[2.3] Korago's Earthquake Slayer - Budget league starter with deathless atziri

Ever since its release in 2.2 Earthquake has been a very popular skill to build around, here is my own personal take on it which has carried me from the beginning of the league into high tier maps and deathless atziri.
Fully buffed dps


A short introduction

This build is based around taking advantage of the absurdly powerful slayer ascendancy class while also making an effective and cheap league starter build and two handed earthquake is perfect for this.
The unique mace Marohi Erqi is equally perfect for this as it is incredibly cheap (Currently 1 chaos a week after the release of Prophecy and 10 chaos two days in) and provides a huge amount of damage.

Gem and link setups

Earthquake is run the following setup in order of priority
Earthquake - Less Duration - Melee Physical - Faster Attacks - Added fire - Weapon Elemental Damage
If a Marohi isn't used Increased Area of Effect is used as a 4th link ahead of Faster Attacks

For mobility a very standard Leap slam setup is used
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic
It should be noted that if you are short on links or sockets Blood Magic can easily be skipped as running out of mana using Leap Slam is a very rare occurrence

For Defenses the following Cast when Damage Taken setup is used:
Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Molten Shell
It should be noted that cast when damage taken should be leveled to point where it triggers when roughly half your health has been lost.

For single target damage the new Ancestral Warchief totem skill is used with the following setup:
Ancestral Warchief - Concentrated Effect - Melee Physical Damage - Faster Attacks - Added Fire - Physical to Lightning
On just a 4 link this setup provides a huge boost to single target damage and can single handedly taken down one of Atziri's clones and overall outclasses other single target skills such as Vaal Ground Slam or Vaal Lightning Strike.

The remaining sockets are filled out with the following gems
Herald of Ash and Hatred for Auras
Summon Flame Golem / Summon Lightning Golem / Summon Chaos Golem
The choice of golem is entirely up to personal preference.
Enduring cry is run as a way to generate endurance charges for Immortal Call.
Similarly Blood Rage is run in order to generate frenzy charges.
A single Vaal Haste is run as the choice of Vaal skill.

Skill Tree and Ascendancy priority

Bandits are the following:
Normal - Oak Cruel - Kraityn Merciless - Kraityn
When Ascending, points should be spent in the following order:
Bane of Legends - > Headsman - > Endless Hunger - > Brutal Fervour
level 90 Tree(Maces)


Level 90 Tree(Axes)


Level 30 Tree


Level 50 Tree


Level 70 Tree


Gear recommendations

As mentioned earlier, the unique mace Marohi Erqi is highly recommend as a choice of weapon as it provides a very large amount of damage for a very low cost, an endgame weapon would be a very high pdps mace or axe such as Atziris Disfavour.

The choice of body armor lies between a Lightning Coil, A rare with high armor, resist and life or the criminally underused Death's Oath.

Death's Oath provides incredibly stats with a drawback that is very easily negated with Slayer's Endless Hunger ascendancy as the constant leeching will completely negate the chaos damage.

In order to further boost damage one or two of the following unique's are also used

Voidheart is absolutely best in slot with both the poison and bleed applying both with the initial hit and the later aftershock and both have their damage increased by the "Less Duration" support gem.
Ming's Heart functionally provides 20% more physical damage at the cost of 15% life which is very much worth it as it also provides a very large amount of chaos resistance which further trivializes Death's Oath's drawback and is overall a very good budget substitute for voidheart.
Devoto's Devotion equally provides a damage boost in attack speed and the decreased physical damage is easily outweighed by the increase in attack speed.

In order to sustain mana a pair of gloves or an amulet with "Physical Damage Leeched as mana is used"which completely solves any mana issues

For the rest of the gear high health,resists and armor where you can get it is what you are looking for, on Jewelry some Weapon Elemental Damage will also increase damage.

For jewels you will want 3-4 of the following mods:
% Increased maximum life
% Increased attack speed
% Increased attack speed with two handed melee weapons
% Increased attack speed with maces
% Increased physical damage
% Increased damage
% Increased melee damage
% Increased physical damage with maces
% Increased area damage
% Increased physical damage with two handed melee weapons

Swap maces for axes if you are playing with axes obviously
For the sake of convenience, here is the filter I used to filter for jewels

My current gear


For flasks you will want 1-2 instant flasks, a quick silver, a granite with armor and an Atziri's Promise / Taste of Hate

Gameplay Videos - Maps / Atziri

High tier map gameplay

To be posted later when I record it

Deathless Atziri


Playstyle and Atziri guide

General Mapping

When mapping there is only one mod that must always be rolled over, physical reflect. Even with slayers 50% reduced reflect damage you will still 1 shot yourself when hitting a large pack with earthquake, elemental reflect is doable but usually a pain.

