[v1.3.1] Aftershock AoE Build (Doomsorrow static strike, Carcass jack)

I call this build of mine "aftershock" due to the concept of gameplay and how it works. The concept is to deal as many initial static strike garnering as much "static charges" then unleashing it over a huge AoE. This build focuses on some core items like Doomsorrow and Carcass Jack. Carcass Jack allows all your AoE skills to have more AoE range, the DOOMSORROW's AoE buff is then added to your initial Bonus from carcass jack giving you an AoE bonus of no less than 35%. Also this build requires no more than 5L! which is cheap compared to a lot of builds i see qhich almost always constantly shows 6L weaponry. The other gears i am using were carefully searched and bought at Poetrade for around 5-8c a piece.

To give you an idea as to what i am saying, here it is:

These two are the core items of this build. I was even able to run lvl 66 maps as a lvl 62 (using a 4L Terminus Est) without much problems. The build has good Damage mitigation and a decent supply of Life coming from other gears as well:

The tree is here shoul;d you wish to follow it or improve it:

And how it should look like by the time you reach level 90:

So things i would like to point out with this build:

So one of the primary skill setup of this build is the LEAP Curse on hit

Leaping on a mob will allow you to generate ENDURANCE CHARGES (5) using the ENDURANCE CHARGE on MELEE STUN GEM. Also, every enemy hit by LEAP (With bonus AoE from Carcass) actually allows you to CURSE the surrounding enemies with WARLORD'S MARK making you able to LIFE LEECH any enemy you will hit later with a static strike single target and later on the disperse damage of the strike. This will be crucial in the build as there is no decent source of leech for you in terms of MANA and LIFE. Also with that much Endurance charges produced it will then give this next setup a shinning moment


The CWDT setup utilizes the high Endurance charges that this character has acquired from passives. You can actually lower the levels of CWDT but personally i like it on a 1/2HP threshold of sorts. Everything would actually depend on INC DURATION GEM LEVEL because you have 5 charges and the bonus that you will recieve from that gem would be huge!

Vengeance Setup Curse on hit

Same concept as Leap setup, you cant keep on leaping just to cast Warlord's Mark so this is the "backup" curse of sorts. Making use of the huge AoE you already Have, should a new mob come rushing to you in which you did not leap to, the vengeance is used as a backup while also damaging enemies at the same time.

This could actually be changed to another CWDT with CoH gem but i prefer vengeance

The Static Strike

Static strike was built with the following gems that you can see. So why MELEE SPLASH? the idea is to take out as much mob as necessary, then leaping to another mob while the STATIC CHARGES are still there. This allows you to clean out mobs really quick in continuous successions. The delayed burst of static charges is wonderful on the fact that if the monsters being hit by the static are cursed, you can also leech from them. I've run Double Unique Boss Brutus on lvl 67 and i ran through both of them in such a breeze i can hardly believe it myself. The more enemies crowd at me, the better actually.


A huge bulk of your damage will come from your HATRED and HERALDS, it doesn't mayyer w/c herald exactly as all you are after is bonus damage, however i would like to point out than all AoE effect of your AURA's and HERALDS are further boosted too! ^__^

Things i would like to point out.
1) Low armor, your "armor" would mostly come from the ENDURANCE CHARGES, that is why a constant supply of endurance charges is a must. heck you will less likely run with it anyway.
2) No RESOLUTE TECHNIQUE, as you can see a bunch of the gear ha accuracy in them:

This is because even if it's a 5% chance to crit, it is still added damage. So i maintain an overall accuracy of 95% w/c is easily acquired from gear (I bought most of this for 5c/piece on standard)
3) Very little INT nodes, You will have to select nodes that give you int. and not just the +30 ones
4) Difficulty on single tough enemies, As i said this is a good crowd cleaner but not as effective on single tough boss. You will have little chance to gain endurance charges and you will have to constantly leaping while attacking to keep him under curse.
5) Bad for NO CURSE MAPS. it is one thing to Leech LIFE (You can swap to Doryani lightning) but totally different in terms of mana, i suggest switching one of your heralds to CLARITY while still running hatred
6) Carcass Jack Slot Color Very hard to come by.
7) Atziri haven't been tested out yet. But since atziri reflect curses, In a way it doesn't matter as she can't leech LIFE from you due to BLOODLESS passive and you can't be STUNNED due to UNWAVERING STANCE. You will just have to play smart on my POV

All in all pls do give me insights on this build. This is the 1st build i thought of for myself and as of current i'm runnin maps even 2-3lvls(solo) higher than my own without that much problems.
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I've been using an RT version (mathil's build) and I really love it, similar concept to what you're doing so I'll link the gear/tree here:


