dezzle_mane's Hegemony's Crit EQ

I'm certain a build of this type is floating around the forums, but I wanted to share my twist on it. Additionally, this is my first attempt at posting with respect to a build, so please bear with my inadequacies.

Why Earthquake?
This skill, when linked to the correct gems, provides fairly decent clear speed, area of effect, and it's fun as hell. Once you become familiar with how and when to use earthquake, you will find that it can be used defensively as well.

How do you deal with reflect?
This one can be tricky. I usually use Earthquake for clearing regular mobs and bosses, but I have heavy strike for single target. Popping a granite flask or Rumi's may protect you from reflect if you decide to use earthquake against physical reflect rares.

Is Hegemony's Era Required?
I don't believe it is, but unless you can afford a nice mirrored staff or something over 600 pdps then Hegemony's is probably your best bet. I'll explain later why Hegemony's is a solid choice for this build.

Pros and Cons
Decent clear speed
Easy normal atziri clear (will report back when uber atziri is attempted)
Can be played defensively
High critical chance and pairs great with surgeon's flasks
Fun to play
Not demanding on toaster pc's
Can play most map mods

Not the cheapest build around
Can die to reflect if not careful
Physical reflect map rolls are out of the question
May be difficult to reach a decent accuracy rating
Current gear has terrible chaos resistances

Gear (subject to change)

Gear Explanation and Skills
Hegemony's Era

Links: Earthquake-Increased Critical Strikes-Increased Critical Damage (or Added Fire Damage)-Melee Physical Damage-Less Duration-Increased Area of Effect (swap this with Concentrated Effect for Atziri)

The biggest upside to Hegemony's Era is the generation of power charges on knock back. This lets us avoid having to use a Curse on Hit/Assassins Mark, Power Charge on Critical, or Blasphemy/Assassin's Mark set up. The staff also has decent base critical chance, and fair attack speed, as well as 18% block chance.


Links: Hatred-Enlighten-Grace-Portal

Abyssus adds a significant amount of damage through the added % melee critical multiplier. Its only downsides are lack of resistances, and the % increased damage taken. Hatred adds a large amount of cold damage, as observed later on in the stats section. Grace with the Iron Reflexes node adds a solid amount of defense, and enlighten linked to these two skills allows us to have enough mana for our attacks. The portal gem is there because I don't pick up portal scrolls.

Atziri's Acuity

Links: Cast when Damage Taken-Increased Duration-Enfeeble-Immortal Call

Acuity is not required for this build, but the instant leech on critical strikes allows us to maintain life regeneration that would otherwise be lost by Vaal Pact. Other options include Facebreakers (huge % critical multiplier), Maligaro's Virtuosity (critical chance and multiplier), or rare high armor/evasion gloves with life and 3 resistances. Thanks to the passive node Smashing Strikes, we are able to generate endurance charges to increase the duration of Immortal Call. Enfeeble further mitigates incoming damage from physical attacks.

Lightning Coil

Links: Heavy Strike-Faster Attacks-Multistrike-Melee Physical Damage-Increased Critical Strikes-Added Fire Damage

Lightning Coil further decreases incoming physical damage by converting some of it to lightning damage. Lightning resistance jewelry is important in overcoming the large loss to lightning resistance applied by Lightning Coil. Other chest options include Kaom's Heart or a 2000+ armor/evasion HP tri resistance chest. Kaoms Heart would be the obvious choice if you happen to have 2 6-Linked Hegemony's Era staves.


Links: Leap Slam-Faster Attacks-Blood Rage-Blood Magic

Just a pair of rare tri res HP boots. Movement speed is not required as we use leap slam as our main mobility skill. Other options include Kaom's Roots (save a few skill points by not getting unwavering stance, but lose 4 sockets for gems)


A rare HP reistance rustic sash is a good choice here. I got killed on the random exalt as I was trying to roll 3 resistances. Belt was obtained before bench crafting or I would have definitely used that. A physical Doryani's Invitaion belt is another option for this slot.


Ideally this diamond ring would have a life roll, but these slots are always a work in progress. Flat accuracy is important, as staff builds generally have poor accuracy. The diamond ring increases critical chance, the Two-Stone helps with resistances, and the amulet is pretty horrible. The amulet slot will be upgraded soon.

Skill Tree and Ascendancy
Tree (Level 94)

Normal: Kill All (Skill Point)
Cruel: Oak (16% Physical Damage)
Merciless: Alira (Power Charge)


Fortitude grants permanent Fortify, which is incredibly helpful for mitigating extra damage incurred from Abyssus.

Unstoppable Hero further boosts the effects of Fortify

Inspirational gives us added damage and movement speed. The movement speed is not really noticeable as we use leap slam for mobility. Additionally, this Ascendancy node does boost party members.


Earthquake stats with full charges

Heavy Strike stats with full charges

Defenses (Endurance charges were not up)

Defenses with Flasks and Charges

Forgive the potato quality on these. I am making more room on my Hard drive to record at better quality.

Random T9 Arid Lake

Double Boss Vulnerability Wasteland

2 Curse Conservatory

Palace Dominus Kill

Colosseum Ambrius Kill

Double Vaal Boss:

Double Boss Overgrown Ruin

More videos will be uploaded soon OR
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Better Abyssus OR
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Also experimenting with flicker strike, seems pretty solid so far. OR
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Just wanted to give my respect to KorgothBG for posting my build in his thread "Duelist Builds List"

Changes in 2.3 are not readily noticeable, but I will report back when I find something. I have not completed the 4th Labyrinth for this character yet, but for the 2 additional ascendancy points I would likely select the 2 nodes leading to First to Strike, Last to Fall. I will continue to add videos when Atlas of Worlds comes. OR

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