[3.1] SHAPER Kill __ 14675 HP___7000 HP regen_Tanky Righteous Fire 1 million+ DPS

I would craft % armour if open slot and don't need cold or light for EE. As you said more ES means more damage to mobs but also to you and is not mitigate by ES regeneration like we have for life.

Also for HC, put kaom way rings. You get more HP regeneration (about 8-9% depends on how many endurance you got) and also lot of physical mitigation.
can you make the comparison between the net regen of your char with pof/vit lvl 20 and pof/vit +empower 4?..im really doubting about expending 4 ex in a gem that it may be useless when 3.0 comes out or that cant do really a good impact to regen...ty!
can you make the comparison between the net regen of your char with pof/vit lvl 20 and pof/vit +empower 4?..im really doubting about expending 4 ex in a gem that it may be useless when 3.0 comes out or that cant do really a good impact to regen...ty!

It's not that hard to make the comparison yourself. Vitality will add 0.15 hp regen and PoF will add 1% max fire resist, which directly converts to 1% of hp regen "saved" from feeding RF.

Assuming 14k hp you get 14000*0.0115 = 161hp/sec
A small correction +1% at max fire resist = +0.9% net HP regeneration because RF damage is 90% of your max HP. Is important to get PoF to lvl 23. Either PoF 21+ empower 3, PoF 20 + empower 4, PoF 20 + empower 3 + RotP corupted with +1 to socketed gems (think is 1 exa).
The gain looks very small, but it adds and it adds. From those small bits I do 6000 HP regeneration/sec. (and btw I want to point out for people who play it for first time, the increasing max fire resist is adding to your net HP regeneration but you will see nothing on your HP regeneration number in character sheet; Net HP regen = HP regen - RF DoT on yourself).
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For those who need good regeneration, as I stated, 6000 HP/sec, kaom's way rings is the way to go.
You have to manage resist from rest of items, but let's see:
7 endurance charges (3 + Oak + 3 from three) + 2 EC from rings = 9 EC (can go 10 with a belt corupted with +1 endurance charge like this)

even this is great because it will give even more 2% regeneration. I know it has the drawback of no flask, but regeneration is already insane.

So let's see 10 EC and for each EC you got from tree 0.7% life regeneration, and from each ring you get 0.4% regeneration, so 1.5% regeneration for EACH EC. That means 15% life regeneration just from EC. Is more regeneration than many RF characters got in hideout.
You have to keep the EC up (btw is also 40% reduction of physical damage). For that spamm enduring cry to each 10 seconds, and when come to boss room, just rush in and do enduring cry, so you start the fight with all charges up.

This is just one of the tips to have great life regeneration. And no, jugg is not better at this. Yes jugg can generate EC easier but chieftain has 0.5% HP regeneration for each EC. So is like you have 3 rings in terms of regeneration.
Piftiuta wrote:
A small correction +1% at max fire resist = +0.9% net HP regeneration because RF damage is 90% of your max HP.

Small math nitpick.

The damage is .9% of your HP (ignore energy shield to simplify).

The damage you take at normal resist cap is (1-.75)*.9 or .225% of your hp.

The % improvement is different as resists get higher.

Going from 75-76 is (1-.76)*.9 = .216 which is 96% of the damage would take at 75% resist.
Going from 76-77 is (1-.77)*.9 = .207 which is about 95% of the damage taken at 76% resists.
Going from 99 to 100 is (1-1)*.9 = no damage!

A quick rule of thumb is the % improvement you will get by another point of resists is

1 / (100 - current restists)

At 75-76 is its (1 / (100-75) = 1 / 25 or about 4%

Of course, beyond just the math:

* Any regen past what is needed to survive (including non RF damage) is wasted.
* Any HP past what is needed to survive (including non RF damage) is wasted.
* Those thresholds are very dependent on play style and ability.
Exactly what I have said. Don't look further after "which" in your examples.
To sustain RF with 75% you need 22.5% HP regeneration
To sustain RF with 76% you need 21.6% HP regeneration
To sustain RF with 77% you need 20.7% HP regeneration
Every +1 fire resist translate in 0.9% HP regeneration less needed to sustain it.
The guy with 88% fire resist needs 10.8% HP regeneration to sustain RF.
In my case I go with 89% fire resist so I need 9.9% HP regeneration to sustain it.
In maps I have more than 40% life regeneration. Is wasted? If I sit in a corner it is. If I play and kill various mobs the 40-9.9 = 30.1% NET HP regeneration is what is refilling my HP after I get hit. So no it is not wasted. Is what ppl call the tankiness feel. I can jump on double bosses and say do your worst and I kill them. RF by nature has to stay near mobs. Thresholds depends very much of map tier, map mods, trash/boss.

