[3.1] SHAPER Kill __ 14675 HP___7000 HP regen_Tanky Righteous Fire 1 million+ DPS

Hi again!
Curius: how do you count your RF dps?
RF is doing 50% of your life and ES as damage. That is your base damage at which you apply all the increases and more multipliers.

Let's see the increased damage modifiers:
- 10% from q20 on elemental focus
- 10% from q 20 on concentrade effect
- 70% from a q23 increased burning damage
- 40% from helm enchant
- 40% increased from Arsonist passives
- 295% from jewels
- 32% from implicit of Don
- 1% for each 8 str from Don ~125%
- 65% fire damage from Chieftain passives

Total = 687%

Let's see the more damage modifiers:
- 50% more damage from elemental focus
- 55% more from Concentrated effect
- 30% more from gloves with essence of delirium
- 40% more from Elemental Overlord
- 16% more from 4 frenzy charges

Damage = 0.5*(Life + ES)(1+6.87)(1+0.5)(1+0.55)(1+0.3)(1+0.4)(1+0.16)= 19.3151*(Life+ES)
When you got more than 14000 Life + ES this will give you a damge of more than 270K.

Now take into account that this damage is raw, before fire resist come to play (with 0% fire resist).
We apply EE for -50% fire resist, -50% from flammability so we get a total of -100% fire resist which gives a double multiplier to our damage (540K damage).
Moreover got a +1 curse necklace and can put also elemental weakness on, which will increase further more the real damage, even if I loose some HP.

In practice you only need the high damage vs T16 guardians and shaper. Normal mobs are melted before EE, flammability or EO are processed.

If you analyse the results is easy to understand why picking passives with 8-10-16% increased damage is a waste of points and why we go for life and strength always and not after 10% increased fire damage from some unique rings or so. The impact of such % increased damage is negligeable.

What damage I can expect with normal items?

For now will have only gems that are 20/20 (nothing fancy like lvl 21, q23, no helm enchant, we will asume only 7 jewels with 16% fire damage and 10% increased damage which are about 10C, will assume about 850 Strength, and a normal Kaom with only 30% fire damage).
Let's see the increased damage modifiers:
- 10% from q20 on elemental focus
- 10% from q 20 on concentrade effect
- 69% from a q23 increased burning damage
- 30% from Kaom
- 40% increased from Arsonist passives
- 182% from jewels
- 32% from implicit of Don
- 1% for each 8 str from Don ~106%
- 65% fire damage from Chieftain passives

Total = 544%

Let's see the more damage modifiers (like I said, only lvl 20 gems, no frenzy charges):
- 49% more damage from elemental focus
- 54% more from Concentrated effect
- 30% more from gloves with essence of delirium
- 40% more from Elemental Overlord

Damage = 0.5*(Life + ES)(1+5.44)(1+0.49)(1+0.54)(1+0.3)(1+0.4)= 13.447*(Life+ES)
Will assume the character has about 10.000 Life (will have more than that because I saw people with terible gear having 10K+). That will give ya about 140K damage before EE and curse. Still more than enough to do everything up to Shaper.

L.E. Forgot 65% Chieftain passives. Added now

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Hmmm, sounds like a good way to start in 3.0 since the ES nerf is incoming.
Hmmm, I dunno if this is a good starter build. The core items are quite expensive, especially at the beginning of the league. But the build surely will do as a second-char build.
- TroubiCZ
Started it last sunday in SSF (with no previous items) - lvl 82 now... still missing Ephemeral Edge, Shavronne's und Chayula but got almost 8k ES this far... doing T6 maps now. The only real issue is chaos damage.. 1.8k life are gone very quickly.

In non-SSF I could buy myself Ephemeral Edge and Solaris Lorica with the currency I've farmed this far.
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Game is full of shit unique items that can be used till you get the finaly BiS for everything.
Put the gloves, blood dance, shaper seed and you got 5.5% life regen with some cheap cheap items.
Can't get Rise of the Phoenix at the league start? Vitality since lvl 24 so add 0.7% to life regen (will be 1% in no time).
Get Purity of Fire, put it in Nycta and you got +2 lvl. Springleaf is a noob shield with 3% life regen and another 3% if you drop life under 35%.
Kikazaru rings gives 1 HP /level so at level 20 they give 20 HP regen. If you manage to have 1000 life at lvl 20 then is 2% regen. And you can put 2 rings. Then is Ambu's Charge armour and Immortal Flesh belt. Just to name only trash items.
People say that RF can't be used to level with because RotP is lvl 65. But they don't try to think outside of the box. There are so many variations you can do and stay alive at lower levels.
And btw, in normal and cruel mobs are just melted away by RF even if your life is low. Symple thing, their life is also very low.
Is quickest way to level? No way. There are better build to level fast. But for me is the most comfortable way. I can play and watch TV in same time.
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So Ascendancy is Chieftan or Juggernaut?

Cuz on the marauders build thread it says you go cheftain but your skill tree is juggernaut
My ascendancy is chieftain, and if you look on tree is easy to spot the guy with eyes on fire.

I even wrote a cheieftain vs juggernaut part on original post, just to help people understand what is good on each side.

- Chieftain has better HP regeneration. The minor points give +0.5% life regeneration permanent. Also +0.5% for each EC, which is great. How else could I go up to 6000 HP regeneration/ second? Also chieftain has +10% strength, which means about +40 HP base life (like Oak option). With all the life increases you get about +160 HP.

- Juggernaut has +1 EC and a better way to generate EC on boss figths. I must, as a chieftain, to spam some Enduring Cry at the start of boss fight. It also has a +5% physical damage reduction from fortify. But here the advantages end.

The +1 EC from juggernaut is equal somehow with the +10% strength, because I can use a belt with +1 EC and loose the 40HP implicit. But I still get the bonus damage from more strength. And with all EC up and fortify, the 5% bonus of Juggernaut dosen't look so important anymore. In the end is the balance between higher HP regeneration vs. quicker gain of EC. I have chosen the higher HP regeneration from chieftain, but each player can chose what ever he/she feels beter suited.
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Hi sorry if I missed something but how do you proc your EE? thanks!
You must have some cold or lightning damage on your gear equipment.
Like this ring:

For same reason you must avoid to have x-y fire damage on your gear or you will ruin EE.

Another method is to link CwDT(lvl1)-Ice Nova q20(think is lvl 7)-Curse on Hit-Flammability. You will curse and will process EE only if you get hit, like when mobs are not melted right away by your RF. If they die right away then your damage is high enough and don't need EE in that moment.

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