20/20)
  • Controlled Destruction (20/20)

Note: This is the optimal setup. If you cannot color your Belly*, just use SR + CWC + FS + Fire Pen in a 4L. I personally used Empower/Iron Will and Culling Strike as my 6th links and it works wonderfully.

Belly is hard to roll off-color. If you get a rare with 100+ Life and can roll the optimal colors, just use that instead. Belly is just the more budget option for what it does since all you actually need is at least 3B.


  • Cast When Damage Taken (18/20)
  • Fireball (19/20)
  • Firestorm (19/20)
  • Flame Surge (19/20)


  • Cast When Damage Taken (20/20)
  • Firestorm (20/20)
  • Magma Orb (20/20)
  • Flame Surge (20/20)


  • Cast When Damage Taken (1)
  • Firestorm (8)
  • Immortal Call (3)
  • Increased Duration (20/20)


  • Cast When Damage Taken (16)
  • Fireball (18/20)
  • Firestorm (18/20)
  • Flame Surge (18/20)

Main Hand

  • Cast When Damage Taken (20/20)
  • Fireball (20/20)
  • Molten Shell (20/20)

Off Hand

  • Anger (20)
  • Flammability (20/20)
  • Blasphemy (20)


  • Vaal Lightning Trap
  • Shield Charge

Jewel priorities: Life > Resistances > Area/Fire/Spell damage

Gear at the end of Breach League

Got lucky with a Breach and dropped a Xoph's Heart. Invested 2c to upgrade it. Don't even need it. Any other amulet will suffice. I just liked the pure fire theme and it's perfect for that.

Gear of my Standard character

If you want to go the SSF way or are just looking for the cheapest alternatives, here are example pieces of gear that will work instead of uniques:

You will want Spell damage, Elemental damage and/or added X damage as X Element to spells.*
Any 4L chest will do. What you'll want on it is Life and whatever else you are missing. Same goes for the amulet, yet you'll also want to have some form of damage mod on it.
Early on the added flat damage will outweigh any % mods. Just compare the damage mod with the min and max values of the spells.

I've swapped a CWDT setup for CWDT + IC + Inc. Dur. + Firestorm to help with physical burst and to help proc Elemental Overload. However, if you want a more defensive approach, you can use Phase Run to easily get out of tight spots where you might have gotten cornered. Later on in the endgame phase you can swap it out for a high level CWDT + Firestorm + Flame Surge + Fireball (keep in mind the levels!) instead.

>> New 3.0 reworked tree <<

Ascendancies (level top first, bottom last):
  • Pain Reaver
  • Cloaked in Savagery
  • Aspect of Carnage

  • Kill all and speak to Eramir to get +2 passive points.

The build is mechanically really simple and nothing complicated at all. Although I have to mention a few things that you should take note of as they are rather important.

As I've shown in my Core map video (again, I died on purpose), this build can still die if you don't pay attention.

Here's a list of things that will kill you:
  • Lightning Thorns (will instantly melt you as it will keep triggering CWDT)
  • Atziri's double Flameblast, Shaper's slam, Vaal Oversoul's slam etc. etc. (some abilities simply cannot be tanked)
  • [/li]

Here's a list of things that can kill you:
  • Porcupine/Spikers packs with their on-death mechanic
  • Silence (try getting a Jewel corruption if you can)
  • Corrupting Blood (20 stacks instantly, RIP if you don't notice it, always carry "of Staunching" flask)
  • Heavy Damage over Time (Cloaked in Savagery requires a hit), in particular Chaos Damage over Time (Poison stacks, for instance)
  • Labyrinth traps because of no Life Regeneration (did I mention I hate traps?!)
  • Elemental reflect when hitting many mobs without having taken a Savage Hit

Here's a list of map mods to avoid:
  • Cannot Leech Life or Mana
  • Blood Magic (not necessarily, just means you can't use Anger and Flammability aura)
  • Elemental reflect (read above)*

More specifically above 13%. I tried a 18% reflect Residence map and obliterated myself when I littered the screen with Fireballs because I didn't take a Savage Hit before doing that. 13% was way easier.

SomeRandomSmartAss says: "Why so much AoE? Don't you know that Firestorm sucks with AoE?"

This is only partly true. While it is true that a smaller AoE for Firestorm means closer explosions and thus theoretically increases single target damage, this holds only true when the enemy is smaller and remains stationary. Bosses that move around a lot will actually give you a harder time the smaller your AoE is. Besides, if you aim it the right way, Firestorm will still hit most of the explosions on the same target, even with a lot of AoE. I use this much AoE because I use Flame Surge, Magma Orb, Molten Shell and Fireball as well, all of which largely benefit from more AoE. If you want clearspeed, pick AoE. It also makes bosses with a lot of adds much easier to handle. On a sidenote, Leech is affected by the amount of enemies hit, meaning more enemies you can leech from equal a better sustainable stream of Life Leech.

