[2.2 PSC] Ball Lightning Gladiator

in progress.

Boss fights:

T9 Dominus
T9 Piety
T11 Twinned Crematorium Megaera
T15 Abyss Kaom. Died once. that lot of Ele dmg.
map mods: 97% extra lightning dmg, 30% increased speed, TC curse. Was not well prepared, should bring Phoenix shield at the beginning.

Map Run:
lv70 Atziri deathless run 10mins.I didn't bring any resist flask. Softcore anyway.
Gorge Run 6mins, a bad run. I picked up everything I need, lagged as hell by Perandus mobs, and the map has 60% lightning resist.



Ele reflect.
not Chaos.
can't one shot Uber.


13k in Hideout, 18k when have Elemental Overload, 21k when drunk Atziri flask, 25k when drunk in vaal haste.

dual curse: elemental weakness & conductivity.


5500~6000 hp
11500 armor, 53% phys dmg reduction (useless)
67% ~ 75% block/spell block chance
5% ~ 50% evasion chance (cwdt-BL-GMP-blind)
Fortify on hit with Whirling Blades
switch to Rise of the Phoenix to deal with extreme fire dmg.


others are rares, look for resists and life.

Passive Tree:

Bandits Oak, kill, kill.

It's...well you level like a normal melee character, use cleave, ice crash or earthquake or sunder.
then when you get to merciless you want to buy a tabula, and that's it.

to be continued. still sleepy.
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I feel your love to BALLs.

Nice Build™, Gratz.
dat 5 off lioneye's
mxwBeyondGamecrash - Beyond
letsThrowSomethingElse / RedshirtThreeSixty - Nemesis
MXW_CIPW - Onslaught Lv92 Witch - Low life Dual Elemental Hit totems

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