[3.0] BoR WoE block TANK (perfect Lab farmer)

Hi there,
this is a rewamped guide for this amazing build running since ever.

Tree (lv91):

Bandits: 2 points
5 Jewels: 1 red nightmare + Reckless Defence 3x + 1 rares with block with dual > life > dmg
Ascendency: Slayer with Headsman + Brutal Fervour


in BoR: lacerate + increase area + mutistrike + chance to bleed
auras: hatred + blasphemy warlord mark
tools: blood rage / leap slam / ancestral warchief

5.7k life
75/64% blocks, absurd leech
No map mode is unbeatable, don't mind reflects at all, just beware of chaos damage.

Item guide:
Base for the build are legacy BoR (15% block, old legacy isn't a must, just far better) and WoE (legacy is just 2% more block) plus at least 3 Reckless Defence with 4% block each.
If you have the budget to afford it a Red Nightmre gives 9% block when placed correctly (see the tree).
The Retch isn't needed at all but it's powerful belt that provides flask duration and some extra chaos damage based on the insane leech that this build has.
If you want more spell block you can use Rainbowstride boots, I don't use them cause I otherwise have some res and attribute issues.
Carnage Heart amulet is great to enhance Slayer leech, try to find it with additional block corruption, otherwise Stone of Lazhwar is the old spell block amulet.

Skill guide:
If you don't like Lacerate you can use Cleave, supports will be the same. Like always if you need more single target damage swap Inc Area with Conc Effect
Hatred is a big damage boost, as second aura I use Blasphemy Warlord Mark but you can also use another curse or Herald of Ash or even Artic Armour.
Maim support and Ancestral Warchief are extra dps multiplier, and Blood Rage is simply free dps and leech here.

Slayer or Berserker?
Your choice, Slayer is a bit safer, Berserker has more dps. The tree is pretty much the same.
Don't use Juggernaut, Gladiator or Champion.
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I think you got the passive tree wrong, it says duelist but clearly that's a ranger with a bow build, can i see the duelist build?
Ty, done, sorry for the wrong paste.
Is there any way to make this viable in warband without the legacy versions of the items?
IGN: Zanitth
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Thanks alot for your speedy reply mate! thats awesome thanks for the help
IGN: Zanitth
Tryed Grace instead of Hatred with Iron Reflex: totally worth it!
DPS is still insane, you'll lose about 25% of it but you'll gain a way to deal against reflect.

With all buff in place I'm at 98k dps with Grace.
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found a way to keep grace + hatred + HoA, just reach and take all the reduced mana reserve nodes at templar top left starting point and another reduced mana reserve near the bottom of duelist starting point, finally you'll need a level 2 enlighten (3-5 ex), and voila, you can now run 2 auras + HoA and also get to keep iron reflexes, you can even replace grace with haste sometimes for additional dps.

here's the my version of the tree, since we're using RT i respecced the damage nodes that grant accuracy since it feels wasted, went for two handed damage instead (we're using WoE anyway) at the bottom of duelist starting point.
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How easy is Atziri now that there is no CoC+ImmCall? and leech nerfs?
IGN: LessBow
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Hardest part is trio, chaos degen is the only thing that kills you easy.
Atziri isn't hard, just need to avoid flameblasts. Don't have anything to record a decent video, but it's pretty easy to do it.

I don't think I have to remind it but just in case: don't stand still on vaal duo and on atziri, you need to run from some skills, block + armor don't make you untouchable.

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