Scorching Ray will not benefit from any Fire Penetration as this only works for hits, but Fire Resistance Reduction (Flammability, for instance) does benefit it.

Scorching Ray has the added effect that it counts towards Flame Surge's "50% more damage against burning enemies" modifier as it applies a Burning debuff. This is a more multiplier and thus scales with Aspect of Carnage and Elemental Overload multiplicatively (damage * 1.5 * 1.4 * 1.4).
Example: Assume it deals 5000 base damage. After applying these modifiers, you are looking at a hefty 14700 damage!

Scorching Ray is really powerful when combined with Cast While Channeling and a skill like Firestorm. Not only does it deal quite a decent amount of damage itself, but it also strips enemies of Fire resistance. The biggest benefit of this combination, though, is the fact that you don't spend mana to cast Firestorm. Scorching Ray's mana cost is not that high and can easily be sustained even in a 6L.

Thanks to Cast While Channeling, you don't have to invest into cast speed, either. A lvl 20 CWC gem lets you cast a supported spell every 0.35s as you channel. Since Firestorm's base cast time is 0.90s, you can almost cast three times as fast as you would with base cast speed. This allows you to completely skip any cast speed nodes and spend them on AoE, Life and Jewel socket passives. Which is really all you ever need. I don't even have a lot of damage nodes allocated and my DPS is high enough to safely farm high end content.

Note: Cast While Channeling casts the Firestorm at the location of your cursor.

I don't invest into armour on the tree because CWDT calculates the damage taken after mitigation and thus more HP makes more sense as it also helps me to prevent one-shots.

Important: When using CWDT + Immortal Call in combination with Molten Shell, the 100% Physical damage reduction from Immortal Call counts as damage mitigation towards Molten Shell's damage threshold counter and can help exploding the shields faster. This is why a lvl 1 CWDT + Immortal Call setup is really useful as it will pop more frequently and will allow you to briefly mitigate a lot of Physical damage to trigger explosions.

I use Cast When Damage Taken as my backup for damage and defense. I use higher level setups because lower level CWDT loses its power and usefulness when you get beyond T10 maps compared to a high level one. This also juices up the damage by a large margin since lvl 20 CWDT has a 6% more multiplier instead of 70% less. As mobs in T11+ maps will start to hit harder and harder as the map levels increase, the more it makes sense to use lvl 20 CWDT as it has an internal cooldown of 250 ms (0.25 seconds) where it does not track any damage, and as you get hit over and over by stronger enemies, the procs will become more frequent as the fight progresses.

This is actually the entire point why I even use it. Simply because I want everything that doesn't die to my Scorching Ray setup to be killed off by my CWDT setups as they come closer. However, this also kind of forces a rather melee range approach in general, so you can make use of all your damage output to actually hit bosses, for example. But that's no challenge for a Berserker though.

When using CWDT, it's important to note that, should you use multiple gems of the same spell, they have to be different levels.

Also, CWDT follows these rules:

This is how your setups are cast in order:

Main hand ⇒ Helm ⇒ Off hand ⇒ Body armour ⇒ Gloves ⇒ Boots

The spells are cast in this order:



It doesn't matter in which socket CWDT is socketed. Simple example:

Spell 1⇒Spell 2
Spell 3⇐Cast When Damage Taken

Spell 4⇒Spell 5

Meaning that Spell 1 will be cast, followed by Spell 2 and so on.

Each spell that you link to CWDT gets an internal damage tracker attached to it that checks for the amount of damage taken specified on the CWDT gem and has a cooldown of 250 ms once triggered.

Multiple CWDT setups using the same spell with the same level will not work.

Likewise, using the same spell multiple times in the same setup will also not work.

If you want to use 3 different setups with Firestorm, for example, your Firestorm gems will need to be different levels, e.g. lvl 18, 19 and 20. The level of CWDT has no effect in this regard, except the amount of damage taken needed to cast the spell. CWDT is a trigger gem and thus will affect spells like Discharge (35% less damage when triggered).

CWDT simple example

Let's assume you want to use 3 different CWDT setups that cast Firestorm.

Here's what does work

  • CWDT lvl 1
  • Firestorm lvl 8

  • CWDT lvl 3
  • Firestorm lvl 9

  • CWDT lvl 4
  • Firestorm lvl 10


  • CWDT lvl 20
  • Firestorm lvl 18

  • CWDT lvl 20
  • Firestorm lvl 19

  • CWDT lvl 20
  • Firestorm lvl 20


  • CWDT lvl 16
  • Firestorm lvl 18

  • CWDT lvl 18
  • Firestorm lvl 19

  • CWDT lvl 20
  • Firestorm lvl 20

All 3 setups will proc.

