High DPS 1-Hand Lightning Strike/Multistrike 3 Aura Tank Duelist Guide by Ler [1.1.0]

*** Updated - 16.03.2014 - Revision 1.9 ***

Since so many people asked for a full list of gems, gear and level builds, I gathered all the information and experience with this build.
I also added gear I am currently using and screenshots of my stats.

As I play only Hardcore, this build is Hardcore, Onslaught and Nemesis approved.
On Hardcore I am currently level 90.

Some easy rules in this thread:
- Keep it Lightning Strike only.
- Suggestions/critics are welcome.
- Pm me, if you want something added.

My current Stats and Gear


Defensive Screen:

Offensive Screen:

Lightning Strike 3 Aura Tank Duelist
Revision: 1.9

1 Summary
.. Introduction
.. Pros
.. Cons

2 Build
.. Passive distribution (10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 111 Points)
.. Core Passives
.. Endgame Build
.. Life
.. Attributes

3 Gear
.. Recommended Weapons
.. Recommended Armor
.. Recommended Flasks

4 Skill Set
.. Main Skill
.. Auras
.. Combat behavior
.. Full Gem List
.. Skill Support List
.. Full Gem Slot List

5 Socket List
.. 6-Link
.. 4-Links
.. 3-Links

6 Quests
.. Bandit Quest

7 Stream
.. Stream Link
.. Stream Info

8 Videos
.. Normal
.. Cruel
.. Merciless
.. Maps

9 Theory Crafting
.. Armor vs Evasion
.. Aura Reserve Calculation
.. Life on Hit vs Life Leech - Soon
.. Attack Speed modifier - Soon
.. Physical Damage vs Elemental Damage - Soon
.. Blood Rage - Soon
.. Physical and Elemental Reflect - Soon
.. Unwavering Stance and Block - Soon
.. Point Blank - Soon

10 External Information
.. Mod Compendium
.. Life on Hit Calculator
.. Official Item Database
.. Quest Reward Table


1 Summary:
As you progress in cruel and merciless, effective hit points will be more and more important to avoid one shots.
You going to stack survivability passives like + %life, +% Resistances and %lifereg. Later on, you will add more DPS passives.
The gear you choose will require high evasion, resistances, life and strength.
Since Lightning Strike scales with physical damage, high physical damage one hands are needed.

This build can also start as a Marauder.

+ High survivability (236% life / 20k armor).
+ High DPS.
+ Shocks everything.
+ High life leech and life on hit.
+ Can overcome any map mode.
+ Can do dps from range, if the situation is tricky.
+ Flexible build in late game.

- Can get heavy damage from lightning thorns.
- Needs to be level 75 to get everything working.
- Expensive build.

2 Build:
Endgame Build:
113 Points: Click me!

Passive progress:
Video about passive tree progression and skill pick ups: Click me!

10 Points: Click me!
20 Points: Click me!
30 Points: Click me!
40 Points: Click Me!
60 Points: Click me!
70 Points: Click me!
80 Points: Click me!
90 Points: Click Me!
100 Points: Click Me!

Core passives:
Iron Reflexes
Iron Grip
Resolute Technique
Point Blank
Static Blows
Inner Force

+333 to Strength
+163 to Dexterity
+114 to Intelligence

240%~ life - Can get more if you want.
3.5% of Life Regenerated per Second
+72 to maximum Life

3 Gear (Weapon/Armor/Flask):
Aim for 2.0+ attacks per second and high physical damage.
This will make your life leech/Life on hit more efficient, since you will do more hits in the same amount of time. This will result in more life per second.
Keep in mind, that life leech is capped to 20% of your maximum hit points per second.

High end Weapons:
- Corsair Blade, 1.65 APS
- Eternal Sword, 1.6 APS
- Jeweled Foil, 1.7 APS

Suggested weapon Stats:
- High Physical Damage
- High Attack Speed
- Attack Speed
- Strength
- Life leech
- Resistances
- Dexterity

Aim for high evasion armors, since it will get multiplied with your agility.

Suggested armor Stats:

- High Evasion
- Life
- Resistances

- High Evasion
- Life
- Strength
- Resistances

- Evasion
- Life
- Strength
- Resistances

- High Evasion
- Life
- Attack Speed
- Strength
- Resistances

- High Evasion
- Life
- Resistances
- Strength
- Movement Speed

- Life/Strength
- Weapon Elemental Damage
- Strength
- Life
- Resistances

- Resistances
- Weapon Elemental Damage
- Life
- Life Leech
- Strength

- 20 Attributes
- Weapon Elemental Damage
- Strength
- Resistances
- Life Leech

Necessary Uniques:
- Alpha's Howl (If you want to run a third aura, else drop all resrve nodes and just run 2).
- Any blood magic unique to buff auras to your life if you want to do that.

