[3.1] SHAPER Kill __ 14675 HP___7000 HP regen_Tanky Righteous Fire 1 million+ DPS

In 3.1 we can use a socketed belt with more HP and HP regen overal. So the build got stronger.

Shaper down in 3.0.1 for those who asked to see if it is possible.
Shaper kill in 3.0

and deathless
Phoenix with enfeeble
Chimera with enfeeble and +40% ele resist

If Shaper is easy to kill with frenzy, for guardians I find it more difficult because if I don't hit the ads they don't get debuff by EE and die harder. So I think for guardians I will stick with cyclone.

[3.0] T16 guardian killed with shit items, 7.7K HP, and cursed by enfeeble

Any boss in the end is easy if you know it's mechanics.

Here T16 guardian killed by me with RF, with absolutely shit items:

I had 7.7K HP, map had enfeeble, so fk damage and I kill it.
You must know mechanics. I know it debuffs me so I had lots of fire resist overcaped. I know it will decrease my max fire resist so if in the begining of the battle I was careless, in the end I try to keep all EC up for extra HP regen.


Go min 4 for boss.

3.0. update


Gods are pretty simple: Arakaali and Abberath.
Take also quickly Arakaali's Heral of Thunder in pantheon.
With it you have to stop taking damage from RF and you get 50% increased life regen. How we do that?
- dousing flask wll turn off RF and if you already using it as a panic button now is even stronger.
- ruby flask + divination distilate can put your fire resist over 100% so you won't take DOT from RF so your HP regen is 50% greater. How you do that? 89 basic + 6 ruby + 6 legacy distilate = 101% fire resist. Or 89 basic + 7% alchemy ruby (25% flask efect) + 4% normal divination distilate = 100% fire resist.
NOTE: for DD to work you have to be under 100% life or mana. DD effect ends when mana or life = full. So best option is to hit both flask when you see your HP drop in boss fight. If even for a second you got 100% fire resist then you get 4 seconds of 50% increased HP regeneration.

Tree stays the same. The last points to invest, are in the jewels (as you get jewels you spec a point in them) and the Blodless whell. If you feel that you need more damage invest those points in HolyFire.
Bandits - Oak for 1% life regen and 2% physical damage reduction. Is a poor choice vs. what we got in 2.6 but with 2 points I can't buy anything like that in the three.

Variants of tree:
On any of them fill the jewel slots as you get jewels with life and at least one major damage roll (fire damage or burning damage). Even if you got no jewels the 65 tree has one spot for anatomical knowledge which is dirty cheap.

RF still needs only 4L to work efficiently: RF-EleFocus-Concentrated Effect - Burning Damage. All the gems are with MORE multipliers. If you feel more comfortable use Increased Area instead of Concentrated Effect, but on bosses to get job done quick is beter to use the first setup. The 4L must be put in a pair of gloves or helm done by essence crafting (the details are the same so you can find them lower on this page).
The Doon setup is Spell Totem - Scorching Ray - Burning damage, which we use mainly for the -24% fire debuff on bosses, but which also gives 150K+ damage (the number is significant but it only adds to the greater damage of RF).
There is no better choice vs Raise of the Phoenix shield. We still use PoF and vitallity linked with Empower, our goal being to obtain lvl 23 PoF for +5 max fire resist.
I can obtain more than 1 mil DPS only from RF but in a temp league the most probably target DPS will be around 500K without expensive items. With good jewels you can go to 700-800K DPS.
Consider getting also Xoph Heart as a great necklace for build, but any necklace with 110HP + is great.
Consider getting belt of the deceiver for 10% MORE damage.
For jewels there is one more mode available: increasing burning damage up to 20%. So life, fire damage, burning damage and one of damage over time, area damage or damage, should be the mods we are looking for.

More update for 3.0

Consider using frenzy to hit bosses, in order to gain charges. Needs a bit of skill coordiantion but you get 12% more damage from 3 charges.
DPS is with legacy Kaom. In brackets the damage with normal Kaom. Enjoy.


Btw fk the belly of the beast, a perfect 40% life one will give only 560K, and with 6L is way more expensive than kaom, not to mention the need for right colours. And that's the damage who get hurts. The life is also lower so less survivability. Now back to the topic.

If we add this:

This belt will intimidate so that means 10% more damage. Has some life some str and some resist. Over all is very good. We loose some life but will increase the DPS.

If we add this over the belt:

Will cover enemies in ash, that means 20% more damage (when we are hit). Not so good for the DoT bosses, but great for the hitting ones.


For standard players if you add this to build:

Drop shocked ground on hit. Useless to tell how melts the bosses.


On top of this SR is doing 150-210K DPS.
So here is again Chieftain RF build with more than one million DPS.

my stats in 3.0

max life setup 14675 HP

max HP regen in HO: 4597HP regen/sec

max HP regen on maps woops: 7060HP regen/sec

Understand that I can not obtain all the stats symultaneous. Depending on situation I can maximize my life, or I can maximize the HP regeneration or I can maximize the damage. Variation are not so great inbetween different setups. But for HC for example to maximize the regeneration use Kaom way rings, and by all means use belt of deceiver for the reduction of damage taken from critical strikes. For max damage use Xoph ammy, has less str and life than a typical RF necklace or my usual talisman, but you deal more damage. For example:
only 6200 HP regen but 11800 HP

End of the update.

curse setup and choices

The ususal setup for curse is CWDT-IceNova-CoH-Curse (flammability or ele weakness as offensive curse or enfeeble as defensive one).
We can run instead a 3 link setup Reckoning(orVengeance)-CoH-Curse.