Here's what doesn't work

  • CWDT lvl 1
  • Firestorm lvl 8

  • CWDT lvl 1
  • Firestorm lvl 8

  • CWDT lvl 1
  • Firestorm lvl 8


  • CWDT lvl 1
  • Firestorm lvl 8
  • Firestorm lvl 7

  • CWDT lvl 3
  • Firestorm lvl 8

  • CWDT lvl 4
  • Firestorm lvl 7

3 different CWDT setups, but same Firestorm levels.

As for the setup with 2 Firestorms, only the one that is socketed first will proc.


Hide around corners or behind objects and cast Firestorm at an angle to kill off monsters around corners/objects. Sometimes they won't draw aggro.

Hide behind objects such as pillars to block projectiles and limit the number of enemies that can rush at you. Cast Firestorm at an angle, so that the explosions hit past the object. If you are familiar with the movie "300" and how they stopped the Persians, this is basically the same thing.

Use dead line of sight and open doors to cast Firestorm at an angle to kill monsters around corners. This works for doors as well, but only if they are open.

A lot of people have been asking me in-game and on the forum what nodes to grab early on, what items to get and so on. I thought I was clear enough in my guide, but apparently not.

The reason why I don’t tell you guys every single step is because, if you teach a new player to only do what other players tell him to, he will never learn the mechanics and will never get a feel for the game.

I remember my own days earlier, where I got so much bad advice. I struggled because people told me things that weren’t true at all. So I’m not only going to tell you how to get started, but I’m also going to explain mechanics that apply to this build and a few that you should know of in general.

I’m not going to draw this out to massive lengths, just a decent overlook, that’s all.


I have shifted the advanced mechanics explanations to this thread.

This includes more detailed explanations of mechanics utilized by this build and is supposed to be explained simple enough for you to get a grasp of how this build works (or so I hope).

Each section is appropriately labeled and should help you find what you are looking for. If you have a question that is not answered in this guide or the extension thread, feel free to ask me.

IMPORTANT: This is the outdated 2.6 version! Still, it might help you as guideline here and there. I will try to add a new guide within the next few days. Please, just be patient and trust your instincts while levelling. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

  • You can start off by simply smacking your way through the game normally, using a weapon and skill of your choice.
  • After you kill Merveil, go back to town and buy yourself a Firestorm skill gem from the vendor called Nessa (1x Orb of Transmutation). You can use this to level now or keep smacking your way through the game.
  • After you found all 3 glyphs and interacted with the wall, go back to town. Pick Molten Shell as your reward and buy yourself a Flame Totem skill gem (1 Scroll of Wisdom) from Nessa to help you with killing mobs. Then head back and continue through the game normally.
  • After you reached Act 3 and travelled to the Imperial Gardens, go find the Library and complete its quest ("A Fixture of Fate"). You can buy all the gems you need from Siosa now.
  • Continue to level through the game until you get to Act 4.
  • Head back to the Library after Dialla activates the Rapture Device.
  • Purchase the following gems from Siosa: Firestorm x3 (1 Orb of Transmutation each), Flame Surge x3 (1 Orb of Transmutation each), Fireball x2 (1 Scroll of Wisdom each), Magma Orb x1 (1 Scroll of Wisdom), Scorching Ray x1 (1 Orb of Transmutation), Fire Penetration Support x1 (1 Orb of Chance), Cast While Channeling x1 (1 Orb of Alchemy) and Cast When Damage Taken x4 (1 Orb of Alchemy each).
  • Level 1 of your Cast When Damage Taken gems to gem level 1 (lvl 38), 1 to gem level 2 (lvl 40), 1 to gem level 3 (lvl 42), 1 to gem level 4 (lvl 44). Do not level them further!
  • Level 1 of your Firestorm gems to gem level 8 (lvl 38).
  • Level 1 of your Firestorm gems to gem level 9 (lvl 41).
  • Level 1 of your Firestorm gems to gem level 10 (lvl 44).
  • Level 1 of your Flame Surge gems to gem level 8 (lvl 38).
  • Level 1 of your Flame Surge gems to gem level 9 (lvl 41).
  • Level 1 of your Flame Surge gems to gem level 10 (lvl 44).
  • Level 1 of your Fireball gems to gem level 12 (lvl 40).
  • Level 1 of your Fireball gems to gem level 13 (lvl 44).
  • Level your Magma Orb gem to gem level 12 (lvl 40)
  • Link your gems the following (if you have the sockets):
    Scorching Ray + Cast While Channeling + Firestorm + Fire Penetration Support
    Cast When Damage Taken lvl 1 + Firestorm lvl 8 + Flame Surge lvl 8
    Cast When Damage Taken lvl 2 + Fireball lvl 12 + Magma Orb lvl 12
    Cast When Damage Taken lvl 3 + Firestorm lvl 9 + Flame Surge lvl 9
    Cast When Damage Taken lvl 4 + Firestorm lvl 10 + Flame Surge lvl 10 + Fireball lvl 13
  • Go back to Act 1, 2 and 3 and complete the Trials of the Eternal Labyrinth.
  • Once you have completed all Trials, head back to Act 3 and finish the Labyrinth.
    Be careful, as this might prove a challenge, but it's needed for progression.
  • Once you touch the Altar, choose the Berserker Ascendancy and use the 2 Ascendancy skill points to grab yourself Pain Reaver.
  • Now go back to Act 4 and kill Malachai. I suggest you complete the side quest in the Mines Level 2, as this one grants you another passive skill point.
  • Now just level yourself through Cruel and Merciless until you get to Dried Lake.
  • This is a crucial point in the game, as you'll want to start leveling up your Cast When Damage Taken setups now. Keep in mind the gem levels of each spell and your CWDT gems while you do so (check MECHANICS section). This is also the point where you'll want to start using Vaal Pact.
  • Now just finish the Act 4 side quest for the extra skill point and then head back to Cruel.
  • Go complete the Trials of the Eternal Labyrinth in Cruel and Merciless and finish the Labyrinth.
  • Grab yourself Cloaked in Savagery and Crave the Slaughter.
  • Now go farm maps until you reach level 75-80 and complete the Trials of Ascendancy (can only be found in maps). Ask in global chat #820 for help. People usually post Trials they find and let you join to complete it.
  • Once you have completed all the Trials, use an Offering to the Goddess in the map device. This will allow you to attempt the so called Uber Lab once per Offering. I recommend going in there with no less than 6.5k HP (but I suggest to have at least 7k just to be safe) and make sure to equip 2x Life flasks, 1x Granite/Basalt (reduced charges used or extra charges) and 2x Quicksilver flasks. Do not buff him during the fights or he may one-shot you! The difficulty also differs based on the weapon he's wielding.
  • Defeat Izaro to earn the skill points for Aspect of Carnage.
  • That's basically it! Now you are all set. Go have fun and make sure to leave me feedback for the build! Happy hunting :)

