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"The duelist has made a pact with the old god of darkness, sacrificed his nobel cause, and gained the strength of Erebus. Getting reborn of chaos and choosing the path of darkness, he follows his own path and belongs to neither to the underworld nor the heavens"

Hello everybody this is Jauer

i have redone the guide, some is new most is the same. some parts got worse some got better. i present THE EREBUSREAVER REBORN

I've been playing with claws for a long time. The spec was created after many diff spec. I've ran calculations on stats, gear performance, and how to use different mechanics and synergy effects, and after about one month of doing all this I started the toon. the toon was made when passive tree looked different. now i have redone it to the new passive tree. moste noticable is the loss of vall pact and unwavering stance.

So what is it?
It's a CI spec that utilizes a claw and a shield, getting extremely good tank performance while also getting very high dps. The real interesting part is just by switching a few items you can turn it into a mind-blowing dps monster or just the opposite, an even more insane tank.

What's even cooler about this spec is its diversity; you only need to stick to the path from duelist to ci everything els can be made as u can alter.

The big force of this spec is ure able to deal a very high damage while being tanking the bosses all els quit or die on. after loss of vall pact. added fire damage is used instead of melee damage to counter the reflect, with this combo u stand almost immortal to reflect even with no vall pact unless vunerability and shock stacks. combined with immortal call on cast on damage taken.

lasty the ingresed armor have 2 other bonus: the armor pool allows u to take bigger physical hits, and gives ure es regen on block(Aegis Aurora) a high enough bonus to make it acculy keep u alive.

*Im happy to answer to peoples questions. but plz walk thrue the intire guide and videos before pm me.. its a very complex spec so most is explained very detailed. if after reading and watching, feal free to pm about any doubts after that.*

insane survivability
insane DPS
can run all map stats, including physical reflect(not bloodmagic)
very fun play style, you clear faster than your team, and when they die you still stand.
can switch between setups, gear, and different skill gems.
it's tanky enough for you to solo farm with magic find gear and high clearspeed.
It's hc viable; I leveled with ease on Nemesis to lvl 67 where I ripped on purpose.
can be made with a dualist, ranger or shadow.
8k + es pool with good gear
can kill azuri

the gear isn't cheap
it requires a high crit claw or dagger, crit is more important then flat physical.
you get very addicted to playing it.

this build is still getting polished will post resent thourts here
5/5-2014 bougth new ring. considering running 2x rare ring and dropping romiras using agein poc on 4 link with whirling blade(shield charge, flicker ligthingstrike or what i find usefull) or using the last blue get poc instead of conc effect.

5-5-2014 madness added hes full review on doing the dagger version!!! awsome job look at dagger section!!

17-5-2014 some ppl have been asking for a life version althoe its not a build i been running i will here post how i think it wud look. look the life spoiler

*videos are not made new but u wud see the same.** diffence is i use the banquete ring so i dont use ligthing strike to buff charges.
THEME videos

*the new video of mapping with new version spec*
sorry for the quality, have fixed after i did the videos.
Here is the gameplay video, its the all around setup used and my regular map set ENJOY!!!
***NEW*** Added a alternative videp WATCH IT :)!!!

Tanked 78 Palace map as lvl 77

Cremetorium tanked

MAX DPS. Fucked up on music, kept since of the 2 reflects where i show diff approches.

Alternative skill video!! very entertaining!

Spec videos
walkthrue the spec and passives gear and all inbetween. sorry i ment to do it with a web cam but i been slacking and havent bougth one. further more, sorry if im horrible boring to listen to.

The playstyle video
here i talk playstyle what to use how, reflect, diff setups.

i have not made new pitures. or stat. but i can say that it have following in my setup:
def setup-
8353 es
13560 armor 68% mitigation at lvl 95(+12% when endurance charges is up)
5% evade chance
70 block chance with normal block neck, 52 spell block
stun avoidence 30% but for real its more like 80% since ci gives 50% as far i know.
24% movement speed.
the block neck i got gives 13% freze and chill avoidence.

this is with lvl 21 disciplin and lvl 20 grace.

dps in this setup when charges is up(3 power charges,3 frency)
46 k. with added fire damage in link.
with melee phys 48,7 k

in dps setup neckless + lvl 20 hatred 97k dps with my setup

when partying u almost always get harted buff. so ure def setup in maps will have 72,3 k dps

all thíes numbers vary in what gear u got and what grp buffs.

with maligaros gloves and dps neck u get super high dps.

lastly u can do the dagger build and get way more.