Btw as a cheap version you can put CWDT-Vulnerability (both lvl 1) and curse left and right. On trash mobs this setup gives more damage and is more reliable. On bosses/guardians/shaper the old setup with CoH-flammability gives more damage (not much more, only around 5K but still more). The CWDT-Vulnerability also frees another gem spot.

Original post:

This build is one of the best pure RF. Is tanky, resilient, viable in HC.
It can do all PoE content: Shaper, Uber Atziri, all guardians, double core boss, uber lab, - 10% max resist, 60% less HP regeneration, vulnerability, whatever... Check the video section for maps, boss and shaper.

Also please read the following builds for starters:

In game stats

HP regeneration in hideout

Maximum HP regeneration on map

Maximum life setup but with slightly less HP regeneration.


Shaper kill part 1 - 2.6. there is a missing 30 seconds between parts, where shaper gave me a free teleport to town
Shaper kill part 2 - 2.6.
Pit of the Chimera - easy kill 2.6. - min 8 for the boss
Pit of the Chimera - 2.6. - Chimera who? is a boss?
Lair of the Hydra - 2.6. - min 6 for boss
Uber Atziri - 2.6. trio + boss
Forge of the Phoenix kill - 2.6. - min 7 for boss
Core map and boss kill - 2.6.- min 7.30 for boss
Core map and boss kill - 2.6.- with 93% fire damage and 103% cold damage, 100% area of effect, skill chains 2 times etc
Core map double boss - 2.6.- min 9 for bossx2
Dark Forest - 2.6. - min 5 boss
Abyss - 2.6. - min 7 for boss

Can I do bad mods: -10% max resist, 60% less HP resist, vulnerability? YES

Abyss - 2.6. - 10% max resist - easy walk
Overgrown Ruin - 2.6. - 9% max resist
Colosseum 60% less life regeneration In the first part I got some more effective HP regeneration by using gloves with 2% life regen+necklace wtih 2% life regen and +1 max resist and armour with + 1 max resist. In the second part of map and boss I got the normal gear, but forgot to get either frenzy or normal boots at boss. Any way I did it deathless.

Can I do all 3 bad mods toghether? I am masochist!

Necropolis - 2.6. - 10% max resist,
60% less HP regen, Vulnerability - fk yes you can do it if you are masochist but I recommend to skip a map with all 3 mods
With Blood of karui I think is easier but will have to test after legacy league ends as my flask is there.

Can I do maps with no HP regeneration?

Come on really?

RF Area

Please see my post with images and video from page 3.
Also see this picture http://imgur.com/a/IbHkE thanks Jhaamdath.
Simple math:
RF radius assuming is lvl 20 is base 18 + 5 from level = 23 units
Area is pi*R^2 = 1661
If you take 26% increased area (4 points counting the link) the area will be 1661*1.26=2093.
This will give us a radius of 25.8. So to be generous 26 units. Well like I said on page 3, is up to you if you consider 4 point investment to worth this increase. I don't like it.

RF damage is not on tooltip. How is calculated?

RF is doing 50% of your life and ES as damage. That is your base damage at which you apply all the increases and more multipliers.

Let's see the increased damage modifiers:
- 10% from q20 on elemental focus
- 10% from q 20 on concentrade effect
- 70% from a q23 increased burning damage
- 40% from helm enchant
- 40% increased from Arsonist passives
- 295% from jewels
- 32% from implicit of Don
- 1% for each 8 str from Don ~125%
- 65% fire damage from Chieftain passives

Total = 687%

Let's see the more damage modifiers:
- 50% more damage from elemental focus
- 55% more from Concentrated effect
- 30% more from gloves with essence of delirium
- 40% more from Elemental Overlord
- 16% more from 4 frenzy charges

Damage = 0.5*(Life + ES)(1+6.87)(1+0.5)(1+0.55)(1+0.3)(1+0.4)(1+0.16)= 19.3151*(Life+ES)
When you got more than 14000 Life + ES this will give you a damge of more than 270K.

Now take into account that this damage is raw, before fire resist come to play (with 0% fire resist).
We apply EE for -50% fire resist, -50% from flammability so we get a total of -100% fire resist which gives a double multiplier to our damage (540K damage).
Moreover got a +1 curse necklace and can put also elemental weakness on, which will increase further more the real damage, even if I loose some HP.

In practice you only need the high damage vs T16 guardians and shaper. Normal mobs are melted before EE, flammability or EO are processed.

If you analyse the results is easy to understand why picking passives with 8-10-16% increased damage is a waste of points and why we go for life and strength always and not after 10% increased fire damage from some unique rings or so. The impact of such % increased damage is negligeable.

Why is needed EE? Can I play without it?

Some people keep asking about EE. Can we play without EE?
I will explain it to you. Can you drive a car with a missing whell? Yes but why would you do it?


EE is giving you MORE damage, and a lot of it. Let's say D is damage you do. You drop the fire resistance of a mob by 50% with EE.
If it had resistance 75% you will deal damage without EE only 0.25 x D. After EE applies the resistance is only 25%. So the damage you deal is 0.75 x D. So you do three time the damage without EE.

If a mob has 0 resistance the damage you do to it is exactly D. But after applying EE it's resistance is -50%. So it takes damage 1.5 x D.

