[3.1] SHAPER Kill __ 14675 HP___7000 HP regen_Tanky Righteous Fire 1 million+ DPS

Uniques: Anatomical Knoledgw, Emperor's Might and Emperor's Mastery.
Rares: with 7% increased life, 16% increased fire damage and 2 of these 3 mods: Increased Damage over time, Increased Area Damage, Increased Damage. You can get 36-40% increased damage with a rare jewel.

Question regarding jewels.
Why there is no "+16% Burning damage" there? Can anybody explain?
This build uses "Holy Fire" giving +60% burning damage, however "burning damage" from jewels are not considered.

What is the explanation of this? I am lvl 93, have only 5 ex orbs and all the jewels that have all four required properties are very expensive, like 20-45ex orb each with most sellers offline. My damage is not high enough without these jewels.
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any idea how to keep EE on with new ascendancy in 3.2? used to hit with bm+fa+shield_charge+fortify = phys+light dmg to do it. the only option i see is to dont use 2 ascendancy points or dont use EE at all.
Just a friendly tip from Someone who's played since before the games PC Release. When your Dealing with RF after getting your Big HP Noded
Anything Above 5% Life
and a decent ammount of your regen. You want to get your Jewl Sockets as you can 6% plus dps stats. If you don't jewels that equal the majority of 4-5% nodes left on your tree.At that point then wait to grab sockets
Hi guys, softcore player here, just want to try and do all content with this build, what is the better ascendancy ? chieftain or juggernaut and why ? Is the original post description still valid ? juggernaut mostly for endurance charges and that's it ? then breaking down would be : juggernaut more def and chieftain more dmg ?
is this build still viable for 3.2 ?
ahmtcnr wrote:
is this build still viable for 3.2 ?

My question aswell
so anyone? i wanna play RF build but i cant find a good ones i wanted try this one out but its not for 3.2
Hey! your skill tree link doesnt work for me and I was just wondering if you could update it to hopefully fix it.
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