1 problem.. str. i got 47 str on my belt. giving me 120 str with my setup. a divine and 1 passive note into str or str on ring. wud give 152 str. so u can run any gems.


LVL 95 when i redid the spec.

LVL 70 spec also kind of what u will spec around for variations

LVL 100 spec well its all about pref, this spec allows u to spec what ever u want.

basicly if u cuddent figure thies 2 below, u neather have the currency or the experiance to play it.
60 points just before switching ci

EDIT: NEW UPDATE DONE BY MADNESS!!! he perfected this version of the spec into... madness
he runs with me everyday in maps and its very sexy, check out hes review on page 11 or follow this link
Alternative weapon. Dagger.
the str. of the spec u can easy switch between claw and dagger. dagger will give u even more damage, but less tanky since lower Leach. but it will be a bitch to keep the reflect immunity= higher dps but less damage possible in a map set. since daggers are slower hit harder= 1 shot reflect dead.
the crazy ambushers made are the best daggers for this.

Life version
after some ppl asked to do it life based i here made a spec sugestion. the focus is massive hp pool high es pool aswell and tons of armor. the damage is not much to talk about. the azuri gloves cud be used. the rest of the gear the same as ci but with life on it
madness will also add a saintly version later

Dagger video thx to madness for borrowing it!

Solo magic find!*NEW* with videos!!
now what it this then?
see, this toon is so strong that it allows u to drop alot of dps and survivability and go mf. u still got good clear speed solo. and most importent u dont die(unless u try insain maps) i have some diff mf gear, self made or found most. i switch around. atm, with not much effort put into it, i got gear so i can switch from 85 iiq,255 iir. or 65iiq,303 iir. whats best idk.
basicly the gear is just switched abit around. and use iir iiq gem. i wud say u shud drop the Unique belt, stick with a high res belt and get more mf on other items. since the 12% is small loss vs alot of other stuff. Work ure flasks abit more. and its fine.
now why is this then effective? well u dont share loot. u got all portals for ure self, so u can vendor all rares and crom items. when u get good at this u can keep very high pase. making a significant amount of lower currecny from this.. also u have a many times higher clear speed then regular mf toon can have alone.(+u dont die, if i die at my lvl i lose many exalts and many many hours....) so from mapping fast u generate alot of orb drops. i managed in a 4 hour speed run to get 3 ex and 1 divine + alot of Chaos fuses, alc, chis, regal, regret. also the drop of Uniques and so is good. u dont Count ure 65-300 vs a 140-500 mf pr map. but pr hour... so lets say i clear 5 maps in same time. i generate my mf x 5 vs the sporker. so i with much lover mf generate more, in same time spend.
here the link to my setup for mf. dont Watch the gems combos or skill used.. its just something i throw in since i havent even fixed colors.


double boss museum.
poorjoy. the dream un reachable for any magic finder

normal: skill point
Cruel: skillpoint all the endgame points ull have in this spec is more powerfull then eather damage or attack speed.
Merciless: POWERCHARGE if u dont play with the power charge ring. if u do skill point.

The gear since its a ci toon ofc requires energy shield, however to benefit from the Unique effect of aegis Aurora and being tanky it also requires armor, the set wants evade/es gear since then u also benefit from the % on the es/evade notes, further more running with ppl with grace will empower ure phys mitigation alot. the spec dont allow u to get the last spell block note on the phalax cicle at templar tree, a claw is required for max Leach combo.

