LMHTB's Exploding Berserker On Fire! - Martyr of Innocence Flicker Discharge, MS: 1.3M-3.9M dps

Update/Upgrade here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2230852

Gameplay Video [2.6.0]:
Flicker and BOOM!
It's pure fun! easy atziri/uber lab, clearing high tier maps crazy fast, killing guardians.
I'ts probably Shaper and Uber Atziri viable, but I am unskilled...

Main AOE Skill: Flicker Strike - Vengeance CoMK Discharge
Single Target Skill: Molten Strike
Controlled Ranged Skill: Sunder

"7L" Vengeance CoMK Discharge:
You only need a 4L Staff for
1. CoMK
2. Discharge
3. Ele Focus
4. Life Leech/Controlled Destruction/Increased Area of Effect
But you want to have a 6S so that Vengeance is also supported with:
x. Ele Dmg with Attacks
x. Endurance Charge on Melee Stun (/Culling Strike)

1. Flicker Strike
2. Multistrike
3. Melee Splash
4. Ele Dmg with Attacks
5. Chance to Ignite
(6.) Ruthless (/Immolate/Fortify) for a more fluent experience drop Ruthless and take Immolate. Of course only true for maps where you can ignite (often). When you don't want to care that much about ignite chance, Ruthless is the better general choice.

If you want high single target damage for endgame content you will need to get another Martyr of Innocence for your secondary weapon set. If you can't afford another Marty of Innocence, but still want highest single target dmg possible, use your Wyrmsign and replace Sunder.
Second Staff (/Wyrmsign):
1. Molten Strike
2. Multistrike
3. Ele Dmg with Attacks
4. Concentrated Effect
5. Fire Penetration
(6.) Point Blank (/Fortify)

Gloves / Wyrmsign:
1. Sunder
2. Multistrike
3. Ele Dmg with Attacks
4. Fortify

1. Riposte
2. Ele Dmg with Attacks
3. Endurance Charge on Melee Stun
4. Anger

Use the Curse Aura for Mapping but Anger for Boss Killing. See Gear Swapping too! (You can also use CwDT + Immortal Call instead of Anger, Ancestral Protector when you focus on Mapping.)

1. Arctic Armour
2. Flame Golem
3. Flammability
4. Blasphemy

Unset Ring:
1. Ancestral Protector (/Blood Rage)

I don't recommend using Blood Rage. It's too risky when playing with the Vaal Pact Skill Tree. But you can use it on easy/low-mid LvL maps. Also as you can see in the video good rolled blood dance are enough to sustain frenzy charges.

Changed/Current Gear:

Easy Content:

Harder Content:

Gear Swapping vs Hard Boss:

So the Blood Dance get replaced and we replace the Gems in the Helmet:

Boss Killing Helmet:
1. Arctic Armour
2. Leap Slam
3. Enduring Cry
4. Anger

Skill Tree/Jewels:
Core (LvL 61, 84 points):
Low Budget Resolute Technique (+28% to all Ele Res vs Normal) (LvL 90, 113 points):
Normal Elemental Overload - Life Regen Version (LvL 90, 113 points):
Current Elemental Overload - Vaal Pact Version (LvL 90, 113 points):
Vaal Pact vs Life Regen Skill Tree:
The former is best for face tanking endgame bosses (like guardian/atziri/izaro), but the latter is best for mapping. You can decide what's your focus.

Jewel Mod Priority:
1. % increased Fire Damage
2. % increased Damage
3. % increased Area Damage
4. % increased maximum Life (jewels with Life are often expensive)
5. % increased Attack Speed with Staves
6. % increased Attack Speed with Two Handed Melee Weapons
7. % increased Attack Speed
8. % chance to ignite (flicker: have 100% chance? -> dont consider it)
9. % to Chaos Resistance
10. % increased Accuracy Rating
11. % additional Chance to Block with Staves
12. +# to Dexterity and/or Intelligence
x. +# Mana gained for each Enemy hit by your Attacks
----- usefull in maps with: "Cannot Leech Mana from Monsters"
x. Elemental Resistances
x. % increased Attack and Cast Speed (low ias compared to the others)

The search for such a jewel: http://poe.trade/search/akononinoonito

Keystones & Ascendancy:
1. Avatar of Fire
2. Elemental Overload (/Resolute Technique)
(3. Vaal Pact)

Normal: Pain Reaver
Cruel: Crave the Slaughter
Merciless: Aspect of Carnage
Uber: Cloaked in Savagery

Bandit Reward & Pantheon:
Take the 2 passive points (no doubt).

