THE YOYO - CWDT flicker strike - 34 lvl 20 spells per sec - good single target - can do all content

NOTE: This is not HC viable build.

  • I was a doomflech build and switched for fun (and it's super fun!).
  • This build also does a lot of damage and has amazing clear speed; however, it is not at the speed or damage of a wander or Doomfletch character.

Pros and Cons
[+] High DPS (about 2.6 million*)
[+] Good Defenses
[+] Amazing Clear Speed
[+] Can do reflect maps
[+] Fun to Play
[-] Build is not cheap and starts at 75**
[-] Can't do no leech maps
[-] Requires a relatively good GPU (NVIDIA 840+) to play w/out lag
[-] Your party may want to kill you :D

*With my current setup. DPS calculation thanks to PoB
**Atziri's Acuity, 2 6Ls and Cruel Lab ascendancy (Cloaked in Savagery) required.
Build Mechanics

This build hits itself using any skill that cost mana with Scold's Bridle, Mind Cage; however, this alone is not enough by itself.

You need to spend as much mana as you can to activate the CWDT gem, so you will need a 6L chest or sword with these links: RRRRGG

[G] Flicker Strike
[G] Faster Attacks
[R] Multistrike
[R] Multisplash
[R] Elemental Damage with Attacks
[R] Life Gain on Hit

This setup alone will get you to a mana cost of 69; the helm makes you take the mana spent x 4.

Base mana cost of 69 explained

NOTE: For higher CWDT setups you will need a higher mana cost to trigger your spells.

Incoming Damage = Damage from the helmet x 1.1 (from Aspect of Carnage ascendancy)

Assuming 69 mana cost, the incoming damage would be 303 ( 276 (69 * 4) * 1.1 )

In other words, we would take 303 damage from a base mana cost of 69.
How to INCREASE Mana Cost

How many of these jewels do I need for bosses?
T15 - 8
T16 - 9-10
My incoming damage and how I survive

I spend 759 mana per cast (PoB mistakenly shows 764), so I take 3340 damage per flicker.

How do I stay alive if I take 3036 per Flicker Strike?
  • 3340 damage triggers the Cloaked in Savagery because we deal a savage hit to ourselves, so we gain 100% life leech
  • We also use Mind over Matter
My gear + Explanations

NOTE: DO NOT QUALITY YOUR ARMOR GEAR. Take the lowest armor you can without quality ; your armor reduces the damage taken by your own attacks and reduces the level of the CWDT

Quick Text:
  • Scold's Bridle, Mind Cage
  • Terminus Est, Tiger Sword
  • Essence Worm, Unset Ring
  • Atziri's Acuiity, Vaal Gauntlets
  • Mutewind Whispersteps, Serpentscale Boots
  • Rare Amulet (High HP + Mana + Resist w/ Dex)
  • Rare Ring (High HP + Mana + Resist)
  • Rare Belt (LEATHER BELT preferred w/ High HP + resist)
  • Rare Chest (EVASION BASE or ES BASE preferred w/ High HP + resist)

SWAP for Movement:
  • Brightbeak, War Hammer
  • Rare Shield

Gear Explained

The main item as explained above under "Build Mechanics"


Because you are Flicker Strike, this item is required in order to sustain frenzy charges. Oro's Sacrifice works as well; however, it is much less reliable in clearing.


Great synergy with Mind Over Matter while boosting your ANGER aura.


Because you will spend a lot of mana, you will need mana back fast; vaal pact takes too many passive points and is not viable just by itself. I don't have the best glove enchant, but I don't think they matter too much.


These boots are the BEST IN SLOT; you need high spell crit for the leech to be instant (high crit required for Acuity proc). It also provides flat cold damage for shatter and some base movement speed.


Look for high life, high mana and spell damage and one resist. Dex base preferred.


Look for high life, high mana and resist.


Look for high life and resist. LEATHER BELT preferred.


Chest w/out any armor preferred: you can either use an ES base or EVASION base (Coloring is easier on the ES one while defense is better on the EVASION one). Look for high life and resist.


On your SWAP (when you press X), I use movement skills if I need them:

You want the brightbeak w/ shield charge, and a shield with attack speed and leap slam.
You should use the Blood Magic gem on these; this way you don't cause yourself a lot of damage while moving.

1st-3rd Flask: Stibnite Flask, Quicksilver Flask, Diamond Flask
  • I consider these flasks mandatory.

4th Flask: Dying Sun, Ruby Flask
  • Great for boosting damage (all spells get 2 more projectiles + AOE)

5th Flask: Forbidden Taste, Quartz Flask -OR- Jade, basalt, etc
  • The last flask does NOT have to be this: it can be either for pure defense (jade, basalt etc.), or damage (like Atziri's promise or silver flask).
  • Swap this slot for a LIFE FLASK if you go into the lab. You will need it.