My set when most video guides was made. u can do with less but the dps output requires alot of defences, so scale Down gear scale Down dps or add more def in spec.

my current set

Required items.
one of thoes two since ure ci. els ull get perma frezzed. i have runned abit with both. i cant say whats best but i tilt to the dream frag, simply u can get alot of armor and pure phys on belt. however the auxium gives u alot of mana and es. the weapon elemental is ok but nothing much to talk about, pure phys wins. however i played alot in mf set where i used neather, simply use 2 pots with removes frezz will do in almost all situation. not endmapping thoe.

this shield the spec is build around, and its kind of what makes it what it is.. u can however run it with a high es hybrid instead. ull get very far with a 250 es 300+ ev shield.
a item that also Work is

this Little thing have very good effect for tank mod, since u will block spells and there by regen es. Even with not using a aegis Aurora its very good. i lvled with it all from lvl 5

a very nice thing for this spec, simply got all u need, alot of mana res movement speed. and decent es. but vital 20-25 spell block.

for chest armor. u want a hybrid es evade for best setup. u can do with pure es but getting the colors is very expencive. high ev(armor) pool is more importent then high es pool.
i ran this toon from having 3k es with medio gear and it worked fine. a chest with a flat ev role will also Work fine where u get less es but tons more ev, so can u get pure es gear.

helmet. high es, or high ev with es. accurcy is very nice thing here.

gloves. es/ev, acc and attack speed is nice here.

neck. u can switch between alot of necks. what u like to empower.

belt. rustic sash, with es armor, str. resists.

optinal. u can try to play with Alpha howl, giving u more effect of auras and reservation.

leveling set.
this toon is very easy to do lowlvl. simply use

here was the chest i used to lvl with worked aswell pre maps

a 5l will also do fine simply run without increased crit damage or melee damage, or conc effect. u just wont be able to scale damage in same way.

other things u can play around with
So as mentioned several times, u can do alot of diff Things here. Only u set the limit!!
u can:
Equip wirling blades for movement. or offhand leapslam with a brigth beak
Use a combo with cast on damage taken moltenshell/immortal call
Crown of eyes+ rathpit dps spell block.
And countless more setups. if u figure a funny combo u like, feal free to post it and ill add it.
"a imput from player wirlingblades with endurace charge on melee stun"

Thanks for reading guide. i put alot of effort and many many hours into it. so hope u enjoy!

Now all the other Things.
Thx to the detox guild for keeping me Company doing the long nigths powerlvl this toon in a week.
special thx to Epuff for some comments on my therio crafting, when i was raging cuddent make it Work.
NyanBrodeh for fixing my horrible spelling.
Charbo4200 for fixing my stream quality.
Songwhistle for helping with the Picture.

All the bad Things
SO now i hope that GGG wont destroy my spec, like they did with my shadow..
thx alot also to GGG doing nothing about the person WHO scammed a 6l from me. i wont mention hes account name here since then i proppely get banned, so funny how favoured ppl are when they buy supporter packets.

Lastly i call for a small adjustment in claw notes. the falcon talon and eagle claw need a small adjustment. like a added stat, like acc, crit, crit multi, armor evade% or es%. its just not fair vs dagger notes or all the axe, blunt, sword notes.

follow my stream

my shop
IGN jauertemplar
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been waiting for this...hurry up :))
I've watched video and it will be pretty nice build. Looking forward to see full guid.
working slowly ;)

added a dps video and stats + passives.

will come a wall of text and walkthrue of spec and style gear and so.
IGN jauertemplar
Looks sick!
added a nice Picture to show the theme of the build. also added the 2 guide videos.
IGN jauertemplar
added alot what u ppl think so far?
IGN jauertemplar
I think it's the best balance of DPS/Tank I've seen so far. Question, is AR/ES gear better or Eva/ES gear?
IGN: KevShienZ

#1 564pDPS Crit Jeweled Foil Sword:
#1 Crown of Eyes DPS Amulet Mirror Service:
#1 Crit-Leech Legacy Mod Amulet:
es/ev since the hybrid notes at shadow gives abit ev% since armor dont scale from ev% notes u lose allitle from thoes notes, u can still ofc use armor es gear. the notes at dualist gives u % there
IGN jauertemplar
will add a section with optinal setups, like diff skill combos u can run with.
IGN jauertemplar

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