As bosses usually have some fire resist is great to find ways to diminish it, like EE or flammability.

EO and EE are coming automatically when you hit mobs. I use cyclone or frenzy. Some ppl use shield dash or leap slam. Every one use the skill they love. When you hit a mob, and you got cold or lightning (but not fire) damage to you attacks on a ring, ammulet or any piece of gear then you automatically apply EE. If your hit is a critical one then you automatically get EO. Is enough to crit once at each 8 sec to keep EO up all the time.
Self casiting SR means you don't move. Don't move then you become more of sitting duck. Also you can't apply the EE and EO by sitting still (there are some ways to apply but none so good as hitting).

Crafting with essences

hyper_ch wrote:
Essence of Horror (30% more Elemental) and Essence of Delirium (30% more DoT) are the same, right? I mean it won't matter if you go for gloves or helmet?

Matters to use them right way. Dellirium on gloves or Horror on helm. Not the other way.
You will get a piece of equipment with 30% more damage (dosen't matter for RF if is elemental or DoT).
Try use a good armour base like titan gauntlets for gloves or royal burgonet for helm. They then to give ya more easy the top tier of HP/Str.

Also can buy the base with enchant on it already to not work the lab after.
Good luck

Ok, ok. But I don't have great items. Till then what you can do with crap items?

[2.6.] T15 Core map with shit items.
Kaom is the most expensive. Rest are items under 1 exa all toghether.

How is this build different from others? The passive tree is optimised to give you maximum life, maximum regen, huge damage.
- 8 jewels (look for life and 3 of these mods area damage + fire damage + damage + damage over time]
- 295% increased life
- 20% life regeneration in hideout with vitality and stone golem (2638 HP/sec)
- 29% life regeneration when add charges (3857 HP/sec)
- 33% life regeneration with glove enchant (4387 HP/sec) (yes after the nerf still getting aprox 4.4K HP regen)
- up to 4800 HP/sec max reg with enduring cry
- the damage from jewels 295%.

The damage of this build calculated with charges up is about 250K not factoring the ElementalEquilibrium (-50% fire resist), Flammability (-50% fire resist - is in combo with CoH q20). So we apply -100% fire resist that will bring our actual damage over 500K.

The new meta since essence is to get gloves with the mod "soketed gems deal 30% MORE damage" or helms with the mode "soketed gems deal 30% MORE elemental damage". Both are equaly great.
I got a pair that i am using

But you can get 3B+1R and use Increase Burning Damage. In this case you will use increased area damage for general mapping and will swap concentrated effect when you go to bosses. This setup will give you even more damage than what I have put in title (about 275K).

This build is about getting life(1), life(2) and again life(3).
(1) You get life as much as you can to have a huge pool to mitigate one shot hits. Easy to achieve 10000 HP, but you also can go up to 14000 with some investment.
(2) You get strength as much as you can, as 2 str =1 life and also 8 str = +1% damage. Easy to go over 900 strength.
(3) You get life regeneration as high as you can because you can't leech from DoT, and you need a minimum 9% life regen just to keep RF going (that's will be with 90% fire resist). Usually you will need 10%, as not many players walk around with +1 max resist armours or necklaces.

Mandatory items:
Rise of the Phoenix Gives +8 max fire resist. No better option.
Weapons: there are 2 choices Doon Cubeyari and Doriany Catalist
As this build has over 800 str Doon is the bis weapon for you. It also comes with 70 str of it's own and for each 8 str you get the 1% damage bonus.

Jewels!. Rare or uniques?

Uniques: Anatomical Knoledgw, Emperor's Might and Emperor's Mastery.
Rares: with 7% increased life, 16% increased fire damage and 2 of these 3 mods: Increased Damage over time, Increased Area Damage, Increased Damage. You can get 36-40% increased damage with a rare jewel.

All are good but rares are the best. Higher life you get from AK put in the slot near EE. But you get no increased damage from it.
The other two unique jewels are good also but a rare 7% life gives more life than any of them for me; Also on that rare you can stack a total of 40% increased damage. So rares all the way.

How do I know if for my specific level and items a jewel is better or not? See the math below.


Situation can be little different if you use belly or normal kaom.
Take your strength, divide it by 1.1 (because you have +10% from chieftain).
Your base is somewhere 720-750. Any increase is apply to that number. 7% str to 750 = 52 str = 26 life. That life is then increased by the % of life increase you got from tree, jewels, maybe belly if you use.
In order not to do much math, find two piece of gear with different life on them but same strength. See the difference between you HP with item A and item B. So let's say item A has 70 HP on it, item B has 79 HP on it. The difference is 9 HP. But when you equip A or B the difference in your total life is probably around 36 HP. So you will know that in your specific situation 9 HP gives in the end 36 HP. So coming back, the 26 life you gained from increased strength can be calculated as final life like this:

9HP .....36HP

You will get x = 104 HP.

Now find out how much 1% increased life gives you. Just equip and unequip a 7% increased life jewel which I presume you got. See the HP difference and divide it by 7. You just find out how much is 1% for you. For me 1% is 35 life. But you must see how much is for you. 3% will be 3 times so 105 HP.

Now between Emperor's Mastery and a 7% life jewel the differences are +7% strength EM and +3% life increase on rare jewel.
You compare 104 HP from first calculus with 105 from second calculus and see with your own figures which jewel is better. All this to not pay 4 exa for an EM jewel just to find is worst tha a rare one.

