[3.10] Molten Strike Jugg (Thread restored for historical purposes)


Sorry for the noob question, but where the poison comes from? Only from Voidheart? (and sorry for my bad english)
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stormyknight wrote:
rip this build has only weeks left to live before bleed/poison dbl dip nerfs murder it in cold blood :<

hehe yup yup! enjoy while it lasts...
nicklencz wrote:

Sorry for the noob question, but where the poison comes from? Only from Voidheart? (and sorry for my bad english)

The Voidheart:

Oh,NO my dps just have 2.5k :(
@GGG, if you're watching:

What will the upcoming changes mean for a build such as this?

Will some version of this still be viable?

I don't care about the actual millions of DPS, as long as it's still able to perform as well as it performs now.

This is my first creation all on my own and I'd hate to not be able to enjoy it for a bit longer.

Although, if end is its fate, now that I've delved into the craft of build making, I welcome the challenge to create something as fun and cool as this has turned out to be.

Thank you for this incredibly entertaining piece of software art!
I decided to follow my own advise and do the research.

How is this build affected by "double-dipping" changes. A brief story in excerpts..

1) "..had to reduce the power of core passives and common items that are effective for.. Poison builds to the point where they're not worth the investment for other builds."

2) "Poison had to be reduced in power so they were at a desired damage level after heavy investment in effects that "double dipped", making them virtually worthless for builds that didn't take advantage of these systems"

3) "Poison.. values will be based on the base damage of the skill, and then affected by appropriate damage modifiers."

4) "Some damage modifiers will affect both the hit and the ..Poison or Bleed, while some may only affect one."

5) "..Increased Spell, Attack, or Weapon Damage will no longer influence your.. Poison or Bleed damage at all."

6) "while modifiers to Fire Damage will still apply both to a hit and to the Ignite it causes, since the Ignite’s base damage is the same as the hit’s, rather than being the damage the enemy took from the hit, there is no cumulative effect - the modifier applying to the hit has no effect at all on the Ignite - the two are entirely separate." *replace fire with poison in the above

7) "To compensate for the loss of damage from the removal of "double dipping", the damage of player.. Poisons, and Bleeding have been doubled."

8) "Increases to these effects on the passive tree have been boosted as well, and additional Poison and Bleeding bonuses have been added to some weapon clusters, on top of their existing stats."

9) "Bleeding is also being changed for players so that it does more damage while the target is stationary, making it a more versatile source of damage. Previously it dealt only one sixth its damage while the target was stationary, but will now deal half damage instead."

10) "The goal for Poison and Bleeding is to create an additional mechanic that can be invested in as an optional way to boost your damage with a damage over time component. We intend that if you take Poison or Bleed bonuses in the passive tree and equip items with powerful new ailment damage increases, it will be a reliable way to boost your damage on high health or mobile targets."

11) "We'll also be adding new support gems to further let characters improve damage, give new sources of chances to cause Bleeding.. and adding new ways to interact with these effects."

12) "In The Fall of Oriath, Poison and Bleed will now be considered Ailments, just like Freeze, Shock, Ignite and Chill."

13) "Ailments... aren't considered Skill Effects, and are unaffected by modifiers to Skill Effect Duration, such as the Increased Duration Support."

14) "There are now specific modifiers to Bleeding Duration and Poison Duration in the passive tree."

15) "Your Critical Damage Multiplier will.. not influence Poison, Bleeding"

16) "..players and monsters now have a property called Damage Multiplier for Ailments from Critical Strikes, which boosts the damage of.. Poison and Bleed caused by critical strikes."

17) "..we will be introducing a new keystone that lets a large portion of a hit's modifiers to Critical Strike Multiplier also apply to the skill's ailment damage, at the cost of hit damage."

18) "Some of Path of Exile's most challenging bosses have always had inbuilt immunities to ailments.. We're going to be removing the majority of these immunities, so they don't punish ailment-focussed builds.

19) "We intend to make changes to Chill and Shock that we'll be trying out during the beta to further help this situation, making ailments more useful against very high-health enemies without them making the content too easy.

20) "We will be introducing a new selection of suffix modifiers to certain weapons, including:"
  • Increased Poison Damage on Daggers, Claws, Swords and Bows
  • Local Chance to Poison on Daggers, Claws, Swords and Bows
  • Increased Bleeding Damage on Maces, Axes, Swords and Bows
  • Local Chance to cause Bleeding on Maces, Axes, Swords and Bows

There're some bad changes and there're some good changes. Overall, I believe there's hope yet.

Definitely changes will have to be made, but I believe I'll give it a shot at making the build work in 3.0
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Regarding ascendancies, does it truly matter which you pick, i.e: chieftain, Juggernaut or Beserker?
I'm pretty sure you can make it work with any of them, but the warcry healing and 40% extra damage are very nice.
Quick update.

I've been messing around with this setup for mapping:

Switched from Shaped Strand to Shaped Spider Forest, ran about 10-20 maps and scored this lovely card:

So, I decided to push the combo to see what it can do.

Here's a T15 Colosseum run with some nasty mods for a poison build:

Colosseum T15 - 2xBoss/Breach/Beyond/Rampage/Bisco's/Item Rarity

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