[1.3] Herald of Elements - Ele Static Strike

After getting hit by the Nerf-bat several times in the last patches, v1.3 finally got me back on track with my Duelist and i'd like to share the build I'm running at the moment with you guys.

Important: This is not ment to be an Ueber-faceroll Char, although it can clear 78 Maps without trouble it's far from being the cookiecutterbuild of the week ;)

- Cheap items (you wont need any fancy uniques)
- Fast clearspeed (25.689 paper dps)
- Relatively tanky
- No worries about reflect

- In this form too Mana hungry for any pre 80 Char i guess.
- I didn't kill Atziri yet, although that doesn't mean it's not possible since i only tried twice.
- You can't go afk in the middle of a fight (since some builds can do that)

Skilltree (lv88):


How it works:

italic Indicates in which items the gemsetup can be found.

Main Attack: We will be using Static Strike as our attack skill (Chest) since this skill not only has a great base dmg, but also scales very good with attack speed, since the static strike AoEs are queued and will vaporize anything within seconds after the 0.75sec starting delay. I found Life Gain on Hit superior to Life Leech in this setup, because we hit pretty fast and are basically immun to reflect this way.

Auras: Item and skillwise we will grab anything that provides Elemental damage since the Char is a fully elemental Damage Dealer as you have propably already noticed. You might have asked yourself why the hell do i use not only Herald of Ice and Thunder, but also Herald of Fire (Boots). It's true that this wont push the base dps very much, but the Overkill Burn AoE scales off total overkill dmg and thus gives a great additional passiv damage boost and also ignites enemys in a wide AoE which let's us benefit from Celestial Punishment which gives us +25% dmg when an enemy is ignited/shocked or frozen.
Besides that we have a 10/10/20% chance to Ignite/Freeze/Shock although we use Resolute Technique.

Defense: To provide some defense we are using a inc. dur. Molten Shell and Vaal Molten Shell for Bosses (Shield), as well as the typical Cast when damage taken setup (Gloves).

Utility: Utilitywise we got Leap Slam to escape 1hits, a Vaal Haste for a short damage boost (Weapon) and we got the Herald of Thunder linked to Curse on Hit/Elemental Weakness - once proct the Herald will curse anything within range automaticlly (Helmet).

Some additional notes:
The way i set up the Char it's capable to sustain the 9APS Static Strike without any mana pots, leech or even clarity - With different items or passiv choices this might not work for you though. In this case I'd suggest to drop the vaal stuff and put a clarity on life with BM.

In case you don't have a 6L for Static Strike, i suggest dropping Faster Attacks. Added Lightning damage would be possible too if you use one without quality.

Any Feedback is welcome

IGN: Darkrox (not my main, just for easy contact)
~ Yes i'm the Darkrox from Runes of Magic - World's #1 Guild Pravum 2009 - 2011 ~
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I can't really see the point of starting as a duelist for that build. You take almost every node in the templar starting area, all you get from the duelist start is 20%AS/12AR for FIVE points. You'd be better off starting templar and working your way down to IR.

There are a lot of very good dmg and defense nodes down there, none of which were taken. And while it's a SC glasscannon, a few more hp and hp regen nodes wouldn't hurt, either.
Thx for the Feedback.
And yes. there is no "reason" to start as a Duelist for this kind of build, but it's possible nevertheless. There are way to many Templars already anyway^^
I don't really get the other points though:
1. HP regen hasn't really been a problem in any way since the Life Gain on hit combined with the very high APS keeps the HP full all the time unless you get 1 shotted.
2. HP itself is at 4k + 320 Es. I can't say that i feel like a glass canon in any way to be honest oO
3. I'm curious though which good dmg nodes i missed at the Duelist area ? Those are pretty much all physical only. If i really missed something i'd be glad to know which nodes you mean.
IGN: Darkrox (not my main, just for easy contact)
~ Yes i'm the Darkrox from Runes of Magic - World's #1 Guild Pravum 2009 - 2011 ~
Hiya, I am currently trying this build out and I was wondering if it is better to dual wild rather than have a shield? I still max my stats out in merc. with dual weapons but I see a significant drop in my dps when i switch to a shield. Is it worth the drop is what I am most curious about.

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