[3.5] Wraeclast Army Knife - Barrage/ B. Flurry/ Cyclone/ Double S./ Ele. Hit/ Molten S./ Reave

Vaal Double Strike - +35% more life T16 Phoenix in ~5sec

Elemental Hit - Shaper Last Phase

Double Strike - Shaper First Phase

Double Strike - (3.3) Minotaur

Double Strike - (3.3) Phoenix

Blade Flurry - (3.1) Minotaur

Blade Flurry - Uber Argus

Blade Flurry - (3.0) Minotaur

Uber Lab - Don't give a F! about traps collage

-::- Introduction -::-

Hello and welcome to my guide!

A bit of background…

This guide has been around since 2.6. It was originally called “ScourgeFlurry”, as it was initially focused on a Berserker build using a combination of The Scourge + BloodSeeker + Blade Flurry. Needless to say, a lot of things have changed since then.

Because the original concept was quite successful, I started seeing what else I could do with it. The result of all that work is what you see here today.

As you can see from the gifs above, there are many options to choose from, but if you compare variants side-by-side, you will notice a lot of similarities. This is both due to my personal playstyle and the fact that the basic concept is extremely flexible. I encourage you to take the information I present and try things out on your own to see what works best for you.

To put your mind at ease, you should know that I hate misleading people, and you can be confident that all the variants listed were thoroughly tested in end-game content. I do my best to keep each variant updated when major mechanics/gear changes happen, but it may not always be the case as it's a lot of work to maintain such a big post with so many builds. The most recent builds will always be at the top. When new patches come out, I usually try to build something new, so always check my current league toons and the last posts on the thread, to see what I am upto.

Keep in mind that the gear I show may be the best I’ve been able to find and may require a lot of work/money to acquire. Often times it may be rare or impossible to get, such as Legacy items in Standard. This does not mean that a particular build will not work without a specific piece of gear, it just means you’ll have to find a different option to go with. You'll also notice that I tend to go for a lot of uniques. This is a personal choice, as I like to look for cheap, neglected uniques, instead of crafted yellow gear. This means you can often improve upon my variants by using expensive yellows.

I realize there is a lot of information on this thread, as I like to try new things and post the progress. Unfortunately, the forum search option is pretty bad, but there’s not much I can do about that. However, I do encourage you to try to search through the thread if you have any questions, as there’s a very good chance I’ve already answered it at some point.

You should know that I am not the most patient person in the world, and don’t really have an interest in explaining every single detail about my builds. When I got into build making, I didn’t know a lot of things myself, and I am sure I still don’t. So, my approach is to present you (the reader) with what I have tested and know works, and encourage you to dive into figuring out on your own how and why the builds work.

Finally, if you really must ask me a question, feel free to PM me in-game. Unlike some build makers out there, I actually prefer to chat directly with people trying my builds, rather than answering questions in this clunky/outdated forum.

Best of luck out there!

-::- 3.5 ~8M Max DPS Vaal Double Strike Jugg - Uber Elder | Hall of The Grand Masters -::-

+35% more life T16 Phoenix in ~5sec


Youtube: 3.5 Vaal Double Strike Juggernaut - Uber Elder (2 Deaths, Full Run)

The Vaal DS adds snapshot your character, so you wanna be as buffed as possible before popping them.

The Attack sequence should be:

Ancestral Protector > Blood Rage > 1xVaal Ancestral Warchief > War Banner Planted > All attack flasks > 2xVaal Double Strike > Attack Boss > 1xVaal Warchief towards end of fight for Culling Strike

If there are phases, save one Double Strike charge for another phase.

You can try to fit in Ralakesh swap at beginning of sequence if you really want to, but not really necessary, just fun to see things melt ;)

-::- Stats --::-

Let's go over the Configuration section, as it how I can achieve the 8M, so you guys can understand what all is taking effect:

Full Life: Bloodseeker instaleech let's us maintain it.

Power Charges: From Bloodseeker corruption

Frenzy Charges: Blood Rage, can also be pre-loaded before boss with Ralakesh boots. I never bother with any boss to do that. DPS is more than enough.