All your jewels must be Fevered Mind, Cobalt Jewel.
The higher your CWDT, the more jewels you need. (See Build Mechanics)
Gem Links
6L: Flicker strike, Faster attacks, Multistrike, Life gained on hit, Melee splash, Elemental damage with attacks

  • Enables higher mana cost and higher attack speed.
  • Every 3 attacks cost you mana
  • CWDT has a cooldown of 0.25 seconds, so in total you want to get to get at least 12 attacks. You must be avoe 9 for at leaset 3 casts per second. I get 9.46 attacks per second.

6L: CWDT, GMP, PCOC, Ice spear, Frostbolt, Firestorm

  • You need this setup for clearing with many projectiles that bring you power charges, also, the GMP does not affect the firestorm, but you want firestorm to have PCoC for bosses.

4L: CWDT, Fireball, Arctic breath, Vortex

  • This setup is good for chilling all enemies with chilled ground, also fireball has good damage

4L: CWDT, Blade vortex, Arc, Freezing pulse

  • This setup is very important for leeching
  • Arc can't miss and Freezing Pulse hits hard and fast
  • Blade vortex can also save you if you run out of mana in a boss fight

4L: CWDT, Bladefall, Magma Orb, Glacial Cascade

  • Mostly for damage from the GC and BF
  • Magma orb is good for it hits last, so your attacks are in waves

1L: Anger

  • Great syngery with MoM when in essence worm
  • Adds substantial damage to your spells

Recommended: Eramir/Kill All (+2 Passives)
Optional: Alira (5 Mana Regen/Second, +20% Crit Multi, +15% All Resistance)

Recommended Major: Soul of the Brine king (Stun/Freeze immunity)
Recommended Minor: Soul of Garukhan (100% uptime of 5% chance to evade and better movement speed while mapping).
Optional Minor: Soul of Yugul (nice for reduced cold damage taken)
Although the required minimum level to start the build is 75, I strongly suggest that you start this build as a spell caster or COC, and switch on level 82.

The passives are as follows:

Lvl 82; use Lvl 17 CWDT at this point.

In the next levels, you will take life and one more jewel till level 91 (still lvl 18 CWDT): Lvl 91

Refund 1 life node and one power charge, plus refund the life and armor point for the life regen (you need to loose armor) to take your final jewel and switch to lvl 20 CWDT: Lvl 93
Path of Building Paste Bin
Final Thoughts and Considerations

*This spoiler will be updated as this build continues to evolve.


After significant testing, I feel that there is real optimal way to utilize CWDT level 20 in this build without sacrificing something else of greater significant such as attack speed.

In my testing:
  • I swapped to Oro's Sacrifice in order to utilize the 10% increased damage taken
  • Swapped to boots w/out armor


EDIT: I now have lvl 20 CWDT with a sacrifice of about 200 life and 40% crit, totally worth it :)

EDIT 2: I had 12 spells, I removed one to put in culling strike, works better vs bosses


IGN: broken_heart_oriath

Special thanks to ExtentialWhim for teaching me the basics of this build
Big thanks to KickAcid for doing the design of the guide
The real king of the hill - ASSZERKER CoC - high life, insane damage and clear speed
IGN: ascendant_broken_heart, thread number: 1608112
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Hilarious build to see in action. Not really as squishy as you'd think :D
I Cast Magic Missile! -
Ahahaha we played together in a Harbinger Map rotation! We slammed those maps dude! Really wanted to try your build too, is Acuities a MUST have??
In a house of mirrors, who perceives who to be real?
Also you realise vaal pact doesn't affect mana leech anyway right?
In a house of mirrors, who perceives who to be real?
Ahahaha we played together in a Harbinger Map rotation! We slammed those maps dude! Really wanted to try your build too, is Acuities a MUST have??

I know that vaal pact is only for life, I just mentioned that even if you wait till the mana to go full, the vaal pact point is not really cost effective.

Also, there is a wired way to do it without Atziri's acuities.... but for this, you sacrifice a lot...

1. you need to take vaal pact
2. you need a ring corrupted to mana gain on damage taken
3. you need an amulet that is corrupted the same way
4. you need to give up the boots (that give a lot of damage) and switch to Victario's

Not sure it's worth it, but it's possible
The real king of the hill - ASSZERKER CoC - high life, insane damage and clear speed
IGN: ascendant_broken_heart, thread number: 1608112
I added some vids, they are uploading now, so some may be not ready yet.

Added abyss and core boss fights, maze of the minotaur full run and uber lab,

enjoy :D
The real king of the hill - ASSZERKER CoC - high life, insane damage and clear speed
IGN: ascendant_broken_heart, thread number: 1608112
Nice build friend :)
Hello and thanks for the guide, returning player here and I'm planning to follow your guide,
I am not yet familiar with all the new changes , I noticed you have no chaos resist, isn't it a problem vs chaos damage ?

Also would this build works on uber atziri ?

Thank you
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Hi, how are you? I make a query I saw a similar build but with Leap Slam, which should be changed to be able to use it with leap?
Typing this to find this build l8r,when i get better pc
Vaal Pact is dead, long live Vaal Pact!

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