appleseeds Oro's Sacrifice Flickerbuild [1.1.2]

appleseeds Oro's Sacrifice Flickerbuild


Gameplay footage:

Sustained high dps
Cool looking
Decent defences
High Hp regen

Seizure inducing speed
Higher chance of desync

Hi everyone and welcome to appleseeds Oro's Sacrifice Flickerbuild.
This build revolves highly around the use of charges and can generate a total number of 7 frenzy, 5 endurance and 4 power charges at any given moment during a fight.

Must have items:
Oro's Sacrifice
The Blood Dance

Highly recommended items:
Voll´s Devotion
Romira's Banquet
Kaoms Heart

Optional items:
Hrimnors Resolve
Snake Bite

First and formost, lets have a look at the Oro's Sacrifice.
This sword has a couple of unique features, mainly:

0% Physical damage
100% Fire damage
20% chance to ignite
Gains a frenzy charge on killing an ignited enemy
Culling Strike against ignited enemies

Now, as you probably know, there are two ways to ignite an enemy, either with increased chance to ignite or via a critical strike. This build takes advantage of both.
As of level 79, This build has an chance to ignite percentage of 25% and between 19% and 30% crit chance (depending on power charges).

Now, we have laid down how to generate frenzy charges. How are we going to spend them?

By using flicker strike of corse. Flicker strike has an inherant cooldown which can be bypassed by using a frenzy charge. SO it has limited use unless you generate ALOT of frenzy charges.
Because of this it is vital for the build to be able to sustain the frenzy charge consumption of flicker strike or you will be forced to have cooldown on your attacks.
Because of this I HIGHLY recomend using the Increased chance to ignite support gem until you have been able to get high enough crit chance. (I think that the treshold is somewhere around 15-25% crit chance)

Ok, now we know what to do with our frenzy charges, but have they got any other use?

Yes, they do! By using The Blood Dance, we can achieve the following:

1% Life regeneration per frenzy charge (Which equals to 7% at max frenzy charges)
6% increased dmg against enemies on low lifer per frenzy charge. (42% more dmg at max frenzy charges to enemies below 35% HP)

Now, with the passive skills I get almost 11% of life generated per second. In my case, that equals to 394 healthpoints per second.
This renders the need for life leech void, freeing up a gemslot.

Ok, that covers the frenzy charges, what about the other charges?
For the other charges I make use of the synergy between Voll´s Devotion and Romiras Banquet. Romiras Banquet make you gain a power charge on non-critical strike and loose all on critical strike. But Voll´s Devotion turns them inte Endurance charges in stead.
So when I crit i gain up to 4 endurance charges and one frenzy charge. And then it resets. Which means that in a prolonged fight, I almost always have a full set of charges.

So, what about defence?
I use Kaoms heart to free up alot of points in my passive and some extra damage, but it isn´t att all necesery for this build. Belly of the beast would also be quite good or just any random high armour chestpiece. Since alot of my gearslots are taken by uniques that make the build tick, I have gone for more defensive gear on the ones that is left.

Ok, what are the optional items?
Hrimnors Resolve is a decent helm that will boost both your offence and defence with this build.
Snake Bite would be cool to try, but I havent been able to get my hands (in) on them (pun intended).

Ok, this all sounds very cool, what is your passive tree?
Here is my current tree:

And here is my final build:

Ok, what should I do at the bandit quest?
Take the frenzy charge. For the love of god, take the frenzy charge.

What are your skillgems?
Flicker strike - Additional Accuracy - Multistrike - Weapon elemental damage - Fire Penetration - Melee Splash

My fuses are broken and I can´t 6-link that darn sword!
No problem, this is the skill order I would use at less then 6-link:
Flicker strike - Chance to Ignite - Multistrike - Weapon elemental damage

Flicker strike - Chance to Ignite - Multistrike - Weapon elemental damage - Fire Penetration
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link to your current set up? gems etc?
a nice updated a bit and a level progression would be nice
would be sweet to see an version of this for the new tree
Hargan is my spirit NPC which one is yours?

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