[2.1.0] Noms's HC Talisam non-crit Blast Rain Duelist - Chin Sol & Point Blank & Abysuss

Hi there everyone, its Noms. Today i want to share the build i'm currently Enjoying.

First of all, this build if for people who like it up close and personal. (occasionally kite when our inner pussy pops)
And its proven hard-core-viable, not just theory craft.

I've played with similar builds before 2.1.0, and mana usage was a huge pain. You either have to use Eleron , leech gems, or even blood magic, and all of that limits our damage and increases the difficulty to find a decent gear.

BUT SUFFER NO MORE!! The new "attack leech" nodes allow us leech with our full attacks, not limited to physical anymore!! The leech wheel around Duelist has just brought physical conversion builds to a all new high-ground.

This build is CHEAP to start with. Non-Crit = ez and cheap.
While having a lot of room for improvements, all it needs to start doing T8 maps are about 1~2ex. It may, however, require a lot more if you are pushing the build further to its limits. My Current gear allow me to reach T13. Should be able to go T15, but i still didnt managed to get a map while writing this guide.

The core item bind to this build is Chin Sol:

If you are lucky enough, you can get a good roll Chin Sol with 3~5c. And when i started this character, i bought a 5L with just 1 exalted.

And i had over 45k single target DPS at then. so it is really easy to start.
*For 100% fire conversion variant, please read the last section of the guide*
build summary

*Its cheap to start
*Designed for Solo play (party boost you up of course)
*Great end-game damage
*6 endurance charges for defense
*4 frenzy charges for better offence
*require only one set of links for both single target and AoE damage
*Great life pool, can get to 6k life depending on gear
*Great life Regen and Leech
*Armor base and 100% accuracy, so what you see if what you get. no RNGesus
*Hybrid Damage (15% phys 15 cold 70% fire)
*Can do curse immune.
*Can do Blood Magic (with a lost of damage)
*Can do Phys Reflect (map and rares)
*Can handle ele reflect rares (Avoid ele reflect Maps. do-able, but your damage is going to be shet)
*Constant Knock Back, watch and laugh when Melee mobs(Vagan?) try their best to get close you you. (4 knock back each hit)

*Its a Melee without shield, you take damages like a man
*No Elemental Penetration on skills
*Vulnerable to Physical Degeneration effects
*Must ALWAYS remove vulnerability curse
*Some map mods destroy our damage totally (still do-able but very slow)
*Ele Reflect can slow us down significantly

2.1.0 Tree

I like to plan my character to around level 85~88, which is most accessible.
The tree looks like this:
level 87

There's still Damage nodes you can get if you reached over 87, just swap out the rare jews and put in an LionEye's Fall

and the tree may look like this(120 points)

As an alternative, you can start as an Marauder, but not recommended. Because you'll not get any bow damage nodes until 30~40, which might lower your progression speed significantly.


29 Points
At first, your damage is so minimum, getting mana leech is not going to help you. so i do recommend only start investing into leech after you get both Hatred and Herald of Ashes.

56 Pints
Since we are at lower left corner of the passive tree, we are very likely to be lacking Dex and Int. So its a good idea to get the two 30 dex and int. And if you happen to have a "Fluid Motion" or "Brut Force Solution" tucking them in the jewel socket may save you a lot of work finding INT and DEX on gear.

86 Points
And Since we are low on Dex and Accuracy, taking Resolute Technique is going to make our hits more reliable. We also need to prepare for using Abyssus, so we'll take all the endurance charge and the extra physical reduction to minimize Abyssus's side effect.

101 Points
At this stage, you should have enough Dex and Int (including jewels and items), so we mainly focus on damage and life nodes. Your damage should provide you enough mana leech with just 0.8%, so we respect out of it as well. At this level, your character should function all the core instrument.

Gear Choice

Since we are non-crit. gearing is a lot more easier.
just look for flat phys, life, resist and some INT. The extra INT we need are purely for fun, cause we use Vaal buring arrow with conc effect. However, with just blast rain our damage is enough already, so if you are having trouble with INT, just discard Vaal burning arrow.

Our Weapon of Choice is Chin Sol

it gives us almost the best non-crit pDPS we find.

Another item is Abyssus

With how Chin Sol works, every flat damage we get are multiplied by 2, just like a facebreaker build.
The side effect, however, is very deadly in HC. So we need tuns of tuns physical mitigation to be able to survive. we achieve this by having constant 6 endurance charge, and iron reflex as well as a notable passive that gives us 4% reduction.

And since most of people are avoiding this unique, its very cheap. A perfect roll may take you only 1~3 chaos.

Another great unique is BloodGrip

It not only gives us flat Physical damage, but also help us survive all the deadly physical attacks.
The 100% recovery provides us the ability to heal 2000 life per use of an Seething Divine flask or 2700 life/sec with Catalysed Eternal flask.
The special mod saves us the need to remove bleeding every time we get punctured. So we can save our flask for mods like corrupted blood or other high stacks of physical degen.
This takes only 3 chaos.