Use two Granite Flasks, two Life Flasks and one quick silver.

Granite Flask
Name: Perpetual Granite Flask of Iron Skin
- Increased Armor
- Charge recovery

Life Flasks:
Name: Seething Hallowed Life Flask of Grounding
- Curse Immunity, Removes curses
- Instant Recovery

Name: Seething Hallowed Life Flask of Warding
- Dispels Shocked
- Instant Recovery

Quicksilver Flask:
Name: Perpetual Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
- Charge recovery
- Movement Speed during flask effect.

4 Skill Set (Skills, Auras, Combat behavior):
Main Skill:
Our main attack will be Lightning Strike. If you melee, you will do 120% of your damage.
From range, you will do less damage through missing the initial hit.
Hitting more targets will result in more life on hit proccs.

When it comes to auras, there is several information you want to have.
At first, you are able to run 3 Auras with this build, but you need Alpha's Howl(unique) to do that. Calculations how it is possible to run 3 Auras can be found in Section 9.

There are three main Aura setups which can be run.

+ Determination
+ Grace
+ Wrath

+ Haste / Anger
+ Wrath
+ Hatred

+ Grace
+ Haste
+ Wrath

Its up to you which you want to run. All of them have benefits and weaknesses.
I run the mixed variant.

When it comes to combat, position yourself to hit as much as possible with lightning strike.
Make sure, nothing is behind you, otherwise multistrike will start to hit front -> back -> front. This can result in a quite high dps and life on hit loss.
If your Chaos resistance is positive, you can start to use blood rage. Make sure, its always up.
Do not forget to keep Enduring cry up at maximum stacks all the time.

Full Gem List (Skill and Support):

Skill Gems:
Lightning Strike (Quality Recommended)
Leap Slam
Blood Rage (Quality Recommended)
Purity of Elements
Enduring Cry
Immortal Call (Quality recommended)

Support Gems:
Faster Attacks (Quality Recommended)
Life Gain on Hit (Quality Recommended)
Faster Casting
Blood Magic
Weapon Elemental Damage (Quality Recommended)
Reduced Mana
Cast when damage taken

Skill Support List:

Lightning Strike
+ Multistrike
+ Weapon Elemental Damage
+ Blood Magic
+ Faster Attacks
+ Added Fire Damage / Life on hit on ele reflect, no regen

Aura link 1:
+ Reduced mana

Support link 1
Enduring Cry
Blood Rage
+ Blood Magic
+ Faster Casting

Support link 2
Immortal Call
Enduring Cry
+ Cast when damage taken

Support link 3
Leap Slam
Enduring Cry
+ Blood Magic

Support link 4
+ Faster Casting
+ Blood Magic

5 Socket List:
- Lightning Strike (Red Red Red Red Red Green)

- Aura 1 (Green Green Red Blue)
- Support 1 (Green Blue Red Red)
- Support 2 (Red Red Red Blue)

- Support 3 (Red Red Red)
- Support 4 (Red Blue Blue)

6 Quests:
Bandits Quest:
- 40 Life (Dont kill Oak)

- 18% Physical Damdage(Dont kill Oak)

- Endurance Charge (Dont kill Oak)

7 Game play Stream (Party and Solo / Hardcore):

Streaming every day. If you have any questions, or need help, feel free to join me and ask in the stream's chat.

8 Game play videos:
How to Level fast as a Duelist:
Click me!

Onslaught Normal Act 1-2 play through:
Click me!

Hardcore Normal Act 1-3 play through:
Click me!

Hardcore Maps (Level 66):
Click me!

9 Theory Crafting:
Armor vs Evasion:
Lets assume some values:
100 Dexterity on your character screen.
Item got 100 evasion rating.

This rule applies:
5 Dexterity -> 1% increased evasion rating.

100 Dexterity/5 -> All sources get 20% increased evasion rating.
100% = 1.0, 0.2 = 20%
1 + 0.2 -> Factor 1,2 for evasion rating.
100 evasion rating * 1,2 -> 120 real evasion rating.

This rule also applies:
Iron Reflexes converts all your evasion rating into armor.
120 evasion rating = 120 armor

If you would take an item with 100 armor instead, you would lose 20 armor.

This shows why items with evasion rating are superior in comparison to armor items.

