2.2 GrumpyDog's Max Block Gladiator EarthQuake build/Atziri viable/All mapmods*

Hello Everyone!
This is my first build guide, so be gentle:D. This build was designed with the following factors in mind:
- Able to do any map mods(I have done 8mods T10-12 maps with over 300% dmg,-max res,vuln,etc)
- Able to do any map boss(Was tired of being afraid of the more annoying bosses)
- Atziri viable ( I have done Atziri twice now, died once in trio-took only 1 bleed flask)
- Good (others would say 'insane' but I can only clear Gorge map in 4 min)clearspeed for maps (hence the EarthQuake with decent aoe; You can use other attacks as well like Reave, Cleave,Cyclone)
- Viable for both SC and HC
- Cheap to build
- Flexible

Build Mechanics

This build utilizes endurance charges,fortify, high life pool(5k+), high armor(15k+) and overcapped block chances 78% attack and spell block.
Damage is increased using frenzy charges and 2 offensive auras(Hatred, Herald of Ash). For aditional damage we use Reckoning and Vengeance(both with around 3k dmg) and Ancestral totem.

Skill Gems Setup

Main attack:
EarthQuake-MeleePhysicalDamage-Less duration-Faster Attacks-Fortify-Increased area of effect/Conc Effect
Secondary Attack
Vaal Cyclone-Life on hit (for map clearing; great in parties as well)
Ancestral Protector(for extra dps when needed)
Defensive setup
We can use CWDT-Immortal call setup but I see no need to it. I use Arctic armor instead of HOA if the map is t12+ and has vuln modd or heavy phys Boss.
We use Reckoning-Life on hit-Endurance Charge on melee stun- Vengeance setup for endurance charges and some life leech
We use Hatred+HOA
You can switch HOA with Arctic armor if you feel the need for extra defenses.
1.We use LeapSlam+ Faster attacks for mobility. You can use Whirling blades if You decide to use a sword and go with reave attack.
2.We use Flame Golem for extra dmg.
3.We use Blood rage for frenzy charges and for that extra lifeleech

Bandits quests

- Normal : Help Oak for 40+ life.
- Cruel : Kill them all for 1 extra skill point.
- Merciless: Kill all/Kraitlin for +1 frenzy charge

Skill tree

Note The skill tree is just a base guidline. You can change many things on it. The most important is to have all the block chance nodes. Rest is up to you.


In Hideout; no charges or flasks

With Hatred+HOA+Flame Golem; no charges

My Gear


Note that the weapon has 300 Dps. If you are going for Resolute technique like me then aim for high dps and don't bother with crit. Weapon cost: 30c

This is where all this defense comes in hand as we need abyssus for the dps.
Body Armor

A 5-linked one is fine. I choose to leave increased area cause I don't have the Inteligence to level it just yet.

This is your best bet. Heavy armor,life and extra block

Note that the gloves should have Hp,ele res and either as/flat phys. My mana leech is also here and is all you will need

Try to aim for 30% movement speed as the shield and amulet each take 10% of it so we are slow without.Ofc aim for high life and ele res as well.

Aim for life,ele res and armor. Mine is a leatherbelt with more life but you can also take rustic sash or even doryanis belt(they are more expensive)

This is the amulet you want in order to over-cap block chance. It also gives a nice load of armor.

Look for caping your resistances with them and life. Some extra flat phys if possible or IRR


Please feel free to ask any. I am sure to have forgotten something since this is the first time i do this kind of thing. I will also try to upload videos of me running maps as soon as i discover how to do it:))
Have a nice day!
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Nice one bro!
Really like the build! I made a slightly modified version of the build that uses Varunastra instead of an axe so you can use whirling blades and pick up more damage nodes. The one thing I don't really get is why you use Abyssus. Since you take RT, the crit multi is useless and I don't think the damage gain is enough to justify the increased physical damage taken. At least with Varunastra I feel like I have plenty of damage without it.
I Also thought of Varunastra at first for the same reason you did ghost, but i simply did not like the lack of damage in higher tier maps. Max dps for Varunastra is 290 i think, and at that dps the weapon is also very expensive.The Abyssus is there for the same reason->damage.I have enough armor and I do not even feel Abyssus apart from vuln maps which makes my BloodRage consume health when paired with Abyssus. I am currently sitting at 30k dps with frenzy charges up and I want to add more of them.
I did buy a near-max dps Varunastra so that helps, as well as 30% reduced earthquake enchant on my helm. You can also pick up some really strong nodes, like deadly dilettante which triple dips, giving you 109% damage and 24% attack speed for 5 nodes on your tree. I also picked up splitting strikes and blade of cunning. I don't think abyssus is bad necessarily, I just feel with the extra damage nodes you can achieve enough dps for it to not be necessary. I have 25k dps currently (with 3 frenzy charges up, no blood rage) and I'm level 84 currently with many more damage nodes to pick up in the tree. Plus, whirling blading around with earthquake is pretty awesome, and you get to use leap slam at the same time too which is also awesome. Either way, besides using a different weapon and taking a few different nodes I pretty much followed your build exactly, and it works great so far! I can afk in maps now and not die, I've always wanted to be able to do that :p
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You are right it makes sense not to use Abyssus in that case, but it never bothered me. I also had Varunastra in mind but it was just to expensive for me. I also miss whirling blades:|. I currently did a t11 and t12 maps with 18% phys reflect(i did switch HOA with AA) had no problems:D that was the test for this build. Pretty much the only 2 things that kill this build is 1)poison/desecreted ground-which we can avoid and 2)detonate dead(my 3 deaths out of 4 i guess)-that you cannot escape:P

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