[3.0] Death’s Stomper – Death’s Oath Berserker!

[3.0] Death’s Stomper – Death’s Oath Berserker!

Hey everyone! After I created my first Death’s Oath build that I ended up going CI Occultist on I wanted to create a life version that would still deal enough damage to be viable in later maps. This wasn’t as easy of a goal as I had originally hoped for though it seems that killing bosses isn’t even the goal anymore, so with that in mind I give you my Death’s Stomper.
This build uses Death’s Oath as a Berserker to destroy nearby enemies, what makes this build unique from other Death’s Oath builds is that is uses Abberath’s Hooves to both supplement the damage as well as bring justice upon those good for nothing barrels that are just waiting around to get you!

Progress Videos

Build Mechanics

For this build to work you need to equip Death’s Oath Astral Plate and with the release of 3.0 it now grants the Death Aura skill which does 450 chaos damage over time.

This damage is increased by


- Chaos Damage
- Damage Over Time
- Area Damage
- Increased Effect of Non-Curse Auras (this isn’t applied to the tooltip like every other aura)

Skill Gems


Death Aura

Leap Slam

Abberath’s Hooves



If you find yourself a little short on resists like I am you can use Purity of Elements, eventually I will switch to Determination though I think.

Passive Skill Tree

Level 100 - http://poeurl.com/bw6J
I went in favor of more jewel sockets, however if you feel you need more life you can drop them and path towards some life! =)

Bandit Choice

Kill all unless you need 1% life regen.
Oak – 1% life regeneration is the major benefit here.


Normal – Pain Reaver
Cruel – Crave the Slaughter
Merc – Aspect of Carnage
Uber – Cloaked in Savagery

Current Gear

This gear isn't currently optimized ideally I would like to swap out both the helm and gloves for more life as well as swap out the mings ring.

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Link your gear pls
Current gear is rather entry level for maps I think, but you can check it out on my profile character Deaths_Stomper
+1 for creativity
Tears of blood, aching heart,
My dear Isildria must depart.

[Keeper] Oath keepers - Friendly EU focused guild for experienced players More info @ thread ID; 1426886
IGN; Isildria
Thanks Isildria! It means a lot coming from the creator herself! You must be pleased about the recent changes to your item? I've been rather focused on the item this league though my other two builds around it are witches though both are CI based.
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You might want to look into Allelopathy gloves, Abyssal Cry, and of course, Decay either as a Support on your movmement skill or on some other skill that hits such as blade vortex, since you will be scaling chaos damage.

The blight threshold jewel in particular makes targets take more chaos damage, as does a Wither totem.

Walk into a pack, hit abyssal cry. Cast blight and let blight + deaths oath do dmg. first target pops, pack gets nuked.

If you apply decay at level 20 (675 cdot) + Deaths Oath (450 cdot) you will end up having a higher base value than the original decay essence (1000 cdot) to scale.
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Hey Thanks Samir! Decay is currently linked in the boots which grant Abberath's Fury, though if you aren't using those boots then a generic blade vortex setup would work just as well I would imagine. I didn't get the blight gloves for this character because I was trying to stick to just the two original skills from items that are cast while equipped. Though using the gloves that give blight or even blight on it's own would make the build deal substantial more single target damage.
You can add Arcane Surge to the chest setup in order to force a hidden "duration" tag to be added to death's aura. By doing so, you can use swift affliction, Efficacy and less duration, increasing Damage by a huge margin. :P
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Colorblind? - Check out the Unofficial colourblind mode!
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Hey that's awesome Priory! Yeah I have the hidden duration method posted on my Original Death's Oath build but forgot to change it around for my stomper build. Will have to update that soon.

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