2.2 Gladiator Facebreaker Max Block / Counter attack [WIP]


Hey all ! I wanted to post a build I have been playing from the last couple of weeks leading up to Ascendancy. This build is not designed to be the super end game killer build that will wreck the entire game. While brainstorming for a unique build I wanted to play something that was really tanky and with the addition of the counter attack skills it made this possible. This build is not a copy from anyone else and if it is similar then great minds think alike. The point distribution was not pre-determined and I dropped points as I went. Any comments on more efficient point placement is always welcome in the comments section.

Concept of Build
The concept of this build is to build is the use of two primary counter attack skills Riposte and Reckoning with a max block character. There are some uniques that help the build out but are not "required". I played this build on Softcore from lvl 1 and currently lvl 76 at post. I did not respec into it. This was one of those lets see how high of a level I can get type of builds.


Basic Build Guide: https://youtu.be/9tphchzEHyY

Pro's and Con's

+ Max Spell Block (78%)
+ Max Melee Block (78%)
+ High Armor(11K) and Physical Damage reduction (85-90%)
+ No Mana requirement
+ Fortify
+ 3 Aura
+ Life: Currently 4K+
+ Counter Skills are AoE and do decent damage (15K and 12K)
+ Completed All 3 levels of labyrinth
+ Have Map tested up to Tier8
+ Build can be done with 4L+
+ Reflect Immune

- Slow attacking mobs can be a pain (specifically replicating boss in the maps)
- Rely on being hit from enemy
- No primary direct damage skill
- Need to refresh Enduring Cry every 15 seconds
- Lost of weapon slot
- I corrupted a few of my items making coloring painful
- Hardcore is unknown and same with higher level maps/events

Skill Tree

Here is my current skill tree as of lvl 76. I know it stretches a ways but I needed the mana reduction to run last aura. Remember this build is a work in progress:

Lvl 76 (facebreaker):


Ascendancy Sub-Class and Point Selection

I decided to choose Gladiator here. I wanted the full spell block without having to shield swap or add the normal needed uniques.

My Current Gear


Since I am running facebreakers I wanted some more damage output. I went with Abyssus helm for the added damage and stats. Yes the additional damage taken seems counter productive but I hardly notice it due to the defenses of this build.


A Facebreaker build wouldn't be the same with out the actual gloves lol. As you can see they are not legacy and yes it was a pretty bad corrupt. These are self explanatory as they synergize with the counter attack skills.

Body Armor:

Here you can see I went with Belly of the Beast. This item gives good health increase , Armor/Evasion, and resists. This is not a BiS and could be replaced by a really good rolled yellow. I had this 5L already and with the color slots I needed. It has worked since I hit minimum level.


Here I went with Lioneye's Remorse. I have tried a few different shields but I liked this one at the current time. It has a good block chance (30%), huge armor bonus , and life increase. Again not required and could be replaced by others.


For the boots slot I went with the normal armor, run speed , life increase, and resists. These are interchangeable.


For the belt I have always been a fan of Meginords Girdle. I am not sure if this is legacy or not but the concept is still the same. We need static physical damage increase and life. This could be swapped for another. I just have not play tested with anything else.


This is one of the few items that I would say is needed. The life on block and huge increase to block alone warrants this item. Yeah being a bit slow is a drag but the reflect additionally is pretty nice.


As you can see not the best rings but you get the point. You are looking for the flat physical damage increase, Life, and resists.

The Skills


4L (Helm): Blood Magic - Enduring Cry - Tempest Shield - Immortal Call
In this series I have linked all skills to blood magic. This will be needed since we will be at near 100% mana reservation. This is required to be 4 linked.

Enduring Cry: This will be used for life regen and endurance charge generation
Immortal Call: I use this for those huge boss physical attacks
Tempest Shield: I use this for the lightning damage on block and the 3% increase

4L (Gloves): Blasphemy-Enfeeble Herald of Ash Hatred
For this series of skills only a 2L is required.