So what's next? What items should I get? Life and strength obviously:

Life and str items

All items can have strength 50-55 as top tier. Rings, necklace, helm, gloves can have also + all attributes (crafted about 11-14, or top tier ~32)
Rings 70-79 life. Coral ring has also +30 life as implicit
Helm life 90-99
gloves and boots life 80-89
A good necklace can go + 140 HP (89 life + 55 str + 32 all atrib + 30 str amber ammulet).
Leather belt is the way to go with 99 life 50+ str and 40 life implicit.
So Coral Rings, Leather belt, any necklace with +130 total HP, and for gloves and helmet go for top tiers life and str (if you can manage to have them with armour base is even better).

How you get so much life and HP regeneration?

biskuat90 wrote:
yeah as mentioned above i dont understand how do you get so much life regen and HP. can i have a gear check please ? https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/biskuat90/characters
thank you

Well your tree and items are not really optimized. Not really your fault. GGG is making quite frequently changes and many builds are not updated by OP or they are unaware about changes, or are not interested in min-max that build....

Area increase/decrease passives are a waste of points since they modified the way increase work (on area not on radius). When various RF builds were made an increase area RADIUS of 10% means you can see area increasing. At this moment an increase AREA of 10% is equivalent roughly with 5% RADIUS increase. So is much less.
See the math. Old system:
Radius of 20. Area is pi*R^2 = 3.14*400=1256
Increase radius with 10%. New radius is 22. New area is 3.14*484=1520
The area increased with 264 which is 21%.
New system:
Radius is 20. Area is 1256.
Area increased with 10%. New area is 1381,6. It has increased with only 125,6 units. So you get less than half of what it used to be.
So investing points in increasing area is a waste. Therefore Amplify and Blast passives are a waste of 6 points. You should use those points to increase life/regeneration.

Area of RF with no passives allocated to increased area

Look at me playing with RF area with AoE gem. If you invest in ALL 7 passives from Amplify and Blast Radius you get that increase of area. It is worth 8-9 passives (counting also nodes to get there)? For me it dosent.

Jewels on your tree are meh... you need 7% increased life and 3 of the following stats in order:
14-16% increased fire damage,
10%-12% increased damage over time,
10-12% increased area damage,
8-10% increased damage.
So a BiS jewel has 7% life and 36% increased damage from all sources.
If your character is just starting, and you don't have the exa to buy good jewels I understand that you used what you could find, but i am sure a jewel with life and something else is under 10C. Anatomical knowledge has 8% increased life and can be placed top of EE passives to benefit from intelligence in radius. And is 1C? Can be used till you get better jewels. Don't forget that each life increase has an "in built" increased damage as your RF damage is 50% of life pool.

Stop investing points in increasing fire damage, increasing area damage or thing like this. You will get the increasing damage from other sources (jewels, increasing burning damage, kaom with 40%, helm enchant, quality of gems, Arsonist cluster, etc).

Forget Unwavering stance. This is not a build with 3000 HP to be stunned by mobs. Is again a wasted passive. Take life increased passives and jewel slots. My build tree has 239% life increase and 56% life increase from jewels = 295%.

On items:
The whole ideea of using RF in a 4L setup is if you use gloves made with delirium essence or helm with hysteria essence. Any of them has a mode with 30% MORE damage. Otherwise, if you really want to keep the helm and gloves you got, put RF in a 6L belly. It can be run as a 5L RF+elemental focus+conc effect+ increased area + increased burning and add a increasing rarity in temporar leagues or increased item quantity in standard. But all this 5/6L is an outdated setup. So try get gloves or helm with the 30% more damage mod.

Sell the belly and get a kaom. The 500 life of Kaom will translate in about +2000 to life pool. Is much better than belly of the beast. See here a review of armours for RF..

Easy comparation for you. Note HP with belly. Take it down. Note HP without belly. Add 2000 to your HP pool. About that will be the HP with Kaom. Now make comparations. Not only you get more HP so more damage, but Kaom has also increased fire damage on it.

There are specific cases where you might need IC. Otherwise is a bad option to use with this build. It protects you from physical damage. But also having all Endurance Charges up will protect you against physical damage. And you also have 0.7% HP regeneration for each endurance charge. Is a bad move to consume them with IC. Get rid of it. In a 4 slot boots you put shiled charge or cyclone + fortify + curse on hit + curse and you don't need the complicated 6L setup from belly. Ready. Now you can enjoy the Kaom.
I see you got purity of fire 21. Is a waste not to link it with empower lvl 3 so it can get to lvl 23. At that level it will give you +5 max fire resist. See on my build what is NET HP regeneration concept. +1 max fire resist = 0.9 HP regeneration basic.
So throw out your flame dash and put an empower in Rise of the Phoenix.

Get a marble necklace (has 1.6% life regeneration). Or get a skull talisman. Has 2% life regeneration. Don't forget to have at least 90 total HP (total HP is the HP + 0.5*strength).
Rings should be coral type. Coral has implicit 30 HP and to this you add 70-79 HP in T1 mod and 43-55 str (T2 and T1 mod).
Drop the coral ring you got. Has fire attack on it and with EE you just make the mobs more resistant to fire damage. You must not have fire attack on any equipment.
Belt should be leather type. 40 HP implicit, 90-99 HP in T1 and 43-55 str. Much better than heavy belt. And is about 10C.
Get better helm and boots life/str wise and by all means one of them must be made with essence.
Boots are OK. They have also cold damage when you get hit so will process EE.

