Marceus Lioneye's Heir [Tornado Shot - Stun]

What is this build?

It is an attempt at bringing under utilized items/classes forward to do something unique, and powerful. Slayer/Lioneye's gives us that.

The Goal: Utilize many Lioneye's items, slayer, and have it be hardcore viable.

Why Tornado shot? We want consistent stuns. Rain of Arrows was a close choice and viable alternative, but then we're not fully utilizing Lioneye's Vision. So we ask ourselves, what would Marceus do?

Build Pros and Cons

* Can potentially Utilize a 7 Link Lioneye's vision

* Super hipster, so cheaper then you'd think to pull off

* Utilizes an under valued -layer of defense, stun, but from ranged. Stun's about everything, even bosses a good amount

* Incorporates elements of block, armor/eva, 6k+ hp, vaal graace/Rumi's. Very hardcore viable

* A great league starter, as you can run 2h weap till maps, grabbing life nodes first

* Strong vs. Labrynth, with high hp% regen/ ms


* Non-Meta. This build is not about clear speed. If you're using to blade vortex, and you need to power game hard, stay away.

* Requires a ton of uniques to make work as you approach maps

* No you can't do reflect. It's fine. reflect is not what it once was, making a build that can do reflect is luxury now a days.

* Don't do Promenade either while you're at it. Seriously. Lightning thorns will send you back to standard.

Passive Tree

This is what I'm looking like around level 90. Ideally, you're geared well enough to pull a point out of diamond skin and pick up the point to the left of Bone Breaker (marauder/mace area) for more stun threshhold. I was already chain stunning bout everything, so I was skipped past this node for now.

Bandit Rewards:
Normal: Help Oak (for +40 Life)
Cruel: Kill All
Merciless: Kill All (or help oak again. how can I speak against endurance charges? they are amazing)

Leveling and Passive Tree

Simple. Straightforward. Level 2h weap and get life for tankiness. It's powerful and safe.


My Gear:
Pong344 wrote:

Gear you want:

Atziri's Foible [Luxury] - works well for your neck slot. You have dex problems/mana issues when you first hit maps. This is your fix until you can get ahold of an Astramentis.

Lioneye's Glare - You can't make a Lioneye's Build without Lioneye's items, right? You want consistent phy damage. Crit ain't bad, but it doesn't do the the trick with the accuracy problems that can occur by running a bow build without dex/ranger area.

Lioneye's Vision [Luxury]- You'll have to recover this item. It's what Marceus would of wanted. Mana leech. 7 link potential. color sucks. level Vorici, and gamble "At least 2 green" to get it right.

Lioneye's Fall (x2) - The core of the build comes from these. They are manditory to pull off a strength based bow build.

Rearguard - If you're hardcore, make sure you run this. We can boost its totally block by another 10% from the passive tree.

Rumi's Concoction [Luxury] - Soo much block/spell block with this up.

Rustic Sash - [with Reduced Enemy Stun Threshold - yeah, belts can roll this stat, and it should be hard to get because no one wants it]

Other gear - [In addition to traditional stats like life/resists, you'll want +Dex on some of your gear for equipping items. + phy damage is great later on too. this is again hardest when first arriving at maps]


Tornado Shot: Physical Projectile Attack Damage, Stun, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Added Fire Damage. --- Link 6: Lots of options. Recommend - Slower Projectiles, but plenty of other options

Herald of Ash.


Enduring Cry.

CWDT - [lots of options here] Phase Run, Molten Shell, Summon Stone Golem [It taunts, dude. Try it]

Vaal Grace. [You are neigh immortal with this and Rumi's up]

Projectile Weakness. [Nothing will make it to you with stun/knockback and 100% pierce]

Perandus league has been a true pleasure to play with the uniqueness of this build, and the enabling it did for finding all the items I needed. I do hope those of you who enjoy alternative builds will have as much fun with this as I did! Also the stun mechanic in slayer with this build gets border line OP. Like 'devourers aren't an issue OP.' You just wack a mole them as they pop out.
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Some shots:

The Look:

Damage with auras on, we'd be at 15k+ listed dps. If I could ever get my chest to 6L:

Defenses sitting in hideout. They go up when we use this, but the screen shot is without it:

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Learn how to use spoilers. That way you don't need three posts to do a guide.

<spoiler="Here's a spoiler with a title">Content goes here</spoiler>

But with square brackets instead [

And it will appear like this:

Here's a spoiler with a title
Content goes here

Particularly useful for containing gear so your readers don't have to scroll three pages just to read other portions of your guide.

Also allows for quick at-a-glance sourcing.

So if someone wants to go to gems, they can clearly see "Oh, there's a gems spoiler."

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