Also for maps with 60% less HP regeneration,- max resit or vulnerability the fact that I have so much HP regeneration allows me to do them. And those are mods well rewarding.

This is one of the most undervalued things in RF. Many do the build to barely sustain RF, try to invest heavy in fire damage nodes, area nodes etc then start complain they can't go pass T12/13 maps, that they die too often etc. This build doesn't leech so regeneration is all we got to fill the jar.
Ok, let's do a review of amulets like I promised. Which necklace is better? Hard to say. There are necklaces for every thing. This will hopefully help you in understand which necklace is best for your character. If you need the calculation for a specific necklace just put it here and I will give the numbers.
First let's setup the configuration of the other items:

Normal Kaom which is easy obtainable.
Doon in hand and RotP as shield.
Kaom Way rings for big HP regeneration and tbh cheaper than coral rings.

Now we will look at stats like HP, HP regeneration/sec in ho/max on map and raw damage (before EE or curse).
HP: 10616
HP regeneration: 1931 / 4415
damage: 166.5K

With a necklace I am wearing:

HP: 10939
HP regeneration: 2205 / 4752
damage: 176K

HP: 11205
HP regeneration: 2032 / 4631
damage: 180K

HP: 11348
HP regeneration: 2056 / 4683
damage: 179K

HP: 11009
HP regeneration: 2219 / 4780
damage: 173K

HP: 11056
HP regeneration: 2228 / 4798
damage: 173K

HP: 10884
HP regeneration: 1977 / 4513
damage: 178K /214K(when you are hit and apply ash debuff to mobs, does not work with DoT damage we get from vortex for example)

HP: 11097
HP regeneration: 2191 / 4769
damage: 176K

HP: 11198
HP regeneration: 2030 / 4628
damage: 179K

HP: 11343
HP regeneration: 2055 / 4681
damage: 180.5K

A unique Eyes of Greywolf unique 24% attributes/18% life 100 exa on poe
HP: 11458
HP regeneration: 2075 / 4723
damage: 185K

A unique Eyes of Greywolf unique 32% attributes/60% fire damage seller wants ~250 exa
HP: 11073
HP regeneration: 2009 / 4582
damage: 195K

A unique 4% life regenerated / 24% increased life (non-existent on poe but possible to drop)
HP: 11261
HP regeneration: 2492 / 5102
damage: 176.5K

So, surprise, surprise, best damage is from Xoph's Heart (no, Xoph's Blood is not better because we loose EE and therefore 50% of damage roughly).

Highest life from unique Eyes of Greywolf unique 24% attributes/18% life but fk that is 100 exa.
With few exa you can buy an amulet with almost same life output.

As a rule of the thumb for each 10 life on necklace the final life increases with 39 HP.
For each 10 strength on necklace the the final life increases by 21.5 HP and damage by 650 DPS (0.65K).
For each 2% increased attributes life will increase by 28.5 HP and 870 DPS (0.87K)
For each 2% increased life on necklace the final life increases by 53.5 HP.

Then there are utility necklaces like:
to diminish the damage we take from the other elementals (good for specific bosses). But that is another story.

When 3.0 goes live I will update on main page. As the changes can still be made I will post here the currently situation.

Modification to build at this moment:

- use spell totem + Scorching ray + Burning damage in Doon = Huge burst of ~140K DPS (putting spell totem + Scorching ray + Burning damage + elemental focus in an essence made helm will give 280K DPS).

- Can use also frenzy as attack skill at least vs bosses = 12% MORE damage.

- take Arohongui instead minor node in chieftain. Will have 16% MORE damage

- and now the cherry of all: RF DPS is going up to 922K in this build. So wow...almost double. All content becomes easy even with normal Kaom now. So toghether the DPS is over 1.2 M for the first time in a life RF build.

Tomorrow will do the calculation with some normal items: normal Kaom, cheaper gloves, belt, etc.
Hi Piftiuta, thanks for a great guide, constant beta updates, and constant replies. I was wondering whether there is any room for shock in this build? Also, i uploaded your profile to path of building and notice you run CWDT+contagion+essence drain - is there a reason for this?

Thanks heaps

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