Life regeneration you see on other characters must be judge by % of their life not only by absolute value.
I don't know your total HP pool and certainly not your HP regen.
I can go to 14440 HP with 2582 HP regeneration (17.90%) or I can have 13533 HP with 3242 HP regeneration (23.95%) both setups inside hideout. This is with a legacy kaom, so you can drop 2000 from life pool to see how it will be with a normal kaom, and adjust life regeneration /sec by using the % I gave.

I want other ring

xonsuns wrote:
Also i saw the berek pass ring.. its really good or better to go STR+LIFE+RES?
Thank you! (im liking very much the build)

This build is only about LIFE and LIFE REGEN. No is not about increased fire damage.
Get life from every where, tons of life. The more the merrier. Your base damage is based on 50% of life pool. Get strenght also. 2 str = 1 life and with doon at every 8 str your damage increased with 1%. Between those two life is more important (I mean 1 life is more important than 1 str, but less important than 2 str). That's to help ya chose between similar items.
Resistances are important like in all builds. All should be capped.
The life regen is what keeps you alive in fights. HP pool protects you from 1 shot kill, HP regen protects you during all fight. Between 15000 HP with 1600 HP/sec regen and 13000 HP with 2600 HP/sec regen second build is more solid and resistant. So get a coral ring with 79 life and 55 str and some resists and forget about berek pass.
The increase damage of this build come from (in order of importance, first being the greatest): jewels, curse, EE, 40% from Kaom (not counting here the gems or EO)

I want other amulet

Veriol wrote:
Is anyone using Xoph's Heart Amber amulet? Is it worth the money?

The Xoph's Heart Amber is loow on life and str but your damage become high if you are HIT. If you step into a vortex is DoT not a hit so the ash debuff is not applying. So you will get lower damage for DoT bosses and high damage for bosses that hit.
Your damage is based on life pool, so get an amulet with a total of at least 120 HP (70-79 life + some 43+ strength as affixes and another 20+ strength as implicit).
Don't forget that 2 str = 1 life and from tree we get tons of life multiply.

Xoph's ash debuff is great but you need to be hit by a mob to apply that debuff. Is worth for bosses, but trash mobs don't get to hit you.

Please see the review I made on amulets at page 11 of this thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1892353/page/11

Body armour

xonsuns wrote:
Having bad time trying to 5L my belly (40%L). My question is ... how much better is belly than a 110L+ 50STR 600+ARM?
I suppose the 40% more life start being better as you get more and more life but really much better?

You hit the nail. Depends on your life. A typical RF build will have 200%+ life increase from passives and
7% x jewel numbers. For me atm is 295% life increase from passives+jewels. Your example armour with 135HP (110HP+50 STR) will be translated into 135 + 135*2,95 = 533 HP. So from a such armour you get only 533 HP. I don't know my life from passives and items, but if you get without armour something like 9000 HP. Adding belly of the beast 40% life increase over 295% = 335%
To find out what's your life that will be multiplied 9000/(1+2.95) = 2278 HP
To find out the life after you add belly 2278*(1+3.35) = 9911
So you got an increase of 911 HP, much more than 533HP you get from the life armour.
If you go for Kaom you gain 500*(1+2.95) = 1975 HP so double vs belly. And a perfect Kaom is cheap tbh.

The order of armours tbh should be:

9863 HP entry level armour with 110 HP and 50 str
9685 HP with Atziri Splendour much better, even if it has lower life, has lots of armour but shines because it has 24% resistance for each element, and you get 100 HP for each kill. Also no mana problems ever - no clue on price. Best to hunt for perfect one and pay 1500 fuse to 6L.
10231 HP with 40% Belly of the Beast, the so so choice, was a good one untill the essences showed up - no clue about price but suppose is not cheaper than 7-8 exa
11265 HP With normal Kaom Heart the ok variant - about 5 exa I think
11265 HP even better one if it is corrupted with +1 max resist- about 40 exa if perfect. The +1 max resit means 0.9% better HP regen. You don't see it directly as I saw few players hoping that if they get better fire resist will see a bettr number on HP regen. NO. Hp regen stays the same. But that's the brut HP regen. When you activate the RF some of your HP regen will be eaten by fire damage giving you the net HP regen. I got 19.93% HP regen with vitality and stone golem but I need 9.9% HP regen to sustain RF, so I only have a 10% HP net regen. So from 2639 HP/sec regen I only have 1324 HP/sec to conteract the mobs damage. Rest of regeneration is eaten by RF. Well I hope you get the picture what is doing the +1 max resist.
13240 HP with legacy Kaom Heart - the best one - about 250-300 exa
The supreme one should be a legacy kaom with +1 max resist but i think is out of question.

In front of each one I gave you my HP when I equip it to have some comparation how good is each item (I got 9290 HP without any armour)


Use a ruby flask (dying sun is somehow too much for us, you get a bit of increased AOE but you miss the utility as remove bleed) + divination distilate and you jump to 100 % fire resist. No need to invest points in flask passives as other RF builds.
Ruby Flask
+6 max fire resist (with alchemist prefix will be +7 but you don't need it, as increased duration - experimenter, is much better)
Divination Distillate
+6 max resist (legacy) or +4 max resist (actual ones)
So toghether you go over 100% fire resist for 5 sec. That's about 10% HP regen/sec that is not eatean by RF.
There is also a flask many don't use:
Karui's Blood
which gives a bit of life for 2.5 seconds but it shines at the end. Imagine the boss fight where you have problems to mitigate the damage and see your life droping droping. Pop the flask and if you are not dead in 2.5 second then you are again at full life. The flask gets better as your HP pool is higher. With 14K HP you can survive 2-3 seconds of damage then you are again full. I just love it.