When mapping there are several things you should keep in mind other than the standard running into every pack and one shotting them with earthquake.
Leaping into a pack is often the better choice than simply running into them as leap slam will grant the fortify buff, furthermore casting enduring cry right after jumping in will guarantee you a few precious seconds of physical immunity with immortal call, popping a granite will further increase your survivability.
When dealing with bosses or exceptionally tanky rares make sure to use your Ancestral Warchief totem as it will greatly increase your damage output


Earthquake trivializes most, if not all of the mechanics of the bosses before Atziri herself but here is a short guide to each of them:
Before starting Atziri farming I highly recommend rolling a ruby flask with immune to bleeding as it Atziri herself a bit more comfortable

Double Vaals: Thrown down your totem on the one you arn't going to jump on split damage somewhat and hold back a bit on damage so you don't even up killing the first one before they have popped down once. Once they pop up together just spam earthquake and they should go down within a second or two of each other.

Trio: Kill order doesn't matter here at all but its still preferable to kill the miscreation first. Pop your totem, jump and use enduring cry right away while using a granite and Atziri flask, then just spam earthquake until one or two are dead, move out of the AoE and kill the last one.

Atziri: The only "hard" part of apex of sacrifice for this build, solely due to the fact that slayers massive AoE means you have to position yourself far away from the mirror clone to not instantly one shot yourself.
Start off the fight by dropping your totem and jumping in and just burst her down, Atziri shouldn't be able to kill you outside of her split phase unless you stand in a flameblast without a ruby flask up. Once she splits your first priority should be to identify the mirror clone and attack the clone furthest away from it. Drop your totem down on chosen clone and leap slam to it just as they become active to avoid the first flameblast. From there simply dps it down, make sure to use a ruby flask if you are about to get hit by a flameblast or a couple of storm calls to prevent getting one shot. After she goes back to normal form its simply rinse and repeat until she drops to the ground.

I highly recommend having a look at my deathless Atziri kill and reading up on a more detailing guide on the fight if this is your first time attemping Atziri. Once you learn all the mechanics and get decent gear, all of this should take a little under four minute.

If you have any questions about the build at all, leave a reply or message me ingame at "Korago" and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
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Nice post. Would love to see some video of this in action.
IGN: BusinessCasual
Gameplay guide has been updated and a deathless Atziri kill video has also been added, will make leveling tree and an axe tree tomorrow.
Any recommend Jewell?
Gameplay guide has been updated and a deathless Atziri kill video has also been added, will make leveling tree and an axe tree tomorrow.

awesome :) when leveling tree is done I will most likely start this build. Been waiting to try EQ.
KohZe wrote:
Gameplay guide has been updated and a deathless Atziri kill video has also been added, will make leveling tree and an axe tree tomorrow.

awesome :) when leveling tree is done I will most likely start this build. Been waiting to try EQ.

Leveling tree has been added

SH0219 wrote:
Any recommend Jewell?

Jewel recommendations have been added with a poe.trade filter

Leveling tree has also been added
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Leveling tree has been added

Awesome, big help as i'm still pretty new. What did skills and links did you use for leveling? and did you switch to EQ as soon as you could?
KohZe wrote:
Leveling tree has been added

Awesome, big help as i'm still pretty new. What did skills and links did you use for leveling? and did you switch to EQ as soon as you could?

I used sunder for leveling until I could get less duration at level 31 and then just stuck with it using leveling uniques like The Blood Reaper and Limbsplit
Thank you The friendly answer !! :D
This is the first league where I decided, F it, I am going to make my VERY OWN BUILD!

That being said, this is what I came up with too man. Nice build. My build I am calling Leach-Quake, and I am in the process of leveling it and working out the skill tree pathing and working on gearing up.

Its basically the same build as yours, but with more leaching (faster leaching, and MOAR leaching).

Slayer ascendancy is pretty damn OP with EQ.

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