[2.5] Crit FB | One Character - All Challenges | Fast Clear | All Bosses

To give a little background, I've been away from this game since ~2.0 or so. I saw this amazing unique and had to come back.

I've played Facebreaker many times before, but I've always felt bad about wasting the crit multi on Abyssus and Facebreaker. However, it no longer has to go to waste!

I started in Breach SC early January, so about a month after the league started. The items needed for this build were already quite cheap, so it made progression very easy. In this guide, I'll try to show the progression.

This build doesn't do too much for defenses, besides a decent life pool and 7 endurance changes. The way I built it can be a little squishy, especially with an Abyssus. I don't think it'll be that great for hardcore. I originally chose Juggernaut because I thought the damage would be good enough regardless, but I wasn't aware of ridiculously high-hp bosses like the guardians and shaper. If I was to redo this build, I would consider using Berserker or Assassin instead, focusing on power charges instead of endurance charges. Juggernaut is pretty nice though, since it gives defenses via endurance charges, removes the headache from temp chains maps, and has a nice +1k accuracy node that compensates for lack of accuracy from a weapon.

For the most part, this build fights with Shield Charge, supplemented with Warchief for more difficult situations. .31s attack time shield charge that's capable of 1-shotting rares makes for fast mapping while a gem swap to warchief lets you take on any boss that you can't tank. Note this build can't just rip though the harder bosses (Guardians, Shaper, Uber Atziri) so you will have to play vs mechanics (which is more fun anyways).

In its final form, this build hits hard enough that you can one-shot yourself against a phys reflect rare with no flasks up, so you do have to play somewhat carefully. I rely on a self-cast enduring cry and a Taste of Hate to mitigate this, but sometimes I will accidentally one-shot myself vs an off-screen rare. Other than that, I have no huge problems with this build. It can comfortably run all map mods except phys reflect. I do have to turn off auras vs ele reflect. A mana pot gets me through no leech/no regen maps.

Also, though this build can do all the bosses, it's a real struggle. If you're looking to farm Shaper, Guardians, or Uber Atziri, you're better off going with some chaos-poison double-dipper honestly.

Initial Leveling

Leveling is super easy and smooth. Just pick up a few cheap uniques.

You'll probably also want at least 1 Elreon ring/amulet until you can get some mana leech and flat phys in the other ring/amulet slots.

On the Tabula, I just went with Shield Charge - Warchief - Faster Attacks - Melee Phys - Fortify - Added Fire. (A 2x 5L setup).

Other than that, pick up Hatred and Herald of Ash and whatever else you want.




Life, Attack Speed, Endurance Charge

Just a simple tree to give you an idea of pathing. Grab Resolute Technique first and then work your way towards duelist and then shadow.

If you're going with this as a league-starter or before you can put on your facebreaker, you'll have to go with some other set-up. I personally prefer 2h spectral throw and molten strike, but whatever works for you.

Early Maps

As soon as you're able, grab a BoR.

I stuck with the dual Warchief-Charge setup while using BoR. Shield Charge - Warchief - Fortify - Added Fire or AoE/Conc

This'll last you until you reach red maps or so. You can probably get further with it, but you'll slow down quite a bit after you're no longer able to 1-shot at least white packs.

I did manage to do regular Atziri in this setup, but Uber Izaro gave me some trouble, as I didn't really understand Lab mechanics yet. Uber Izaro is probably doable in this form though.

At some point, you'll be able to purchase the crux of this build.

With that in hand, you'll also be able to put on two Pugilist jewels, which will be worth 46% and 52% increased damage each slotted along the path between duelist to shadow and to the right of shadow.



The Final Form

After amassing a bit of currency, it's time to get an Abyssus and 6L. To transition to crit, you'll have to respec out of Resolute Technique along with probably a few more damage nodes to pick up all the crit nodes in the tree.


I choose a regular armor-life-res chest piece, since with so many uniques in the build already, it's difficult enough to max out resistances. However if that's not a problem, you could potentially choose to use something else, like a Belly, Carcass Jack, or Coil.

At this transition, you'll also need to supplement some int to use all the new gems. I went ahead and got it on my boots.

From this point on, you'll have to rely on some gem-swaps for different content. The gems that I use are:

Shield Charge with Foritfy
Warchief with Added Fire

On a 6L: Inc Crit - Faster - Melee Phys - AoE (The AoE slot is a swap between Inc AoE and Conc)
On a 4L: Inc Crit or Melee Phys - Faster

On the 4L slot, it's more tooltip damage to use Melee Phys (Red) in place of Inc Crit (Blue), but keeping that slot blue also lets you swap in Inc AoE for certain situations. Inc Crit is also more consistent damage than Melee Phys.

Some example setups
Maps - 6L Shield Charge (Inc AoE)
Breachlords/Regular Atziri - 6L Shield Charge (Conc)
Uber Izaro/Atziri/Guardians - 6L Warchief (Conc)

The Ultimate Form

I didn't actually plan this as part of the build, but gravitated towards this option after finding out how insane the amount of HP the shaper has.

With one item, this build transforms into a dual-warchief build and gets approximately 1.6x damage in the warchief setup (have to drop hatred/HoA). I really only need this for the Shaper, since he's does have a dps-race component to him.