That looks like I made a mistake, but I can assure you that it is correct. For Mapping I use Blood Dance Boots instead of Kaom's Roots Boots, so I lose Unwavering Stance. That's why I am using the Brine King Major God for Mapping (being safe from stun locks).

Importance of Uniques:
Main uniques:
1. Martyr of Innocence 4L6S - Core Dmg Item, Mod Roll Importance: eDPS > Block > SpellDPS
2. Blood Dance - needed for Flicker Strike, generates Frenzy Charges
3. Eye of Innocence + Mokou's Embrace - makes Discharge Flicker possible, Big Dmg Buff
4. Daresso's Defiance 5L/6L - stronger and faster Discharge Flicker
5. The Wise Oak - 10-15 Penetration and 10 Elemental Damage Reduction
6. Wyrmsign - cheap, good 5L with Rampage (else get rare dmg gloves)
7. Sibyl's Lament for being almost immune to ele reflect

Uniques for Easy Boss Killing:
1. Second Martyr of Innocence 5L/6L
2. 2x Wildfire - OP Dmg Buff for Molten Strike
3. Kaom's Roots These are great and pretty cheap
4. Kaom's Heart - swapping chests for hard bosses, so I can keep my endurance charges up (-[immortal call, cwdt] +[enduring cry, ancestral warchief/protector])

OP Uniques for this build:
Headhunter ~70ex
Dying Sun ~4ex

Fitting Enchantments:
Cast Commandment of Flames on Hit
Attack with Commandment of Fury on Hit
Attack with Commandment of War on Kill
(Cast Commandment of Inferno on Kill)
"When Hit"-Enchants are also very nice:
lightning charged spinning copy of your weapon...
clone that attacks with your weapon...
nova of projectiles based on your weapon...
traveling icy projectile that pulses...
deals your damage in an area around you...

Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently
16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
Adds 45 to 68 Fire Damage if you've Killed Recently
Adds 45 to 68 Cold Damage if you've been Hit Recently
Adds 1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently

40% increased Vengeance Damage
30% increased Vengeance Cooldown Recovery Speed
(12% increased Sunder Area of Effect)
40% increased Sunder Damage
15% increased Sunder Attack Speed
3 additional Molten Strike Projectiles - god tier single target dps boost
40% increased Molten Strike Damage
(36% increased Immortal Call Duration)
(30% chance for Immortal Call to not consume Endurance Charges)
40% increased Flicker Strike Damage
(9% increased Flicker Strike Damage per Frenzy Charge)
30% increased Flammability Curse Effect
30% increased Elemental Weakness Curse Effect
8% increased Discharge Radius
40% increased Discharge Damage
30% chance for Discharge not to consume Charges
30% reduced Arctic Armour Mana Reservation
36% increased Arctic Armour Buff Effect
Ancestral Protector Totem grants 18% increased Attack Speed while Active
Ancestral Warchief Totem grants 30% increased Melee Damage while Active

The Mechanics (How it works):
I have a high ignite chance (flicker + chance to ignite gem: 49% + 34-44% from Gear/Tree). Thanks to the Eye of Innocence Amulet I get hit by fire damage when I ignite. (In that case I can get ignited thanks to Mokou's Embrace Ring and while ignited I get some nice buffs.) The self damage counts as being hit and triggers the 7L Vengeance (see Gear).
So I hit with flicker, I get hit, then Vengeance hits, with a high probability at last hitting a monster, triggering Discharge. In total I have a high damage "CWDT" Discharge Setup. :)

A pretty fucked up build that was fun theory crafting until now! There is always room for improvement.

the higher the monster density the higher your clear speed.

you can also "afk" clear maps by just walking into monster groups and waiting for discharge explosions. (but thats of course slow)

btw, what you could do to have even more fun with this build is using Inspired Learning:

I've tested Ylfeban's Trickery. It's a 5sec effect on a 5sec cooldown, which is only good for single target but bad for aoe clear. If you're going for the boss kills then this item is OP.

mod notes:
%elemental damage (with weapons) > #added fire dmg

I've created this build based on my old CoMK and Flicker Strike builds. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1040957/page/2

Map Mods that can/will slow you down:
% more Monster Life
+% Monster Elemental Resistance
Monsters are Hexproof -> turn off curse aura, turn on anger
% less effect of Curses on Monsters -> turn off curse aura, turn on anger

Players have Elemental Equilibrium
Monsters have 90% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments - Fun Killer
Cannot Leech Life/Mana from Monsters -> avoid this (Vaal Pact version cannot run this.)