For Chest i do recommend Belly of the Beast.

It gives us a lot of % maximum life. And since we have only 187% on passive tree, having a 35% maximum life should be better than flat +500 life. It also provides us extra gem slots for Vaal Burning arrow. The increased Flask Rate synergizes with BloodGrip greatly as well.
With belly we can have over 4000 life/sec with flasks. Thats why i think Belly of the Beast is the best in slot.

We also need one LionEye's Fall unique jewel

it allow us to convert melee mods into bow mods, since we lack bow mods around our passive tree.

Rest of the slots are just some rare items.

My Gear

My stats

Firstly, our tooltip isnt very accurate, since all our skills hit multiple times with one attack.

For Blast rain, the single target DPS should be multiplied by 12. ( 4 [blast] * 2 more [chin sol] * 1.5 more [PB]). AoE should be multiplied by at least 3 for one blast.

For Vaal Burning Arrow, Each Trap should be multiplied by 17.2 ( 3.56 [GMP] * 1.57 [Conc effect] * 2 more [chin sol] * 1.5 more [PB])

Current Blast Rain with Frenzy charges

about 113,000 DPS single target.

Current Blast Rain without Frenzy charges

About 85,000 DPS single target

Current Vaal Burning arrow with Frenzy

About 102,000 damage Per Trap

Current Vaal Burning arrow without Frenzy

About 88,000 damage Per Trap

4L and 5L are just an demonstration of what your damage could be like if you are not using 6L

4L Blast Rain

about 48,000 DPS single target.

5L Blast Rain

about 63,000 DPS single target.

Defense stats

In Merciless without Flask

With Granite Flask.
Please Note that i have a 75% granite. so if you manage to get a 95% or more, you should get a lot more armor.


1.Blast rain + Slower Projectiles + Weapon Elemental Damage + Faster attacks + Added Fire + Physical Projectile Damage(4~6L)

add in Added Fire for 5L

and Physical Projectile Damage for 6L

2.Vaal burning arrow + GMP + Concentrated Effect + Physical Projectile Attack Damage + WED + Added Fire (4~6L)

add in WED for 5L

and Added Fire for 6L

The reason we are not using Trap for Vaal is that our play style already requires us to be close range. So having it as a trap is only going to make it more difficult. And traps are easily destroyed by AoE as well. Without trap, you are also able to shot constant moving targets as well. just ust an silver flask to catch up and shot them right in the face. (or blink in, which is not recommended.)

However, if you still do prefer trap, which still has its benefits. link as

Vaal burning arrow + trap + GMP + Concentrated Effect + Physical Projectile Attack Damage + Added Fire (4~6L)

add in Physical Projectile Attack Damage for 5L

and Added Fire for 6L

3.CWDT 8 + Arctic Breathe + Temporal_Chains 11 + GMP

4.Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks

5.Increased duration + Blood Rage

It provide us frenzy charges and 14% attack speed. And we have enough life regen to use blood rage without degenerating life, thus a great choice of damage boost.

The rest doesnt need to be linked, just tuck them in.

Hatred - Herald of ashe - Projectile Weakness - enduring cry

Projectile weakness is for some occasional use of Vaal Burning arrow. it greatly boost the burst damage.


Normal - Oak (+40 life)
Cruel - Oak (+16% Phys)
Merc - Oak (+1 endurance charge)

100% fire Variant

Once you reach higher Tier maps, you may feel the need to use elemental penetration to increase your damage. And using a penetration gem with hybrid damage is less than optimal, we transform into 100% fire conversion using BlackGleam.

By going 100% fire, it frees out one aura. And our best choice is Grace.
Even with smaller life pool, the extra armor just gives you significant defense.
Its a LOT LOT more tankier than the original setup. So if you prefer saver game play, i do recommend 100% fire conversion setup.

The Advantage of 100% fire is has the ability to use fire penetration gem.
The tool tip does Looks lower, but its main because we swap out a gem to use fire pen.
Better Defense because we are now using Grace. It gives me strait 8k armor boost.
Performs better on elemental resistant enemies.

Must be more careful around reflect, since we now do 100% fire.
Makes equipment a lot harder to find, since now we are binded to 5 unique instead of 4.
3 red sockets on Chin sol may cause you a little trouble, takes me around 150 chroms to get it.


The tree for 87 is the same, since we are two fundamentally same build.
However, the 120 point does look different.
120 points


Its more or less the same as hybrid damage variant, with one exception: the chest.

By using blackgleam, we lost 90~100 flat life from rare quiver, hence its a good idea to use Kaom's Heart. However, we do lost the ability to use Vaal burning arrow for extreme burst damage. Yet, Kaom's Heart gives us 20~40% fire damage, which is very good since we are dealing 100% fire now.

So it really depends which you prefer, more flat life and fire damage, or an utility vaal skill.
My personal choice is still belly, i just like the feel of Vaal Burning arrow.

