[1.3] (Atziri Down) Strong, Heavy and Simple static strike build for 2h Axe 77 map farm

I started with doomsower and that very nice choice before you get vaal pact, because if you have BIG pure phys damage vengence with life leech and warlord mark will heal you instantly. That why at lvl 80 i change this for axe.

Items at this moment


Item's at first Atziri's kill and lvl 78 maps clear


You need items


For mana leech

For life leech

For huge pure phys damage = huge life leech

For extra damage and extra life leech

For extra damage and survivability

Atziri's kill gear









DPS atm - 49k+ with flask's and onslaught like 80k - very good for fast killing everything^^
DPS with Disfavor and ming's heart 68k with flasks 98k
HP 6k+ at 85lvl without kaom's near 4.5k

I think that kaom's very nice for this but belly cheaper and you will have with this near 5.3k

All resist: 75 Chaos resist: -60

Armor: 3600-3800

Video Atziri kill with 0 death's



Video farm lvl77 shrine map



Passive tree lvl 85



Passive tree lvl 100




Oak-Kraityn-Kill all


I must have kaom's heart for this build?

-No, kaom's heart add very nice hp boost (1500hp for my char), but cheaper belly of the beast will be very good too!

Why not doomsower for late game?

-Doomsower excelent choice before you take vaal pact at lvl 78-80. Vengence with life leech will recover you hp instantly if you have big pure phys dmg. Doomsower have not=(

I must have taste of hate and atziri's flask?

-Yes, this help everytime for leech life, bring alot dps, give you very huge survivability!

I must use warlord's mark?

-Yes, this give you huge survivability and with vaal pact help don't die from big pac's of elemental reflect mobs

I must have life leech in amulet's and ring's?

-Yes and No, if you feel alright against 76+ mobs without it - you don't need it. But i prefer it!

Why you don't use grace/determination/iron reflexes?

-I have cast when damage taken with enduring cry and immortal call, that give me what i need from armor. But 20% reduced extra damage from critical strikes in passive tree will help you alot and taste of hate flask too

Can i kill Atziri with this build

Yes, Atziri kill pretty fast but that not very safe build to do that, because we don't have any block/dodge chance and 85+ resists. We have only resists flasks and 6k+ hp and that means - 1 mistake and RIP. You can do Atziri runs in softore but I highly don't recomended do this in hardcore!

Updated lvl 100 tree plan
Updated farm lvl77 map shrine video
Corrected Q/A
Hi, I doing a similar build with 2H Mace, lvl 65 atm:


But I take Oak-Oak-Oak, 7 Endurance Charge.. but no Val Pact, I can get a lot of life regen.

What u think about?
Mace is nice choice too! I prefer kraityn because i want great attack speed, but take 3 oak it's ok
Life regen can't save you from huge elemental reflect packs. If you have 40+ dps - you need vaal pact or ripperonny from reflect. And ofcourse you need Atziri's flask too!
Update Atziri kill video and info
Fixed some terms
I'm going for a similar build,

can you comment on my passive tree? This is my first toon ever on POE.



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Need more HP nodes and Executoner in bottom duelist tree for instant stun enemies with huge attack speed, that real help in endgame B)

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