Aura Reserve Calculation:
In this section I explain how it is possible to run 3 Auras.

3 * 60% Auras = 180% Mana reserved.
-> 180% * 0,71(level 20 Reduced Mana) = 127.8% Mana reserved
-> 127.8% * 0,84 (Passive tree reserve Reduce Nodes) = 107.352% Mana reserved
-> 107.352% * 0,92 (Alpha Howl Mana reserve reduce) = 98.76384
-> 98.76384% < 100% Mana
-> 3 Auras :)

Life on Hit vs Life Leech:
// Coming soon
// Lets assume some values:
// 1 Target hit
// Skill used: Lightning Strike (Initial hit 120%/Projectiles 70% damage effectiveness)
// No Point Blank
// Life Leech Gem, 8,8% (no quality)
// Life on Hit Gem, 42 (no quality)
// 10 Attacks per Second
// 1000 Damage per Hit

Attack Speed modifier:

Physical Damage vs Elemental Damage:

Blood Rage:

Physical and Elemental Reflect:

Unwavering Stance and Block:

Point Blank:

10 External Information:
Mod Compendium:
Click me!

Life on Hit Calculator:
Click me!

Official Item Database:
Click me!

Quest Reward Table:
Click me!


Latest change:

- Fixed 1.1 passive tree. Some work around had to be made @Marauder.

Full Change log:

- Fixed 1.1 passive tree. Some work around had to be made @Marauder.
- Released updated build.
- Updated 10 20 30 ... 108 point builds.
- Updated gems used and links/colors needed.
- Added new Theory section.

- Added new Section: Theory Crafting.
- Added new Video: Act 1-2 onslaught solo play through.
- Added new Video: How to speed level as duelist.
- Added my current gear including flasks.
- Added new video about skill progression and early/midgame play.
- Added new video about my current late game state

- Updated Endgame-Build:
-> Removed Point Blank.
-> Removed all nodes behind Point Blank.
-> Added Swash Buckler in the Templar Area.
-> Added Wicked Blade (Next to Trolls Blood, below Duelist Area)

- Huge layout change. Removed many unnecessary spoilers.
- Added a passive progress from 10 points to 90 points.
- Added necessary uniques.
- Added new section: 5 Socket List.
- Removed some unnecessary stuff in the video section.
- Changed some item recommendations.
- Added necessary uniques.

- Changed a few passives nodes (Added inner force)
- 3 - Added my Gear.
- Added new content to 1 (Added life stats, updated correct passive tree)
- Added new content to 4 (Combat behavior, Main Skill, and Auras section.

- Thread release.

Twitch: twitch.tv/gg_nore | Twitter: @Ler_GG
#3 Hardcore Duelist |
Last edited by Ler on Mar 15, 2014, 10:07:15 PM
I find your guide thorough and extremely intresting, but the link to the passive tree is at the starting point of a ranger, and I don't get then impression that it should be so :)

Looking forward to see it for the dualist approach :D


fixed build link
Twitch: twitch.tv/gg_nore | Twitter: @Ler_GG
#3 Hardcore Duelist |
** UPDATE 1.1 **
- Added new content to 2 (Added life stats, updated correct passive tree)
- Added new content to 4 (Combat behavior, Main Skill, and Auras section.
Twitch: twitch.tv/gg_nore | Twitter: @Ler_GG
#3 Hardcore Duelist |
Last edited by Ler on Apr 23, 2013, 5:43:56 AM
1h and shield is gimpy damage. period.
edit: for melee.
Last edited by DamageIncorporated on Apr 23, 2013, 10:18:15 PM
1h and shield is gimpy damage. period.

Twitch: twitch.tv/gg_nore | Twitter: @Ler_GG
#3 Hardcore Duelist |
**UPDATE 1.2**

Added my current gear in section 3.
Twitch: twitch.tv/gg_nore | Twitter: @Ler_GG
#3 Hardcore Duelist |
Twitch: twitch.tv/gg_nore | Twitter: @Ler_GG
#3 Hardcore Duelist |
I got a quick question, when should i start using blood magic gem on lightning strike, at what hp and regen or so?

thanks in advance
This looks like a solid build, but now that the damage reduction from Multistrike applies to projectiles as well it just doesn't seem to me like an attractive choice anymore, especially considering the threat of lightning thorns.

You end up with marginally more dps and alot better life gain on hit, but is it really worth it unless you're engaging dozens of mobs at once?
Last edited by WiztardOfBoz on Apr 25, 2013, 9:34:22 PM

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