[3.0] Freezing Arc Berserker

Hello and welcome to my Freezing Arc guide!

The main idea around this build is to have an Arc build that's on the tanky side, can freeze consistently and deal a good amount of damage without going crit. To achieve those goals we get a total 246% life from the tree, use Elemental Overload for damage and last but not least we use Herald of Ice and the Ice Bite gem for freezing.

Pros & Cons

- Cheap and easy to get rolling
- Herald of Ice shatters everywhere
- No need to worry about getting as much crit with gear as possible

- Cannot do elemental reflect maps
- Our BiS chest armor, Belly of the Beast, can be quite expensive with the correct socket colors
- Mediocre single target dps compared to top tier builds

Arc - Spell Echo, Controlled Destruction, Ice Bite, Added Cold, open 6-link can be used for life leech, added lightning, onslaught, lightning/cold pen

Ball Lightning for single target, socketed into Pledge of hands: Slower Projectiles, Elemental Focus, Controlled Destruction, Lightning Penetration. Use Spell Echo instead of Controlled Destruction if you don't have Pledge of Hands

Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit, Temporal Chains, Elemental Weakness

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call, Summon Lightning Golem

Lightning Wrap - Less Duration, Faster Casting, Swift Affliction

Other gems - Herald of Ice, Herald of Thunder or Wrath, Summon Lightning Golem


Without the Scion life wheel we would be at 197% life at around 100 points which is still plenty and gives us a lot of freedom to get either more damage or more life later on


Take Pain Reaver first, then take Crave the Slaughter and Aspect of Carnage, Cloaked in Savagery as your last points. You can also take Cloaked in Savagery second if you want but i prefer get the huge 40% boost earlier.


I think killing all would be the optimal choice here. You can help Alira if you really want some help with early mana regen but later on we have mana leech, plus crit multi is useless for us.

Uniques used
Pledge of Hands for our single target

Not much to say about Belly of the Beast, it's BiS for life builds. Getting correct socket colors can get expensive though because we need at least 3 blue ones. If you can't yet afford BotB just use a random cheap 5L Vaal Regalia with some life and res rolls on it, it's really easy to get the correct socket colors on a Vaal Regalia

Some examples of good optional uniques you can use

More cold, more freeze.

Warped Timepiece has a lot of useful stats for us. Arc needs a lot of cast speed to feel good, we need dexterity for some of the gems, more leech per second synergizes really well with Berserker's ascendancy, Movement speed is always nice.

We can put our Orb of Storms curse on hit with 2 curses on Doedre's Scorn for more curse effectiveness. Also provides some nice Elemental damage + 2 curses on an enemey gives us a nice damage boost


Thanks to Ice Bite we can easily get frenzy charges so we get a 6 second Onslaught with every use of Rotgut

The rest of the flasks are just our usual Life/Phys reduction/res flasks, use whatever suits you most, just make sure you have bleed and freeze removal on them. Atziri's Promise or Wise Oak are also an option here for a damage boost.

I started with Freezing Pulse and switched to Arc at level 12. Use both Herald of ice and Thunder. Wrath will outscale HoT at some point so make sure you're leveling Wrath and make the switch when it starts providing more damage and your mana sustain allows it.

As for leveling weapons, i used 2 Lifesprigs until level 24, then switched one Lifesprig for Tulborn, the other for Reverberation Rod and placed my Arc in the RR. At level 38 i can start using the Spell Echo gem so i took my Arc out of RR and placed it into a 4L setup (Arc - Spell Echo - Ice Bite - Controlled Destruction OR Added Cold). I swapped RR for Amplification Rod and used it for my single target skill.

You can look at my current testing character here, named "DelishestOnceMore"


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To Do List
- List of helpful links
- Gameplay videos

Change Log
23.09.17 - Added introduction picture, Pros & Cons, Ascendancy, updated gear and leveling section

no videos?
~~There will be no more for mercy~~
I like it. Add vids when in next league or possibly this one still even though its about to end

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