[3.1] SHAPER Kill __ 14675 HP___7000 HP regen_Tanky Righteous Fire 1 million+ DPS

IMO to proc EE via an active skill is a better way than to wait for a boss to hit you ;)

I have linked fortify + BM on my shield charge, too - so if something does not melt immediately, I hit it with the shield charge and I gain both offensive and defensive bonuses in the process.
- TroubiCZ
Forgot. Can also use tempest shield to process EE.
Same again. Tempest shield is not an active skill, you have to wait till something hits you... and just hope it does not oneshot you :) But right, it does not require +cold or +lignting damage on items.

But personally, I still think shield charge + fortify + BM (or maybe Curse on Hit if you have spare 4L) is much better way to proc EE.
- TroubiCZ
trouba wrote:
Same again. Tempest shield is not an active skill, you have to wait till something hits you... and just hope it does not oneshot you :) But right, it does not require +cold or +lignting damage on items.

But personally, I still think shield charge + fortify + BM (or maybe Curse on Hit if you have spare 4L) is much better way to proc EE.

Yes, but the man wanted to know how o process EE. He has choices now.

Boutrix wrote:
Hi sorry if I missed something but how do you proc your EE? thanks!

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Hello, and thank you for this thread!

I'm new player here, started several weeks ago.

I'm currently playing with Demi's build, and I'm planning to try yours because I'm hitting the uber Atziri wall (I think I'll need more HP, I'm @10k+ now)

-worth it to respec all my tree for yours or should I just drop the aoe nodes?
-jewell with 7% life + 3 dmg stats are very expensive, and I will loose area dmg from tree..will I be able to farm normal atziri with that huge dps loss? (rng is a huge wall for uber so I need to farm keys:/)
-I have around 500 chaos now and a 10k es witch 3curses/ed/contagion/CI. Should I invest on that char or just go with my marauder? I know es will be nerfed.

And a last question... Why in all guides I read you all have negative chaos resistance? How can you do hard content like that? I just can't understand... I'm @75 chaos res in merciless and it still hurts.

(sorry for my bad english)

EDIT: Thanks for answering that fast =)

Here is my current tree :
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Is best if you can post your tree. I must see what passives you took and what you didn't . As for respec...if you don't have a free left from the last patch is better to wait 3.0, than to invest loads of regrets to reconfigure. And who knows how the tree will be modified in 3.o?

But blindly I can say like this:
- investing points in area increase at this moment is 50% as eficient vs. when Demi's tree was created. I was also investing points in Amplify node but since last patch when they modified the way area is increased it become obvious that I don't need those points. Atm with no passives and with conc effect put the RF area is greater than it was before with passives + AoE+Conc.
Area of RF with no passives allocated to increased area

Look at me playing with RF area with AoE gem. If you invest in ALL 7 passives from Amplify and Blast Radius you get that increase of area. It is worth 8-9 passives (counting also nodes to get there)? For me it dosent.
RF area with concentrated effect, no passives

RF area with concentrated effect + AoE, no passives

RF area with AoE, no passives

Up to you if you can play with RF with that area or you really need more.
-Jewels are one of the main damage source. My jewels give 36-37-38% increase damage. And I got 8 of them.
I know they are expensive but they add a lot damage wise. But you can get jewels with 3 stats (life fire, damage and Dot) much cheaper.

-Got no clue about that ES build so can't give advice sorry.

-About Chaos resistance...well is good to have it but, is a suffix. Strength is also a suffix. Rest of resistances are also suffixes. I am looking at items to have max life and strength, then to have fire resistance overcaped and just enough cold and lightning.

Monsters who deal chaos damage are only few. And with high damage they don't really have time to deal damage. Then is the high HP regeneration that overcome the poison /chaos damage in normal maps. For example the snakes adds in Pit of Chimera are more dangerous for me than chimera it self. But I kill quick and keep my EC up for regeneration.

