[Nemesis] Backbeards Frenzytaker build

Hey guys Backbeardian here been getting alot of viewer requests to get some information on this spec.

If you are interested I stream at:


Basically the first thing I will say is this build is not for the cheap. I spent ~1 week grinding on my ground slam marauder to get it (35+ exalts). The two most important items for the build is a Soultaker and a Bringer of Rain.

The soultaker takes away the cost of the skill frenzy which is insanely hard to sustain with any other type of weapon. You generally see people doing frenzy facebreaker because frenzy facebreaker has a base attack speed of 1.2, which is much more managable. With almost no attack speed nodes on the tree goes up to a bit over 11 attacks a second.

To give you an example of the mana cost, right now I have 108 mana cost per attack (with multistrike on) and with 11.11 attacks a second thats almost near 400ish mana used in just one second, so you can see how dependent this spec is on that weapon.

The bringer of Rain is just flat out insane. This thing brought me from 7k frenzy at 66 to over 15k frenzy at 67. It is basically get your endgame damage right at 67, not to mention the survivability aspect. REMEMBER: Unwavering stance isn't useful for this build because the blind will be wasted. That is why I go for heart of the oak because it allows you to keep evading while you can avoid stuns.

My current build (92)


I started off going to IR and getting thick skin, after that I went for the scion health wheel and grabbed that. I tried to get as much life as possible since I was 2h with leap slam / doublestrike melee splash.

As for future plan I just plan on grabbing more life nodes since it will be insanely useful endgame to have as much life as possible and make sure your character stays alive.


You need to get really nice resist / accuracy on a few pieces. With the accuracy on my gloves and amethyst ring I have ~86% to hit in a 78 map. Other than that if you are able to get phys rolls on your rings / ammy it helps out immensely.

As for potions, I truly truly love having a topaz flask all the time. For storm herald and scary lightning packs it allows you to control your shock stacks along with giving yourself an insane amount of safety.

The seethings with remove bleeding are extremely important. You stack your corrupting blood up so fast on high maps you will need as much removal as possible. I normally ran a regen potion on all my characters, but with the regen get from tree / Blood Dance you don't need a regen potion.

Other than that I love having immunity to curse on my quicksilver for mods like Bringer of weakness / hexfont and all that. Moving even faster is nice, but I don't see the reason when you have over 40+% MS on your boots.

Skill gems:
Weapon - I need Lightning Strike with pierce and culling for being able to kill a volatile with insanely high damage mods.

Shield - Leap slam with endurance charge on melee stun and faster attacks for mobility / easier time stacking charges.

Gloves - My cast on damage setup is in my gloves. I use a level 9 CODT which allows me to have a level 20 20q Increased duration + level 10 enduring cry + level 9 20q Immortal Call. With 3 endurance charges this is giving me near 5 seconds of phyiscal immunity.

Boots - Auras going here. Currently running Hatred + grace + whatever 40% you want. I have the option for purity of elements / purity of lightning / Vitality.

I am doing purity of elements right now and I am going to be swapping to purity of lightning just for the max% increase for lightning and also my cold will be the only resist thats not capped on ele weakness. I am at 138% cold when I need 139%.

If you have any more questions feel free to write a response here or feel free to drop a question at my stream I don't mind answering them while streaming, bear in mind twitch has insane delay at the moment so it can be a tad brutal having a conversation.


Thanks for reading my guide hope this gives you some insight on this powerful build. It is definitely worth the grind.
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So Frenzy, Much Bringer!
How does this build compare to the Frenzy variant that uses Aegis, Stone and Rainbowstrides?
This build would be easier on chaos damage overall and is bit more reliant on the life regen. It is a very nice safety net that is combined with your leech rate. So thats why I opt to not use blood rage since it really isn't that big of an effect on me.

The biggest benefit from aegis build is the blocking and almost never reaching your hp, which allows you to use melee damage on full life. Having that stack with the melee phys on bringer is just unreal.

I sort of suggest doing Scion for that type of build due to the amount of resist you can get at the start of tree.
I recall you having upwards of 500 life regen per second. I'm guessing a lot of it has to do with your boots?
673 I have 3.5% life regen on the tree, and the blood dance boots end up giving me 7% more life regen. Which gets me up to 10.5 life regen a second. With the current HP I have, at 6.4k life I have 673 life regen a second. Than on top of that I have 2% phys life leech from the tree (Blood Drinker), which gives me alot of overall regen rate on my character.
To give you an example of the mana cost, right now I have 108 mana cost per attack (with multistrike on) and with 11.11 attacks a second thats almost near 400ish mana used in just one second, so you can see how dependent this spec is on that weapon.

The 108 is with 1.8 aps, it will actually be ~250/sec. Could be sustainable with enough dps / mana leech and a good pool with only one aura reserved. Like with gs / hs marauders using mana pool. I just hate soultaker, its raw dmg sucks, especially after the nerf.
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It honestly isn't that bad in the 71-77 area, I never got to try pre nerf soultaker before this league so I can't really say how much slower it is. But regardless I think its one of the funnest builds I have ever done in this game since closed beta.
Im following this build but having trouble with the void bearer dogs.
I have max resists and 30k armor with flask up.
Pretty much take zero damage from any mob except the void dogs. They tear me a new one. WHY :< ?
They recently just changed flame totem and how it attacks. It no longer attacks insanely fast for very little, and that change went to voidbearers as well. So they hit much harder per hit but its a much slower projectile. I think you could see that it looks a bit different now but it definitely is much more dangerous.

I am running around with a Ruby Flask on now just to be safe against them and other types of fire damage.

Overall just keep an eye out for the extra proj mods and getting voidbearers. Also fractured is extremely scary with them now.

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