Endurance Charges: Jugg Ascendancy

Adrenaline: War Banner with 50 stacks planted gives us Adrenaline

Cat's Stealth active: Either one of the two is active. Stealth is the low DPS one.

Banner Planted: I don't use for anything besides bosses.

Crit Chance Lucky: Diamond Flask.

Enemy Moving: Doesn't matter much...

Enemy Bleeding: Haemophilia. No need for more than +25% chance to bleed. Very well tested.

Enemy Maimed: +1 Maim on Body Armour.

Enemy Ignited: My rare claw has a bit of fire damage, so Ignite gets enabled and Yoke takes advantage of it as an Ailment.

Enemy Chilled: I have Hatred and Mark of the Elder so do quite a bit of cold damage.

Enemy Frozen: 90% Chance to Freeze

I don't enable Shocked because PoB calculation is too much. I just edit my rare ring in PoB and add "20% more Damage":

-::- Gear -::-

-::- 3.5 Blade Flurry / Vaal Double Strike / Vaal Reave Juggernaut -::-

-::- T16 Mino + Perandus Chest -::-

Click here for HQ GIF

Youtube: T16 Minotaur + Syndicate Fortification

-:: T17 Shaper -::-


Youtube: T17 - Shaper (Full Run, Deathless)

-::- Gear -::-

-::- The Stats -::-

Vaal Double Strike

Blade Flurry

Vaal Reave

To help with syndicate we've got a bunch of things going:

1) Instant Life-Leech
2) Freeze > Shattering
3) Bleed Explosions
4) 100% Chance to Blind
5) 100% Chance to Chill
6) 8k Armour
7) Acrobatics
8) 4 Endurance Charges (5 with Death's Door and can grab more from tree)
9) Power Charge on Crit corruption
10) War Banner
11) Bleed Immunity (Death's Door)
12) Poison Immunity (Shakari Pantheon)
13) 7th link Maim on chest
14) Aspect of the Cat

Still lots of room to grow! But already can do it all.

For Vaal DS mapping swap:

Melee Physical Damage > Melee Splash
Damage on Full Life > Ancestral Call

-::- Elemental Hit Juggernaut -::-


Gear (Legacy Standard)

The Stats


-::- Double Strike Juggernaut (Hard Content MF) -::-


Youtube: T16 Elder Spider Forest Collage (MF Gear)

The Gear:

If you want, you can even fit in Sadima's, by swapping Damage on Full Life > Chance To Bleed. You WILL miss the bleed explosions though, just FYI!

The Stats


-::- Double Strike Juggernaut (Uber Elder) -::-

-::- Molten Strike Juggernaut -::-

-::- Barrage Juggernaut -::-

-::- Blade Flurry / Cyclone / Reave Berserker -::-

A new version of the Original Blade Flurry/Cyclone/Reave optimized for faster attacks taking advantage of the new Rage mechanic. Very fun to swap between Cyclone (trash) / BF (bosses).

For Cyclone/Reave DPS, see full PoB export below and don't forget to check each 'Item Set':

For videos, see the many already posted in the Showcase Videos section below, it's still the same.

-::- Bringer of Rain Berserker (budget, league-starter) -::-

There's been a lot of demand for an updated budget guide, so here it is!

As you can see in the screenshot above, I have no main weapon selected. That's because there's a lot of options you can pick, from cheap to expensive, so I've listed a bunch of them so you can go with what you can find/afford:


*I've done the same for all the other slots, so make sure you check each drop-down menu.

*Brightbeak/Prismatic are only there to use as weapon swaps if you want to use Leap Slam instead of Flame Dash.

*Make sure you check the Skills section for the disabled skills you can add, once you move away from BoR and Kaom's.

*I've also added all the cheap unique flasks, but left the expensive ones for when you can afford them.

*The jewels listed are actual jewels I've bought, and your goal is to try to find the cheapest similar ones to those.

*The jewelry listed is not cheap, but it's there to give you an example of what to look for.

*Your aim always is to get as much x-y phys dmg as you can in both jewels and jewelry.