Other Gear

My typical flasks:

Other Flasks:

I never did get a Dying Sun, but that's a decent flask to use too. I carried a few extra life flasks into Lab early on, before getting used to it. Towards the end, I only ever swap in the diamond flask (in place of quicksilver) for extra damage vs guardians/shaper.

For rings, flat phys, life, res. Pretty straightforward. My rings are pretty meh tbh.

For jewels, besides the two pugilists, I made room for 4 jewels. One slot goes to Martial Artistry (duh). In the other slots, you'll want mana leech in at least one. Besides that, I prioritize life and attack speed.

Meginord's actually isn't that huge of a boost so if you need more life/res, a rare belt can be used.

Other gems

I played around with many different gem setups for the other slots. None of this is really too important, besides Hatred and Enduring Cry.
Endgame, for general content, I use an Ice Golem, Punishment, CwDT-IC (max lvl), Self-cast enduring cry.
For Auras, I simply use Hatred and HoA. I can see other 25-35% auras or blasphemy in place of HoA being good.
Another non-crucial generic 4L setup I use is Reckoning - Riposte - Endurance on Melee Stun - Power Charge on Crit
I kept around a phase run + increased duration setup for Warchief intensive fights like Shaper.
I didn't bother with any Vaal skill, but a Vaal Haste would be a decent addition.

Tooltip Pics

Inc AoE, Fortify Shield Charge (Mapping setup)

Flasks up

Flasks up, Conc, Added Fire, Shield Charge (Bossing)

6L Single Warchief (Conc)

Flasks up

Double Warchief

Flasks up

Defenses (Typical. Meginord's and Old One's)

Some notes on harder boss fights

Unfortunately, this build doesn't have a huge life pool (~5.6k). Also armor sucks. Heavy physical damage vs an Abyssus is never good.

For anything that doesn't have ridiculous amounts of HP or 1-shots me, this build will rip right through them. This includes all the breachlords, regular Atziri, and sometimes Uber Izaro (Uber Izaro's big hit can knock out 80%+ of my hp. Coupled with the goddess and other mechanics, this can quickly kill me, so I usually play it safe with a warchief totem instead, even though it's like a 10 second fight.)

The guardians and a tough rolled Core Malichai are really where this build starts having trouble. The three easier guardians are pretty simple. Just drop a totem and play Touhou. Chimera is a bit harder, since I'm at -60% chaos res naturally and snakes suck. Just be very quick during the snake phase, killing spawns ASAP to not allow them to amass, because you can get very quickly overwhelmed.

Uber Atziri is another tough fight. The twins can be a little iffy, since it's difficult to time or control warchief totems. A topaz flask will probably get you through this fight, but it can be hard if you accidentally kill one with the other one at alot of HP still. The trio is pretty easy, since you can kite them. Atziri herself can be hard, since her single-spear can one-shot me. I have to play fairly carefully, taking it slow, dodging everything.

The Shaper took me several attempts (finally killed him on my 6 or 7th set). One big problem is that his ball attack does one-shot me usually. Obviously the teleport-slam does also. He's also pretty good at killing my totems, so I constantly have to cast them. Other than that, my strategy is not that different from other similar builds. It just takes some practice, since you do need to dodge pretty much everything.

Some final notes. I didn't actually min-max this build to the max or anything. There's plenty of improvements to be made. My rings are really meh and I never got a good helm enchantment. However, it was pretty fun, and it was nice that I managed to do 37/40 breach challenges with just one character without getting any carries. Potentially I can do all 40/40, but I'd have to break my only-strand atlas setup for the "Bonus Objectives" challenge. 4.1k/10k Map Tiers and of course whatever end-game grinds that I don't really feel like doing.
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could u show us some screenshots from ur defense and offence character screen ?
My Builds & Hideouts: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2083383
Hideout Community Discord: https://discord.gg/B2xQkmf
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dralanorr
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/guggelhupf
guggelhupf wrote:
could u show us some screenshots from ur defense and offence character screen ?

Added to the main post.
Can you get some videos up? I'm interested to see how this build runs.
Aesza wrote:
Can you get some videos up? I'm interested to see how this build runs.

Mmm, that's a bit more effort than I want to put into this guide. :P

It runs pretty much the same as the the other Facebreaker Shield Charge / Warchief builds around. The only difference is that it goes for crit, and doesn't go for any AoE or Totem scaling.

If you pick any Shield Charge FB video, that's pretty much how this build runs for maps.

If you pick any Warchief FB video, that's pretty much how this build runs for bosses. (Bit worse since my totems end up alot squishier than a dedicated Warchief build. I'm on the low-side for life/defenses too.)
How do you manage with the low totem life? I've been trying this build out with lacking results. The totem dies with only a few hits, if any. Most bosses have been one-shotting. Also, any tips why my tooltip DPS is so much lower than yours? Our gear is quite similar.
kneeki wrote:
How do you manage with the low totem life? I've been trying this build out with lacking results. The totem dies with only a few hits, if any. Most bosses have been one-shotting. Also, any tips why my tooltip DPS is so much lower than yours? Our gear is quite similar.

I just put totems down where they don't get hit. They have pretty good range. For example, for Shaper, I'd put them to the side and dodge left and right. Like I said in the intro, this isn't an amazing boss killer that can just faceroll guardians+. You do have to play mechanics. I also only used warchief for Uber Izaro/Atziri, Guardians, and Shaper. Shield charge for everything else.

It looks like you don't have the same character anymore? So I can't exactly take a look at your gear.

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