Tree: http://goo.gl/1ouOoz

Main differences: obviously no crit/accuracy, this frees up rolls on rings/amulet. Instead of leeching through a curse (which mobs can be immune to) I use mana leech on gloves + life leech from blood rage + daresso's chest. Blood rage doesn't degen at all thanks to life regen + positive chaos resist through ming's heart. I really like Daresso's defiance, it provides a great defensive and offensive option. I haven't really set up the rest of the skills, I definitely want BM leap slam, but could use with some more help on mana, not sure whether I'm investing some points or just getting a better leech roll on gear.
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Sorry but i fail to see the similarity except for the fact that we both use Static Strike. The concept of this build is the AoE factor w/c this build gains from Carcass jack (20% AoE) and the Doomsower (+15% AoE for equipped gem) meaning Static "aftershock" alone gains a massive +35%AoE of 70% from your overall Static Strike damage (You can change slot color on doomsower to gain more AoE via Increase Area of Effect gem but no longer necessary).

Didn't take Resolute Technique as this would mean i would need to spend extra 3 nodes when i could get the necessary accuracy from gears instead. I'll use those 3nodes for damage/Life instead. Also, attack rate is 0.14 attacks/second so you are bound to land hits (5-6hits out of 7 attacks in a second).

Should I ever run into a Curse immune mob, i do still have some gear that provides Life Leech but very minimal as most of the physical damage is converted to Lightning as static strike implies. So if i really wanted to make good use of this, a Doryani lightning would be most appropriate. Mana Leech would be a problem though and i have been rather unlucky in finding a gear that would suit my taste. The +Attackspeed i get from gloves is kind of needed specially if i go "leaping" as i don't have green slots linked at my armor. But i wouldn't worry much about curse immune (unless entire map is curse immune then don't run it) because the chances of running into them inside a map is like 1 out of every 20 packs. and a hybrid flask can even put up with them.

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Well, a somewhat more optimised skill tree would look like this: click me

Iron reflexes is a huge waste of points. Also fixed a bit of pathing in mara and templar area. Got some life regen, which is a must if not using vaal pact. Getting RT is also necessary, even if you can get accuracy on gear, because RT is a 'more' multiplier. Not having to get accuracy on gear will allow you to get res/attributes/attack speed in its place. No matter how much accuracy you have, getting RT will mean more dps, since you don't get any crit.

Your build is still rather similar to mathil's build. Doomsower may give nice AoE, but in the end a higher dps rare is better. Carcass jack/daresso's/belly are all interchangeable for different degrees of tankiness and dps. Skill tree is very similar. And finally, even other builds get extra AoE from tree and quality on gem.

Personally I find static strike to be a sub-par skill, easily outclassed by cyclone or reave.
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff

Ok so 1st things first, Pls send a link of this "Mathil" coz 2 guys talking about him and i have no idea who the person is. I'd like to compare the build for basis improvement.

So certain things i would like to point out:
1) the build utilizes The said gear Doomsower and Carcass jack. The concept is have a build revolving around the idea of these two gears. Anything outside that is totally out of concept already. But yes a rare sword by higher levels might be necessary.

2) Static strike is indeed sub par compared to Cleave or other AoE melee skill. The idea was to create a simple yet enjoyable build around the concept of a huge AoE using the said skill

3) RT is over rated, that's all i have to say. True that RT is a good passive but i don't feel like using it. I've had a build that made use of it and it felt like my character is like any other character using RT. So i decided to make a way "around" it and see if it is still a viable option and so far, I am doing quite well even runnin maps 2levels higher than my current level. Heck i was on a Zana map 76 and still i was hitting things marvelously. So i really don't see the point of RT as of now unless i go PVP (w/c this character is not)


I removed IRON REFLEX and went straight to the AoE nodes of Templar. I tested it out on Blue Jungle Valley (Pack size, Beyond). This is how i test it actually, to see if it can handle a rush of mobs. I always run this map because as i said, best used on a huge pack of mobs but for the 1st time after runnin the same map numerous times before, i died. And not just once but four times on boss.

My current physical reduction was reduced to 11%, before it was around 37% (if full on charges goes as high as 52%-57% and if iron skin flask is up around 64%) now even with flasks and all, my reduction never goes any higher than 43%. IC does procs but the incomming damage is too great that it bypasses the IC setup completely. I am like a huge marshmallow 4k HP but no really means to reduce incoming physical damage. Still trying to make use of it and work ways around it but so far, i am having a really hard time with it.

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