Slox's Glacial Hammer for 2.2

I got bored of playing meta builds this season and I've always wanted to do something with Glacial Hammer so I came up with this build. To me, it's more of an old school build and if you like the melee style of combat where you're in the enemies face then you will probably like this build. Another great factor is how durable the character is. You have max block and spell block and you can pretty much face tank everything, even Atziri. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Video Guide
Unfortunately it isn't the best quality. Not sure why youtube only uploads it for me in 360 but hopefully its good enough for you guys for now until I figure it out.

Gear Setup and Discussion


Initially I was wearing a 6L AR/ES chest piece and the tooltip in my hideout was around 60k but during maps the hits I was taking felt too big. Much bigger than I should have been taking with capped res, high armour, and 75% block chance. This conclusion led me to test out Bringer of Rain. And though I drop to about 42k dps in my hideout, I feel incredibly stout. The endurance charge, block, armour and high life that the Bringer provides is really noticeable and worth the tooltip loss in my opinion. But if you really want to pump out the deeps I would definitely recommend a 6 link.

Stat Priorities

1. Cap all resistances
2. Life
3. Enough Int/Dex for gems
4. Weapon Elemental Damage
5. Flat Physical Damage
6. Attack Speed

Gem Links

Helm (Bringer of Rain): Glacial Hammer > Multistrike > Blood Magic > Melee Splash
Weapon: Arctic Armour > Hatred > Herald of Ash
Shield: Tempest Shield lvl 7 > Immortal Call lvl 2 > Cast When Damage Taken lvl 1
Gloves: Leap Slam > Faster Attacks > Fortify > Blood Magic
Boots: CWDT lvl 8 > Summon Flame Golem lvl 10 > Blood Rage lvl 12 > Frost Bite lvl 11
Armour: Glacial Hammer > Multistrike > Melee Splash > Melee Phsical Damage > Weapon Elemental Damage > Cold Penetration

Note that if you decide to go the Armour route, you will need to drop arctic armour and include mana leech on the tree, get it on gear or else drop Cold Penetration for Blood Magic.

There are a lot of good stats this build can utilize in jewels but these are basically what you're looking for in-general:
Attack Speed
Increased Physical Damage w/ One Handed Melee Weapons
Physical Damage with Maces
Increased Melee Damage

Skill Trees

Leveling Skill Tree - 27 points

Leveling Skill Tree - 52 points

Leveling Skill Tree - 74 points

Final Tree w/ BoR

Final Tree w/ Armour & No Blood Magic

Bandito Quests
Act I: Oak
Act II: Point (though Oak and Kraityn are both viable options)
Act III: Oak or Point

Leveling Suggestions
Level with Molten Strike until you get to act II. Once you defeat Merveil pick up Sunder and level with that until you get Earthquake or you're able to get Glacial Hammer linked with Multistrike > Melee Splash and Melee Physical / Blood Magic. From here on out its just a matter of leveling your character until you can wear your gear.

Final Notes / Outro
I'll be adding a video guide soon for those that are interested. If you guys have any questions please ask here in this thread and I will respond as quickly as I can. Thank you guys so much for reading through the thread and have a great day.
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Add the video please, it's the most important part of a guide (to me at least) :)
Updated guide with video. Enjoy mates.

I like the guide and am using the new build for this season.

Seeing I am going to go 6 link armor, what do you do for a helm and gems? I did not see that in the guide.

Thank you

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