Tempest - No Mana Kinetic Blasting Duelist... it's possible

After I ripped a few evasion based rangers in the tempest league I wanted to do something else. I did like playing a kinetic blast build and I never played a duelist before so putting these facts together I came up with this.

For some reason all the KB builds are in the Shadow section so I felt the duelist section needed a KB thread :)

This is probably not the most optimal build and it doesn't have the FOTM cyclone dps but I am really having fun clearing maps and feel quite tanky which is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a kinetic blast wanderer.

Main aspects of the build:

- All active skills are linked to a Blood Magic gem
- Can run as many aura's as your mana reservation allows
- spamming skills are sustained by life regen and life leech
- Not worrying about mana is awesome and frees op space for pots
- Using iron reflexes for a reasonable armour pool feels so much safer than using evasion

My passive tree at level 85 in tempest:


A lot of builds claim to be cheap and this also goes for this one. I am using a mix of self found gear and items I bought for a few chaos. Best thing to invest in is a good wand.

There are no special items required to make this work so it's just a matter of getting a better item with more life, armour/evasion and physical damage.

My current gear:

Reason I am using a Lioneye's Remorse is just the high armour value, good block chance and since this is a ranged character the -25 physical damage taken from projectiles. Other high armour or evasion shields are probably good or even better but this shield is quite cheap.

As I am a bit of a casual players due to real life I just don't have access to a lot of currency so this is the best I can get at the moment. My drops suck in tempest so far.

The Skills:

Main: 5L: Blood Magic - Kinetic Blast - Power Charge on Crit - Faster Attacks - GMP
Secondary: Blood Magic - Frenzy - Faster Attacks - Increase Crit Damage
Auras: Hatred - Herald of Ice - Arctic Armour
Defense: CWDT - Enfeeble - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
Utility 1: Blood Magic - Enduring Cry - Decoy Totem
Utility 2: Blood Magic - Ice Golem - Frost Wall - Lightning Warp

Explanation per set:

Main: KB is basically on a 4L as BM is the 5th but the shotgun effect of the KB explosions still does the job very well. Not spending mana is a blast... life leech comes from nodes mainly and the life regen makes that as long as you hit something you can spam KB. Of course if there is nothing to hit there is no need to spam. If I would get a 6L I would probably add increased crit damage as the crit chance is crazy with 5/6 power charges and crit mp scales tremendously.

Secondary: Single target attack for mobs that you can't or dont want to lure to a wall. The frenzy buff makes the AoE effect of KB much stronger and faster. Again no mana used so easy spammable.

Aura's: Hatred and HoI are obvious choices. With a crit chance of 70% or higher the cold damage just freezes and shatters most packs. I took Arctic Armour as 3rd "aura" (for 100% mana reserved) as I'm playing tempest. Herald of Thunder or Herald of Ash are good options for more DPS.

Defense: I like having enfeeble on CDWT because this build is quite tanky it just helps making sure you do not get surprised by a series of big hits. Enduring Cry is self cast when needed and if a hit triggers Immortal Call you have a nice safety net.

Utility 1: As we have no mana I linked enduring cry to Blood Magic and added decoy totem which can help you get mobs where you want them (near a wall usually) decoy totem is not mandatory and can be replaced.

Utility 2: Blood Magic is mandatory again and this allows me to summon a golem for extra offense or defense (chaos golem) if needed and frost wall can really help take out a boss as you create an artificial wall wherever you want to to spam KB on it and focus the KB explosions around the boss. Lightning warp is my lootbox opener and helps travel the landscape.

So far maps are very easy. I'm hoping to find some higher level maps to test some more.
I have encountered many situations where I think an evasion based char would have perished.

Should people be interested in more details or a movie of a map or anything let me know.
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Why not put a movie? I mean,it takes only a few minute.

Not asking to go all in describing everything but just showing a random map of you killing stuff would attract people. Cheap build honestly.
you have acces to 3 more frenzy charges and you don't take them ? am i missing something ?

edit : misspelled frenzy

edit 2 : in the wand cluster with elder power, isn't 2x " 12 % increased phys damage with wands " better than " 10 % of wand phys damage added as cold " and " 10 % of wand phys damage added as fire " ??
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