[3.0]Storm Chaser – Charged Dash CWC Glacial Cascade featuring The Rippling Thoughts

[3.0]Storm Chaser – Charged Dash CWC Glacial Cascade featuring The Rippling Thoughts

Hey everyone!
This is a build that I’ve been tinkering around with after getting my hands on the Rippling Thoughts sword. It uses Charged Dash linked to Cast While Channeling and Glacial Cascade to finish off monsters that haven’t been killed by the Storm Cascade.

Progress Videos


Build Mechanics

For this build to work you need to equip The Rippling Thoughts, Legion Sword
This build also uses Ahn’s Heritage, Colossal Tower Shield along with 2 Fragility, Crimson Jewels to ensure permanent Onslaught.

Skill Gems


Charged Dash –

Rippling Thoughts –

Herald of Lightning –

Herald of Ice –

Shield Charge –

Auras –

You'll want to use Hatred in an Essence Worm. (I'm currently struggling with resists-and finding a real 6l- to switch over to using Hatred)

Passive Skill Tree


- http://poeurl.com/bwIK

Bandit Choice


- Oak
- You can alternatively kill all for 2 passives if you prefer to go Vaal Pact, just take out the extra regen node in the Templar area.



- Normal – Quartz Infusion
- Cruel – Avatar of the Veil
- Merc – Rapid Assault
- Uber – Avatar of the Chase

Pantheon Choices

- As this build “remains stationary” during most of game play the “Soul of Tukohama” is the best choice to grab, however if you prefer other souls that’s fine as they are a small part of affecting the builds game play.

Current Gear

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well how is this for mapping?
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