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[2.6] Legasi's Lazerker - Super lazy Oro Flicker Zerker

Lazer fast and super lazy!

Looking for a cheap build that can farm maps almost eyes closed with minimal button presses/brainpower required? And even pack some beefy magic find on top? Then this is for you!

Flicker strike? But I hate that skill!
Well I thought the same when I played it for the first time three years ago. However between RT, camera changes, lockstep and lootfilters the skill became insanely fun! Give it a try!

- The laziest build you'll find
- Fun at that!
- Cheap/upgradable
- Fast clearspeed/great farmer
- Very hard to kill
- requires only a 5l
- most/all mods viable

- Bosses with onehit mechanics are risky
- Not Atziri viable
- Lab and T16+ bosses not recommended

- ~8k hit dmg unbuffed, ~12k buffed on Flicker
- attack rate: ~11 aps fully buffed
- 51%-71% fire penetration
- fully buffed boss dps excluding shock and Wise Oak: ~260k Flicker + ~90k Warchief

- 8k+ Life
- 100% instant life leech
- 40/46 dodge
- Fortify
- Arctic Armour
- Flasks
- (Anti-)Defence (?): 10% increased damage taken, 10% increased fire and phys damage taken. Somewhat countered by AA. Taking more damage obviously isn't good, however it hepls triggering savage hits which makes you pretty much only killabe by onehits

L93 Tree 225% life

Bandits: Life - Passive - Frenzy

Up to 253%life at lvl 99!

Legacy Gear (budget)

Investment: 5l Oro 20c, Kaom's 1 ex, Wise Oak 10c, Darkray 1 alch, DivDist 1 c. Rest self found. (Bisco's would be around 12c too)
Very cheap if you use a rare chest until you can afford Kaom's!

Sandbox Mode Gear

Other Flask options:

, Wise Oak

MF swaps:

Map Mods
Can theoretically play anything. Ele ref and ele ailment immunity are possible but not recommended

I'll tell you a secret here: The most important mf stat is hidden! It's clearspeed! :) Don't dump your clearspeed too much overloading your character with MF gear. Make sure playing it still feels good! Second important stat is IIQ, IIR is almost useless imo. Bisco's Collar is dope.

Leveling Section
I leved as caster. Use selfcast Firestorm - Ele Focus - Conc Effect until lvl 41 where you switch to Scorching Ray - CwC - Firestorm in a Nyctas Lantern. Turn on Anger and Blasphemy - Ele Weakness. Absolutely ridiculously op. That will carry you effortlessly to lvl 67. Tree: Go to Templar area first, you can take Light of Divinity and respec later. Skip RT for now! Then go grab mostly life nodes, start getting frenzies in merciless. Around l 60 you can start getting the weapon nodes. Leave VP for later, Regen is better until you finish uber lab. Asc: Leech - Movespeed - Damage - Fat Leech

Slayer Tree for Ono

Have fun :)
My Build Compendium:
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Nice!! Bump.

I never tried Flicker, may I ask:
1. When do you use Frenzy? Do you flicker-flicker-flicker-flicker-flicker-frenzy or something like that?
2. How much of a hit do you think the build will take without Kaom's?
3. Do you go for Resolute first and then run all the way over to Vaal next (or did you just massively respec after new league restart)?
4. Since you have VP (and I don't have Vinktar's) can we safely replace that expensive flask with a more moderate one?
5. Nice 6L Oro's ;.) Without it, would you put your totem somewhere else or get rid of a support? I'm guessing totem is only for bosses, since you are probably flickering all the time and have no time to waste with totems; Vengeance seems like the gem that you can most easily leave out, but of course your totem is much less sexy as a 1L. So I suppose this is "advice for 5L" question.

Underrated stats: Basic human decency, small quantum of respect, microportion of compassion
bumb ;)
Onomastikon brought up a lot of good questions. Also, it'd be nice to get an idea of how you leveled this character up til you started flicker striking. I know there's a lot of information out there on how you can level Oro's Flicker already, but it's nice to have everything in one single post.
Yo, I answered ono's questions personally, however I can do a quick write up.

- Frenzy is only for backup or to get bloodrage and fort up

- roughly 6k with rare chest, 6.5k with belly

- Adding a leveling section. Wasn't sure how to level this myself, until I tried it in Legacy. tldr: Ray - CwC in Nycta's Lantern is the most ridiculous shit i've seen while leveling. Templar area first, skip rt! Then grab all the life and frenzies. This will carry you effortlessly to lvl 67. Then grab the weapon passives. VP is taken last.

- Vinktar is just for show... erm shock. Not neccessary at all.

- Warchief is just there for the sake of being there. You rarely have time to use it all. Don't underestimate the frenzy charges generated by Vengeance!
My Build Compendium:
Can you suggest some gear alternates for those on a reasonable budget, please. The current items you have listed for gear include a sword listed between 500-800 chaos currently, with less than 10 6-linked versions of itself on sale at any given point in time. The amulet is 180 chaos, the dying sun flask is 390 chaos, the Vinkt flask is 50 chaos..... etc.

The total cost of the build currently is anything up to 14ex at the moment, which is a bit crazy and really should have been mentioned in your opening post.
Alright gonna add my Legacy gear as a budget comparison.
My Build Compendium:
mark it ,thanks for the share.
1. Where you placed your Firborn jewel?
2. Wasn't it be better to use Bronn's Lithe or even The Perfect Form instead of Kaom's?
3. Other way: can this build be playable with hybrid armor/evasion gearing without Acrobatics?

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