Blasphemy-Enfeeble- Causes enemies to deal 30% less damage on top of crit reduction
Herald of Ash- This is a facebreaker staple for the increase of damage from the high physical
Hatred- This Aura falls into the same boat giving a huge increase of damage

3L (Shield): Blood Magic-Shield Charge-Fortify
For this series of skills the 3L is required

Shield Charge-Fortify: Since Facebreakers limits the skills used I needed to find a way to use the fortify support. I like shield charge because it gives me some movement and gives me fortify on hit. It is ok and could be swapped for something else.


4L (Boots): Reckoning-Added Fire Dmg- Melee Physical Damage- Concentrated Effect
Reckoning: This skill is currently in my 4L due to that it is already an AoE attack skill. The is one of two primary skills for this build. It does physical damage on block and it procs ALOT.

Concentrated Effect I decided that I needed a hard hitting skill for the close up battle so I went with concentrated effect for the good AoE dmg increase.

5L (Body Armor): Riposte-Added Fire Dmg- Melee Physical Damage- Increased Area of Effect- Melee Splash
Riposte: This ability does considerably more damage than Reckoning. Initially I didnt realize this skill was single target only. Again the same , counter attack damage on block

Melee Splash: Once I added this little guy it helped my AoE damage out greatly. Without it Riposte is not at its full potential.

Increased Area of Effect: I went with this skill to give me some good AoE damage further out than Reckoning. This way reckoning hits hard close by but Riposte can hit the further out enemies


The +40 HP is golden here.

Cruel: Oak

The 16% increased physical damage feeds the Facebreakers nicely. This could be an additional skill point but I like the damage increase

Merciless: Oak

The additional Endurance charge adds to the pool leaving us with 7 Endurance charges after the skill tree and this selection.



I am still working on this portion of my build example.

Here are some things that helped me:

- Get block nodes initially along with HP
- Facebreakers are usable early I think lvl 14. If not I used a high damage 1h weapon until later
- For spell block I had Saffel's frame on shield swap. Used this until Cruel Ascendancy points
- Once I was able to use counter gems life got easier
- I used a high block shield :

up until lvl 70

1. Enter zone
3. Start tempest shield ( constantly refreshes on block)
4. Run towards enemies
5. Cast Enduring Cry until at 7 charges
6. Shield Charge for Fortify if needed
7. Mobs attack you and die
8. Refresh Enduring Cry
9. Move closure to mobs outside AoE
10. Use Immortal Call on heavy physical damage hits or when needed

That is pretty much it. Mobs melt . Oh yeah also I cause them to burn alot from herald of ash lol.


Like I said in my introduction this was not meant to be a Build of the Weak type design. It was something fun that has actually been working for me. If you look at the gear its not expensive and can be swapped out with good rares. I am working on making a video version of this guide.
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Save for future build info
Looks awesome!
Could you upload a youtube video of this build in action?
Sure can. I will be running a few videos this weekend and will upload them to youtube.
Good update however this is a fairly old build.
What are your thoughts on having cwdt with imortalcall and tempest shield insted of bloodmagic?
I usually only have to cast tempest shield once and I block a ton. The immortal call is self cast right before big hits. I wish Enduring call was still able to be used with cwdt. I get tired of casting it so much
I plan on taking video of some more Izaro fights. The last few the build has done well against. I may test damage without Facebreakers to get more HP out of gloves and helm. Also I lose alot of HP on rings since I have subpar ones currently.

Good update however this is a fairly old build.

Yeah I have been playing my Crit EK for months up until patch. This was my first attempt at a counter attack build. I had seen some earlier concepts but they splash other damage in there. Appreciate the post though and I have been having fun with it
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So I tried some weapon swapping and my damage drops alot.

With Facebreakers I can get about 14-16K damage per counter attack. With some higher damage weapons I was able to get to around 5-6K.
During some play testing I changed up shield charge:

Old skill link: (shield 3L)

Shield charge-> Fortify-> Blood Magic

Since I have about 23 mana left after reservation it is enough currently to cast ICE CRASH and the AoE is doing about 13-14K. I am using this in addition to my block damage.

New Link (Shield 3L)

Ice Crash-> Fortify-> Increase melee damage

It is helping my clear speed a bit

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