[3.2] The ES-based bloodmagic champion supporter, at least 10 auras, 7.5k+ es

Welcome Exiles to my blood magic champion supporter build guide, which i am playing now in 3.2!

This build is designed for speed farm in the endgame contents but you can still do a relaxed farm with cheap set-up. The general play style is same with most of supporter builds, like stay close to your mf culler, cast vaal buffs and loot, loot, loot!

Pro's & Con's

+ easy to lvl-up yourself
+ good survivalist and sale your team dps with 2-3 times
+ easy to play
+ more damage boost and faster than other classes because of Inspirational
+ perm-Taunt boss
+ no fear for chaos damage
+ use a lot of uniques, save your time to consider rare gears :)

- can not do hard maps with cheap setup, for example, t13+
- must have Shavronne's Wrappings
- have to play with others, no solo

Stay close with the attacker, cast vaal buffs when necessary, and shield charge boss every 5 secs to taunt them.

How to lvl up yourself

Use 3l or 4l Ancestral Protecter/Warchief, take Ancestral Bond node and Resolute Technique as soon as possbile.
Use some cheap lvl-up melee unique weapons and upgrade them when you lvl-up.
You could easily lvl-up yourself in first four acts, after that it is a bit slow but you could still carry yourself to end of the game. Running with other people is still the best choice.
Unallocate Ancestral Bond node and Resolute Technique when you ready to go support.(i did it at lvl68)
I may give a detailed lvl-up guide if i have more time.

Bandits and Pantheon

Kill all

Lunaris and gruthkul, or anything you like

Gear (do not follow the gem link here,check Ideal Gem set-up section)

can support almost everything now with 8kes and 81/82/81/30 resist (could be better if i get higher lvl gems and better belt)


Current tree


Luxury upgrade

first choice: presence of chayula, now around 7ex, could give you more than 1k es, stun immune and 60% chaos resistance

Notice that the price of that item is just insane now. try to find a cheap one by checking price of blessing of chayula,i get one for 480c which is a good deal.

second choice: +1 gem lvl voidbringer, could give you lvl27 wrath/anger
i will suggest to craft one by yourself since it could be expensive to buy one

most difficult: enchanted Alpha's Howl with wrath/anger 15% reduced reservation

i bet you can not find more than 3 Alpha's Howls with that, whenever you search whichever league on poe trade
the price i saw was around 20ex, the real problem is you can not find a seller

(i am going to run lab for it and i am also trying to figure out a better aura set-up without it)

Ideal Tree


I do not feel it is the best, but i have optimized it as good as i can.

POB link: https://pastebin.com/YmpGCNhe

Notice that ascendancy tree shows defensive set-up.

Inspirational and First to Strike, Last to Fall are necessary.

Conqueror and Worthy Foe are offensive set-up. (recommend)

Unstoppable Hero and Fortitude are defensive set-up.

Ideal Gems set-up

notice that the gem levels are shown as final level after all calculation when there is no corrupted gem/gear

cheapest, no 6l, drop hatred
lvl3 enlightened/empowered with no enchant on helmet


lvl20 generosity + lvl 24 wrath/anger+ lvl3 empowered in voidbringer glove

lvl 3 enlightened + lvl 20 purity of lightning/ice/fire

lvl22 discipline in ring

lvl22 haste/grace/determination in shield

lvl20 vaal grace/haste/displine

lvl3 cwdt+lvl 3 immortal call + lvl20 increase duration

lvl 20 stone golem + lvl20 clarity + lvl 1 portal

expensive set up with two lvl4 enlightened gems and enchanted helmet of hatred/anger/wrath


lvl20 generosity + lvl 25 wrath/anger+ lvl4 empowered in voidbringer glove

lvl 4 enlightened + lvl 20 purity of lightning/ice/fire

lvl22 discipline in ring

lvl22 haste/grace/determination in shield

lvl20 vaal grace/haste/displine

lvl3 cwdt+lvl 3 immortal call + lvl20 increase duration

lvl 20 stone golem + lvl20 clarity + lvl 20 vitality

Why not use hatred?
Hatred is an optional choice since it is used widely by most of player and high lvl hatred does not offer much more damage compares with low lvl one. For example, lvl27 hatred only offers 3% more damage conversion compares with lvl20 hatred. I may make an aura selection section later to talk about it further.

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happy to see another Champion aurabot write up!

Some things about your defensive numbers though, you only have 32% evasion and 23% physical reduction. You forgot to adjust your level accordingly in your PoB. I assumed yours is level 96 hence the numbers i just mentioned.
Champion Tauntbot support : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2093582
Oh that is my fault, thanks! I have fixed that and updated the pob links!
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