*As you can see, the setup is a bit low on resists. That you can easily fix with jewels/jewelry.

*If you are going to use Kaom's boots, make sure you pick up a bleeding flask or a Bloodgrip amulet.

*Unique items have rolls. Obviously this means bad rolls are cheaper than good rolls. For simplicity's sake, I've added the best roll for a lot of the gear. Your goal is to try to buy the best, cheapest roll you can find.

*Don't worry too much about buying perfect rolled items. 99% of the time you won't be able to tell the difference in-game.


-::- Reave / Blade Flurry (non-budget) -::-

I've settled for Reave(Trash) + Blade Flurry(Boss) as the best combo this time around:

Youtube: PoE 3.1: Reave+BladeFlurry: T16 Minotaur + Abyssal Lich (Full Run, Deathless)

Here is the PoB Export with all the details:

https://pastebin.com/scYCJCtk **UPDATED 1/22/18

I added skill combinations for both Trash and Boss killing with each skill:

I also used the Item Sets to outline the Mapping, Boss, and Uber Lab gear changes:

A bit about some of the gear choices:

Yes, you can use Starkonja's for more life or Lightpoacher for the Spirits, but after a lot of testing Devoto's feels the best out of the three, and you can get a +BF DMG enchanted one fairly cheap, compared to Stark.

Really lovely gloves and worth it to get the 2 Abyssal Sockets to gain Intimidate + Maim.

Freeze/Ignite/Bleeding(boots) Immunity = YUM!

Scourge is still OK, but stat sticks is where is at for 3.1. Craft one yourself! It's not that hard... I bought this bad boy for about 40c and Alt/Regal until I got 2 good rolls.

Scored this for about 2-3EX.

-::- Bringer of Rain Berserker (non-budget)-::-

-::- The Ultimate Expression (non-budget) -::-
I believe I have finally completed my quest!!

And although I am sure if I kept at it I could optimize it even more, I feel what you are about to see is a beautiful culmination to all the work I've put into the build.

This is what you would call the "non-budget end-game final version"...

The build now uses a double-curse setup (vulnerability|punishment) with a corrupted amulet, and corrupted gloves. I have also switched to "Damage on Full Life" as it's a considerable DPS boost and in end-game testing it has shown to be quite reliable, due to our massive life leech. I've also switched totem to Ancestral Protector for another respectable DPS boost, and added several Enhance/Empower gems into the mix.

Besides that, the most important change is that I have gone beyond just Blade Flurry and selected 2 additional skills that I found in testing work the best and with the fewest changes from one to the other. Meaning that you can now just carry the gems and swap between the following skills as you please:

Blade Flurry

I have used all three to clear T16 maps, each with it's own advantages/disadvantages/quirks.

In the PoB export below you will find those 3 skills linked in 2 different formats:

1) Max single-target DPS
2) Mapping

I have also added the various "item sets" that go along with the skill combinations:

1) Blade Flurry: Max single-target DPS
2) Blade Flurry: Mapping
3) Cyclone: Max single-target DPS
4) Cyclone: Mapping
5) Reave: Max single-target DPS
6) Reave: Mapping
7) Any Skill: Uber Lab Runner

PoB Export:


-::- Tazmanian Cyclone - Speed Mapper (upto T15, non-budget) -::-

This variant is designed to primarily optimize two aspects:

1) Movement Speed
2) Weapon Range

As we all know movement speed is key to fast clearing. Specially for a build such as this one, relying exclusively on melee skills.

After much testing the clear winner is Cyclone. While Blade Flurry is clearly king when it comes to single target damage/boss killing, it is just not agile enough for trash clearing. So, even though my DPS output is much higher while mapping with BF, the clear speed is much slower than with the lower DPS output of Cyclone. This is just due to the fact that Cyclone can kill as you move with a couple of taps of the skill, while with BF I'm whirling to the pack, stopping, casting BF, releasing, and then moving on - a lengthy process by comparison.

BUT... Cyclone without optimization can feel quite clunky and annoying to play...