Note: Outdated 2.5 version, but still levels similar (will add a new one as soon as I can):
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  • Updated character gear to accommodate Vaal Lightning Trap (I forgot).
  • Updated equipment to accommodate Shield Charge
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  • Added Uber Lab video
  • Added Atziri video
  • Updated OP
  • Fixed tree
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Testing this build now to possibly use as a starter build for legacy. What is the prefer 5th and 6th link for the chest. I manage to roll this
IchiMorghulis wrote:
Testing this build now to possibly use as a starter build for legacy. What is the prefer 5th and 6th link for the chest. I manage to roll this

Controlled Destruction or Elemental Focus. Concentrated Effect doesn't really do much as you want both SR's and FS' damage to be scaled (only use it for boss fights).

Best possible roll would be 5B 1R. Instead of Empower use Elemental Focus. I'd have to look at the numbers, but given all the more multipliers, I'm pretty certain EF is better than Empower.
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Added Minotaur and Colosseum video.

On a sidenote: LOL. I just googled "Cast While Channeling Scorching Ray" to see if someone made something like this and of course Mathil popped up. I don't watch him so I didn't know. Luckily his is different. :)
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Hi! How do you deal with traps in lab with no life regen from Vaal Pact?
Mr_Schnapps wrote:
Hi! How do you deal with traps in lab with no life regen from Vaal Pact?

Anti-Bleed Flasks and paying close attention. But I don't run labs other than when I need the Uber lab for myself. Only did it [carrying] in Breach for free loot as I had nothing.

PS: I personally despise lab.
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Mr_Schnapps wrote:
Hi! How do you deal with traps in lab with no life regen from Vaal Pact?

Anti-Bleed Flasks and paying close attention. But I don't run labs other than when I need the Uber lab for myself. Only did it [carrying] in Breach for free loot as I had nothing.

PS: I personally despise lab.

Lab - is the only thing on my way to try this build, my most hated part in the game.
Mr_Schnapps wrote:
Lab - is the only thing on my way to try this build, my most hated part in the game.

It's not Izaro that will kill you. Traps might. Best way to deal with it is to be patient and watch patterns. Died a few times before, once to Izaro while I was carrying because of this dumb feature that he can attack while he's practically dead (it's fixed with 2.6, yaay!), but if I die, it's because traps fuck me over. If it wasn't mandatory, I'd never touch lab.
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