Now the tree:
FIRST of all get rid of Hinekora. You ruining the EE. You are giving mobs you hit +25% fire damage instead having them -50% fire damage. Put the ascendancy passive in a life regen minor point.

your old tree has:
- 6 jewels
- 234% increased life
- 13% HP regen/sec

The new https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAEDAAHcA9YEswUtBg4J9gthDF8NzQ48E6UUIBRNFHEWCxhWGJEaOBynHM4c3CbzJy8n7Sj6K1AuUzWSOlI64TwtPfxBh0WdR35N41BHU1JTpVZIWGNZ818_YSFko2VNZlRoWGhlaHRo8m87cg9yqXTtdqx343gNeWh674IHgseDX4PMhNmE74nYjM-PGpBVkc6Ub5itmuCiAKZXpqOnCKlurKqtja9sr6e18rc-uJO5frvtvJ-9Nr1gvqfAGsEExFjE9sYExq7G2M9-02_UfNeW2CTYvdl82mLaweoY6-7vDvAf8kXz3fZI9zL46_no_Ev-Cv5U_o8= has:

- 8 jewels
- 250% increased life
- 11.7% HP regen/sec

Next to get: endurance charges, both of them which are left.

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About currencies, for now I really don't care as I'm swimming in the PoE ocean for the first time, I just try things and build some alts to decide what I will play in the future. 1ex is just 1ex you know ^^

You can see my current tree in previous post.

About the area, I think I'll just switch between increased AOE and concentrated effect, so I'm using a red slot with burning damage.

My jewells are all 7% life + 1 dmg stat and craps, so maybe I'll use some of my currencies to upgrade that first!

Concerning chaos res, I should look for better hp/strenght stuff without chaos res and give it a try... Now I understand how you manage that. What I fear the most is Vessel of the Vaal red ray thing, but I just saw it's lightning dmg. Yesterday I did my fisrt uber Aztiri and those red lasers just made me die 6 times.

I know about Inekora, I will change that asap...was a beginner mistake who made me die several times by now.

The tree you show me is very close to what I was thinking about, so I'll give it a try!

Thank you so much for your time sir! May your luck be increased! =)

Edit :
So after several hours, you can now see my new build. I prefer to cast enfeeble alone as i dislike reflect curse on Atziri, so I can still spam charge with fortify/bm/fa. And also I get flame dash back, because it's so op to evade walls/gain precious time on runs.
Also I use molten shell and immortal call with CWDT on my doon. The essence drain on your doon works well? How does it aim mobs?
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Essence drain i put there mostly for bosses. On trash mobs is useless...or so... It was funny first time I put it with contagion to see packs of mobs outside RF area dropping dead. Even funnier was to run in arena with only vitality and PoF activated (without RF) and see people suicide by hitting me. It does about 15K damage/sec. So only gives 75 life back. But as I said is for bosses, and is temporarly till I get something better that can use Don iron will.
I dislike MoltenShell+ life leech because of EE. Will process quite often vs. bosses and it will increase fire resistance of boss, which I don't want.
Was a time when I did maps with no regeneration by casting MS and let mobs kill them self. Also a vaal MS was so funny against Dominus projectile attack. It was melted in seconds.

Also looking for something with 25% mana reserve to consume rest of mana. Don't really feel like running Arctic armour. Then again I can drop enlighteen and go with auras in a 3L.

Why you use blood magic? Don't have mana left? Put a life gain on hit if you can in that link. Imagine hitting 10 mobs = +540 life.
Essence drain seems fun as you describe it, plus I totally like this spell, so I will give it a try. More boss damage is much better than pack damage in my opinion, as RF can handle this job alone.Love the idea.
I understand why you dislike molten shell, and I use it only for extra tanking option, but now I understand it's a mistake.
The reason why I'm using blood magic is because sometimes i have mana issues on long time fights, because i cast flammability, plus shield charge spam. I constantly switch between loh and bm...I do like both.
Ideally I'm looking for another alternative to shield charge, but I like so much crossing packs of mobs like a bulldozer, and I'm missing some dexterity to use a green spell at max lvl.

edit : Now I facetank uber Izario with almost no flask, so GG to your build ^^
edit 2 : I think I'll go for CWDT + IC + ED in Doon, and me too I can't find the BiS spell for Doon..too many just don't profit from iron will (or maybe their tooltips are wrong).
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Use immortal cry only if u need it in a boss fight like in Uber Atziri trio. Otherwise it will eat your endurance charges. You have only 4 or 5, but I got 7. From them alone I get 4.9% life regeneration. I don't like consume them.

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