Use other flask slots as you need, granite, basalt, quicksilver...

Other Gems

In boots I use cyclone + fortify + life gain on hit faster attacks. The faster attacks is not mandatory so the whole setup can be placed in a 3 slot item. I can apply more than 3 hits on a second on a mob that dosen't die instantly to RF. Those hits add a good 168 HP/sec from LGoH. I love this setup but in fact all you need is cyclone + fortify, or shield charge +fortify. I love eating my mana so when I use Divination Distillate it can't fill my mana up so its effect will not end.

In shield I got Purity of Fire lvl 21, Vitality lvl 21 and Empower lvl 3. You can use PoF lvl 20 + empower lvl 4 or PoF lvl 20 + empower lvl 3 + shield with +1 level to soketed gems. Any combination is good to go up to lvl 23 with PoF when it will give you +5 to max fire resist. That's your target.

In Doon I got increased duration, enduring cry and stone golem. There is an option to put Molten shell + CWDT+life leech but ....
About molten shell+CWDT+ life leech: yes molten shell does fk with EE when explodes. With lvl 21 CWDT and q 20 I get a tool tip of 40k damage. For the sake of math will presume the fire resitance 0, and therefore all the damage is done to the boss (on trash mobs is useless). 2% life leech will give 800 HP regeneration that stretch over few seconds. If you use kaom heart the 3 sockets from weapon can be put to better use tbh.

In helm I got CWDT lvl 1 + BV lvl 8 + CoH lvl 20/q23 + flammability lvl 21. If I get hit then BV start spin and spin and applies the curse. Curse on hit has q23 for 11% increase curse effect. BV is good also to obtain EO.
BV as cyclone has the same crit chance, but BV can have more blades that hit so you get better chance to process the Elemental overlord. EE will not be processed if you don't have cold or light attacks on a piece of equipment. I use both of them. Cyclone to get fortify and life gain on hit, BV to apply the curses because I am lazy player.


They changed the way commandment of light works atm. Before it used to be around 20% life regen. Now it only gives 6%.. Still is the best glove enchant for this build.
So get a pair of gloves like this

For the boots best enchant is +2% mana and life regenerated when hit
, unless you can get your hand on a legacy
with that enchant. Still on boss fights the first pair is better as getting frenzy charges would require to use frenzy hit instead cyclone and can be triky.

For helm I use
but there is also an enchant with increased area of RF. Personally I think we have enough area at this moment and increases as 12% are not making a difference.

skill tree



hyper_ch wrote:
I just wonder: Why didn't you go for Hinekora, Death's Fury for Uberlab but instead use a second life regen passive?
You lose 0.5% regen but gain 1% life leech (I assume RF also can leech) and 10% fire pen.

Hinekora is not good for this kind of RF build. Our damage is DoT, burning damage, and will not benefit from 1% leech but what is worst is the "gain 20% of physical damage as fire damage". That will not work with elemental equilibrium and therefore your damage will be much lower.

Chieftain or Juggernaut?

Wouldn't the Juggernaut be better class for this as it has better regen through endurance charge? What's the pros/cons between the two classes?

Each class has his own pro and cons. I have played both, starting with Jugg and remaining at Chief.
What I loved at Jugg was the + 1 endurance charge and rapid build of them. End of story.
What I love to the Chief is the +10% strength (which translate in a minimum 40 HP, a better increase than what Oak gives to you). Let's not forget the + 1% damage for each 8 str. The sweetest passives are the life regeneration. 0.5% here, 0.5% there they add to give in final 2.5% vs only 1.9% in Jugg, and they are not conditioned by having fortify up. To add even more there is 0.5% HP regen for each of endurance charges (I got 6) so that's +3% HP regen when I see mobs. This 3% is conditional with endurance charges which I can obtain quick by Enduring Cry so I need mobs. Is somehow in the same class with 1.5% from Jugg where you need to hit mobs to have fortify up in order to get it.
In the end you get more life and more HP regeneration from Chieftain than from Juggernaut.
I know that there are some RF Juggernaut builds with 2 Kaom's Way to have more life regeneration. If you do the math it will show that Chieftain has better HP regeneration, better life, higher damage.

Net HP regeneration....Math inside!

We all see various numbers of HP regeneration. But some of the HP regeneration we see on defence tab is eaten by the RF damage. So the total HP regen - RF damage = NET HP REGEN, is the HP that can fill your life pool after you are hit and so on. A character with 89% fire resit need 9.9% HP regeneration only to be able to sustain RF.

