[3.1] SHAPER Kill __ 14675 HP___7000 HP regen_Tanky Righteous Fire 1 million+ DPS

Programysh wrote:
How about the idea: to support RF with Ignite Proliferation. In theory it should spread ignite to other mobs.

Ele Prolif spreads Ignite (it spreads all elemental ailments) but Righteous Fire doesn't apply Ignite to burn the mobs (like a crit with fire damage will do for example), it just makes the mobs burn. Ele prolif doesn't work with RF.
IGN : @Morgoth
40/40 on Harbinger with this awesome build.
Currently Im playing another class but just dropped an Elder rare body armour with 1.3% of Life Regenerated per second and 5% increased Strength and somewhat I started missing my RF Chieftain :).
This league is going to be crazy.
EH RAT Chieftain guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2251276
Why don't you use Blood Magic, Mortal Conviction for more HP?
We can use the new socketed belt with a life gem inside so overall in 3.1 we get even more HP and more regen.
i cant find the PoB code can you add it also please
How is this build is abyss. is it still shaper viable?
Very confused about info on Swift affliction and Efficacy gem. Wiki says they doesn't work with RF, only in totem. But there is info here that they do work... So what is correct now?
Edit: looks like 1st one doesn't work and 2nd one works.
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how actually to use divination flask which gives +6(+4) all res? imo it may help only with strong bosses
1) Could you create a PoB pastebin link please?
2) Ascendancy - Would it be ok to take the second "life regen, fire damg" node above Ngamahu instead of Arohongui? Unless totems are big in this build, I think that'd be better.
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Currently lvl 79. I have reached 7k hp. Going for jewels now. 1.3k regen without endurancr charges. I cant see how u guys get so much more regen?

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