The first key to playing Cyclone is knowing that it works best by "tapping" the skill, instead of "channeling" it, like with BF. While channeling works and is easier to play, you do so at the expense of wasting time spinning when there is nothing left to kill. By "tapping" there will always be small pauses between Cyclone whirls, allowing you much more control on when you want to stop spinning and move on.

Another key to optimizing Cyclone is range. Most Cyclone builds rely on 2H weapon range, but as this build requires the pseudo-vaal pact provided by Bloodseeker, that is not an option. But several avenues to gain range as a 1H character abound, and so I incorporated several of them and thus surpassed the range of even 2H Cyclone builds:

1) Skill Gem - By purchasing a Cyclone lvl 21 I gain +4 range:

2) Scourge Replacement - I purchased ilvl 84 Imperial Claws and started crafting. What I managed to acquire is pretty much THE TEXT BOOK weapon for this build, either for Cyclone, BF or Reave. An incredibly lucky roll with Trans > Alt > Aug > Regal and then multi-crafted +2 range:

3) Amulet - I wanted to try to get as much range as I could, and because in testing the build doesn't require the dual curse DPS much while mapping (Youtube: T14 Springs Hexproof Test), I purchased this:

4) Jewel - Because I love using more uniques and I wanted even more range:

Why is weapon range important while Dual-Wielding and using Cyclone?

Because Cyclone bases it's AoE range on attack range:


This means I DO take advantage of the multi-crafted weapon range, even though it is specifically bound to only one of my weapons.

Now, with range out of the way, the next thing to optimize is movement speed.

In order to achieve that, I've made several changes to gear and skills:

1) Helmet - Again, all about speed here. We want faster Cyclone and faster movement:

2) Skills - Again, speed, speed, speed. Poacher's gives us added flask charges and frenzy charges. These are additionally accumulated through Blood Rage. And well Haste just speaks for itself:

3) Flask - Because again, we want speed, and because we now have never-ending Frenzy Charges, an item most people consider total shit is utterly transformed into a thing of beauty, giving you not only a Quicksilver that lasts for a very very long time, but also a very very long lasting Onslaught (MORE SPEED!!!!), and because we are now using Poacher's for extra flask charges, it's pretty much up always! You'll want to get one with 30% speed and lowest %flask charges used:

That about covers all the changes related to optimizing Range and Speed. The remaining changes are just things that make sense or because there is little else I can change and it was a nice QoL addition:

1) This allows you to swap Haste > Hatred at bosses. If you feel this is unnecessary, and would rather just swap the gem manually from inventory, or just not use it at all, that is fine. It's not needed, I farm T15 bosses without switching to Hatred most of the time:

2) Ancestral Protector was not really benefiting in a meaningful way by the linking of Enhance+Empower, so I dumped both (I kept Protector, of course), giving me a slot to add Haste and Vengeance, which as you saw in the screenshots above, benefits from Range as Cyclone does, so a nice addition, but completely swapable for anything else you want:

I think that about covers the major changes in the variant.

Here's the PoB export. I've once again used the "Item Sets" feature to create gear sets for boss killing, mapping and Uber Lab:


Some vids:

Youtube: T15 Colosseum Full Sextants Test 1min 30sec
Youtube: T15 Beachhead Boss 2min 40sec
Youtube: T13 Gorge 2min 20sec

That's all! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have...

Good luck monkey men! ;)

-::- Showcase Videos -::-

-::- Quotes From People Who Tried The Build -::-

Credit first Shaper 3.0 kill with build: Fryzie
Completed 32 ChallengesFryzie wrote:

Can confirm this build is indeed Shaper viable. Really solid build with no real issues aside from personal mess ups.

Good job on this build! Funnest build I've played in a long time!

Completed 4 Challengesbpesnya87 wrote:
nice build man
shaper with tabula!!