Below are my current gear.
Please Note that the rings are just crappy 1~2 chaos ones i scavenged.

Gem links

priority is left to right


Feel free to change the priority of 5 and 6 link thought, since getting a 3 red on a high Dex bow is troublesome.




4L Rain

5L Rain

6L Rain

4L Vaal

5L Vaal

Defense without Granite

Defense with Granite

Please Note that i have a 75% granite. so if you manage to get a 95% or more, you should get a lot more armor.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I'll try to answer them.
Otherwise, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this build as i did :D
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Updated Gem links for Vaal Burning arrow. Swapped out trap for WED.
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I like the build. However, how would you say it compares to a full phys--->fire conversion version, if you've thought of it? Something like this for instance:


Later moving up to exploding impact; the other 50% can easily be met with just a Blackgleam Quiver instead of using a few points for Avatar of Fire . It seems it would be easier to stack %WED and skip the dangers of Abyssus in a hardcore setting. And then there's the option of running Grace + Flammability Blasphemy for flame-resistant mobs. Thanks for taking the time to write all this up!
Bluebolt21 wrote:
I like the build. However, how would you say it compares to a full phys--->fire conversion version, if you've thought of it?

The Performance is more or less similar in my opinion. While Fire pen out damage hybrid for resistant mobs. the average clear speed of hybrid is a bit faster. 100% conversion, however, do give us the opportunity to use Grace.

Bluebolt21 wrote:

Later moving up to exploding impact; the other 50% can easily be met with just a Blackgleam Quiver instead of using a few points for Avatar of Fire . It seems it would be easier to stack %WED and skip the dangers of Abyssus in a hardcore setting.

First of all, do not forget our build is phys conversion, not an pure elemental build.
So even if its purely 100% conversion, the Abyssus boost our weapon damage so all our other % damage nodes will take advantage of it as well. While investing in %WED is an "increased" modifier above what we currently have.
So Abyssus will give us a lot more damage, at a cost of course. with my current setup i gain at least 1000~1200 tooltip DPS, while a 22% increased WED gives me 250.

Beware of Reflect. while its true that its easier to scale WED on passive, its also true that elemental reflect will be a bigger threat.

And then there's the option of running Grace + Flammability Blasphemy for flame-resistant mobs.

Blasphemy, i love it while also hate it. Using it saves you the time casting a curse, but binds you with the curse forever as well. That is, you cant really use another curse base on situations. Take my setup for example, if you are binded with Flammability, you wont be able to use Enfeeble or Temporal chains when in tough situations.

And for Grace, you do get a lot defense from it. But you lose the extra cold damage from Hatred.
Yes, life is easier when you have only one kind of damage (passive-wise and penetration-wise). But personally, i still prefer hybrid damage, because its easier to scale on passive (just take Phys nodes), and perform better when you do not have penetration or resist reduce curse running constantly.

For your tree i do recommend getting more life instead of WED or AoE.
If you are playing in HC, 160% life is a bit less in my opinion since we are practically an Melee build.
And the AoE of Blast rain itself is pretty good already, so spending precious passive points on AoE isnt that recommended.

Lastly, while trying to scale your damage through passives, do not forget the points you spent before reaching a wheel. Ideally, including the points you spent on the path, every point you spent should give you 10% increased damage.
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Added 100% fire conversion with BlackGleam version
You have two versions of vaal burning arrow, both include trap, but in the text you describe one version without trap, can you explain?
Lazermon wrote:
You have two versions of vaal burning arrow, both include trap, but in the text you describe one version without trap, can you explain?

thank you for noticing it, it was an error while editing.

while we are at it, do take what ever you like the most. Since Vaal Burning arrow is more like a fun and supportive skill. its not really necessary. Blast Rain itself can provide decent and constant damage.
Last edited by NomuraSho on Jan 7, 2016, 7:36:09 PM
I like using it as a trap for when opening strongboxes, thanks for the guide by the way, I'm having a lot of fun with it on HC so far. Maps soon.
Glade to hear :)
kralj87 wrote:
You literally made a same guide as mine? You even copied the header photo! gg for creativity! :)

eh...Hello? please read the whole thread before accusing others copying you.

Our build's only similarity is chin sol and alternating lioneye's fall.
Abyssus? no, your don't.
7 endurance charge? no, your don't.
100% fire conversion? no, your don't.
Synchronizing bloodgrip's special explicit? no, your don't.
I dont even use puncture and blasphemy nor duo curse.
My build doesnt go for block either.
Our Gems setup are not even similar in the slightest way.

Yes, genius, the whole world copy your build cause you are the only one who's so cleaver to thought of everything. Everyone synchronizing between Chin sol and blast rain is copying your build.
Yes, every one using a header photo copy you.

I'm so sorry to be unoriginal and copy every single thing you had already written in your so original guide.

And claiming a build is HC viable while you play in soft core?
Good one.
So going to work.
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