How to properly name your Build

Hello fellow Exiles,

in the last weeks Kwitch and I (and possible others too) are thinking about the naming policies in our Build Lists.

We want titles of Builds which are not misleading. So what do I mean with that? I will try to explain this with an example.

[3.1] Bison's Quad Curse - 5 Zillion DPS - Shaper Farmer on a Budget

This looks like a "normal" title for a build, right?
What is bad with this?
For your as Build Creator, nothing. Its your build/guide and you can name it however you want.

For me - who maintains 3 Build lists - this is a bad title. I show you why.

Frist thing: Quad Curse
My example may be a bit exaggerated but not impossible. But not everyone know that achieving the simultan usage of 4 curses needs massive gear investment and potentially some tree adjustments. No doubt that this is impressive, but is it needed in the title? Isn't this some sort of clickbait we all hate? It is.

What if we rename this for example to "Multi(ple) Curse" instead? It is way less misleading and still provides maybe a key feature of the build.

Next thing: 5 Zillion DPS

Do you really need this in your title? Paper DPS? Do you? No.
You can and problably will mention this in your guide, which is fine. But by yourself you know this is with absolute optimal setup. How likely do you have this?
What happens if you exclude this from the title? Simple, your title sounds a way less like you're begging for attention.

Next Thing: Shaper Farmer

To be honest, who of us is that common with shaper and farms it every day? I personally never did that. (Casual Pleb... yes.) Those who can and will farm Shaper are used to the mechanics and are probably able to do so with nearly any kind of build. So why do you need to advertise this? Again, its only for attention seeking and (unintended) misleading newcomers.

What if we change this to "Shaper Capable" instead? With this you're telling and advertising that you were able to deal with the hardest content with this build. This is way less misleading and problably encouraging to others.

Last Thing: on a Budget

Oh boy, how I hate this term. Everybody has a different meaning what a budget is. For me, 2 ex is a low budget, for you too? Others may have a different definition of a budget. So is there really a need to advertise this in the title? No. This again is purely for attention seeking purposes.
You problably tell it in your guide how much you've paid for the items.

So how would look a way less clickbaity title?

[3.1] Bison's Multi Cursing Max Block Sunder Gladiator - Shaper Capable

You see the difference? No? Please read again or ask here.

To help you further, there is a scheme you can follow.

[3.x] *Username/Buildname* *one or two build defining traits* *used skill* *Class* - *Optional achievments*

To further explain this with examples i will list some below.

[3.0] Unstoppable Gladiator 78% Max Block/Spells
How to Flicker. Two Handed Weapon Edition!
[3.0] Burn Baby Burn: Oro's Flicker + Self-proc Vaal Molten Shell Slayer
[3.0] Unwavering Gladiator, Ice Crash, SSF Friendly and End Game Viable.

All of this are from the Duellist List, you maybe recognize them. And you may see what my purpose here is.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask here.
You are unsure about your build title? Just ask me.

Thank you for your attention.

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stealing this. thanks a lot for putting into words something I've wanted to exist for quite some while.

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Shocking EleHit:
I agree and stand behind this message 100% !

Immortal, 7 mil dEEPS, speed farmer on a budget (1ex) ... and i even doubt if such titles even help the creator to get the attention he/she seeks as it is obviously clickbaity and people these days try to avoid such things like the plague
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"

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