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dropped some love :)

will try these days by rerolling my marauder tree
Necronos777 wrote:
dropped some love :)

will try these days by rerolling my marauder tree

hehe thx!
Got an update for those following.

Found an Abyssus already enchanted:

Here are the numbers with it:

Shocked mobs

Non-shocked mobs

This of course makes you squishier, so I tested and I let some bears slap me and the boss slam me in a T14 Springs; seems fine... You could go with a Lightning Coil to off-set the additional phys dmg taken, but then you'd lose about the same DPS as putting on Devoto's, so if you're gonna go all DPS, go all DPS!! ;)

BUT! I'll definitely still wear Devoto's for Uber:

And speaking of Uber, here's an updated run now that I'm more comfortable with the build.

Uber Lab: ~9 Minutes/10 Rooms/4 Keys/Death's Drop
Another update, pushing DPS even higher...

A friend told me about his Spell Totem + Wither setup.

So, I gave it a shot:

and here are the results in PoB with Wither at 20 stacks:

Shocked mobs

Claw setup is now this:

Can you add lvling tree with steps,please?
Bizmousse wrote:
Can you add lvling tree with steps,please?

I updated the leveling section with the gear, skills and what you should look for in your tree as you level.

BUT! I'm sorry, a play-by-play tree is too much hand-holding for my taste.

Also, I did not level this character strictly for this build, I respec into it from my A. Warchief builds.

If the info I provided is not enough for you, pick the leveling guide from any other build out there. It's not really a big concern how you level.

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Hey guys, here's a couple of fun runs I just recorded with some cool mods:

Courtyard T15 - 2xBeyond/Breach/Onslaught/6mobs left/9min

Overgrown Ruins T15 - Beyond/Breach/Onslaught/Trial/16mobs left/9min

I'm running with Item Rarity instead of Conc./AoE btw.

This is such a fun build to play! So fast... I love blitzing packs and popping them before they even get a shot off!
An often asked question about Abyssus and Traps. Can it be done?

Yea, here's an AFK trap test as I lvl a few gems:

30sec vid - Abyssus AFK Trap Test
rip this build has only weeks left to live before bleed/poison dbl dip nerfs murder it in cold blood :<
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