[3.3] Vision of the Divine - DW Dagger Crit Gladiator

Hello! This build is focused on utilizing all the melee gems dex has. I chose
, Choose your power and enjoy yourself!!

If I missed something let me know!!

New Tree being tested. Seems op atm.

Stream - https://www.twitch.tv/Topsyplays Not Streaming For A While. PC Is Shish.

Feel Free To Message Me In-Game or Forum or on YouTube Videos If You Have Questions!^_^

Pros: Quite Fun.
Can change easily to other melee gems.
Most maps can be done.
Huge damage numbers.
High Farming potential.

Cons: Elemental/Physical reflect kills us easily depends on your gem setup.
Lower HP. 4-5k
Costs 7ex+ to be effective for Atziri. 20Ex+ for massive damage.


If the images are too big let me know and I'll shrink them.


Path of Building Paste Bin
Bandits: Oak/Alira/Points


Gem links- Gem/DS(for single target)MS - Added Phys - AF - WED - PtL >>Gems can always be changed to your liking ^_^ current set-up is top DPS that I can find from testing.

Ele Reflect Map Links - Cyclone - Added Phys - IAS - Brutality - Chance to bleed - Rutheless

You do not need to get Lightning Coil I know its an expensive item 5L for some. I could barely afford it but found an Exalt on my farming and got it cheap from a nice person. Nor do you need Abyssus but the damage increase is quite worth the effort.
6L Coil increases damage by a ton.


I saved up for a Taste of Hate, It's a huge boost in damage and mitigation but is not needed if you can't afford it. Unless you want to do Phys Reflect maps then you need it *_*
Also got a Vinktar and it's quite awesome.

Mine aren't great, but get life as you can until 4.5khp+ 5khp better!!

Versatile Combatant and Violent Retaliation. With this you get 19%+/- block on both spell and physical attacks and every time you do block you get 8% damage boost that stacks and when you block a boss hit you get 80% more damage on top of it all.

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Updated defenses. a Bit better but still low HP ^_^
Updated damages, Added Lighting Strike and new video!
Updated Gems in boots/gloves.
Updated Bino's(Divined it and got better rolls ^_^) and offhand dagger.
Updated Damage numbers!!! HUGE BABY HUGE!!! xD
Updated Defenses.
Updated Gem set-up and gear.
Updated Current Passives.
Updated Possible ending passives.
Updated Videos Added Residence Map Twin Dominus.
Updated Videos, Atziri added!!! xD
Updated Gem Set-up for Elemental Reflect Maps.
Added Pros & Cons.
Updated Gear.
Updated Damages.mmmmmmmmm
Added Frost Blades to Damages.
Removed Defenses and added detailed stats instead.
Updated Damages.
Added Puncture.
Passive Tree change.
2.6 Passive Tree.
Changed Build name and goal. More user friendly.
Minor changes.
Changed Gloves, rings, neck, belt.
New 2.6 Atziri
Updated for 3.0
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Solid build, good dude as well, VERY Helpful!!!!!
good build mate and guide. helped alot.
Enlighten doesn't reduce the mana reserved for me, so using Hatred + Arctic Armour + Herald of Ash reserves 100% of mana. Is there a workaround or am I doing something wrong?
GrammarRays wrote:
Enlighten doesn't reduce the mana reserved for me, so using Hatred + Arctic Armour + Herald of Ash reserves 100% of mana. Is there a workaround or am I doing something wrong?

What is your enlighten level? It does nothing before level 2.
[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662
You need lvl 3 or 4 enlighten to be effective. I do not have it lvled myself so i only use hatred + Ash. It's fine to not for now.
Atziri video uploaded!!! ^_^
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Any videos with Dual Strike?
Any videos with Dual Strike?

He uses Dual Strike to kill Atziri at the end of that video, if you wanted a visual representation of the damage it deals.

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