Completed 18 ChallengesBimor89 wrote:
..what can i say
Shaper down at lvl 78!:

Completed 8 Challengeshaamoo wrote:
This build works as advertised! I wish I'd found this at the start of Harbinger, this guide under-promises and over-delivers. I started smiling at about level 40 and have not stopped since. Rolling through labs at a disgustingly low level...no problem. The Bloodseeker claw is like Vaal Pact on steroids, I can't believe I'd never heard of it until this build. I'm leveling with Arctic Armor & Warlord's Mark/Blasphemy. Mapping feels fun again, no longer a grind. I often complete a map and realize the boss is dead and I've forgotten to swap Inc AOE for Conc, but I melted them anyway. I'm not sure how I'm going to play a build without Whirling Blades ever again.

Completed 16 Challengesblizaro wrote:
Currently running this in HC Harbinger, super fun build, tanky, so far so good!

Completed 29 ChallengesStormHavoc wrote:
+1 For this build. It's very well designed.

-Cheap. Everything can be bought for 1-2c besides Jewelry/Chest/Jewels
-High DMG ~1mil DPS in PoB -Against Guardians/Shaper around 600k.
-Decent clearspeed and able to do most maps (Phys reflect sucks, but is possible with Pantheon)
-Survivability - Can tank almost all hits and instantly leech back thanks to our claw.
-Uber Lab Farmer/Shaper Farmer/T16 Farmer/Atziri Farmer

Completed 40 Challengeshankinsohl wrote:
I like this build a lot - you essentially get Vaal Pact without the penalty of no regeneration...

For me, this is a great budget build/league-starter, able to kill any boss in the game with little investment. Moreover, if you don't care about clear speed, this build is the only build you will need - it will do everything for you.

Clear speed with this build is fair - not great definitely - but not terrible either.

Completed 11 Challengessilent wrote:
LOVING this build, most fun I've had in quite a while.

Completed 15 ChallengesMastermindPK wrote:
Running the tankier version of this build right now and it's simply amazing.

My gear isn't worth much more than 1 ex total (besides flasks which don't matter much in long guardian fights) and I was able to basically face tank guardians deathless. This build really does have everything a build would ever need.

It's budget, a starter version through red maps would be very, very cheap. It has room to grow into high gear levels with flasks and 6L belly, etc.

It's got all the benefits of vaal pact without the downside of losing Regen or spending the points to get over there.

You can get an insane HP pool, 8k very reasonably by level 90 even without belly, while still doing the damage to reasonably do shaper and guardians. One hit instantly puts you to full life as well in any boss fight situation.

Plus, a high attack speed build with whirling blades gives insane mobility for both distance traversing maps and dodging stuff in boss fights.

Honestly my biggest problem with the build is that I can't find enough things to waste currency on to make it better. It scales way too well off of cheap stuff to the point where you can't really reasonably spend more than 10 ex on it.

Thanks for the great build!

Completed 10 ChallengesCedricDur wrote:
I'll be honest. This is probably going to be my last build. I see no point in doing others after a lot of waffing around with RF builds, magma orb builds, summoners and etc.

It's 'melee', but hits the whole screen with increased radius (I actually prefer added fire damage as a middle ground between increased radius (no damage, and I feel the radius is large enough alone) and concentrated effect (big damage boost, but makes the radius uncomfortably tiny)), it's tanky as fuck with 8k HP and pseudo-vaal pact -and- it does a really nice damage. The pseudo-vaal pact is fucking amazing! I have no idea how I never saw that claw rear up its head until you put together this cheapo hipster uniques build.

Using your tanky PoB build and turning off all flasks and Vaal Haste it still puts the damage in the 400k-ish boosting up to close to 800k with only the cheapo flasks (screw 150c for Sin's Rebirth :p) and Vall Haste on. This is not counting using Vaal lightning trap.

Good job man, very good job

Baggelz wrote:
Been leveling this character as this League I actually want to attempt and get Shaper down and have a sort-of boss killing build that doesn't require too much investment (like Ele-Crit).

Got to Lv. 70 and did Uber Lab 3 keys with very minimal gear, 5l chest was the most expensive piece at 3c. I'd definitely recommend this build right now.

Completed 1 Challengenikes0987 wrote:
Thanks for the build! I reroll to this and i love it! Best build i played for long. So much fun and many love to u!

Completed 5 ChallengesSpooo wrote:

Thanks again for such a fantastic build! I would like to re-iterate this build is fantastic you have made something special !