Let's now see the numbers. I will compare my build as Chief vs. Jugg
A Jugg will miss the 2.5% HP regen from Chieftain and 0.5% HP regen for each EC.
So Jugg would have 14.6% vs Chieftain 15.2% HP regen. The Jugg will also get 8EC*0.2% HP=1.6% regen from EC and 1.8% from vitality for a total of 18%. The Chieftain will get 7*0.7% = 4.9% HP regen from EC and 1.8% from vitality for a total of 21.9%. So at a first glance we got a difference of 3.9% in favour of Chief. The net regeneration will be 18-9.9 = 8.1% for Jugg and 21.9-9.9 = 12% for Chief. But those two characters don't have same HP pool.
Now let's see the HP:
Chieftain - 13738 HP -with net regen = 1648
Jugg - 13526 HP - with net regen = 1095 (has less HP because -20 str and -10% str)
What is good at Jugg is +1 end charge (free) and quicker build up of EC (25% chance to get straight to max; chance to get EC at hit vs EC on kill).

How you get so much %HP regeneration? And how you do maps with 60% less HP regen?

Nihkajyon wrote:
How can you get so much life regen?

I currently only have 10,1k hp with 1,4k life regen.
89% fire res.

Even with Vitality (lvl 23 with Empower) and
20/20 stone golem, my life regen is just 1,7k.

Feels like I missing out... thx

Let's see math of HP regeneration

Let's count the % (as you have about 17% from your numbers which is ok)
- Chieftain 5 minor nodes all with 0.5% life regen = 2.5%
- First 4 whell of passives from marauder has a point in bottom part with 0.8%life regen = 0.8%
- Warrior's Blood 1.8% life regen = 1.8%
- Master of arena 1% life regen = 1%
- Golem's Blood 1.6% life regen = 1.6%
- Arsonist 1% life regen = 1%
- Combat stamina 3 points with 1% + 0.3% + 0.5% = 1.8%
- Sanctity and 3 points to the right of it towards templar starting area 1% + 3x0.4% = 2.2%
- Shaper and 2 points to the right towards scion 1% + 0.3%+ 0.4% = 1.7%
- Quick recovery 0.8% = 0.8%

That will give a total of 15.2% HP regeneration. Now on top of this comes lvl 21 Vitality that will give 1.8% HP regen with empower lvl 3 (linking PoF 21 + Vitality 21 + empower 3 is best setup, as both auras will benefit from empower and PoF at lvl 23 gives +5 max fire resist).
So we have now 15.2 + 1.8 = 17% HP regen. With a sone golem we can add 110 HP regen /sec + Rise of the Phoenix +6HP = 116 HP regen /sec (add here if you got HP regen from any other equipment).
Some of us are using necklaces with %HP regeneration
or those marble necklaces which give only 1.6%. This will bring the HP regen to 19% + 116HP.

This is the hideout regeneration you see at every high level RF character. I have a regen of 2638HP for a total life of 13240HP (19.92%).

Then is the HP regeneration on maps. You get the Ramako point in chieftain and the point left to the Stamina passive under Barbarism which gives you 0.5% + 0.2% HP regen for each Endurance charge = 0.7%.
How many endurance charge you got? Usually about 7 of them (3 base + 3 from passives + 1 from Oak merciless) = 4.9% life regen with all endurance charges up. This you will see again usually at each character.
Some of us have a glove enchant which is called "attack with commandment of light when you take a critical strike". This enchant drops consecrated ground (same as sulphur flask) which give aditional 4% HP regen).
There are some older screenshots on forum from patches ago when this enchant was giving some 20 or 24% HP regen - can't remember exactly but is not the case any more).
So we get 4.9% + 4% = 8.9% more HP regen on map.

Here builds start to differ between various players:
- some use the blood dance shark skin boots like this
which will give you another 4-5% HP regen depends on how many frenzy charges you got.
- some use normal boots with this enchant
which gives 2% life regen when hit.
- or get bets from both worlds with
2% life regen when hit + 3-4% life regen for frenzy charges for a total of 5-6% HP regen. Frenzy charges also give 4% MORE damage so with 5 charges you get a +20% more damage so a 400K becomes 480K damage. Pretty.
- it is even possible to use gloves like this
if you got a hysteria helmet (those with 30% more elemental damage).

In the end I got 4800 HP regen maximum on maps for life 13240 (36.25%) which is made from 19.92% + 6 EC*0.7% + 5 FC*1% + consecrated ground 4% + enduring cry 414 HP (you can see all details in my RF build thread on forum).
Is exactly how other's picture were made long time ago, with all effects up, when the enchant was working differently.
Do I get this HP regen all the time? No way. I am not spamming EC or consecrated ground on maps. Usually you will have the 19.92% + 6-7 EC *0.7 + eventually 2 % from boots. = 26.8%. This is more than enough to do maps safely.

How you do maps with 60% less HP, -max% resist, vulnerability? Easy

With 89% fire resist you need 9.9% HP regen to sustain it.
So a map with 60% less HP regen? You can do it easily 26.8*0.4 = 10.72%. Just pop a ruby flask if you see life droping.
A map with -12% max resist? So you will have only 77% fire resist. So RF will need 0.9*23 = 20.7% HP regen to sustain it. But you get 26.8% on map so just keep killing mobs.
Vulnerability on a map? Is only 33% increased damage. So the 9.9% needed to sustain RF will become 13.2%....so is a walk in the park.
If you are skilled player you can even do some combination of those affixes but is not the point of this post. See in video section maps done with 2 bad mods, easy walk.

Is a rumour that you have over 6K life regeneration?

Shhh. It is still a secret. Here is a 5.8K regeneration screen shot (46.88%).
But I can go as up as 7000 HP reg.

I can get 3242 HP regen in hideout for a life of 13533. That's 23.95%. Only me and my vitality.
3242 HP regen/sec in hide out

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As for increased RF range from lab enchant..


