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Reave has been an underrated skill since its release a little over halfway through onslaught league, but I immediately saw the offensive/defensive advantages of the skill over things like physical cleave, and double/dual strike melee splash. The only thing that kept the ability from being good for the longest times was a huge string of hit detection bugs that since onslaught league have been fixed and the skill can now be fully utilized.

The original message here was left during Nemesis league, and with the changes to Reave in 2.0 its more appealing than ever.

Why Bringer?

Bringer of Rain is still a viable choice nowadays, but with the changes to the game since I made the guide in Nemesis, you don't need it to really have a high damage, high defense build.

Because the item is simply insane, it gives you a 7L basically as well as an insane amount of flat physical damage that you can use to great effect, the combination of block and blind is a powerful form of mitigation as melee attacks wont have much luck hitting you, and the block can be converted to spell block through the usage of certain item types to take on end game bosses that people might otherwise be too scared to confront. The only issues is that with bringer you wont have any chest or helm to give you resistances so gearing up for end game can be difficult, especially with the nerfs to purity.


Attacks a small area in front of you. Each consecutive Reave that hits an enemy increases the area of effect. The Area is reset after a short period without hitting anything. Only works with Daggers, Claws and One Handed Swords.

So in short the skill is limited to one handed weapons which is why its perfectly logical to use a shield with the build.

Also, based on the nature of the ability itself and the aoe generation through attacking, high attack speed is required, usually achived through the usage of multistrike and faster attacks.


With 2.0 and the changes to Reave, you only need 4 stacks to get full AOE and you can now purchase multistrike once you get towards the end of act 4 normal, so using reave as a leveling skill is very viable now.

Like any character just make sure that you have the right amount of life and resistances through progression, as leveling is useless if you die to being excessive with your damage.



With 2.0 and the changes to frenzy charges I'd say Kraityn is a more appealing choice for the damage aspect, but Oak is still a fine choice.


With the changes to auras in 2.0 being able to run hatred/grace isnt really an option anymore unless you go for blood magic gem, but that just makes it a more defense oriented option now.

In most cases youll have to go with Hatred/Herald of Ashe or Grace/Herald of Ashe, which will allow you to use reave off of mana.

Ascendancy Classes

Id say champion is the best way to go with this build, as you can just get permanent fortify and then get extra damage with the final points in merciless, although you could go gladiator for the spell block and sacrifice damage by running fortify in your main skill or micro manage it by attaching it to your movement skill.

Your choice of First to Strike, Last to Fall, or Inspirational depends if you solo or run groups alot in my personal opinion.

Links - Feel Free to put in fortify if you want, but most of the time you can link that to your movement skill, also with the ascendancy classes you can now have permanent fortify through the champion class

4L- Reave,Melee Physical,Multistrike,Faster Attacks(Since reave only requires 4 stacks to reach full AOE now you could get away with just a 3 link and remove faster attacks).
5L- Reave,Melee Physical,Multistrike,Faster Attacks,Added Fire.
6L- Reave,Melee Physical,Multistrike,Faster Attacks,Added Fire, Weapon Elemental Damage

Current Gear 2.2


This is my current gear for 2.2, with what I have now at level 87, I have a 53k dps reave using champion ascendancy.

Current Passive Skill Tree

2.2 Tree

Due to how mana leech was changed in 2.0, single target leech did take a hit, so having a form of mana gain on hit alongside leech helps you alot when dealing with single target but you shouldnt have any issues.

So just take a single mana leech node on the tree and a jewel with mana on hit and youll be solid even with a 6l reave.
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Swagtastical! I totally agree with all of your choices in this beautiful build, Unfortunately There was lack of sacrificial lambs =(
homo :)
ign sooner
Nvm checked your stream

not bad
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thanks for the feedback everyone :)
Your Build seems really cool.
Gonna try it if(hopefully not) die with this Character!
I really like this build, I think im going to try it, once i get money for a bringer
Too complicated, got my dick stuck in hello kitty
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updated gear and added some stats

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