Current DPS:
Use Path of Building to view them:

Flicker Strike 371k DPS - (without calculation for Vengeance Discharge dmg)

Molten Strike 134k Single Target DPS - (this DPS number is calculated as being in fight vs Shaper/Guardians)

Molten Strike 1.3M - 3.9M Real DPS

Calculators used:
Path of Building

DPS Calculator - Molten Strike found on http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Molten_Strike

Have Feedback for me? Post it!

1. Why Flicker Strike?
Is there a major disadvantage or advantage of it?

1. I like it, there is no real alternative
2. You get close to monster packs, explode and have super fast clear speed.
2. Why is my font different?
I really don't know. I have installed Path of Exile a month ago (new installation). I am using Windows 10 (1 year old system) As I can remember I haven't touched the fonts on this system.
3. Do you have a recommended build for leveling into this?
I haven't level'd with anything special, you can use whatever you like most. When I level'd with this character I have used Sunder most of the time.
4. Is blood dance enough for you to sustain frenzy charges?
It is, See video. I have used blood rage a while but dropped it cause I don't need it.
5. Is it possible to play safe?
If you wanted to play safe 100% only use flicker once into groups you have scouted, otherwise use Sunder. But where is the fun then?
6. As a new player how much currency do you think I would need in order to build the same character?
You can start from the scratch and upgrade your gear with time. As you can see at my old Gear paragraph, I did not start with a 6L. This also works with a 4L. The main dmg comes from the Staff.

I recommend you the Budget Skill Tree so you can buy a cheaper Helmet Belt and a Ring with your needed Resistances and Life (or Dmg on the Ring). (If I had to start from new, I would take this Skill Tree and respec later with all the free respec points.)
For the Martyr Staff you'd need to pay 5-10 chaos. Then you'd need to 6-socket it and get a 4L. Blood Dance Boots are very cheap, you shouldn't have to pay more than 5c for some high rolled ones. They also don't have to be the Legacy Version.
The unique Amulet costs 5-10c. Mokou's Ring is 1c.
5L Daresso's are buyable from 20-30c. Wyrmsign Gloves are 1c.
Balancing out your uncapped Resistances for Wise Oak Flask (10-12c) is budget unfriendly. Only try that when you have good gear and have collected some currency.
Gems shouldn't be a problem as well. You buy them all from Siosa Vendor and you upgrade/buy some with quality later.

When you have all this you're good to go and have the same character as shown.
7. Does your build have any way of dealing with maps that have reflect?
This build can do reflect maps when replacing the rare ring with:

Also you could change your Pantheon to Yugul Minor God (25% reduced Reflected Damage taken). But the ring is enough, even for -max res, ele reflect maps.

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Old Gear/etc.:
Legacy League
Changed/Current Gear:
6linked my staff, replaced 2 jewels for higher single-target dmg molten strike unique jewels, got better staff and 5L supported with culling strike for better party play, divined my Helmet and changed Rings to have more life but still have equal resistances for wise oak:

not always verified because of using mtx effects on other char too.

Current DPS:
Molten Strike 884k Single Target DPS - using my rare dmg Gloves and Kaom's Heart, (this DPS number is calculated as being in fight vs Shaper/Guardians)

Flicker Strike 328k DPS - using Wyrmsign Gloves and Daresso's, (without calculation for Vengeance Discharge dmg)

Molten Strike 1,430k Single Target DPS - if I had the Dying Sun Flask and the Molten Strike 3 addtional Projectiles Helmet Enchant.

Calculators used:
Path of Building

DPS Calculator - Molten Strike found on http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Molten_Strike

Other Stats:

EHP (Effective HP):
Assuming I have the Fortify Buff
Daresso's (0 Endurance Charges):
30,000 dmg hit -> Effective HP with Avoidance = 22,095 -> Dead

30,000 dmg hit -> Effective HP with Avoidance = 23,165 -> Dead

30,000 dmg hit -> Effective HP with Avoidance = 32,937 -> Alive

30,000 dmg hit -> Effective HP with Avoidance = 34,532 -> Alive

Now one could think a Granite Flask is useless, because hard hitting bosses will still hit hard, but the Granite Flask will help much more vs smaller hits than anything else could.
e.g. (see the links too) Granite: 1,000 dmg hit -> EHP = 92,674 > Jade: EHP = 51,293

Kaom's (5 Endurance Charges):
30,000 dmg hit -> Effective HP with Avoidance = 33,868 -> Alive

30,000 dmg hit -> Effective HP with Avoidance = 36,033 -> Alive

30,000 dmg hit -> Effective HP with Avoidance = 51,434 -> Alive

30,000 dmg hit -> Effective HP with Avoidance = 54,723 -> Alive

LvL 89 Gear

Lvl 78 Gear

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