Its quite meaningless now.
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How does wise oak work for rf? since fire penetration wont work with it. Sure orb of storms will then penetrate extra fire resists but that wont help rf only orb of storms.
have you tested dropping vitality and adding purity with essence worm and taking bloodmagic passives for massive life increase?
Fhark wrote:
How does wise oak work for rf? since fire penetration wont work with it. Sure orb of storms will then penetrate extra fire resists but that wont help rf only orb of storms.

The offence tool tip state for RF is shown 20% fire resistance penetration. I can not test if is true or not.

spede77 wrote:
have you tested dropping vitality and adding purity with essence worm and taking bloodmagic passives for massive life increase?

I have't tried yet but can compute the result. I have to drop a coral ring and use essence of worm. I might be able to balance the resists but that's will come with other alteration.
I must free 4 passives and will cost me a min of 11-12% life increase (was looking at a jewel socket and a 4% life node; alternatively I can renounce only at 5% life node and 1.2 % HP regen near templar starting point, but as I must drop vitality also this will set me back with 3% HP regen).
But I will get 35% from those passives after blood magic.
The numbers

............Normal tree..........BM tree -11% life increase.........BM tree -5% life -1.2% regen
HP regen......2638.................2440...............................2310

As you see the last set looks better but still has lower life regen. I think if you can manage the resists this can be a viable modification.
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hey suge , my passive tree : https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/AAAABAEDAQGRAdwB5wPWBAcEswUtBg4J9gthDF8S4ROlFCAUTRhWGJEZLhpVHKcc3B8CJvMnLyftKPot0i5TNsU26DrYPAU8LT38QYdFnUd-UEdTUlOlVbVVxlZIVw1YY18_YSFko2VNZlRoZWh0aPJ07XfjeWiCB4KbgseDX4PMg9uE2YTvhXuMz48akFWRzpZsmK2aO5rgns2fy5_fogCi6qcIpzCpbq2Nr2yvp7c-uJO5frvtvJ-9Nr1gvqfAZsEExFjE9sYExq7G2M9-0iHTb9R82CTZYdl82mLawevu7DjvDu988B_yQfOb9kj56PxL
micha2240 wrote:
hey suge , my passive tree : https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/AAAABAEDAQGRAdwB5wPWBAcEswUtBg4J9gthDF8S4ROlFCAUTRhWGJEZLhpVHKcc3B8CJvMnLyftKPot0i5TNsU26DrYPAU8LT38QYdFnUd-UEdTUlOlVbVVxlZIVw1YY18_YSFko2VNZlRoZWh0aPJ07XfjeWiCB4KbgseDX4PMg9uE2YTvhXuMz48akFWRzpZsmK2aO5rgns2fy5_fogCi6qcIpzCpbq2Nr2yvp7c-uJO5frvtvJ-9Nr1gvqfAZsEExFjE9sYExq7G2M9-0iHTb9R82CTZYdl82mLawevu7DjvDu988B_yQfOb9kj56PxL


Ok this one will give you + 1 jewel, 226% increased life, +1.2% life regen (and do that uber lab cose is not that hard to get even more 1% life regen and some fire damage). If you still level your char then you can add points as you level in missing whells (5% and 4%).
I used Poe Skill Tree Atlas of the world to manage builds. Is better to look on such tool before you try to do a respec to see how you can minimize the regret use, unless you got a full passive respec from the last patch. You also can play a little with it to see if it suits you play stile. The missing point are some 15% resist with you must pay attention to not go under cap.

The investment in the area of effect since last patch is useless. Give me a pm in game and i will come to your ho and show how big is my RF area without investment in passives and you can decide if you can live with such size. Also the investment in area damage passives is not so good as a jewel can give 7% life and 36% damage, so more than those 3 points invested in Elementalist.

For life clusters always do the math with all the points needed to link them.
For example I got 5 points. What should I do with them? If I go to Bloodless I need 2 points to link and can invest rest in 5+8+5 = 18% life increase. If I go to Cruel Preparation I put 3 in links and with rest I get 5+10 = 15% life increase. So is less. Not speaking about linking points which you should favor if they have +10 str instead of +10 intel. If I go to Purity Of Flesh I spend 2 points to link and I get 4+8 +4 = 16% life increase. If I go to Tireless I spend 1 link and I get 4+4+4+8 = 20%. So this is the best one. Why I put those point in Blodless then? Because I think you still level the character and next point gets you 5%. If you are done with leveling then the best use of those 5 points is to get Tireless whell.
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Added videos with guardians, double core boss and other T15 maps. As well Uber Atziri.
T15 maps with:
-10 % max resist? No problem, a walk in park.
-60% HP regeneration? Easy, just keep killing them.
-vulnerability? Who cares?
Also maps with 2 of those mods...
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I was playing another RF build. My Bandits are: Oak ,Eramir ,Oak. Should i change them or are you using the same ?
Your bandits choices are right.

- Oak for 40HP, one of the greatest life source in game. With all the increased life % you change it in to about 160 HP in final.
- Eramir (passive point) as we don't care about physical attack increase, attack speed etc
- Oak again for the endurance charge. If you use the blood dance shark skin boots version then Kaitryn is an option but doesn't offer much flexibility. I use blood dance or normal life boots as I see fit, and in the end with endurance charge I benefit from it in both versions.

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