2.2 The Bloodsplosion Gladiator "Spectral Blow" Atziti Viable, Steam Controller Viable

Hey hey. Just wanted to write up a quick build guide after attempting Atziri for the first time ever and totally destroying her.

I wanted to make a character out of the Gladiator node Gratuitous Violence. Getting enemies to bleed seemed pretty easy and the idea of everyone exploding in a cloud of blood sounded too good to pass up. I ended up with the most fun and most powerful build I've played. I'll break this down into my current gear and the idea behind it, skills, and end with how I progressed. Thanks for checking this out!

Mechanics and Gear:
I wanted to try and use bleed on hit weapons to not rely on chance and make my life easier. I ended with Atziri's Disfavour since it is by far the best. This ended up synergizing very well thanks to it's +2 to support gems.
I am running a level 3 Enhance which turns into level 5 granting +32% quality to active gems. I have both 20% Temporal Chains and 20% Vulnerability linked. Vulnerability makes the bleeds incredibly strong and Temp Chains makes them last very long and gives me a defensive boost. 20% Blasphemy gives them 10% curse effect too. I plan on someday getting this 6 linked to add in Empower and Enlighten as well.

A budget option is Bino's and Rive claw, video and elaboration coming tonight.

For a helmet I aimed for life and resists. I have a 20% increased Vulnerability effect enchantment to further boost my phys and bleed damage.

For boots I am using Windscreams for the extra curse but a +1 curse amulet would be far better.

Gloves have a lot of options. I am using Winds of Change for the projectile damage and speed. This helps a lot with clearing packs with spectral throw. The Word of Fury enchantment is insane in this build. Atziri's Disfavour makes it do crazy damage, and bleed anything you may have missed. Snakebite gloves are an option while leveling. Blood Rage keeping us maxed will add in a lot of extra DoT, since enemies are cursed with Vulnerability. This becomes less useful as our damage goes up, enemies will die too fast to see the poison damage.

Edit: I have since switched to Empire's Grasp with Cyclone for the suction, this combined with Lion's Roar flask pulls all enemies into one group so the Gratuitous Violence explosions overlap. This also allows us to pull stationary bosses around so we can take full advantage of the high bleed.

As a chest I am using Carcass Jack for the AoE damage and area. This helps both the Gratuitous Violence explosions and my Earthquake be more devastating. You can swap this for something more defensive if you prefer.

My jewelry and belt just go for phys damage, life, and resists. As said ideally you want +1 curse from a vaal.

For jewels, just get life, phys damage or related types of damage. Nothing is crucial to the build.

Skills and Links:
The main skill I use for pack clearing is Spectral Throw. Best links in order are GMP for coverage, Phys Proj damage for, well damage, Pierce for the % more damage, then Faster Proj, then Faster Attacks or Poison. Most of my leveling was done with a 2 or 3 link ST. The fact that you are causing the enemies to bleed is more important than hitting them hard. As long as one of them dies, it takes the pack with it. I dont have WED or Added Fire or anything because elemental damage doesnt affect the bleed, therefore we dont care. My ST is 100% physical. Yes, that means no Heralds or Hatred. Phys baby.

I have also been testing other physical attacks and havent found ANY bad ones. Cyclone is good, Flicker Strike is waaay OP, Leap Slam is perfectly viable, just use whichever attack you like using. Just stick to the 100% phys ones.

Single target is done with one hit of Earthquake. Links are Melee Phys, Less Duration, then I am using Fortify here. Again we just want phys damage. One hit of the aftershock will kill any moving boss before they can get to you. Stationary ones take a couple hits (or use reverse knockback cyclone to pull them), but the damage is more than enough for even tier 13 maps (dont have any higher ones atm).

Using Leap Slam for mobility. Linked to Faster Attacks and you can put Fortify here as well, though I havent really needed it.

Curses are a very important of this build. I have Temporal Chains and Vulnerability linked to Blasphemy and Enhance. Them being in the Disfavour makes them very strong. Leveling I just used Curse on Hit Vulnerability with Spectral Throw and it was fine.

Blood Rage is a great addition as well.

velislav87 wrote:
why are you not using bloodlust ? :)

That would be a whole other build/setup. Bloodlust removes the ability to cause bleeds, which is our main source of damage. I toyed with Bloodlust linked to Ancestral Protector for some extra damage on bosses, but I never needed it. Single target with this build is already great. Bloodlust on EQ would mean having to hit bosses several times instead of just once.

Leveling Process:
I tried to always have at least one Bleed on Hit weapon on at all times. This helped with reliably getting bleeds without having wait for a dice roll. Once you get your first Ascendancy you can focus on bleed. I used %chance bleed ones with some bleed nodes until I got to the Blood Reaper, then went dual wield for Jack the Axe and a rare, then dual Rive claws before finally switching to my Disfavour. How you curse is up to you, I used Curse on Hit until I got the Disfavour then used Blasphemy. While dual wielding I wore a Bringer of Rain as well, but that isnt necessary.

Skill Tree
The key areas are the two bleed clusters, RT and Skittering Runes. Since we are buffing the base numbers of both curses with the huge quality boost, curse effect is great. The bleed clusters help with our bleed damage obviously and the Gladiator nodes make it so we deal a lot of extra damage to enemies who are already bleeding. Resolute Technique is recommended since we dont crit.

Other than that, go for generic phys damage, then phys damage of your weapon and life. Two hand nodes are conveniently close to dual wield nodes which makes it easy to switch between the two during leveling. Another option is the Fending cluster for knockback, this helps keep enemies away when you arent oneshotting the packs and helps speed up the bleed. Once I got the Disfavour, I unspecced as I didnt need it anymore.

For bandits I went for Life, %Phys, then the Frenzy Charge. I'm thinking about getting the other Frenzy charge on the tree as well. Blood Rage keeps us maxed.

Video Guide on Enfeeble, extra monster health map:

Video Testing Flicker Strike, Cyclone, Etc:

As a side note, this character was played entirely with a Steam Controller, if you are interested in how that works you can check it out here:

So that about wraps it up. This character was a load of fun to take through the levels. It was cool watching it develop and change. Even after Atziri there is a lot of room to grow. The bleed mechanic feels incredibly powerful if you build for it. It makes me realize how outdated Puncture is. If you compare it with the Poison -support- gem you can see the power difference. I feel it would be much better if it were also a support gem BUT thats another topic.

An interesting note is that there is a certain point where more damage is bad. If you kill a mob in one hit, the bleed doesnt happen and therefor neither does the explosion. This isnt really a problem, just kinda funny.

Thanks for the read and I'll keep this updated and try to reply to questions!
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This build is amazing (gg) ... but you don't link your tree?
Whoops thanks. Updated.
Bandits? So gonna give this a try.
Pretty cool build. I'd love to see a tankier version too.
Borgese wrote:
Bandits? So gonna give this a try.

EDIT: See below.
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Why exactly didn't you take the phys from Oak cruel? Doesn't it also scale the explosion dmg?
Bloodyvagina wrote:
Why exactly didn't you take the phys from Oak cruel? Doesn't it also scale the explosion dmg?

You know, I probably did. I'm not sure. I think I also got the frenzy charge but I was still trying to figure out the build. Thinking it over, I would suggest Life, Phys, then Frenzy.
Is it working with "The Blood Reaper" or a Jack?
How many chroms did it take you to get those colors on that disfavour? 5-off colors is nuts.

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