-::- Gear Options -::-


Stat Sticks:

Body Armours:







-::- Keybindings Setup -::-

*Keep 3 fingers on "234" and thumb on "Space", ready to spam the most used flasks.
*Slide over ring finger to "1" as necessary.

"Q" = Totem
"W" = Whirling Blades
"E" = Blood Rage
"S" = Vaal Skill
"D" = Enduring Cry
"A" = Unused


"LMB" = Move Only
"MMB" = Flame Dash/Recast Auras
"RMB" = Reave/Blade Flurry/Cyclone

-::- Leveling -::-

There are endless ways to lvl, this is just one, but not exactly cheap.


Combine at minimum these:
Facebreakers + Lycosidae + Meginord’s + Warden’s Brand + Deidbell + Tabula + Wanderlust

Keep in mind that Lycosidae gives you "Resolute Technique", so don't get RT until you are ready to switch out of the shield.

Skills & Tree

Shield charge + ancestral warchief + faster atk + melee phys. damage + added fire + iaoe/conc

For the tree get all STR and DMG nodes. Forget resists and Life.
With this setup shield charge should one-shot most everything (except bosses) all the way to Merc Dry Lake.

When to switch to Blade Flurry I leave up to you. There's already tons of info out there, so do some research. I don't like cuddling and hand-holding ppl so much.

Useful list of items to consider for leveling:

Face breakers
Warden’s Brand
Le Heup of All
Gifts From Above
Kaom’s Sign
Praxis Paua Ring
Mutewind Seal
Karui Ward
Daresso’s Salute
Extractor Mentis
Carnage Heart

-::- My Other Builds -::-

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dropped some love :)

will try these days by rerolling my marauder tree
Necronos777 wrote:
dropped some love :)

will try these days by rerolling my marauder tree

hehe thx!
Got an update for those following.

Found an Abyssus already enchanted:

Here are the numbers with it:

Shocked mobs

Non-shocked mobs

This of course makes you squishier, so I tested and I let some bears slap me and the boss slam me in a T14 Springs; seems fine... You could go with a Lightning Coil to off-set the additional phys dmg taken, but then you'd lose about the same DPS as putting on Devoto's, so if you're gonna go all DPS, go all DPS!! ;)

BUT! I'll definitely still wear Devoto's for Uber:

And speaking of Uber, here's an updated run now that I'm more comfortable with the build.

Uber Lab: ~9 Minutes/10 Rooms/4 Keys/Death's Drop
Another update, pushing DPS even higher...

A friend told me about his Spell Totem + Wither setup.

So, I gave it a shot:

and here are the results in PoB with Wither at 20 stacks:

Shocked mobs

Claw setup is now this:

Can you add lvling tree with steps,please?
Completed 24 ChallengesBizmousse wrote:
Can you add lvling tree with steps,please?

I updated the leveling section with the gear, skills and what you should look for in your tree as you level.

BUT! I'm sorry, a play-by-play tree is too much hand-holding for my taste.

Also, I did not level this character strictly for this build, I respec into it from my A. Warchief builds.

If the info I provided is not enough for you, pick the leveling guide from any other build out there. It's not really a big concern how you level.

Last edited by corosou on May 2, 2017, 1:14:25 PM
Hey guys, here's a couple of fun runs I just recorded with some cool mods:

Courtyard T15 - 2xBeyond/Breach/Onslaught/6mobs left/9min

Overgrown Ruins T15 - Beyond/Breach/Onslaught/Trial/16mobs left/9min

I'm running with Item Rarity instead of Conc./AoE btw.

This is such a fun build to play! So fast... I love blitzing packs and popping them before they even get a shot off!
An often asked question about Abyssus and Traps. Can it be done?

Yea, here's an AFK trap test as I lvl a few gems:

30sec vid - Abyssus AFK Trap Test
rip this build has only weeks left to live before bleed/poison dbl dip nerfs murder it in cold blood :<
No#1 Legacy Righteous Fire Elder Helm with Spider aspect and white sockets.
Bestiary Copies: 1
Standard Copies: 2

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